occupy the system

Standing up to defend the only place we have as a home will depend on us by voting out corrupt politicians who represents the greedy class. All corrupt politicians need to be voted out. Regardless if it’s Republicans or Democrats.

Will it take an environmental disaster or a tragedy to vote out corrupt politicians? It seems that we’re heading in the direction to wake people up in which its no longer worth voting for the same corrupt parties who are going make our problems a lot worse. By the time all corrupt politicians are voted out of office then it maybe too late.

It’s up to us to avoid environmental catastrophe.

This is the consequences when we don’t get money out of politics. Not just becuase people will still call it a #democracy". It’s people with the most money will buy access to people in power for something in return.


Gerrymandering Explained


Good Question: Trump Have A Deep State Of His Own?

The TPP and the American Legislative Exchange Council are perfect example why we should demand transparency in government from politicians and our political leaders (regardless if it’s a Democrat or a Republican). How can we trust that the decisions being made behing closed doors is the correct decision for the rest of us? Who really benefits from those decisions being made being closed doors?

It just looks shady when there’s no transparency becuase decisions are being made behind closed doors.

#ows - The criminal justice system in America is #failure when 2 completely different standards are being applied. One is when you get arrested arrested after smoking pot then you end up with a serious criminal record. While the other standard is applied to those reckless banksters who wreck the economy with no punishment or stupid fines which they can write off making it affordable. ONLY in America is where would have a criminal justice system that fails when it’s rigged to favor those who can afford it.

Crime does pay for people like the bankster.

It seems that the Democratic Party is no different than the Republican Party when they’re “quietly” reversing a restriction banned on campaign contributions from both lobbyist and political action committes. The only explanation would be Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants to insure that Hillary Clinton wins by rigging the process while keeping up with Bernie’s people funded campaign.

This is why it’s important to vote to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t get the Democratic nomination.

The sound of the Obsidian Corps. marching into the huge room of Pink Diamond, followed by the collective clap of them bowing. Their leader, Black Obsidian, stood while the rest were knelt, showing the proper pose of greeting any Diamond (save for the false ones, Cubic Zirconium and Herkimer).

“My Diamond, we are here for the annual renewal of our status as an official Diamond controlled ‘guild’. Our success on the violent wasteland known as Alternia has been monumental in securing another colony in your name. Understandably, there were difficulties in which fusion was necessary, namely when it came to dethroning and killing the leader of that disgusting rock called 'Her Imperious Condescension’. Failure likely would have ended in an invasion of Homeworld. We also took it upon ourselves to kill a grub breeding organic lifeforms that occupied the rich cave system. No doubt their rainbow of blood will be nenificial for the forming of the colony. We brought back the corpse of the breeder for research, my Diamond. As leader of the Obsidian Corps., as a collective we request a promotion into your forces.”