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The person at the store with food stamps isn’t the problem. A corrupt tax code that allowed 8 dudes to accumulate as much wealth as 4 billion people is the problem.

Good News: Kansas Tax Cut Experiment Comes To An End As Lawmakers Vote To Raise Taxes

The failure of the trickle down economics is finally over which means:

The 👏 Koch 👏 brothers 👏 will 👏 now 👏 be 👏 paying 👏 their 👏 fair 👏 share 👏

Kansas lawmakers have voted to roll back a series of major tax cuts that became an example for conservative lawmakers around the country but didn’t deliver the growth and prosperity promised by Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican.

A coalition of conservative Republicans, some of whom voted for sweeping tax cuts in 2012 or defended them in the years since, sided with moderates and Democrats to override Brownback’s veto of a $1.2 billion tax increase.

The law to increase taxes over the next two years comes as legislators seek to close a projected $900 million budget gap for that same period and bolster funding for K-12 schools under a Kansas Supreme Court order.

“It’s a huge vote,” said state Rep. Steven Johnson, a Republican and chairman of the House tax panel, adding that legislative leadership had explored many routes to find a tax solution that would gain sufficient support in both chambers. “It’s a huge vote for looking for an option for Kansas among limited options.”

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GUEST POST: KJ Gormley on “21st Century Breakdown”

Dear Jacqui,

I asked to write about Green Day because I wasn’t supposed to listen to them but did anyway. Teens like me didn’t like “noisey music” or aimless hanging out with friends or marijuana or have legitimate desires to start a terrible high school garage band. You know, fun things. I was supposed to like going to the orchestra and tennis classes, calmly climbing a manicured pathway to success. If I did everything right, the plan would work and I would be better off than my parents.
You see, my mother was trying her damnedest to get me to hop socio-economic classes. Having clawed her own way out of a tenement in the Bronx into the intellectual working class, she was eager to see me skip the middle-middle class part and jump straight to parties with cheese platters and wines I can’t pronounce, even if I had to attend them on a scholarship ticket.

I still listened to Green Day (#thankslimewire) whenever I caved under the geologic pressures to achieve my carefully laid-out life. The car trip to drama competitions. Warm up music before matches. AP Exam studying music. I took them to my fancy New England liberal arts school, where I did more achieving and learned to pretend to my rich classmates that my student job was how I was paying for fripperies, not textbooks.

Then halfway through college (2008), the bottom fell out of the economy and it became clear that no one was going to care about my pile of trophies, but I would care about money. (Upper middle class people don’t talk about caring about money, but mostly because they have it: this was my first rebellion.) So I skipped a year of college to save on student loans and signed up to work the alumni reunion, which involved mornings of cleaning/making beds and afternoons of driving rich alums around campus, being audibly grateful for my scholarship money so they felt better.

21st Century Breakdown came out just as this period of work began and I have memories of accidentally shooting myself in the eye with glass cleaner fluid to We are the desperate in the decline / Raised by the bastards of 1969. Cue eye rinsing and melodramatically staring at myself in a mirror. I knew intellectually my degree would prevent me having to be a working class hero, but I sure as shit was angry about a decade of effort the economy just screwed me out of. This album wasn’t a balm but rather a headphone-based and otherwise silent “fuck you” to all the things I didn’t do when I was busy achieving something, anything.

I don’t wanna live in the modern world/ I don’t wanna live in the modern world, the chorus spun. Me too, buddy, I thought as I viciously folded another hospital corner or chased down a tumbleweed of dust. That album took all my well buried anger and resurfaced it against a background of my college boasting astronomical alumni donations and paying me minimum wage. I felt, rightly, like this was all very unfair. I did what I was supposed to and still got screwed. Physical labor and loud guitars and a thump of angry recognition of myself in the lyrics helped to focus my formless class ire in the right direction. (To say I was primed for Occupy Wall St a few years later is to understate the matter.)

I asked to write about Green Day because I haven’t ever talked about them, or what they did for me: vocalizing my swallowed anger and allowing me chords and time to process and mourn a decade of life where I achieved things instead of having fun and being a teenager. I still don’t talk about how much I love them because I can’t share in memories about being a fan, doing fan things with friends as a teen. Green Day was my secret then, and I guess it still is. I don’t know if I’ll send this post to my parents, but I definitely tagged them in a photo the last time I went to the New York Philharmonic. Class jumping? Sure.

KJ Gormley is a librarian living near the water, currently in Brooklyn and recently Eastern Europe. Featured writing in Brooklyn Magazine, Millennial Gospel, & a few plays produced in Manhattan. They are the worst and best person to take into a bookstore. More writing here.

If #Trump is impeached and sent to prison then it might be a good time to take over Trump’s properties to help the homeless and low income families by giving them a roof over their heads. Let’s turn something negative into something positive that benefits everyone else at Trump’s expense.


Ted Turner asks Carl Sagan if he is a socialist.

Still relevant today in time when our tax dollars should be used to fix our broken society. Instead, our tax dollars is used to subsidizing the rich, big oil, supporting Israel, and paying for reckless wars.


Judge Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Use of Slave Labor in Private Detention Centers


Activism Won Net Neutrality - Can it Stop Trump’s FCC from Rolling it Back?

We’ve defeated efforts to roll back net neutrality. I’ve provided a link on to make your voices heard in a time Trump and his puppet at the FCC are threatening our internet freedoms.

How to comment on the FCC’s proposal to revoke net neutrality

How can the Democratic Party expects us to trust them if they were never serious about prosecuting banksters for their reckless behavior even when Obama was president?

The Democratic Party like Republicans erodes the trust in government who don’t prosecute the people who exploit a rigged economy for their personal gain.