occupy the sec

I don’t think… They know what the fuck they’re saying–

ain’t no body gettin’ healed bighit, we’re all just sad and broke af–

let us just burn in peace  o u o

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The Occupy movement gets sophisticated

In an answer to critics who say the Occupy movement is unorganized and directionless, Occupy the SEC has formed. 

In a 325 page letter it outlines changes needed to the Volcker Rule. But, as Felix Salmon points out, even if those demands are met, they mean nothing if regulators fail to enforce changes.

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Occupy the SEC insists there’s no contradiction between its in-the-weeds policy advocacy and the attention-grabbing demonstrations that have dominated most of coverage of the movement. “You can work within the system, and you can work outside the system,” says Goldstein. “What unites us with the Occupy movement is a strong belief in direct action. Direct action can take many forms—you can have protests, but you can also look at the devil that’s in the details,” adds Eric Taylor, an anthropologist and part-time military officer who’s currently unemployed. “We’re engaging in participatory democracy through the means that already exists.”
—  Occupy the Volcker Rule!, Washington Post.

Occupy the SEC: Former Wall Street Workers Defend Volcker Rule Against Banks’ Anti-Regulatory Push (by democracynow)