occupy wall street signs

I’m glad anti-semitism is getting attention from leftists, but you guys should know you have a lot of work to do in this area. This is really your weakest area. Don’t get haughty about the centrist neoliberals talking about free speech, because historically, you’re scarcely better. I distinctly remember the “down with Zionist bankers” signs at Occupy Wall Street and dark insinuations of “transnational elites.” It’s not white supremacists crashing shabbat dinners from college Jewish groups, it’s you guys. We just did a whole thing with the Chicago Dyke March and their reaction to a flag with a Star of David. I remember the reaction to anyone saying they were uncomfortable with Jeremy Corbyn because of his affection for anti-semitic terrorists. The existential threat brought by Trump and the neo-nazi renaissance he’s ushered in has backed us all into the same corner, but if you actually care about this, you need to do some real soul-searching and modify your behavior.


Discussed: Witnessing the emperor naked, travelling the world, getting arrested at Occupy Wall Street, drawing protestors and prisoners, sex workers and refugees, and learning to erase the line between writing and drawing.

In a fierce PEN DIY talk titled “How to Draw the Elephant in the Room,” artist, activist, and journalist Molly Crabapple wove a story of a lifetime of rebellion and art, beginning with how she got into trouble at school, worked as a “naked girl for hire” in lieu of getting a desk job - an experience that sharpened her artistic gaze and output - and ending with seeing her art go from sketchpad to protest sign during the Occupy Wall Street movement, and committing herself to drawing and writing about the disappeared.