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This episode for me really highlighted and then in its dramatic finale brought to an extreme the use of perspective that Rebecca Sugar has often talked about during panels. In her rare appearances, we are almost always looking up at Rose Quartz, or she is leaning down and over our POV - be it Pearl kneeling before her hologram in Rose’s Scabbard

or Greg on a number of occasions during the early days of their relationship (We Need To Talk is a really interesting watch with regards to camera angles and how they change - Greg literally climbs a stack of crates during his attempt at communication and, well, seeing eye to eye)

or Garnet after her fateful fall in The Answer

or, hey, Buddy Buddwick collapsed in the desert in Buddy’s Book

She even has magical floating powers. It all fits, of course, with the entire running theme of the (unattainable/unmaintainable) pedestal. And even when she is not directly present, and even when it’s not the focus of the shot, her portrait can be seen overlooking the familiar setting of the beach house.


New evidence suggests we live in a Holographic Universe

A very exciting new study reveals evidence that we may in fact occupy a holographic universe. Theoretical and astrophysicists who were studying irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (CMB is just the thermal radiation left over from what we think was the Big Bang) have managed to find substantial amounts of data that were hidden in the microwaves.

The idea of a holographic universe first came to light in the 90s. The core concept is that all of the information in our universe is stored on a 2 dimensional plane and then projected to create our 3 dimensional universe plus time. Much like when you go to see a 3D film the images appear to have width, length and depth but all of the data is stored on a 2D screen.

So we know that a hologram is just a recording of a light field. If it’s true that the universe is a hologram then what is illuminating it? Where does the light from our universe go to be observed?

a short text on why brazil is fucked up and may elect a brazilian version of trump in 2018

because the answer got too long, so i decided to make a post about it @parabatied

and also this is important because apparently the media outside brazil is not talking about it at all. which is freaking terrifying. so please, please, if you see this, at least read it. here we go;

the students here are occupying federal universities campi, federal schools and such as a way of protesting. they’re protesting because the people in charge of our country right now (the white straight rich men who impeached our previous president) are pretty much like trump! they’re fucking us so badly; so far they have;

  • a project to freeze ALL investments on education and health and all public services for twenty years, because that’s money they need to “save” so they can restore our’s economy 
  • AND even if the economy get’s better in like 5 years? STILL NOT A PENNY WILL BE REDIRECTED TO EDUCATION ETC!!!
  • but they are spending money with useless things?? like SO MUCH money!! they are spending (so far); 500 thousand reals on a concert???, 283 thousand reals to reform the chief of government’s office????, so far the ministers had traveled 238 times with an airline without paying anything which is SO illegal it hurts,  they are changing all the government’s softwares to windows, which is gonna cost nothing less than FIVE HUNDRED MILLION REALS!!!!! AND IS SO UNNECESSARY!!! and not a single penny of all this money is going to education or health care or any public service!!
  • and they just decided to pay more for all the cops (a raise of 47%!!!!), because they know they’ll need them on their side if this all goes down in civil war!! 
  • and the senators and governors apparently are going to get a raise too!! how fucking unbelievable is that?? 
  • there’s also another project that cuts philosophy, sociology, etc out of the schools’ obligatory classes, because this way people will come out of school knowing enough to do their jobs like fucking slaves, but not conscious enough to rise against the state. 
  • in my state, TEACHERS ARE F O R B I D D E N to discuss politics, sociology, religion, SEXUALITY AND GENDER DIVERSITY in schools! THEY ARE LITERALLY FORBIDDEN TO DO SO and it’s illegal to do it! all they can do is literally teach what’s in the books and that’s it. they can’t tell their students they’re free to be who they are, or believe in what they want to believe, or how fucked up their country is.
  • AND MY FAVORITE ONE!!: the table of men who literally run this country is ALL composed in it’s MAJORITY (if not entirety) by white, rich, straight, catholic men! guess what? ALL OF THEM are being charged with crimes of corruption! how beautiful is that? one of them is even the lawyer of the others!!! THESE are the people ruling a country that was supposed to be secular (free of any religion influence). 

can you seriously believe in that??? THAT’S NOT EVEN ALL!! 

  • a brazilian version of trump called bolsonaro (or as we prefer, bolsoshit) is running for presidency in 2018 and he has a LOT of supporters so far, and now we are all terrified cause trump winning might give this piece of shit some influence. 

  • on the audience to vote for the impeachment of our previous president (i miss her so much, she actually cared about all minorities), he fucking praised a guy who was a colonel or something during the militar dictatorship (which is by far one of the worse things that ever happened to us, brazilians!), claiming he was a hero! W T F?
  • he hates woman, and thinks lgbtq+ people are the way they are because they didn’t get beaten enough!!!! 
  • he literally says that! that we all deserve to get spanked in the streets by random strangers!!!!!! and he alongside his catholic trash white straight rich men believe in the conversion therapy, as in being gay has a fucking cure????? and they want to fucking execute it as a law or something?

so yeah, the students decided to rise on their own, because no one here has our backs! and seriously every time i have to explain this to someone i get shocked? because we are literally broke, in the edge of a civil war, and apparently the media is not saying anything about it? 

My body
takes up twice as much space
as my ideas
It is an entire page
with a single spindly line
of second rate poetry
scribbled across the top
like a question
it is vast and blank and
a waste
I do not deserve half the room I am given
to simply exist
without adding anything of substance
to this glowing growing world
I occupy so ungratefully
and I have abandoned any hope
of filling up this endless canvas
           after all it is always easier
           to shrink
           this is not a new concept
           never has been
           I simply hope I can manage
           to condense
          without withering
—  A.O.A.M. || I Am a Gas Giant in a Universe of Stars
absolutely self indulgent thoughts

i kinda wanna read a fic (tony-centric because i love tony so much) where tony and hope are like friends with each other and everyone thinks theyre the modern day romeo and juliet (howard and hank are both horrified, maria peggy and jan are just happy tony and hope arent continuing the legacy fuck i only watched antman once i cant remember why they dont like each i havent thought that deeply about this okay)

but they’re not theyre just super best friends with tony acting kind of like a big brother to hope at times, and then rhodey comes along and he joins their crew and sharon is younger than all of them but she still gets to hang with them because tony loves his younger cousin

and then one day at some formal party tony and hope run into t’challa and becomes friends with him and t’challa is happy to find people his age to chill with in this unknown country so then HE joins the group as well, and whenever he is in the united states and has time to seperate from the other wakandans he hangs out with Team Awesome (name pending still lol)

and then one day bucky shows up (of course), probably creeping on the stark family due to a mission and someway or another, the programming starts to break and he starts hovering around tony because he saw howard be horrible to tony during his winter soldier moments and so bucky is all ༼ง=ಠ益ಠ=༽ง and tony is all snarky like “dude you dont need to kill anymore why is your first thing with free will to start trying to kill people” but hes secretly touched inside idk i havent really thought of details here okay i just wanted bucky to join this 10/10 group i feel like peggy should show up too and she helps bucky with his memory stuff too

the car crash still happens btw, because hydra and obadiah would still be after the starks so maria and howard theyre still dead

and then they all help each other out, like sharon comes along with natasha during iron man 2 and tony is like ??? whats happening and sharon is like did you know howard had half discovered a new element and that element might save you while natasha is like agent 13 wtf (and t’challa is like youre a black widow ive got my eyes on you) fury is all god damn it carter

also hope totally got use of the wasp outfit before antman okay her and hank had a Talk with Proper Communication and everything so when the avengers happens Wasp is considered an Avenger along with the rest of them (sharon and bucky are fighting too)

tldr: tony, hope, rhodey, sharon, t’challa and bucky should all be friends together

woman looking through a window, by víctor m. alonso
photo and poem by víctor m. alonso


Tus ojos,
tu cuerpo,
en el espejo leve
de las palabras.

Tu existir,
tu consistencia,
el ámbito único que ocupas
en mi universo…

porque nada sería así, como es,
como yo lo imagino o lo supongo
si no anduviera yo, constantemente,
tan despierto,


Your eyes,
your body
In the light mirror
of words.

Your existence,
your consistency,
the unique realm that you occupy
in my universe…

because nothing would be  as it is,
as I imagine, or  suppose,
if I were not, permanently,
so awake,
with you.


It came to my attention that I hadn’t done any Steven Universe fanart
Amethyst and Garnet | pencil, watercolour and white gel pen 

EDIT: Added Pearl because I felt bad about not including bird mom

DAY 3132

Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 25/26,  2016              Tue/Wed  12:09 am

Birthday - EF Vinod KD, Fatma Ef Egypt …

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

To them that occupy the universe on this day of birth may I wish you a very happy birthday … one that fulfils all your dreams and wishes … love from the Ef

And so a respectable hour is hoped for tonight .. one that shall give me enough time to contemplate the results of the day and the work done .. the Sarkar 3 shoot, the events that place themselves within those confines and of course what follows after …

Last night was too philosophical and bursting with preachings that made me uncomfortable, to day .. its quite a bother to re read what expressions may have poured out involuntarily .. but now that it is out, there is no regret .. after all this is the Ef and this makes for a certain kind of comfort ..

There is a certain restlessness that accompanies you as you walk away from the sets of the film under work .. it is one that requires presence even after the day has been declared closed .. the earnest desire to seek more work, to look at the director with some amount of wonder as to why has the day finished so early for me, has always been dealt with by a very complacent satisfied look from the boss - the director - who never hesitates to put you in place as far as the schedule is concerned, or your effort in front of the camera ..

There are many a time when the satisfaction of a shot does not go beyond, the monitor seen by the person who is in charge of proceedings .. and that is when we wish that we were in a position to ask seek another take another effort to be made .. just one more ..

It seldom comes voluntarily .. it always has certain conditions - form the director .. hahahaha … Hrishikesh Mukherji had these conditions .. if you asked for a retake to improve and he agreed after immense hours of persuasion to grant you that opportunity, it always came with a ryder .. “ if the take is not better than the first one you pay for the raw stock” !!!

Now there is no raw stock or the extravagance of spending unnecessary retakes, because the digital camera, now in use, is a chip of endless time and storage ..

So we carry on without stopping to run the camera .. it is just such a convenience of so many sorts .. and most importantly of speed .. 

The usage of multiple cameras prevents the time taken in shifting and relighting another shot for the close up or the long shot, because the multiple camera set up gives the director a facility to use different lenses at different angles, so that the set up or the machine does not have to move about, or the actor to keep re preparing himself or herself for the next shot ..

And so what happens .. we finish the schedule ahead of time … which is what it looks like is going to happen with Sarkar 3 .. finish perhaps many days ahead of schedule ..

But never getting too late for the final product ..

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan

“If you care to tell me anything about your new life, it would interest me. I understand if you don’t care to. Either way, I expect we won’t have much to say to each other past those brief updates, so I will not keep you occupied long.”

I graduated from university.
I’m married.
I just bought a house with my wife.
I’m not nearly the starving artist you thought I’d be.
I still think about you every day, that’s why I can’t let you back into my life. Sorry this is a couple years late.


I lead her, but not to any discernible destination.

I lead her to a place where place is rendered meaningless; where physical surroundings are relegated shadows that lust-glazed eyes no longer truly see; where nothing exists – no house, no car, no job, no bills waiting to be paid – nothing, except her, and me, and the tastes, the scents, the waves of sensation in which we are immersed. I lead her, eventually, to a place where even I cease to occupy her universe; a place where she comprises a universe unto herself.

I lead her there, and then carry her limp, spent form back to our world, our reality, as a panther carries its cub through the marshy jungle of the Pantanal – my teeth firmly gripping the nape of her her slender, naked neck.

I hate hate hate hate hate feeling so stressed about calling off from work. The only reason I’m able to muster up the strength for that confrontation is by visualizing the tiny space that I occupy in this vast universe and repeating that I don’t live this life to feel anxious about doing what I have to do. I definitely did not incarnate on this planet to be punished by some false sense of fear over something so irrelevant in the long run. Fuck that.

Image courtesy of Marvel

Step aside, Peter Parker: There’s a new Spider-Man joining the Marvel Universe.

Since his creation in 2011, the character Miles Morales, the half-African-American, half-Latino version of Spider-Man, has occupied Marvel’s Ultimate Universe — a side realm of Marvel that reimagines various superhero story lines. But after the conclusion of a massive crossover event called Secret Wars, which sees this alternate universe destroyed, Morales will be bringing his brand of web-slinging heroism to the mainstream Marvel Universe.

And I, for one, welcome our new arachnid overlord.  Hear the full interview here!

– Petra

Any artist who does not occupy the supposedly ‘universal’ personhood of a heterosexual white man is confronted with an intractable paradox. Creative work borne out of subjective experience will condemn you to your own 'marginal’ identity, yet any attempt to reach for a common language will necessarily fall short. You will never be universal. Adjectival modifiers will permanently shadow you: female singer, gay poet, black painter. For women, exclusion from civic society over a period of centuries brings with it a cruel circumscription in the practice of any art form. You wish to document your interior life, the only sphere offered you? Good, for that is all that is expected. 'Women can’t write about music because they can only write about themselves,’ I was once scolded, and the judgement dogs me even though I know how ridiculously sexist it is. Don’t be self-indulgent. Don’t talk about your boring girl stuff.

Those who speak from a marginal subject position know, through bitter experience, that truth is not a straightforward category. Your own 'truth’ will be questioned or dismissed, especially if you speak of the violence that keeps you marginalized; on the other hand, the 'truth’ presented to you by mainstream cultural narratives is, demonstrably, a lie. The pressure is on: speak the truth of your life for the good of others like you, but know that it can never be true.

—  Anwen Crawford, Live Through This