occupy toledo


“Did you see the snipers?” Is probably one of the more horrifying things I’ve ever heard someone say at a protest. 

I was in disbelief when, sure enough, I did see the snipers after one of the General Meetings at Occupy Toledo. Things had just ended and I peeled away from the action, turning the lens on the Rebel towards the top of the parking garage, where two TPB officers were very clearly loading rifle cases. An unmarked white SUV later exited the parking garage, but hung around the block that Occupy Toledo’s protests were occurring at.

One of the protesters asked the police what they were doing with rifles. The police answered, “We’re only here to protect you.”

I apologize for the quality of these photos–I didn’t have the 5DmkII on me, and I only had an 18-55 kit lens, and I definitely was not expecting this.