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A devils advocate is that of the Aquarius moon, begging to question and defy boundaries. The mind of this moon is forever occupied and seeks ultimate truth and fairness for all. Deep down is a chasm of stars and dark matter that is fierce and remains untamed by man.

#ows - The criminal justice system in America is #failure when 2 completely different standards are being applied. One is when you get arrested arrested after smoking pot then you end up with a serious criminal record. While the other standard is applied to those reckless banksters who wreck the economy with no punishment or stupid fines which they can write off making it affordable. ONLY in America is where would have a criminal justice system that fails when it’s rigged to favor those who can afford it.

Crime does pay for people like the bankster.

#occupy - This is the big problem that we have with MSM corporate media. When racist/stupid clowns like Donald Trump is giving far more greater attention which gives him a platform for toxic trash from his mouth. Compare to serious candidate like Bernie Sanders who a serious vision for American isn’t giving enough attention.

Serious candidate that are running for president deserve to be treated with respect.

A MUST READ! Occupy Wall Street Shows Egypt Solidarity By Protesting Against Trinity Church

The organizers and AdBusters stitch together the now infamous Occupy Wall Street movement after watching the protesters of Arab Spring and Tahrir Square who risked their lives to fight for their civil liberties. 

On Friday there was a clash with civilians and the Egyptian military which resulted in about 11 deaths as well as hundreds injured. Reports are still pouring in about the ongoing stand-off and the excessive force that is being inflicted upon these brave citizens exercising their right to be vocal on certain issues. Images of the Tahrir Square protesters bloody and beaten were often used in Occupy Wall Street protests. The strife of these people are often tied in with the New York City based movement. 

The lack of concern/acknowledgement from Occupy Wall Street about what has been happening this weekend is a disgrace. The main focus was “D17” or December 17th, and that day the protesters re-occupied Duarte Square in protest against Trinity Church. This church has helped the movement by providing meals, a warm place to gather and use the computers at Charlotte’s Place. When the raid happened the church opened its doors for the protesters who fled in order not to be arrested. This church is one of the oldest churches still in use and owns an empty lot where the organizers of Occupy Wall Street desired for it to be Zuccotti Park 2.0 and were enraged when they were shut down. The church didn’t want any liability and deemed the space unsafe. They have done so much as it is, we didn’t understand why would we quarrel with them over this?

A group of people climbed the fence of this forbidden lot and occupied it until the police came rushing through the hole they made in the fence. The lovely Tim Pool watched a female protester beg for help to make the hole bigger so she can escape while recording her. Now, who do you serve? He’s one of the elite from this movement that asks for donations on his website. There was a march we also watched on UStream to Trinity Church and were a mass was being held, we were told. The NYPD blocked their way and then the mass of people took to the streets and caused an inconvenience to all. We watched a friend of ours knocked off his bicycle by a hard punch to the face. He wasn’t even in the streets. He followed the march on the sidewalk.

How is this helpful to us at all? We name drop our connections to Tahrir Square, just to ignore their tweets pleading for solidarity. These people are the reasons why this happened. They face death just for standing up for what they believe in. Occupy Wall Street is NOTHING like what is going on in Tahrir Square. There was a lot of backlash to yesterday, even from Occupy Wall Street protesters. The official Twitter had this to say, “We’re not waiting 4 politicians 2 solve our problems. #ows #wearethechange”. 

The finance department has an endless supply of money for media gadgets such as the new “OccuCopter”, but no money to rent a space to Re-Occupy? You put the entire movement in jeopardy, as well as its crediability, just to pick a fight to an institution that has supported us since day one? How does this make sense? How about less toys for the elite, and more for the protesters that does all the work? People died in Egypt but posting photographs TwitPic of delusional protesters making out is more important? Really?

Prove me wrong guys. Have yet to do so!