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David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
Evolution of the Daleks “Walking on Theatre Chairs” Edition

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine issue #383: James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” for Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

The Doctor faces the remaining Daleks and the imprisoned Sec in the theatre.  We have to use the whole space, so I decide to put the Doctor and the company in the stalls.  However, that puts them miles away from - and at least six feet lower than - the Daleks on stage.  I ask David how he feels about crawling to the front and leaping on stage, but he suggests standing on the seats instead.  Genius!  David is now eye to eyestalk with his nemesis. 

Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.  I think this one is notable because it is a cool moment made even cooler by the fact that he walks across those chairs without breaking eye-contact with the Daleks (and manages to do so without falling and breaking his neck)

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Bigger on the Inside Edition

The Amethyst

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Word count: 3,300+
Pairing: Steve Rogers & female!Reader
Warnings: swearing, self-doubt
Summary: Request by @cajunlizard: “Maybe something where Steve meets the reader in an old fashioned club where she is a waitress and they hit it off there?“
A/N: A really sweet request (thank you, by the way, for my first request!), and I enjoyed writing this one-shot! Not really angst-free, but otherwise pure, sweet fluff. Enjoy!

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SAMIFER AU: The outside of the sleek building with the flashing red light pointing to its entrance gives little away to the unique tastes catered to inside the club’s wall. The Cage, a place named for the cells suspended from the high ceiling above a sunken circular dance floor. Behind those dark metal bars is where Sam frequents when he’s not occupying the main stage on the top floor, putting on a show more dramatic than the simplistic primal dances the cramped cells allows. Sam’s specialty: a strip tease that matches the macabre dress of bones and gold and occasional fake blood of his persona, the Boyking. He is a king coveted by many of the patrons losing themselves in flesh and alcohol, but some nights there is only one who matters.
Sam doesn’t know why that particular man caught his attention. Blond and wearing a fitted suit, there was little difference between him and half the people who walk through the crimson doors leading into the pit of cages and beyond. Perhaps it was because he looked bored during Sam’s performance, inciting a personal challenge to draw him in. It’s a challenge Sam easily wins.
Not long after his first appearance Lucifer (a persona of his own, Sam thinks) begins requesting private dances in one of the small rooms in back with the heavy curtains hanging from the doorways to block unwanted eyes. Each time Lucifer leaves a generous tip, and each time Sam leaves his mark in lingering touches that can’t be returned and ashen stains on the man’s skin and clothes from his body paint. Sam even dares to break the rules once and gives him a quick kiss that ends on the sharp edge of teeth.
Their private time together then turns into a different game where they see just what information about their lives on the outside they can glean from each other, and it soon becomes evident that Sam’s admirer may be more dangerous than this slick haired presentation of a businessman looking for thrills.

Birthday Night

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Warnings: none

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader, Bucky x Natasha

Summary: Reader invites Steve to come visit her over summer break for a night of music and fireworks. 

Words: 1591

Notes: It’s Steve Rogers’ birthday, and I wanted to write a little something for our Star Spangled Man with a Plan. Again, this drabble is loosely connected to the others I have floating around (Stormy Day and Bored). I’d love to hear feedback about any of these!

Tags: @childoftimeandmagic (I didn’t tag anyone else, as there didn’t seem to be much interest in “Bored,” but it’s looking like this is becoming a drabble series, so if you’d like to be tagged in future installments, let me know!)

“Steve! Bucky! Over here!” You yelled as you waved your arm, drawing their attention to the blanket you and Nat occupied in front of the stage. With a grin, both boys made their way through the crowd and plopped unceremoniously onto the blanket. “Obviously my directions worked.” You smiled as Steve nodded.

 “Sorry we’re so late. We had some trouble leaving.” Steve apologized, and you were about to respond when Bucky interrupted.

 “Yeah, Sarah didn’t want to let him leave without opening his presents and taking some pictures.” Bucky rolled his eyes, and you frowned.

 “Your presents?” Steve flushed as Bucky jumped in to answer.

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hey, hello. i know this is super late, but i apologize for that! currently just got home from dress rehearsals for dance, and i’m caked with makeup but super bored and filled with energy. so, i decided why not get on. i’m kendall and i’m 17, and my timezone is est. quick facts: i’m a dancer (which is why i haven’t been on and replied to things once), i like makeup, i love to learn different languages and i can eat a hell of a lot of food. but this is my bby cleo, so if you’d like to know more about her, then keep reading down below!(also, i’m pretty much open to anything, usually my trigger doesn’t come up at all. that being said, i rarely say no. i’ll do anything, literally. so yeah, like this post or message me to plot!!)

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Death of a Bachelor (Part One)

A/N: So this is going to be a series, my first series actually. And I’m sorry for not being as active as I probably should on this blog, but I’m back now!!! Enjoy my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

Summary: Oh Sehun, the richest, most powerful man in Long Island, New York may have found the one thing he’s been missing from his life. But the question is if she’ll ever want him like he wants her.

Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4

Word Count: 2550

(A/N: And I normally don’t throw in two gifs but the one below is how I imagined Sehun to look during this story, just with a serious expression!)

Long Island, New York. 1922

The night was dark, not a single star in the sky could be seen from all the industrial lights of the city and high rises. The streets of the hopping city were littered with the waste of those without a care in the world, who spent their days going against the laws with the consumption of alcohol and the showing of skin. In these streets, a man walked with presence and poise; a rose amongst daisies.

His black hair was slicked back with obvious amounts of gel under his white fedora, his white suit was pure without a speck of dirt in the fibers of his clothes, and his polished shoes clicked against the concrete with each step he took.

Oh Sehun was a God amongst peasants. His wealth grew from the illegal alcohol trade, thanks to the new Era’s laws. No one didn’t know who Oh Sehun was, unless you were living under a rock. His connections with the NPD made him untouchable, immortal to the rules and the convictions of prison. He relished in his power and milked it for all it was worth, granting him anything his heart desired.

Sehun turned off the streets and into the alley between Main and 17th. His hands were shoved in his coat pockets, he whistled as he walked down the narrow passageway. He approached a metallic door and tapped his knuckles lightly against the surface. A slit in the door opened up and two eyes looked straight into his own. The slit closed instantly and the door opened instantly, and Sehun walked inside without a word.

“Mr. Oh, allow me to take your coat.”

“No need for that, I won’t be staying for pleasure tonight.” Sehun said, removing his hat and throwing it towards the bouncer, never bothering to look back and see if he caught it as he walked downstairs into the nightclub. Sehun smoothed back his gelled hair and fixed the knot in his black tie as he stepped down into the dimly lit room.

He picked up his black walking stick from a holder by the entryway and twirled it in his hand as he approached a booth on the right side of the room. He weaved in and out of tables as the other patrons watched the flapper girls dance on stage. Jazz flowed from the speakers of the club, and Sehun smirked when he finally made it to his reserved booth.

“I see you’ve gotten friendly with my gals, huh Jay?” Sehun said, making the man that sat in between two attractive blondes look up. The man named Jay sent Sehun a smile and the two shook hands warmly.

“I can’t help it Sehun, you know I have a thing for the blondes.” Jay said as Sehun slid into the booth.

“But you’ve completely ignored these two here, they might have been fun to play with.” Sehun smirked as a redhead and a brunette latched themselves on either side of Sehun.

“We’ve been waiting here for you Mr. Oh.” the redhead cooed.

“Yeah, it’s been so lonely.” the brunette pouted as she played with Sehun’s tie.

“But I’m here now.” Sehun smirked, throwing his arms around the girls shoulders as they ran their hands over his chest and arms.

“So Jay, let’s talk business then.”

“Oh c'mon Sehun, why does everything have to be all about business with you whenever we talk? Can’t we just have a night where bachelors can be bachelors?” Jay laughed, picking up his whiskey glass as he took a swig.

“Because time is money Jay, I don’t waste mine on lavish parties.” Sehun said, making Jay scoff.

“Speaking of, I’m throwing another Saturday night. You should come to this one.” Jay’s blue eyes sparkled as he threw Sehun a persuasive smile. Sehun’s dark eyes bore into Jay’s bright ones as he thought, bringing his lower lip between his teeth.

“If we can get this deal over with, I’ll consider it then.” Sehun finally said, making Jay clap his hands in accomplishment.

“Fabulous! So, then the usual shipment then from my providers?” Jay asked.

“Nah, I don’t need the moonshine this time Jay. I need your men.” Sehun said, making Jay’s eyes darken.

“What do you need my men for Sehun?” Jay’s voice lowered an octave as he toyed around with a half used cigar in the ashtray.

“I have someone who won’t comply to my rules. I need…him to be persuaded.” Sehun said, his voice dripping from his lips like honey.

“Don’t you have your own men for that?” Jay snapped, making Sehun raise his brow at the standoffish behavior.

“I suggest you do what I ask of you Jay, remember who brought you to where you are now. I can take it away just as easy, and you’ll never get what you truly desire on the other side of the harbor.” Jay looked up at Sehun, who had his signature smirk etched on his face. Sehun took out a lighter and lit a cigarette, slowly blowing the smoke out past his lips. Jay sighed and sat back against the booth.

“Fine, I’ll send some guys down.” Jay said, watching Sehun take another drag. Sehun let the smoke escape his mouth with ease as he gazed up at the ceiling, his lips parted in an easy “O” shape. Sehun’s eyes glanced over at Jay before puffing out the remaining smoke from his mouth.

“They’ll be looking for a Mr. Webber.” Sehun said as he flicked the ashes of his cigarette on the ground, completely bypassing the ashtray.

“I’ll get them on that then Mr. Oh.” Jay said, pushing the blondes away as he stood from the booth. Sehun chuckled as the girls crawled towards him. He winked at Jay and sent him a half-hearted wave with the hand that held the cigarette.

“Pleasure doing business with you then Mr. Gatsby. Send a waiter this way, yeah?” he smirked as he took a drag.

“I’ll be back Sehun, don’t get too comfy.” Jay said as he walked away.

But Sehun did get comfy, allowing the girls to paw and kiss along his body as he sipped his favorite type of rum that was imported from the Caribbean. As Sehun lounged out, he watched the dancers on stage with mild interest. His foot would occasionally tap to the music, and his lips would sometimes part into a seductive smile for the girls at his sides but it felt like a routine to him.
Sehun had everything any young bachelor could want and desire. But something was still missing and he didn’t quite know what it was. He took the last drag of his cigarette and put it out in the ashtray, bringing his glass of rum to his lips when Jay rejoined him.

“Alright, it’s been done your highness.” Jay teased as he regained his blonde women.

“I know I’m the king of this city Jay, but there’s no need for that.” Sehun said as the lights dimmed down even lower, the main performance of the night about to begin. Normally Sehun wouldn’t pay much attention to these performances, but tonight he decide he’d watch like Jay would usually do.

A spotlight shone on stage and there stood one lone girl in a white leotard with rhinestones on the bodice. She wore white elbow length gloves that stood out against her skin. Black fishnets adorned her legs with pristine black heels on her feet. Loose curls fell down her back and framed her face; which was plain except for a dark swipe of red lipstick on her lips and a coating of mascara on her eyelashes.

Sehun leaned forward against the table, pushing the two girls on his sides away as he placed his elbows on the table, resting his chin on his folded hands as he watched the girl bend down to run her hands up her legs.

The music was light with the sounds of piano resonating throughout the room, a strong beat partnering with the music. The girl moved her hips to the music, running her hands over her breast as she snapped her fingers to the beat. She sent the crowd smiles, flashing her pearly white teeth before the song started.

It’s on baby let’s get lost, you don’t need to call into work cause you the boss

The girl moved her hips and body in sensual rolling motions as trumpets joined the mixture of music. She twirled her head back, letting her hair fly as her hands ran over her hips, butt, and thighs. She bent her body down and opened her legs as though she was sending a seductive invitation out to the men as she stood back up, her body twisting as she rose.

He talks like this cause he can back it up. He got a big ego.

Sehun stared, entranced by the women before him. He tuned the rest of the world out as he watched the performance seemingly meant just for him. He let his eyes wander over her body without shame, letting his tongue pop out to wet his lips before gently biting his lower lip out of lust.

I know I’m killing you with them legs, better yet them thighs. Matter of fact it’s my smile, maybe my eyes. Boy you a site to see kind of something like me

‘Damn right,’ Sehun thought as he watched the girl dance to the music. 'Could these lyrics be any more accurate?’ Sehun frowned as the song ended much to soon, the girl leaving the stage and the lights rising back up a little bit. Sehun look to Jay, who seemed confused.

“Sehun, you look like you’ve went through an epiphany.” Jay chuckled, twirling his drink inside his glass. Sehun’s lips parted as to say something but no words could come out. Jay smirked in amusement as he watched Sehun try to grasp his words as he pointed to the stage, looking between Jay and the now occupied stage.

“Mine.” Sehun gasped out, making Jay howl in laughter.

“Yours?! Sehun, man, it’s just a dancer.” Jay laughed. Sehun’s eyes darkened considerably.

“Out.” he growled, making Jay raise his eyebrows at him.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Out. All of you, out of my booth. Now!” Sehun raised his voice, causing the girls to flee. Jay’s eyes widened at his friends behavior, he had never seen him act so passionately towards something before unless it involved money. But Jay slid out of the booth anyways, watching his friend carefully.

“Jay, I want you to find her, send her here.” Sehun said.

“Sehun, are you sure?” Jay questioned, normally his friend wasn’t the type for hookups with random girls. Sehun looked at Jay with determination in his eyes.

“You know my philosophies Jay. And one of them is 'If it feels good and looks good, it must be mine.’ I. Want. Her.” he growled. Jay nodded and hurried off.
Sehun tapped his foot impatiently against the floor as he waited. He smoothed back his hair as he absentmindedly twirled his walking stick in the air. He leaned his head back to watch the slim object twirl in the air, kicking his feet up onto the table as he lit a cigarette.

“Mr. Oh?” Sehun halted his movements, placing his feet back onto the ground along with his walking stick as he sat up. He removed the cigarette from between his lips and blew out a puff of smoke.

“You wanted to see Miss L/N?” the person asked, stepping aside to allow the dancer to step forward. She  had changed into a simple yellow dress; she was probably about to return home for the night. Sehun smirked and nodded.

“Yes, thank you.” he said, waving a dismissive hand to the person to allow them to leave. Sehun watched the girl stand there, fidgeting slightly. He chuckled and beckoned her over with his finger, a smile playing at the corners of his lips when he saw her scared expression. She slid into the booth, keeping her distance from the man. Sehun tsked.

“Now c'mon doll, I don’t bite. Come here.” his voice was low and dark; seductive. The girl seemed reluctant to move so Sehun took matters into his own hands and moved towards her himself, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“See? This isn’t so bad, now is it?” he whispered into the girls ear, making her squirm uncomfortably. Sehun sighed and leaned away from her, keeping his arm securely around her waist.

“What’s your name?” he asked, his voice was smooth as he tried to apply the charm he was known for.

“Y-Y/N.” the girl muttered as she ran her hands over her arms.

“Do you know who I am Y/N?” Sehun asked, trying to catch her eye but Y/N wouldn’t allow it.

“Who doesn’t?” she asked, making Sehun chuckle.

“That’s true.” Sehun agreed. He reached out and cupped her cheek, making her look into his eyes. Y/N’s breath hitched at the close proximity of their faces.

“Are you steady with anyone Y/N?” Sehun asked, allowing his lips to gently brush over her own as he spoke. Y/N sighed and nodded, her hand going to grip Sehun’s forearm.

“Please, Mr. Oh-”

“Sehun, I’m Sehun to you Y/N.” he whispered, pressing his lips against her own. The arm around Y/N’s waist tightened as Sehun pulled her closer, allowing the hand the cupped her cheek to roam into her hair.

But Y/N pushed Sehun away.

Sehun stared at her in shock; no girl has ever rejected him before.

“Please, Mr. Oh. I have someone waiting for me back at home. If you’ll excuse me.” Y/N tried to escape, but Sehun grabbed her wrist.

“Let go of me!” Y/N exclaimed.

“I don’t think you understand. I want you.” Sehun chuckled, trying to pull the girl back towards him.

“Well, I don’t want you!” Sehun raised his brow at that exclamation.

“Darling, when I want something I always get it. And I want you. Don’t make me have to do this the hard way, I’m sure you’ve heard rumors of what I can do to you and that guy of yours at home.” Sehun threatened. Y/N’s eyes widened.

“O-Okay, just don’t hurt him.” Y/N said, making Sehun smirk in satisfaction.

“Good girl. Now tell me, where do you live?”

“The Valley of Ashes.” she mumbled, making Sehun scoff.

“Now that won’t do, you’ll be coming home to live with me.” Sehun said, scooting out of the booth.

“I-I’m sorry?” Y/N asked. Sehun turned back to see her shocked expression.

“You’re coming to live with me, I told you I wanted you didn’t I? C'mon kitten, get up.” he said. Y/N complied and when she stood Sehun picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder.

“Sehun! Let me down!” she protested as Sehun moved towards the exit.

“Have a car brought around. And send someone to Y/N’s address to pick up her things.” he told the bouncer as he grabbed his hat, exiting the building.

“Sehun, please, I can walk.” Y/N said, pounding her fists against his back. Sehun laughed as he walked into the street, seeing the all too familiar black car pull to a stop in front of him.

“Let’s go home love.”

A three-dimensional audience that literally surrounds the players was the Elizabethan norm, a world away from scenic staging. Blocking on a centralized stage was concentric. The official speakers stood in the centre, while the commentators and clowns prowled around the flanks. The audience was closest to the commentators, and the commentators spoke directly to them. In Richard III Richard opens the play crouching at the stage edge and speaking in soliloquy to the crowd at his feet. He tells them the truth about his feelings, with intimate frankness. The other characters when they come on speak from centre-stage, and the audience literally backs Richard as they watch him fool them with his acting. His wooing of Lady Anne in the third scene is a bravura display of his arts of deception. That role and that position he sustains until he has the crown. Once he is king, though, he has to occupy the centre of the stage. That is when he loses his proximity and his intimacy with his audience. From then on he is the victim, acted on rather than acting, and he loses the audience’s subconscious alliance with him.
—  Andrew Gurr, “The Company’s Work,” The Shakespeare Company, 1594-1642
QMi AU - Spellbound

Once again he finds himself walking aimlessly throughout the city. The weather was cold and bleak for the time of year. He couldn’t say he was all that pleased with it. He tempted fate with a spontaneous trip and was sorely disappointed.

Lost in thoughts of concern for wasted hours, Kyu Hyun comes upon an event of sorts. People are gathering around a small stage, strategically placed in front of large, popular and tourist-y restaurant. He’s on a ruined vacation on his own and just wants to keep himself from spending another night bored out of his wits. He doesn’t particularly care about what’s happening until he listens to soft chords of music from surprisingly wonderful guitar playing. The melody is soft and tender and fills his heart to the point of bursting.

Entranced, he follows it. Walks straight to it without thought. Through the crowd, uncaring, until he’s right at the source of it. He feels inexplicably self conscious. Somehow being first row on a random street show isn’t something he can be proud of. He looks up to the man occupying the stage. He’s tall. Very tall. And he has a guitar, of course. And looks as if he could die of sheer nervousness as he stops for a moment before his fingers begin a new journey along his instrument. Kyu Hyun doesn’t blame him, a bunch of bored-out-of-their-minds tourists couldn’t be the easiest audience.

But as the man plays Kyu Hyun’s whole world stops. He’s transfixed, eyes locked on the tiny stage with all of its exaggerated assortment of shiny, glittering props that try in vain to give it some sense of glamour and grandeur. Looking away is not an option.

It feels like blissful hours before the man finishes playing his song and inquires the audience as to any requests they might have. Someone asks him to play a song from where he’s from. The man smiles so brightly at that Kyu Hyun regrets not bringing his sunglasses along for a second, before he remembers it’s night time and that would be a bit stupid.

The man plays a song Kyu Hyun knows all too well. It’s his favourite ballad, from a semi-obscure Chinese singer. What were the odds of it being picked at that exact moment? That song means so much to him. He lets the sounds travel through him, infiltrate him and consume him. And when he’s too far gone to stop himself, he starts singing. His rich, velvety voice ringing out quite clearly among the mostly silent audience. 

‘Oh? Someone is singing?’

The man suddenly stops playing. The odd looking old lady next to Kyu Hyun points right at his face. He knew she couldn’t be trusted.

'Please… please come on stage.’

It sounds more like he’s imploring, rather than requesting and Kyu Hyun couldn’t deny it. He shakily climbs up on stage, under hesitant applause from the remaining audience, and joins his voice to the perfect sounds coming out of the guitar.

When he stops singing, it’s like waking up from a dream. His eyes travel to the man next to him and find him staring back unflinchingly, as if mesmerized.

'That was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Come sing with me again. Please.’

Kyu Hyun shudders. This growing uncomfortable feeling within him. This twisting sensation in his stomach. This machine-gun like heartbeat. This heat spreading out from his face. Could this be what fate felt like? Could it even be physically felt?

He didn’t know. Couldn’t know. Wouldn’t know. But this felt like something. Like a 1 out of 100,000 chance. Like fate’s magic.

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Great Divide “Yeti”

95 A

This imperial stout is the base brew belonging to a family of beers, each of which include an additional ingredient. I really love this idea, because it allows us the ability to discover how oak, chocolate, espresso, and belgian yeast can fundamentally alter taste. This review just so happens to be a bottle I picked up straight from the Great Divide brewery! Pictures just can’t capture the beautiful, coke float-style head produced by a healthy pour. Aromas are dark and musty, like charred oats, cocoa covered brownies, walnut husks, and some delicious herbal notes below (C-hops).

The palate opens up with a big body of chocolate that swells up with a well-rounded, ultra-creamy feel. A robust, bitter bite of blackened barley pairs with a few drops of hop oil that rise up and strike midway. After this one-two punch backs down, flavors evolve into manifestations of cold brewed coffee. Herbal, pine-based hops occupy the final stage of flavor, with a citric astringency that soon rises up, propelling the beer toward climax. Alpha acids cling with an impressive amount of sustain. Alcohol is noted, but it’s such an integral part of the palate, it’s really of no concern at all. The level of bitterness (75 IBU) falls in proper proportion to sweetness, which eventually rises up into a semi-sour finish. The hops may be heavy-handed, but these malts sure do put up a fight, and I can tell they’re giving it all they’ve got.

For me, it was ‘Old Rasputin’ that first lead to my love of the double stout, but it was Yeti that revealed to me what the style could do with some hoppy aggression. I’ve got a soft spot for this original, but the Chocolate and Oaked Yeti are my two favorites, because they both seem to take the edge off the hops. I love to revisit them all as they fall in and out of season. If you have never had any of these in your life, I suggest you start here with the original, then work your way up to the Belgian. This would make an awesome addition to a Saturday brunch, but it’s good anytime. I recommend it to those of you who love a good hoppy double stout.


75 IBU

Denver, Colorado

Falling For You - Steroline Fanfic

AN - This is set in like an AU Season 4. Somethings are different as you’ll realize as you read it. This is based on a prompt from Martyna Malecka on fanfiction.net, and with a little help from @camii75 when I needed it. Thank you girl.


Falling For You

The gang was at the grill having a drink and just taking the time to enjoy themselves. It was a slow night so Matt had closed the bar to other customers and it was just him and his friends. Caroline, Stefan, Elena, Damon, Alaric, Bonnie, and Tyler. It was full with the sound of laughter, as currently Caroline was occupying the stage strutting around like a rock star.

“Ooh, we called it off again last night. But ooh, this time I’m telling you, I’m telling you.” Caroline held the microphone tightly as she grinned at all her friends, “We are never ever ever getting back together, we are never ever ever getting back together, you go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me but we are never ever ever ever getting back together.” She giggled as she shook her finger in a no gesture, “Like, ever…”

Stefan laughed at his best friend. He wasn’t sure how much of the song choice was to have fun and how much was aimed at Tyler who she’d recently broke up with. He was just happy that she was having a good time and was able to smile again. She was absolutely adorable, and the most fun person he’d ever met beside Lexi, they would have got on like a house on fire. His smile turned sad as the song ended.

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Some weird Pokémon thoughts
  • Pokémon were originally terraforming devices meant to subvert Earth’s ecology by simultaneously eradicating native species and evolving to occupy their niches.
    • Pokémon have a hardwired interspecific combat instinct (they will readily attack anything non-self) and can undergo ultra-rapid teleological evolution (in the biological sense; they differentiate into new species very fast and with a “goal” in mind)
  • Pokémon “evolution” (game sense) is extreme ontogenetic niche shift intended to make ecological subversion more stable (One species can occupy multiple niches in an environment by occupying different ones at different stages in its life, like a T. rex).
  • In the Pokémon world, Humans evolved intelligence to manipulate the Pokémon combat instinct to their “advantage” (ie. allow their survival), which is why all “human-shape” Pokémon occupy nonhuman ecological niches
  • Who/whatever initially seeded Earth with Pokémon is either…
    • (A ): doing something else, having chalked up Earth’s terraforming as a loss
    • (B ): biding their time, waiting to collect
    • (C ): about to engage the next step of the invasion.



With ‘Power,’ Black Lives Matter’s Patrisse Cullors takes protest to the stage in Seattle

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors on Thursday, will debut the third installment of Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied. Power is a stage production that centers on the real stories of African-Americans in Washington state, who say they have been targeted by law enforcement and were denied their rights.

Running at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute in Seattle through Saturday, through spoken word performances and visual media, Power highlights the experiences of nine multigenerational local residents, 

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Preference #453

He’s away on tour when something tragic happens in your life.

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Harry: Harry was the first person you wanted to talk to when you’d received the bad news. You locked yourself in your bedroom, the knocks of your worried family outside your door. Harry’s voice answered over those of screaming fans as he made his way back inside the arena they would be performing in that night, unable to come at the exact moment that he wanted to be there after finding out about your father’s sudden death. With the fading of the sounds from outside he was now able to hear your cries, shushing you a little, trying to comfort you in the best way he knew how. “Just tell me what you need me to do. Tell me and I’ll do it.” He pleaded with you, stepping away from everyone for a moment so that he could be alone, his own tears running down his face with the loss. “Can we just pretend like everything is normal, like nothing happened? Just for five minutes and I’ll be okay.” You breathed harshly, closing your eyes as Harry went on about his day, about the upcoming show, even singing you a few lines of the song they’d just wrote earlier that day. He did everything just as he normally did, if only to distract you for a moment from the tragedy that had struck your home.

Louis: You were left with close to nothing, devastated as you’d pulled up to your home, the house your grew up in, only to find a smoky mess, ashes and rubble the only evidence left that there had ever been a place. So many mementos were now gone and you sobbed alongside your family at the loss. Distraught and unknowing of what to do, you headed over to Louis’ place, your family maintaining residence with your grandparents for the time being, until Louis gave you one final call, telling you of an address that he wanted you to see. Though he was away, busy with a world tour, he’d managed to get your family another place, small but homey, to create all new memories though you would soon be building your future with him.

Niall: Niall had been unaware of the tragedy as he’d been occupied with the stage, with fans and with his love for his music. It wasn’t until the morning was upon you that he received the call, your voice hoarse on the other line, clearing your throat as you rehearsed the speech you’d prepared the previous night. “Hey, how was your show?” You asked casually, your family nudging you, knowing that you were putting off the news. “It was insane. There were so many people and it was just wow. How are you?” He replied, his smile evident in his tone. “I’m okay. So I have to tell you something but I don’t want to alarm you. I’m fine and everything is fine.” You started, hearing Niall silencing people on the other end so that he could listen. “There was an accident. I’m okay though and there’s no need to freak out. It was just a small concussion and a broken leg.” He cut you off before you could continue, rambling and deciding whether to fly out, though you insisted that he didn’t need to. He just had to make sure you were okay for himself.

Liam: Liam had been calling you every day, checking to see how you were holding up with the news. Your phone buzzed one more time as you sat on a stool, your fingers rubbing softly against his fur. You answered, speaking to Liam softly. “Are you at the vet’s office now? Are you sure you can do this alone?” He asked, though it was a little to late for that question. “Yeah, someone needs to be here with him.” You replied, stroking your dog’s head. You’d had him for fifteen years, bringing him from your home to where you now lived with Liam, the animal having become a family member to you and Liam over the years that you’d been together. With Liam away on tour, you’d had no idea how to handle the illness that had overcome your pet, now having to remain by his side as he was put down, a final goodbye with just you and your first love.

Zayn: You sat on the couch, looking around at all the different people who crowded your home, bringing food and giving their condolences at the loss of your brother, your best friend. You sat in a chair as people came through, repeated hugs and muttered apologies. Needing to get away for just a moment you headed back to your room, only to find it filled with more people, admiring the pictures that hung on the wall of you and your older sibling. Sighing in defeat you laid down, only to be ignored by everyone around you, still remaining in your area until a voice powered over them. “I think (Y/N) needs some privacy.” You sat up, recognizing Zayn’s voice instantly as everyone filed out of your room, leaving the two of you alone. “I thought you were on tour.” Tears slipped from your eyes, blurring your vision a bit, making you sure that now, this was really all a dream. He sat across from you on the bed, his arms wrapping around you, pulling you as close to him as possible, his lips pressed against your forehead, there to be your comfort. “I was, but now I’m here.”

QMi AU - Smooth

What was it about the night that made everything so mysterious? As if a sudden mystical aura took hold of reality and veiled the bright truths of daytime. Night held the same secrets as Day but hid them so much better.

Everything about Smooth jazz club was luscious, yet discreet luxury; the décor straying from ostentation. It was almost too fitting for the one occupying its centre stage three times a week.

It was his eighth time there that month alone. He had earned the right to his own spot by now, a fact that both thrilled and embarrassed him.

It was the busiest time of the year at the office. For Zhou Mi that meant skipped meals, nights in his office and power struggles with other department chiefs. The hell of stress never failed to reach almost unendurable limits. It made him want to escape from it. And one night he did.

He had come upon the jazz club by chance and confidently walked inside, considering it a welcome means of relaxation. What he saw there that night had immediately made him a regular visitor from then on. And 8 months had passed in the blink of an eye.

He hadn’t met anyone. Not really. Instead he had met a voice. One that enveloped him, tickling his skin like the finest silk. One that crawled so deep into him, it could drag his soul away and nail it to the stage in front of him.

To call himself a man on a mission would be ridiculous, but he was there with a purpose. To have those eyes on him.The singer’s eyes.

Cho Kyu Hyun. He had learned the name on the third month. And there was no doubt on Zhou Mi’s mind: he was in love, although those eyes had never once looked back at him. But love can blind you in so many ways. It will make you dream and hope until it takes everything from you. He embraced it nonetheless.

Cho Kyu Hyun had shaken and invaded his mind. He wouldn’t allow him to leave his life now. Even if he wasn’t truly in it to begin with. That particular night was just one more night like the others. Zhou Mi sat frozen in place, willing a pair of eyes to rest on him. Willing them to look at him forever. He wanted those dark, endless eyes to become his whole world.

It took him more than a moment to realize someone was taking the seat opposite him, his brain still sluggish in a struggle to return to reality after total immersion on the performance that had just ended. The shock of seeing the man who sat there forced the whisper of a name out of him.

‘Kyu Hyun…’

Those eyes were finally on him. Piercing him. Claiming him. Making him doubt he could take another breath. But then in one quick move, without him knowing how or why, the man that had owned him, bewitched him for all those months, eliminated all distance between them. If there was a taste of silk and sin, this was it. Zhou Mi felt it travelling through him, overwhelming his senses until all he could feel were smooth lips stealing his heart away.

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Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history

The fate of industrially farmed animals is one of the most pressing ethical questions of our time. Tens of billions of sentient beings, each with complex sensations and emotions, live and die on a production line

by Yuval Noah Harari

Animals are the main victims of history, and the treatment of domesticated animals in industrial farms is perhaps the worst crime in history. The march of human progress is strewn with dead animals. Even tens of thousands of years ago, our stone age ancestors were already responsible for a series of ecological disasters. When the first humans reached Australia about 45,000 years ago, they quickly drove to extinction 90% of its large animals. This was the first significant impact that Homo sapiens had on the planet’s ecosystem. It was not the last.

About 15,000 years ago, humans colonised America, wiping out in the process about 75% of its large mammals. Numerous other species disappeared from Africa, from Eurasia and from the myriad islands around their coasts. The archaeological record of country after country tells the same sad story. The tragedy opens with a scene showing a rich and varied population of large animals, without any trace of Homo sapiens. In scene two, humans appear, evidenced by a fossilised bone, a spear point, or perhaps a campfire. Scene three quickly follows, in which men and women occupy centre-stage and most large animals, along with many smaller ones, have gone. Altogether, sapiens drove to extinction about 50% of all the large terrestrial mammals of the planet before they planted the first wheat field, shaped the first metal tool, wrote the first text or struck the first coin.

The next major landmark in human-animal relations was the agricultural revolution: the process by which we turned from nomadic hunter-gatherers into farmers living in permanent settlements. It involved the appearance of a completely new life-form on Earth: domesticated animals. Initially, this development might seem to have been of minor importance, as humans only managed to domesticate fewer than 20 species of mammals and birds, compared with the countless thousands of species that remained “wild”. Yet, with the passing of the centuries, this novel life-form became the norm. Today, more than 90% of all large animals are domesticated (“large” denotes animals that weigh at least a few kilograms). Consider the chicken, for example. Ten thousand years ago, it was a rare bird that was confined to small niches of South Asia. Today, billions of chickens live on almost every continent and island, bar Antarctica. The domesticated chicken is probably the most widespread bird in the annals of planet Earth. If you measure success in terms of numbers, chickens, cows and pigs are the most successful animals ever.

Alas, domesticated species paid for their unparalleled collective success with unprecedented individual suffering. The animal kingdom has known many types of pain and misery for millions of years. Yet the agricultural revolution created completely new kinds of suffering, ones that only worsened with the passing of the generations.

At first sight, domesticated animals may seem much better off than their wild cousins and ancestors. Wild buffaloes spend their days searching for food, water and shelter, and are constantly threatened by lions, parasites, floods and droughts. Domesticated cattle, by contrast, enjoy care and protection from humans. People provide cows and calves with food, water and shelter, they treat their diseases, and protect them from predators and natural disasters. True, most cows and calves sooner or later find themselves in the slaughterhouse. Yet does that make their fate any worse than that of wild buffaloes? Is it better to be devoured by a lion than slaughtered by a man? Are crocodile teeth kinder than steel blades?

What makes the existence of domesticated farm animals particularly cruel is not just the way in which they die but above all how they live. Two competing factors have shaped the living conditions of farm animals: on the one hand, humans want meat, milk, eggs, leather, animal muscle-power and amusement; on the other, humans have to ensure the long-term survival and reproduction of farm animals. Theoretically, this should protect animals from extreme cruelty. If a farmer milks his cow without providing her with food and water, milk production will dwindle, and the cow herself will quickly die. Unfortunately, humans can cause tremendous suffering to farm animals in other ways, even while ensuring their survival and reproduction. The root of the problem is that domesticated animals have inherited from their wild ancestors many physical, emotional and social needs that are redundant in farms. Farmers routinely ignore these needs without paying any economic price. They lock animals in tiny cages, mutilate their horns and tails, separate mothers from offspring, and selectively breed monstrosities. The animals suffer greatly, yet they live on and multiply….

Read on:- http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/sep/25/industrial-farming-one-worst-crimes-history-ethical-question