occupy ut

Mic check! Mic check! We have, collectively, attended every opportunity to insert our voice on this issue. We will not stand for these tuition increases, nor will be still as passive cogs in a interest driven, loan vending machine. Although President Powers is in attendance, our grievances go beyond him. It is our Board of Regents and state legislatures who have systematically legalized unregulated tuition hikes as well as the encroaching privatization of our entire university system. We will not tolerate the following any longer: meetings behind closed doors that do not include students’ collective voice, tuition increases which lock out low and moderate earning families, cuts to departments and centers. We are all in a recession, and money is tight. But while our price tag is increasing, executives have not been willing to take pay cuts. We are in times of crises, and yet, we have seen administrator salaries increase. We are not asking for more money, just a redistribution of what is already there. You propose solutions that are detrimental to the community. We know that this forum is a mere formality. We know that this forum was never a chance to democratically participate in this decision making process. Please take this message to the Board of Regents, and tell them students will not let tuition increases pass without a fight. Occupy UT!
—  Today’s mic check at the UT public forum for tuition rates