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David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
Evolution of the Daleks “Walking on Theatre Chairs” Edition

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine issue #383: James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” for Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

The Doctor faces the remaining Daleks and the imprisoned Sec in the theatre.  We have to use the whole space, so I decide to put the Doctor and the company in the stalls.  However, that puts them miles away from - and at least six feet lower than - the Daleks on stage.  I ask David how he feels about crawling to the front and leaping on stage, but he suggests standing on the seats instead.  Genius!  David is now eye to eyestalk with his nemesis. 

Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.  I think this one is notable because it is a cool moment made even cooler by the fact that he walks across those chairs without breaking eye-contact with the Daleks (and manages to do so without falling and breaking his neck)

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Long post but here it goes. The story here goes:

I was on a vacation in Montenegro with a friend of mine. We were waiting for a bus to take us to the main bus station so that we could reserve bus tickets for the trip back home. Two buses passed us, one empty that didn’t stop for us, and one also empty but didn’t stop where we needed to go. So by that time we were waiting for an hour and a half, and both had to use the restroom, but neither willing to go to the restaurant across the street in case the bus arrives and we weren’t there to get on it. Finally my friend goes bored and says

“I swear if the bus doesn’t arrive in the next minute I might actually die of boredom.”

Now being a huge greek mythology nerd and fan of Percy Jackson, I often joked that I am a child of Hermes; despite my favourite god being Apollo. I turn to my friend and say something like

“I could pray to Hermes?”

and so I did. I said something along the lines like, “Hermes, patron god of travelers and anyone who uses roads, I, your child, need your assistance. I apologise for ever wanting Apollo as a father. My friend and I need a bus to go from point A to point B. Can you please send us a ride. Cause we also need to pee really bad.”


The bus was full but it drove to the destination we needed to be so we got in. We both stood by the door, unable to move foward cause of the crowd. On the next bus stop a woman got off and vacant a seat. None of the passangers that were previously standing wanted to occupy the said seat, and I felt a bit guilty taking it since I just got on the bus. Another woman compelled me to sit down, and when I did I could have sworn that the bus driver winked at me at the rear view mirror. I convinced myself I was imagining it, cause the old man winking at me would cross to the creepy line. There was an old woman standing behind me, so I offered her the seat but she refused saying she was getting off soon. She in fact got off on the same stop I did, about 20ish minutes later.

Meanwhile my friend still stood by the door, in the crowd. 15 minutes into the bus ride two seats next to each other become vacant, so my friend and I occupy them. We both comment how the weird the bus felt. A woman, we now believe is a monster, cursed on the bus driver, saying he didn’t know where he was driving. The driver kept looking at me in the rear view mirror. The bus passed the heard of cows (which isn’t that unusual for that area…but still). So on, and so on. Both of us keep quiet, whispering how the ride felt weird, but not really saying why.

Finally we arrive at our destination. Because when we got on the bus there was a huge crowd inside it we weren’t able to pay for the ride while getting onto the bus, so we had to pay when we got off. The only problem was we didn’t know the price. Bus fairs weren’t consistent. It varied from the destination to destinations and from the bus line to bus line. We had to ask the driver to bill us. I decided I should do it, but was unable because passangers refused to get off until i got off so I couldn’t talk to the driver. My friend stayed behind on the bus to ask the driver for the price and he only responded with “3€”.

That could have ment 3€ for both of us or 3€ for each of us. Since my friend only had paper bills I pulled out 3 coins worth together 6€, in case its 3€ for each of us. I gave 6€ to the driver and go back to my friend, when the driver comes back opens my friends wallet and puts 2 coins in it before handing it back. He gave me a knowing wink, and disappeared into the crowd. My friend opend the wallet and we found that two extra coins worth together 4€. Meaning that no matter how much the actual bus fair was, the driver gave us almost free ride for both of us, or one got a free ride while the other got a discount.

We are still convinced that Hermes himself gave us a ride.

Dates To Remember

January 12th, 2010 - Earthquake in Haiti

May 16, 2010 - Aiyana Stanley-Jones

September 17, 2011 - Occupy Wall Street

February 26, 2012 - Trayvon Martin

April 14, 2014 - Nigerian school girls go missing

July 17, 2014 - Eric Garner

August 5th, 2014 - John Crawford III

August 9, 2014 - Mike Brown

August 9, 2014 (Still happening) - Ferguson Protests

January 3, 2015 - Nigeria Massacre

If I’ve forgotten anything, and I’m sure I have, please add on.


Something New, Something Old

A belated Kuroken Day collaboration​ ~
Story by @nimbus-cloud
Art by @mookie000

Fic continues under the read more

Kuroo Tomoko was a confident woman; not completely lacking in humility as the word ‘pride’ might suggest, no, she was confident.  She had faith in her abilities (and her son’s, whatever she might say), and she held her observational skills in high regard.  It was how she had known her son’s sexuality long before he finally outed himself and how she knew now that Kenma was nervous standing in front of her. 

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anonymous asked:

So I have a very strange head canon I think you'll like for klance, basically lance is amazing at DIY crafts, he's very detail oriented and before him and Keith got dating he made Keith some cute gifts and would leave them for Keith outside his room

yes! im here for this. more lance & crafts because why not:

  • he is the arts & crafts god when it comes to babysitting his younger siblings
  • lance loves glitter and loves putting it on things that he makes 
  • (u can often find glitter peppered across his face and hands sometimes. keith calls them his glitter freckles)
  • lance is like a friendship bracelet making sweatshop ok that kid loves making friendship bracelets because he finds it lowkey therapeutic and it gives him an opportunity to show appreciation to his friends/family
  • team vld all have matching bracelets he made in their respective colours
  • but lance & keith have their own matching ones that he made for them after an exhausting battle they had (before they started dating) 
  • he can definitely knit and he knits his friends/family socks/sweaters/throw blankets for christmas 
  • macaroni art? thats his shit
  • hes also probably really good at scrapbooking 
  • he also makes his own cards for holidays/events so it feels more personal
  • basically he loves doing little diy things because it allows him to use his hands a lot and keep them occupied and helps when hes feeling down
ᑕǤᒪ ℓιттℓε sραcε αcтιvιтιεs


Whether you’re a single little looking for something to do… whether you’re a caregiver trying to figure out a way to cheer your little up or to keep them occupied… for whatever reason you may desire, here are some different things you can do! 

  • DRESS-UP! put on pretty clothes, dress up as a princess, try on new shoes!
  • HAIR! try new hairstyles, such as braids or pigtails.
  • SNACKS! your favourite little snacks served on your cutest plate.
  • CRAFTS! build a home out of sticks and glue for your small toys, make a card, or even follow along with a video to make origami!
  • COLOURING! draw your own pictures to colour, or use a colouring book.
  • GIGGLE! giggle lots, and act as if you’re just a dopey little one. prance around the house, dance!
  • MUSIC! listen to your favourite music, or music that makes you feel small, and dance to it! or listen to it while you do another activity.
  • TAKE A NAP! nap-time is always a must, especially if you’re prone to crankiness.
  • GO TO THE PARK! playgrounds are always fun, especially the swings.
  • TAKE A BATH! bubbles are important, and don’t forget your bath toys.
  • STUFFIES! play with your stuffies, snuggle them, or pretend they’re sick and nurse them back to health.
  • MAKE A FORT! the living room is always the best spot, but have you ever tried bringing the living room into your bedroom? :D
  • BAKE
  • WATCH MOVIES OR SHOWS! movies that make you feel little or your favourite cartoons and shows can help you feel extra tiny.
OCD things (inspired by @ OCD-Blogging)

• It’s been 30 seconds since you texted them & they haven’t answered back. They’re dead. They got in a car accident because they looked at your text. It’s all your fault.
• They left your text on “read.” They hate you & never want to speak to you ever again.
• They texted you back, but something seems off. They aren’t speaking to you the way they usually do. Decode every word, the punctuation, and emojis to find out why.
• You know they saw your text & they didn’t write you back, but they’re on Facebook. They want you to know they hate you because of something you did. Figure it out.
• You’re thinking. Pick at your skin. Run your hands through your hair till it dies and falls out.
• Someone accidentally touched you. Cringe.
• Someone touched you on purpose and without your permission. Try not to flinch. Try not to cringe. You’ll offend them. Try to act like a normal person like you’re not completely insane. Wipe off your skin when they leave or you’ll feel it all day.
• *Gets dressed* It doesn’t feel right. Take it all off and put something else on. You can’t wear this today or it’ll bother you all day & you might have a random anxiety attack in public that no one else saw coming. Then they’ll really think you’re crazy.
• You missed something while tying your shoe. You didn’t do it like you do every other day. Stop and start all over so it flows right or it’ll bother you all day.
• Your hands aren’t occupied. Occupy them. Pick at your face. Touch your hair at your temples or widows peak till it falls out.
• You just had coffee. Amplify your anxiety and OCD symptoms by 1 million.
* Watch where you’re walking. Don’t step on any lines or cracks. You’re not superstitious, it just bothers you.
• *Looks at yourself in the mirror* Your face is uneven. For the next 5 hours, research costs of plastic surgery and plan your trip to see the surgeon, but also look up none surgical measures to fix it just in case it’s possible.
• Someone in public is looking at you. They think you’re weird or disgusting. Hide your face with your hair so they can’t see you & will stop looking.
• Someone gave you a plate of food that’s ‘supposed’ to have grease or oil of some kind. Get hysterical. It grosses you out.
• You messed up the slightest little bit on your makeup. No one else will know, but you will & it’ll bother you all day. Wash it off and start all over even though it’ll take you 2 more hours.

crimson-hope  asked:

Hi Love you guys and your reactions. Especially the teen tag. But my request is for a child Inquisitor (5-11) having such a natural way with animals that even the dragons like them, and having the inner circle and Krem(because I love him) react. Please & Thank you.

Cassandra: She’s about to jump to their defense when a bear walks up to the party, but all the bear does is sniff the child and lick their face, to which they laugh and gently pat its head. She still pulls them away and warns them against interacting with wild animals, but is nevertheless in awe over how they charm creatures, be it horses, nugs, ravens, dogs, whatever. “I knew a girl that was a little like you.” she remarks. “It is a good trait to have, being gifted with animals. They sense goodness within you.”

Blackwall: He watches with a mix of amusement and awe as all the horses in the stables hurry to greet them every time they walk by, and he’s astounded as animals almost never attack the party. “Maker’s breath. Are you an animal whisperer? That’s amazing.” he remarks.

Iron Bull: He knew they were good with animals, and always admired it, but he stops and stares, slack-jawed, as they hug the side of the head of a dragon, who’s practically purring. They had wandered off from camp, and he ran out to find them. They see him, and he gestures for them to come back. He warns them to be careful of wild animals, of course, and not to wander from camp, but– “Wow, Imekari. That was– I knew you were good with animals, but… an ataashi whisperer. Wow.

Sera: She tries to get them to help her with pranks– she knows they like animals, so she figures they won’t mind helping gathering lizards to put in Solas’ bedroll. She stops as the lizards, big and small, seem not intimidated by the kid, and she watches as they crawl along their hands and arms, and as the child giggles in delight. She also sees how happy the horses are to see the Herald, among other animals in the Inquisition. “Wow,” she comments and giggles, “critters like you, eh? Means you’re good. Good for you!”

Cole: “They feel safe around you,” he says happily, “calm and sweet, sometimes bearing food, not wanting violence, a friend. You are a good person and a good friend.”

Varric: Their nickname becomes Charmer for their ability to charm any creatures. He gives them all sorts of books and stories about animals and encourages their interest and ability with animals. “They’re your first rapt audience, Charmer.” he says with a grin.

Dorian: He’s never really spent that much time around non-human or elven or dwarven or qunari animals before (Mod Sarah headcanon: they’re all under the species Homo sapiens, only perhaps separated by subspecies, assuming we’re using a Linnean system for Thedosian creatures) so it strikes him odd the first time he really stops to watch animals fawn over the Herald. He watches for a long time, awed by how readily these animals seem to relax around them, and comments to them later how impressed he is and how much he admires their skill.

Solas: He has met people like them before, readily capable of soothing animals– he’s pretty good at it, too, but not quite as good as them. He likes spending time with the kid as they spend time with animals, and he gets to talking with them. It’s nice to get to know each other and bond over the animals.

Vivienne: She doesn’t have much of an interest in animals, and comments little on it, but she admires how they keep animals from attacking the party. She introduces them to the horses she and Bastien keep, and smiles as they enjoy interacting with the horses and petting them gently. If they behave themselves well, she talks to the advisers about getting them a pet of some sort– even a nug, to her distaste, if they care for it properly. “It will be a good way to introduce them to responsibility. I have no doubts they’ll make us proud.”

Josephine: She thinks it’s adorable and oh so charming. She gives them all sorts of trinkets and books about animals to keep them occupied, and likes to see who and what they’ve befriended. It still makes her nervous to hear from the others about dangerous animals being friendly with the Herald, and she always warns them away from them– no matter how friendly they are, they’re still wild animals, not pets and not to be toyed with, but it amazes her all the while.

Leliana: She likes them. She likes them because the nugs, even the wild ones outside the gates, know no fear of the Herald, and her ravens (even the particularly ornery one, Baron Plucky, that her agents fear) flock to greet them when they come upstairs. She never comments on it– she just admires how much the ravens croon as they gently stroke their beaks and feathers.

Cullen: Fereldens are inclined to like people who are good with animals, especially dogs, and most of all mabaris. They believe the dogs can pick out good people, and Cullen agrees. So when he sees the dogs brought in by scouts and some recruits, they all seem to love the Herald, licking their face and wagging their tags rapidly. Like Leliana, he seldom comments on it, but he loves it.

Put That Body On Me

pairing: daveed diggs x reader 

request: none, i’m just thirsty for diggs like the rest of the world

summary: reader’s goes out to the bar with her friends after a long day and she catches daveed’s eye

warnings: NSFW, smut, swearing obviously, alcohol

words: 3076

a/n: so this is 100% inspired by ed sheeran’s shape of you, that got me in the mood for my first smut fic. i need to thank @diggs4life a million times for being such a great help, and i hope you enjoy!

To say it had been a long day would be an understatement. When you woke up, you had a stable job and a boyfriend, but by the end of the night you had neither of those things. Sure, it was just an office job, but it was a way to make ends meet, and you didn’t know yet what losing it meant for you.

Since before you were in college, you’d had a job and it was part of what kept you sane in day to day life. Your company apparently thought you were replaceable though, so they did exactly what you feared most: replaced you with a younger face with fresh ideas. And your boyfriend? He did the exact same thing.

So yeah, your day had been long and you couldn’t wait for it to be over, but your friends had other ideas for the night. Five minutes after you told them about your day, your front door was flung open and three of your best friends made their presence known.

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Pros of being an artist: Draw your faves Kissing.

Cons of being an artist: be Sad due to the Astounding Lack of Kisses in Canon.

It crossed my mind and I ended up with this ^~^ Sorry for my inactivity ;^;


RFA+Saeran As Your Friend

Yoosung – The Friend Who Gets Angry for You

  • Whenever anyone even tries to make fun of you, he’s already glaring at them with fire in his eyes. 
  • Will grit his teeth and growl in attempts to intimidate them, but he ends up looking like an adorable (but angry) puppy. 
  • When he’s seriously pissed, though, even you’re surprised by the coldness in his eyes. His voice low, steady and firm: “Fuck off.” 
  • He rarely swears because his mother had always reprimanded him about it when he was younger, but it slips his mind in the heat of his anger. He only really gets that angry for his friends though 

Zen – The Friend You Vent Your Problems to

  • Any time you need someone to talk to, he’s there for you! 
  • His doors are always open to you,
  • his shoulders ready for you to cry on,
  • his arms ready to hold you,
  • his lips ready to whisper sweet, comforting words in your ears… 
  • And sometimes, he even wants to kiss you but… 
  • He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship, especially when he doesn’t know if you feel the same, and he wants to respect your feelings. As long as you’re by his side, even as a friend, he’s happy with it. 
  • He’ll always try to be there for you, because he wants to be.

Jaehee – The Friend with the Best Advice

  • She always has the most practical solutions to your problems! 
  • And when it doesn’t work out, she’ll quietly sit with you, offering all that she can: her affection, her words and her presence. 
  • Albeit simple, spending time with her really helps you calm down!

Jumin – The Friend Who Always Gives Presents

  • He’ll make use of even the smallest occasion to gift you something. 
  • “A token of my appreciation,” he’ll say—for listening to him, for letting him walk you home, for inviting him over, for lending him notes, for recommending songs… 
  • Anything. 
  • He can be a bit awkward expressing his love through words, so he tries to express it with gifts instead.

Seven – The Friend Who Pushes His Interests onto You

  • No, it’s not like he really forces it, but he’s always sending you addictive songs, tv show recommendations and time-consuming games… among all the memes, of course. 
  • And he never fails to drag you into fandoms. 
  • Putting aside the lighter side of things, however, he’s actually the one you talk to when you feel depressed and burdened with stress. In those moments, he’s always serious. 
  • He appreciates that you’d trust him, of all people. And he lives up to your trust, never bringing up your secrets and/or depressing thoughts afterwards, instead simply trying to brighten up your days.

V – The Friend You Go to When You Argue with Another Friend

  • He never judges you for your decisions, and he always listens about your conflicts with a calm demeanour. 
  • He’s the best person to talk to when you get in a fight with your friends, and he tries to negotiate with the other side for you.
  • But when he’s the friend you’re fighting with, which is rare but it happens, he’ll always apologize first
  • It ranges from seconds to days, or when he’s really, REALLY mad…. a week. It’s not that much, really, but to him, the guilt of hurting your feelings would haunt him everyday and he just feels like he has to apologize to you

Saeran – The Friend Who Protects You

  • Although he doesn’t talk a lot (or as much as the others, at least), he’s always got an eye out for his friends. 
  • When someone insults you or makes fun of you, his eyes will narrow at them, just subtly, setting his target. 
  • And while you’re occupied, he’ll hunt them down and beat the crap out of them. 
  • But if anyone DARES to lash out at you in his presence, Saeran won’t hesitate to hit them. “I don’t care what happens to me. I want to protect you.”
Imagine...Proving To Chuck That You Can Get The Archangels To Behave

Characters: Y/n, Chuck, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel

Pairing: Chuck x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, sorta angry reader but nothing serious, bratty ass Archangels, fluff, more fluff and then kinda hinted at smut at the end…

Word count: 875

Summary: Of course, Chuck thinks you won’t be able to discipline his powerful, archangel sons. But you’re determined to prove him wrong. 

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon- Oh my God, I love all your one shots, they’re amazing! Could you please write male reader smut or fluff with Jensen, Benny or Chuck? That would be great!. Ok, so I made it gender neutral, and I went with Chuck and fluff. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

Tagged peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53 @greyravenvixen @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer @unknown-chronicles @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons @plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @squirrels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999 @cubs2019-blog @lucifer-in-leather @p–trick @straightestgay-voice @professsionalsinner @deantheotherkingofkinks @50shadesofyes @lucis-unicorn @whispersandwhiskerburn @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @colespriverdale @daddysxlittlexsunshine @atc74 @wonderange @mogaruke @aiaranradnay @totalwhovian @bloodstained-porcelain-doll  



You threw the pan down, a hole burnt through it as you glanced around your house.

Everything was a mess.

The couch was ripped up, the walls were scorched and there were holes in the floor.

Actual, huge holes, that seemed to be never-ending.

Then there were those four morons, all sat on the floor, looking down like a bunch of five year olds.

“You gonna tell me what the hell happened?”

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THOUGHT: in breath of the wild, rito are stated to be masters of aerial combat, and all their weapons are built with aerial combat in mind. but how do they wield them? their wings are their arms. their arms need to be flapping or extended at all times in order for them to keep flying. if their arms are constantly occupied with keeping them in the air, how do rito hold and use their weapons? what do they fight with?

PROPOSAL: rito fight with their feet. all rito weapons are meant to be held and used in the talons. when link uses a rito weapon in his hands, he is technically Doing It Wrong.


A knock sounded on the door. Wade Wilson was on his feet and pirouetted his way to the door in a matter of seconds, flinging it wide open.

“Thank Thor (or Loki)! I was about to starve!

The kid at the door looked on, vaguely unimpressed at Wade’s antics. “Are you the mister Pool comma Dead who ordered a large, uh… pineapple olive, large anchovy mushroom, and large special order of four cheese with… mozzarella sticks as the topping?” he recited the order in a bored drawl, but there was a hint of judgement in his tone. So Wade liked his pizzas with a bit of zest and creativity. Was it a crime? Part of Wade hoped it was, how thrilling would it be to live on the run from the cops for daring to order a pizza outside the conventional system? It would make a great movie! He should write it, he could make millions-

“I’m taking that as a yes,” Pizza kid said, clearing his throat loudly. “If you could maybe pay for these, I gotta get going.” He shifted the pizzas in his grip with a peeved look on his face.

Okay, rude. It’s not like Wade had made him stand there for… Wade checked his watch. Oh. Nearly five minutes. Okay, maybe he’d been dissociating a bit longer than he realized. “My bad,” Wade said, reaching for his wallet, “what do I owe ya for, pretty boy?”

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A zimbits Fic

Check, Please! (In the restaurant sense. Not the hockey sense)

Pairing: Zimbits

Jack Zimmermann just wants to impress his boyfriend. Too bad he tried way too hard and Bitty doesn’t really know how to handle it. It’s a good thing milkshakes fix everything.

The restaurant is gorgeous. It’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s everything that Eric expected from a fancy restaurant, but Christ Almighty it’s the most expensive establishment Eric’s ever set foot in.

“Sweetpea, you didn’t tell me it was going to be this fancy! I would have worn something nicer!” Eric whispers to Jack as their waiter escorts them to their table. Their table that Jack reserved for them weeks in advance! Jack had literally been planning this date for months and Eric was so awed by his dedication that he didn’t bother to look up the restaurant beforehand. It’s obvious now that he should have.

“You look great, Bits, trust me. I think you’re dressed appropriately. They haven’t kicked us out yet, eh?.” Jack says and the corners of his lips turn up into just about the sweetest smile Eric’s ever seen. Eric would swoon if he didn’t know that Jack was only saying that because he was trying to be a good boyfriend. Eric compares his outfit, the same suit he’s worn to every formal event since he was eighteen, to Jack’s outfit, a sleek brand-new tailored suit that probably cost 10 times as much as Eric’s. There’s really no comparison, Eric is under-dressed.

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