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My-House in Melbourne

My-House is Austin Maynard’s own home. It is also the office of Austin Maynard Architects. Maynard and his family live upstairs, whilst AMA occupies the shopfront downstairs. The kitchen, dining and garden are shared between my family and the AMA team between 9am and 5pm.

My-House is an experiment that Austin Maynard lives in. It is a home that he dares not impose on his clients. It breaks many important rules, often not in a good way. My-House lets in sunlight where a house should not. Whilst it is a very sustainable home, My-House is not as thermally efficient as the homes he designs for others. Issues of privacy and personal comfort are often challenged in My-House. It is for these reasons that Maynard and his family love it.

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The Other Guy

summary: pietro proves to y/n that bucky is into her by doing everything in his power to make him jealous

pairing: bucky x reader, pietro x reader [pretended]

word count: 3.6k+

warnings: mentions of smut, jealousy, annoyed bucky, confrontation

a/n: literally wanna vom just thinking about hurting bucky like this i would never also this is shit but its been chilling in my drafts for 8 millions years so i decided to post it

“You are so full of shit,” Y/N laughed, absentmindedly stirring the oatmeal in her bowl. She sat at the kitchen island, blinded by the early morning sun, her pink sock clad feet swinging above the ground. She was dressed in only her tiny pyjama shorts and a hoodie, hair messy and the side of her face slightly red due to the position she slept in.

Pietro stood by the counter, dumping a bunch of different berries into a blender. It was only 8:30am and most of the compound was still fast asleep. Y/N and Pietro, however, made plans the night before to get up early, train together and then go out and buy a present for Wanda; Pietro’s way of apologising for crashing her date a few days back. The witch hadn’t spoken to him since and Pietro was slowly growing exasperated. 

“I’m serious, Y/N,” Pietro chuckled, putting the lid on the blender and glancing at her over his shoulder. “He’s into you. I can prove it.”

Y/N shook her head, rolling her eyes and pushing another spoonful of bland oatmeal past her lips.

Pietro switched on the blender, his back facing the shorter girl as he worked on preparing his usual morning smoothie. The loud noise of the blender continued to buzz inside Y/N’s ears even after Pietro had switched off the appliance. 

“I’d like to see you try, Maximoff,” Y/N smirked, provoking a quiet laugh from the speedster’s side. He popped off the lid of the blender, glanced inside to make sure his smoothie was ready and then made his way across the kitchen to grab a glass.

“I’m going to murder Bucky if he keeps eating my cereal. This stuff is gross,” she complained, pushing her bowl away with a roll of her eyes. She couldn’t understand how Steve could push the tasteless oatmeal past his lips. Unfortunately, since Bucky had cleared the cupboards of her usual breakfast cereal, she didn’t have much of a choice.

“Yeah, right. You wouldn’t lay a finger on Buck if your life depended on it,” Pietro laughed, soon realising he had to empty the dishwasher in order to find a clean glass. He bent over, focusing on the task at hand as Y/N pushed herself up and placed her bowl of oatmeal in the sink.

“You know me all too well,” she murmured, glancing inside Pietro’s blender and then back at him to make sure he wasn’t looking. Realising he wasn’t, Y/N grabbed her glass of water from the island, dumped the contents into the sink and hurried to fill it with the berry smoothie instead. When she was finished, she hopped onto the counter and sipped innocently on Pietro’s drink until he finally realised what she had done. 

“Thief,” he narrowed his eyes at her, abandoning his mission of emptying the dishwasher. He looked towards the now empty blender, realising he’d have to make more if he wanted to have a berry smoothie for breakfast. 

“Not a thief. Bucky’s a thief because he stole my cereal. I’m just… taking what’s rightfully mine. I did the grocery shopping yesterday.”

Pietro laughed, making his way across the kitchen and coming to a stop opposite Y/N.

“I don’t think he’d like to hear you say that. He’s too into you to not be upset by such words,” he teased.

“Right, he’s so into me he keeps stealing my cereal to piss me off. So romantic,” Y/N rolled her eyes sarcastically and Pietro shook his head at her. He watched her expression as she sipped on the smoothie, wondering if it tasted as good as he hoped.

When Y/N didn’t say anything about it, Pietro took a few steps forwards so that he was standing between her parted legs and reached for one of the straws sitting in a glass container behind Y/N on the counter.

She quirked a brow as he slid the straw into her glass. He leaned in, captured the end between his teeth and took a generous sip of the smoothie.

“Um, excuse you,” she objected, trying her hardest to hold back her laughter.

Y/N held the glass in both hands, far enough from herself for Pietro to drink from, and yet not far enough to not feel his breath on her skin. They were standing only inches apart and to anyone watching the interation could appear to be awfully intimate; so it wasn’t a surprise that only seconds later Y/N had to tear her eyes away from Pietro upon hearing someone clearing their throat.

Bucky was standing leaning against the doorway, arms crossed over his muscular chest, one eyebrow cocked expectantly. He eyes the two Avengers already occupying the kitchen, then focused solely on Pietro with a confused glance. 

The speedster didn’t acknowledge Bucky’s stare, only looking at him for a brief second before turning back to Y/N. He placed the straw back between his lips and sucked. 

When Y/N looked down at him, Pietro was smirking knowingly. 

“Morning, Buck,” Y/N said cheerfully, trying to seem casual despite Pietro still standing between her parted legs, his hands now resting on either side of her hips, mindlessly humming as he continued sipping on the smoothie. He stepped even closer.

“Morning,” Bucky grumbled in response, strolling past the two of them and yanking open the fridge. He glanced inside, grabbed a tub of ice cream from the freezer and shut the door with unnecessary force. He found a spoon in the cutlery drawer, once more glanced at Pietro and Y/N and headed towards the exit.

When he was out of sight, Pietro finally retreated, clearly satisfied with himself by the shit eating grin across his face.

“What the hell was that about?” Y/N whispered, scared Bucky might still be close enough to hear. Pietro plucked the now empty smoothie glass out of her hands and chuckled as he placed it in the sink.

“Told you I could prove to you he’s into you,” he answered nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders and reaching out to plug out the blender.

Y/N crossed her arms over her chest. “By almost feeling me up in front of him?”

Pietro scoffed. “I did no such thing,” he protested. “I’m going to prove to you he’s into you. With my help, his possessive self will be asking you out within two days.”

Y/N expelled a humourless chuckle. “Sure he will.”

“I can guarantee you that. Go and change in your training gear and we’ll get started right away,” he challenged, and Y/N eyed him suspiciously before sliding off of the counter.

“Fine, but if this doesn’t work out, you’ll be the one explaining to everyone why you’ve been all over me for two days,” she told him sternly, pointing her index finger in his direction.

Pietro grinned, holding his arms up in surrender. “Fine by me.”

By the time Y/N was dressed in her training gear, her hair brushed back into something that reassembled practicality, Pietro was already waiting for her outside the gym. She appeared behind him with a bottle of water in her hands and managed to scare him a little before he pushed open the door.

“Good choice of clothing,” Pietro commented quietly, nodding towards her shorts, “They’ll surely get his attention.“ 

Y/N walked past, looking at Pietro over her shoulder and furrowing her brows in confusion.

"His attention?” She questioned, and then finally realised that the gym wasn’t empty like she had expected it would be. Steve was running on the treadmill and Bucky was beating the hell out of a punching bag. When they entered, Steve waved a quick greeting but Buck only grumbled, causing Steve to shoot him a confused glance.

Y/N and Pietro strolled over to a bench at the end of the room and set their stuff down.

“I knew he’d be down here after what he saw in the kitchen. He’s probably picturing my face on the punching bag. He needs to blow off some steam,” Pietro murmured, only loud enough for Y/N to hear. 

When she looked towards Bucky, she noticed sweat sticking his hair to his forehead. She looked elsewhere, deciding to take a sip of her water.

“It’s a shame you’re not the one helping him do that. I’m sure it would be more satisfying for him - and you - if that punching bag wasn’t the only thing getting pounded by him.”

Y/N began to choke on her drink. Her body shook with violent coughs, getting the attention of the other two guys across the room. Y/N could feel tears pooling in her eyes as she attempted to stop herself from quite literally… dying.

“Is she alright?” Steve called out, stopping the treadmill as Pietro hit Y/N on the back, attempting to stop her from choking.

When she calmed down, she answered feebly, “I’m fine. Pietro was just… telling me a funny story.”

Bucky scoffed at that and Y/N almost didn’t catch it, but she did; and so did Steve.

“What’s wrong with you this morning?” He asked his best friend, but Bucky only shrugged, watching as Steve headed off to do some heavy lifting.

Pietro nodded for Y/N to follow him to the padded flooring. They did some stretching in silence and while Y/N worked on her arms, she spared another glance in Bucky’s direction. 

His sweat soaked shirt had disappeared and his face showed deep concentration as his fists furiously slammed against the surface of the red punching bag. He was light on his feet, sweat trickling down his face and chest, damp hair pulled back into a messy high pony. He looked damn good.

“Ahem,” Pietro pretended to cough and when Y/N looked back at him he was smirking. He had clearly noticed her staring and was amused by the expression on her face. Pietro handed her her sparring equipment.

“You’re drooling,” he noted, and she smacked his arm playfully.

“Am not,” she protested, finally pulling on her gloves and making her way towards the centre of the mat.

She made sure she was steady, got into position and when Pietro was ready the fighting began. Y/N pulled a few of the signature moves herself and Nat had come up with, and it wasn’t long before Pietro was lying on his back on the floor.

He got up each time and by the fourth time Y/N had him on the mat, she was growing kind of bored. That is, until Pietro managed to kick her legs out from under her and she fell with a loud thud. The silver haired speedster was quick to pin her down, one hand around her neck, the other holding the back of her thigh which she had wrapped around his waist.

When Y/N glanced to the left, knowing that the round was over and that Pietro would retreat any second, she noticed Bucky watching them from the sidelines, using a black towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Pietro seemed to notice him looking, too, because soon he was leaning down and bringing his lips to Y/N’s ear, his hair covering her eyes so she could no longer see Bucky.

He remained silent for a second then whispered. “He’s going to leave in three… two… one”.

The door to the gym slammed shut.

Pietro pushed himself up, his grin once more appearing. Y/N’s wanted to roll her eyes at his confidence but she had to admit, Pietro was damn good at this. It was as if he had his sister’s powers and could read Bucky’s mind. Then it hit her.

“Wanda told you he’s into me, didn’t she?" 

Pietro looked like a deer in headlights.

He inhaled sharply, then sheepishly admitted, "yeah, okay, she did.”

“Which means you’re not as cunning as you think you are. Which means this could not end as well as you expect it to." 

He shrugged his shoulders. "To some extent, maybe.”

Y/N narrowed her eyes and then next thing Pietro knew her legs were around his neck and she was forcing him down onto the floor, swiftly moving to pin him down, face first on the mat. She held his hands behind his back.

“You’re an idiot,” she told him, and Pietro laughed in response, hissing when she pulled at his wrists.

“An idiot who’s helping you get laid.”

Their sparring session continued for another twenty minutes, followed by some cardio and lifting. Steve seemed to have followed Bucky because he was no where to be seen and Y/N didn’t see either of them before herself and Pietro left the compound to buy Wanda’s gift. 

Finding the perfect apology present took them the majority of the afternoon and after grabbing lunch together and arguing over whether or not Pietro’s plan would work, they returned home. They waved a quick greeting to all the other avengers who sat around the lounge before heading straight to Y/N’s room to wrap up the gift.

Of course, the process of them wrapping up the present resulted in another play fight over which colour wrapping paper and how big of a bow to use. This led to Y/N’s hair looking like a bird’s nest, her already baggy sweater falling off her shoulder and her sticky lipstick smudged across her cheek.

By the time they were finished, they both looked like a mess and Pietro had bits of tape stuck to his face like a child on Christmas morning.

He thanked her for the help before heading to his room and asked her to tell Wanda to find him.

Y/N didn’t bother fixing her appearance before heading to the lounge where everyone else was sitting around watching a rom-com. As asked, she told Wanda that Pietro wanted to see her and then headed to the kitchen to grab a drink. 

There, Bucky was already making coffee. He remained silent, leaning against the counter as Y/N grabbed a mug and dumped a tea bag into it, staring at the buzzing kettle between them. 

When she looked up, Bucky was studying her carefully.

“Your, uh… Lipstick is smudged,” he told her, pointing to his own mouth rather sheepishly. Y/N grabbed a paper towel and said nothing as she began to wipe it off. Bucky continued to look at her.

“No, you’re just making it worse,” he chuckled lightly and took the towel from her hand, stepping closer to help her. Y/N stayed unmoving as he held her chin lightly, wiping off the redness. 

“Thanks,” she muttered, hearing the kettle switch off.

“You need to tell your lover boy to be less sloppy,” Bucky noted, stepping back and throwing the tissue into the trash. Y/N cleared her throat before moving over to pour the boiling water into the two mugs.

She didn’t say anything to his previous words and when their drinks were made, they both headed back to the lounge. Bucky sat down between Nat and Steve and Y/N situated herself on the vacant love seat to the right of the TV. 

She tried to focus on the screen but she couldn’t help but feel Bucky’s eyes on the side of her face. However, every time she’d glance over at him, he’d look away as if nothing happened.

It wasn’t long before Wanda and Pietro returned, both smiling, obviously having made up. Wanda quickly situated herself on the pile of cushions and blankets on the floor and Pietro moved across the room to where Y/N sat. 

He made himself comfortable, his head in her lap, casually glancing over at Bucky to check if he was looking. Out of pure curiosity, Y/N looked over at him, too, and felt disappointment when she realised he wasn’t looking back at her. Instead, Buck’s eyes were glued to the screen, his arm casually thrown over Steve’s shoulder, his lips pursed.

Maybe he wasn’t jealous the way Pietro wanted him to be.

The movie continued and when it ended, Bruce got up to put on the sequel. This gave everyone an opportunity to go to the toilet, grab more snacks or chat for a while. It was then Pietro rolled over onto his stomach and looked up at Y/N, almost as if he knew she wanted to say something.

“I don’t think he’s all that bothered. Maybe he’s just not a fan of PDA in general,” Y/N whispered to him but Pietro only rolled his eyes. 

He remained silent as he pushed himself up into a sitting position, threw his arm over Y/N’s shoulder and pulled her legs over his lap. Y/N didn’t say anything but she could already feel Wanda and Tony eyeing them curiously from across the room; and although she wanted to explain to them there was nothing going on between her and Pietro, she remained quiet.

The movie began and the lights were switched off, the late hour resulting in a cozy dark room. It was getting kind of chilly, courtesy of Tony’s inability to sit in a room without the windows open, so Y/N didn’t actually mind having Pietro to cuddle. In fact, when his hand began slowly stroking her calf, she wiggled even closer and nuzzled her face into his chest. 

Suddenly, Tony spoke up.

“So, uh, am I the only one who’s confused about what’s going on?”

Y/N lifted her head and looked over at him to see what he was talking about. Upon realising he was already staring back at her with a confused frown, it only took her a second to figure out what the hell he meant. 

“Since when are you two a thing?” Tony continued, chuckling a little. “Yesterday I heard you two calling each other names and now here you are.” He waved his hand in their direction rather dramatically. “Doesn’t anyone else find it weird?”

Natasha then decided to pipe in. “Yeah, I mean, I’m a little confused myself. I thought you liked that other guy.” By other guy Natasha clearly meant Bucky, having been the person who listened to Y/N ramble about her crush day and night.

“What other guy?” Bucky asked, looking from Nat to Y/N, but both of them only shrugged, not wanting to give it away.

“Guys, that’s enough. Let them be,” Steve decided to interfere, not liking the way in which this conversation was heading. He wasn’t very fond of the rest of the group holding this intervention. 

“Steve, stop pretending to not care. You were just as confused as everyone else after what happened in the gym today,” Bucky announced, and the rest of the group looked at each other, almost as if waiting for someone to elaborate. No one did. 

“So,” Tony once again spoke up. “Dare to enlighten us about the situation?” He eyed Y/N and Pietro again. Y/N was seconds away from telling everyone the whole truth. However, before she even managed to open her mouth, Pietro was already speaking.

“I don’t know. We’re just sorta… hanging out, I guess,” he tried to seem casual.

Bucky scoffed, looking at Pietro as if he had lost his mind.

“Hanging out? Please, cut the bullshit." 

At this point, the whole room was holding its breath.

"You damn well know I like her and you’ve been rubbing your new relationship in my face all day. But let me tell you one thing,” he turned to Y/N. “Whatever it is you two have, it won’t last longer than a week.”

Y/N remained silent for a moment, and so did everyone else, not wanting to interfere. Even Steve seemed to have locked his mouth with an imaginary key and kept his preaching to himself for once. Then, after several seconds, Y/N finally responded timidly.

“Truth be told, it wasn’t gonna last more than two days.”

“What?” Bucky’s brows knitted together into a confused frown.

Y/N inhaled sharply and groaned at his stupidity. She pushed herself up from the sofa. Uncertain, Bucky stood up, too.

“I’ve been hinting that I like you for months! Who do you think this other guy Natasha mentioned was, huh? It was you, you absolute dumb ass! I’m not into Pietro for God’s sake!”

Sam began laughing but Wanda clamped her hand over his mouth.

“Wait, what?”

Y/N rolled her eyes at Bucky’s stupidity and Steve got up, placing a hand on his best friend’s shoulder.

“I think what she means, Buck, is that her and Pietro were trying to make you jealous,” he explained, but Bucky only looked more confused than before.


He simply couldn’t get any slower.

And so, not seeing any different way of going about this, Y/N breathed in and began trudging in his direction. Afraid Y/N was on her way to smack him for being silly, Bucky took a step back and fell back onto the sofa. His eyes displayed utmost confusion as Y/N climbed onto his lap with her legs on either side of him, grabbed his face in both hands and kissed him. 

Right there. In front of the whole team.

A series of cheers, shouts and whistles followed. Bucky’s surprise melted away and soon he was wrapping his arms around Y/N’s middle, pulling her closer and kissing her back. It didn’t last long, but the kiss was pleasant, and when Y/N retreated, she realised everyone was still looking at her.

Catching Bucky’s gaze, she smiled sheepishly and knew that he finally understood what she meant.

“Does that explain it?” She murmured, and Bucky nodded, lips swollen and gaze blazing. 

Y/N sighed in relief and when she turned her head to look at the rest of the team, Pietro was cracking up at the other end of the room. He stood up, brushed off his jeans and said:

“You owe me one, Y/N.”

She smiled, turning her gaze back to Buck when the brunette finally spoke up. “As do I.”

About Time // Part 7

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 8.5 |

Type/Genre/words: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au), Smut / 14,858 words

Character: Jungkook x reader / Jimin x reader (feat. BTS)

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: this part has a smut scene ;)

a/n: in this fic/series I made the characters to have similar ages, and not completely the same as their real age. So technically Jungkook, Jimin and the OC all have the same age. Just a little fyi in case you are confused with the timelines.

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You’re back

Summary: After confessing your affection for Bucky quite sometime ago, you are more than terrified of facing him again as he comes back from a year and a half long mission.

Word count: 1543

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: slight angst? nothing too intense though with fluff at the end.

A/N: First off, I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to anyone who had read “Smartass”, I’m overwhelmed by the positive feedback! Again, I’m sorry for any typos/ grammar mistakes/ mistakes in general (English is not my first language). Feedback is very welcomed and I hope you enjoy!

(As you have probably guessed, the text in italics is a flashaback)

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Walking out of your room in the Avengers HQ, you yawned loudly before entering the kitchen, occupied already by your teammates.

“Family breakfast, how lovely” you smiled at the sight of all of the Earth’s Mightiest Superheroes sitting by the table. You poured yourself a tall cup of black coffee and sipped on it in silence.

“We’re going to have a visitor today” Steve announced with a huge grin. “Bucky’s coming back from mission.”

“What?” you choked on your coffee in shock, hot liquid almost burning your throat.

“He’ll be here in an hour” Rogers added, putting his dirty plate in the sink. Passing you, he send you a wink, before whispering: “Maybe it’s time, Y/N.”

You swallowed thickly, knowing already, that it was definitely not the time. Trying to avoid your friend’s gaze, you quickly finished your drink and almost ran into your room, closing the door shut, breathing heavily. He can’t be.

Your heart was beating faster than ever as the memories of the day before he had left filled your mind. Shutting your eyes, you tried to wipe the scene away, but you knew already that your attempts would fail anyway.

“You should tell him” Nat pleaded, looking at you.

You were laying in your bed, eyes still red from crying. The day before, you had learned that your crush, James Buchanan Barnes was leaving for one and a half year for a mission. How on Earth were you suppose to survive that amount of time without him?

“I can’t just go and tell him, his leaving in few hours anyway” you swallowed your tears. 

Then you’ll regret that he left and you didn’t tell him. What if he dies or something?” she told you, squeezing your hand.

“Natasha!” you exclaimed outraged.

“I’m just… I really hate seeing you like this. Please, just go and tell him” she pleaded again. “If he doesn’t feel the same way, then, he is the one missing out.”

Finally, not knowing exactly how, you were standing in front of the door to his room, taking another one of the thousands of calming breaths. You raised your hand curled up into fist, trying so hard to knock at the stupid wood, but something was still holding you back. To your surprise, the door opened before you, revealing Bucky, your Bucky, standing in his room.

“Oh, Y/N, hey” he beamed at you, making your knees even weaker. “Come on in.”

“Hi” you replied quietly as you walked into his room.

“What’s up kid?’ he asked you, throwing out another pile of clothes out of his closet, before putting them into his bag.

“I…um… I came to say goodbye I guess” you stuttered, eyes avoiding his.

“Oh” you could feel a slight disappointment in his voice. “Already?”

“Yeah, I mean… I guess I want to spare myself from pain, you know, it’s like with a band aid, the faster you remove it, the better” you rambled on a little, which made him chuckle slightly. However, no matter how hard you tried, he could still see through your façade and he knew that something was off.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked with a sudden concern, dropping his clothes and making his way to you, which made your heart skip a beat.

“Natasha made me do this…” you started, stuttering again, feeing flustered.

“Made you do what?” he tried to look into your eyes, failing as you avoided his gaze at all costs. Finally, he lifted your chin with his human fingers and held it, so you couldn’t do anything but stare into his grey orbs. His eyes made your heart melt as they always did, but this time you knew, there was no coming back.

“Tell me, kid” he whispered concerned, sending a warming smile to you that you’ve grown to love so much. God, he was perfect.

“I-I… I like you Bucky. I really like you” you finally confessed, feeling like a huge concrete block was finally off of your chest. Breathing heavily, you smiled for the first time in hours. It was that easy. Saying these words was the biggest relief you had felt in your life.  

However, your face fell once you saw Buck’s expression. He removed his hand from your face, looking at you wide-eyed, brows furrowed in confusion. He was more than shocked. You couldn’t not like him. Everyone, but not you, you were so innocent, so pure and young… He was a monster compared to you.

“W-what?” was all he managed to say, shifting his gaze to the floor.

“I like you” you told him once again, smile reappearing on your face for just a second until he took a step back from you.

What, you don’t…? Oh you don’t, okay, that’s okay, I mean, I’ll just um… I’ll just go.”You turned on the balls of your feet, eyes filling with tears, but then he stopped you.

“Y/N…” he grabbed you by your wrist and faced you.

“No, it’s fine really…” your voice was cracking, you knew that, but smile was not leaving your face. You had to live through it. No matter how hard or humiliating it was going to be.

“No, Y/N, I… I am flattered” he tried to find the right words, already regretting all of this. “It’s just… I am over  seventy years older than you, I…We… We can’t do this, you’re a child…”

“It’s not like I’m seven” you said a little offended by his words, a hint of annoyance in your voice.

“No, no, of course, not…” he knew he failed again, but he had no idea how to play this one. “But I am… I am a terrible person, Y/N.”

“No, you’re not” your voice was barely audible, but for him it sounded loud like a scream.

“You don’t know me Y/N!” he raised his voice at you for the first time ever. “You have no idea of what I’ve done! I… I’ve murdered people, I’ve done horrible things.”

You trembled a little, you had never seen this side of him and you were most definately scared of it.

“And you’re so young Y/N, you have a whole life ahead of you, you shouldn’t waste it…” he continued until he saw tears rolling down your cheek.

“Y/N, I…” his voice softened. 

“No, you’re right…” you breathed out, wiping the tears away. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“I respect you” he started, grabbing you by your arms. “I care for you, so darn much Y/N… But this… This is not… We’re not…” he struggled finding the right words, swallowing thickly. “We’re just not meant to be, Y/N.”

He tried to look away, your tears making him feel even worse, but he just couldn’t. He did care about you deeply. He really did. But he couldn’t agree to any of this. He couldn’t let you waste your life with him, you deserved so much better.

“Maybe… one day” he tried to cheer you up somehow, not quite believing himself. You just nodded and released yourself from his hold. He didn’t try to stop you that time, he didn’t have the strength to be honest. Turning away, you headed towards the door, with a heavier heart than you had walked in with.

“Take care, Bucky” you said with your back facing him. It was the last thing you had said to him before he had left.

You stood with all of your teammates in the hallway, waiting for Bucky to arrive. Everyone was excited, except for you. You were just terrified. You had imagined your meeting thousands times in your head, but standing there, minutes away from facing him after all that time, you couldn’t be more scared.

And then, the door opened.

He was back.

With a huge grin plastered across his face, he dropped his bags, before greeting with all of you. Hugging Steve first, he slowly made his way to you. Saved the best for last, you thought.

He had the same leather jacket on that he would always wear, but it was a little bigger on him at that moment, his hair was pulled back slightly as always, but in a less groomed way and his five o’clock shadow was replaced by a beard. Yet, he still managed to look as handsome as ever.

Finally, gathering all of the courage he could, he looked into your eyes and the whole world stopped. One and a half year. You both changed, but in that moment, you felt like a missing element in your life was finally back.

He had a puzzled expression at first, but slowly, a smile crept onto his face. Your racing heart slowed down ever so slightly as you saw him smirk. That goddamn smirk that made you fall for him in the first place. Something warm filled your insides and you started to feel at home once again.

“You’re back” you breathed out quietly, not being able to stop your lips from curling into a shy smile.

“I’m back” his gaze was not leaving yours, before he wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug. “And I’m really glad to be” he whispered into your ear, his voice sending shivers down your spine. You took a deep breath, while closing your eyes as warmth overtook your body.

“Me too.”

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I've been thinking about this a lot and I'd love for you to touch on the subject, whether just by adding to this message or an actual fic but imagine Harry and his girl cuddled up under the blankets in his childhood bed while watching a show and his mom or anyone can come in and it'd look like an innocent cuddle but really she's giving him a handjob or he's fingering her 😫

Fooling around in his bed at home is child’s play and practically the norm when you head back for a weekend. 

The real danger comes when you’re fooling around on the couch, his family merely occupied in the kitchen. 

Harry’s better at receiving than you are, able to stay stoic and hardly let a flicker of a moan pass his features. When your hand squeezes the tip of him–a move that always earns a groan–he cooly laughs at Joey and Chandler’s bit on the telly. 

But he’s impatient, always wanting to please you and get his later, and it’s rare he ever lets you finish him off. And he delicately removes your hands from him before tugging you onto his lap and situating you so he can unbutton your jeans and slither his way in.

Even the feeling of his fingers brushing your skin is enough to make you whimper, and you try to cover it with a heavy sigh.

“Got to be quiet it for me, babe,” he whispers as his fingers dig deep and paint your folds with your essence. You don’t dare respond because he’s found your clit and the only thing that could come out of your mouth would be an earsplitting moan. 

And he’s lulling you to the edge, your eyes brimming with tears as you bite your lips to keep quiet. “Yeh gonna make it, love?” he teases, but grows concerned when you shake your head no. 

No, he won’t stand for that; you will come. He’s possessive of your orgasms and when he’s got you so close, he needs you to finish. 

“C’mere,” he grunts, cradling you closer to his chest and bringing your head to rest in the crook of his neck. Your lips find his neck, sucking and biting his flesh to keep from voicing just how good he’s making you feel. 

And it hits your toes first, they curl into the couch as your body starts to crumple as he draws you in to climax before the band snaps and you straighten and arch and writhe in his laps, all while your mouth keeps a firm hold on his shoulder so you stay quiet. 

He’s rubbing your back as your body continues to tremble, hand still trained to your sex and keeping a even pressure and rhythm so you’re still feeling that delicious tingling sensation throughout.

And he hears it before you do, his mum asking if the two of you are still doing alright. Before she can enter the sitting room and get a good view of exhausted mess you are on top of Harry, he adjusts you slightly to cuddle comfortably against his chest. 

It’s almost like your sleeping, and no one’s the wiser. Except for Harry, of course, and he can’t help the self-satisfied grin that spreads easily over his features.   

A Day in the Life

Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Fluffy fluffiness 

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

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Party Girl (Dan Howell x Reader)*Smut*

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(not my gif)

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warning: Smut 

I was just sitting in the middle of class when this popped into my head so I thought why not post it. Again sorry about this I’m stressing over finals and fandoms so I thought this would be a good way of getting my mind off of things.

This story takes place in college so Dan isn’t a youtuber or anything and stuff. Y/n is dragged to a huge college party by her best friend where she runs the hottest guy at the college, Dan, and shit happens.

Y/n= your name

y/f/n= your friend’s name 

y/f/h = your friend’s hair color

y/h/c = your hair color


“Come on Y/n it will be fun!” First lie of the night indicated I shouldn’t go.

I promise I won’t leave your side the whole night!” The second lie that should of stopped me from attending.

If you aren’t having a good time we can leave.” And bam. The final warning that I shouldn’t be here but yet here I am standing in a crowded kitchen, clouds of various drug smoke hanging over our heads and I clenched my hand around my red solo cup tightly. I knew I shouldn’t have came to Hannah’s party. While y/f/n was a huge party maniac, attending literally every huge party that is thrown, I was more of the “downer” in the friendship. I didn’t like getting drunk and not remembering the night beforehand, I wasn’t a big fan of crowded dance floors with alcohol rushing through horny adults bodies, bumping and grinding against each other and I would definitely take laying in bed reading a nice book then getting hammered. I glanced around the crowded kitchen feeling a little too slutty for my taste. Giving the fact I was wearing y/f/n’s party clothes and my body was MUCH different than hers how could I not feeling slightly uncomfortable. She was a good 6 inches taller than me, making her tummy and legs skinner, her long y/f/h covering most of her back while my slightly curled y/h/c reached only about your midback. I looked down at my outfit slightly as a tight black crop top and tight as hell booty shorts stared back at me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problems with my body, I believe I actually had a nice shaped body, my breast and ass being a decent size and my stomach was not too bad but the clothes certainly didn’t fit my style.

As I decided to get out of the drug filled kitchen I began to walk or should I say attempt to walk but end up either standing or getting caught between two grinders. I squeezed through yet another grinding pair as I made my way to the “dance floor” aka her living room. Giving she was practically a millionaire with a giant ass house and the fact that there were literally 100s of people scattered around the mansion, it took 10 minutes to reach the sweat filled bumping and grinding dancefloor. I tried making my way through the dancefloor when I was slammed into from beneath causing me to gasp and fall forward. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the floor to hit my face but I felt a tight grip on my hips my eyes shot open.

“Watch yourself sweetheart, we don’t want to mess up that pretty face.” That voice. I’d recognize it anywhere. I was back on my feet as I turned around to see the man who still had a tight hold on my hips. I spotted as all of the girls around glared at me, whispering to their friends in pure jealousy. I looked up to meet a pair of eyes that every girl at the school would know in a heartbeat. No. Fucking. Way.  I stared in awe as my eyes couldn’t believe who had saved me from complete humiliation. The one and only Daniel Howell. He was only a very attractive male, he just happened to be the most popular and hottest guy attending the college. He stared back at me smirking slightly as I felt his eyes scan up and down my body, stopping at my lips, breast and legs. I blushed rapidly as I gulped slightly. His grip remains tight on my hips as he lean down to my height whispering in my ear.

“What a shame, your drink has spilled all over the place sweetheart, let’s go get you another one yeah?” Not trusting my voice I simply nodded my head as I felt the breath of a soundless laugh hit my neck. “Cat got your tongue sweetheart?” I blushed even harder as he pulled away smiling slightly before he began to guide me through the crowd to refill my beverage. Once we reached the kitchen Dan had poured me another cup of whatever the hell he could find as he handed the cup back to me. I took a chug of the drink trying to calm my nerves as Dan rested his upper body on the counter being eye level with me as he smirked.

“I’ve never seen you around here sweetheart. I didn’t really think of you as a “party girl” Ms y/l/n.” I coughed nearly choking on the warm liquid as I stared at him yet again amazed. How the hell did he know my last name?! I cleared my throat before quietly mumbling

“I’m not really…” I stared at the brownish liquid that filled the plastic cup until I chugged the rest of the burning liquid slamming my cup back on the counter causing Dan to smirk and raise an eyebrow before turning and grabbing another bottle filling my cup up once again.

“Drink up princess.”

It had been 2 hours since I had been caught by Dan and after 6 cups of whatever bottle occupied the kitchen, here I stood grinding on Dan in the middle of the floor. I felt my adrenaline pumping as whiskey and vodka corsed through my veins. I grinded my ass against his crotch hard earning a low groan to escape from his throat. I felt a pair of lips hit my lips and slightly suck causing me to grow wetter and wetter by the second. His lips trailed up my neck till he reached my ear biting my earlobe as he whispered.

“Let’s continue this upstair baby girl.” His words made a shiver run down my back as I nodded instantly. He grinned as he grabbed my hand softly pulling me through the crowd and up the stairs. Once he found an unoccupied room he pull me in and before the door even closed I was pressed up against the wall as the taste of Dan’s tongue and whiskey invaded my lips. I bit his bottom lip slightly causing another groan to escape from his lips. His hands squeezed the back of my thighs and he mumbled into my lips.

“Jump.” Not wasting any time I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held a firm grip on my thighs. He turned swiftly laying me on the bed as he grinded his clothed cock harshly against my heat. I moaned slowly as his head shot up suddenly staring down at me, lust filled his eyes.

“Make that noise again.” He grinded on me the same way as I let another moan escape my lips. Dan looked down at me as he smashed his lips on me quickly removing my shorts. He pulled away shortly to removing both of our shirts and his belt and pants leaving us both in our undergarments. He hovered over me as he let his hands roam my body.

“God damn…” he whispered as his eyes wandered over my body causing me to blush. His face moved closer to mine as he connected his lips to my jawline continuing down my neck. He peppered kisses down the valley of my breast, nipping occasionally, causing me to bite my lip. I felt Dan’s fingers gently pour my bottom lip from my teeth as he mumbled against my skin.

“No princess I want to hear you.” I nodded as his face was in front of my clothed heat. He smirked as he took the material in his teeth.

“These are gonna have to come off I’m afraid.” As soon as I was exposed Dan suddenly pumped a long finger in me without warning. A loud gasp escaped my lips as my back arched.  

“Mmm this wet for me y/n? are you this horny for me baby?” He spoke as he began pumping at a faster pace. I moaned as I felt his mouth clamp onto my clit sucking harshly. My fingers found their way to his brown locks as I tugged at his hair. His mouth doing wonders to me as I felt a warm pit began to form in my stomach.

“Dan I-I-I’m close…” I stuttered as I flt the feeling come over me.

“Mmmm let go baby, cum all over Daddy’s mouth.” His words caused me to fall over the edge. I blacked out slightly as I let my orgasm consume me. Dan licked up my juices as he moaned

“You taste so good baby..” He stood up slightly, my juices glistening on his chin as he began crawling over me, a package in his grip. He smirked down at me as he ripped open the condom packet.

“Ready y/n?” He asked as I nodded, still trying to catch my breath from my previous experience. He then slid his Calvin Klein’s off as his hard length was now in sight. I hum slightly at the sight of how huge he was. He looked up at me smirking as he rolled the condom on the length.

“Mmm does baby girl get turned on by how big daddy’s cock is?” I smirked slightly.

“Yes daddy, but instead of looking i would much rather be feeling it fill me right now.” I said as Dan licked his lips before slamming into me. I scream out in pleasure as I felt him fill me completely. 

“Fuck baby you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned as he thrusted in and out of me. I scratched my fingernails up and down his back surely leaving red marks as he sucked on the skin of my breast, surely leaving purple marks. His thrusts picked up quickly as my screams and moans only grew louder.

“Mmm y/n seeing you under me, screaming my name, oh baby look at you you’re going to explode at any time aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear only pushing me closer, “But don’t cum yet princess, no no no, you will not cum until I tell you to.” He harshly said as he smashed into me harder. I whimpered as I tried to stay under control until he was ready. My stomach burning as I gasp for air, sweat forming on my body.

“Daddy…p-p-please let me c-cum..” I whimpered as I quickly felt myself beginning to lose it. Dan let out one more groan before saying,

“Let go baby, cum all over daddy’s big cock, come on y/n cum for daddy.” I quickly felt the sensation take over my body as the burning feeling in my stomach begin to disappear. I felt my wall tighten around Dan’s cock as he twitched inside of me hitting his own orgasm. Dan having an orgasm was quite the sight. His eyes tightly closed as his mouth formed an “o” shape while q thin layer of sweat formed over his face. He then pulled out collapsing onto of me as we both breathed heavily. Dan then rolled over to my right as he pulled the condom off and tossed it in the bin. He then turned towards me as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close, kissing my nose gently.

“I’m so fucking happy you decided to be a party girl tonight.” he mumbled as we both drifted off into a slumber, wrapped in each other’s arms.  

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First off, you're amazing and incredible and I know you have a ton of requests so take your time and don't feel rushed. Also if you don't like it, no worries. So how about a fic with E and R where E has been so stressed and busy and don't realize he's actually sick, but R does and has been taking care of him without E realizing it. Like maybe they're like "oh I made this cup of tea but I have to go do something. Would you like it?" Or is like "hey want a mint?" To help their throat.

I’m going to kind of do like a series of snap shots for this because I can’t get a full fic for some reason. But, I adore the hell out of this so I wanted to do something! 

(Modern College AU & Almost Established Enjoltaire)

- Jacket: It’s been three days since R realized that E’s sick. He spots E walking to class one day, shoulders hunched against the cool fall breeze and shivering hard. R rips his jacket off then runs up to E and jogs in place beside the latter. “Hey, Enj! You cold? You can take my jacket!” When E tries to protest, R waves him off. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve been jogging so I’m pretty hot actually!” 

- Tea: R’s gotten word that E’s losing his voice from spies he has watching E for him. R buys E’s favorite tea then finds E drowning in books in the library. He offers the tea, and when E tries to breathe out a raspy decline, R says, “They messed up my order. I’m not even going to drink it.” 

- Makeshift Cold Compress: R finds E sitting at the local cafe. E’s face is flushed, and he’s tugging at his shirt collar as sweat slides down his temples. R buys a cold drink from a vending machine and walks up from behind E to place the cool drink against E’s cheek. E jumps for a moment before leaning into the coolness from the can. R offers the can to E, and when E tries to decline, R says, “It’s so hot in here; they must have the heat blasting. Here. You keep this one, and I’m going to get another for myself.” 

- Rest: R invites E into his apartment. He’s already set the couch up with blankets and pillows. Of course, E ignores it in favor of occupying the kitchen table with his text books. He’s yawning a lot, and finally, R tells him, “You can nap if you want. I can wake you in like an hour?” E seems reluctant but agrees. He curls up on the couch and falls asleep almost instantly, and R sets an alarm: for four hours from then. 

The fic I’m working on that’s not that ABO one I shared part of the other day (Still Shrinkyclinks tho lbr)

Hey, who wants the beginning of what is currently called “probably accidentally roommates tbh but started as a burglar au inspired by that one post” in my google docs? Idk who, but guess what? You’re getting it. The whole thing is based on this and @writinfreak gets all the credit for telling me Bucky should be looking for a place to squat for a while and not actually looking to rob Steve. 

This is unedited af and probably has mistakes, so beware. 

When Steve gets home from work there’s someone in his apartment. A tall, foreboding, and goddamned metal armed someone is in his apartment, perched on Steve’s countertop and eating a sandwich like he hasn’t broken into Steve’s apartment.

Steve reaches blindly for the Maglite that sits next to his door and briefly contemplates his chances of beating a man twice his size with nothing but a heavy flashlight. The flashlight, in it’s defense, works miraculously well as a weapon in most cases. He’s just not so sure of it’s efficiency against the scary looking asshole currently occupying Steve’s kitchen.

“Uh, who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?”

The man turns to look at Steve, brow wrinkling as he takes him in. “I thought this place was vacant.” He says, shrugging like he hasn’t broken into Steve’s apartment.

“Yeah, well it’s not. It’s very much occupied. By me.”

“I see that.” The man says, setting down his sandwich casually, on Steve’s countertop, in Steve’s apartment that may Steve remind everyone, he broke into. “I didn’t know someone was already squatting here.” He adds and hops down from Steve’s countertop like he might be about to leave.

Steve breathes a sigh of relief, prepared to chalk this whole thing up as some weird experience or a frankly, insane hallucination. Until, that is, he properly processes what the man had just said.

“I’m not squatting here!” He insists, voice going a little pitchier than he’d like if he’s honest with himself. (He’s not.) “I live here. I pay rent and everything.”

The man blinks slowly, like Steve’s just said something baffling. “You live here? You don’t even have a bed.”

“I have a bed.” Steve insists, crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly, still clutching the flashlight in his hand. Sure, a sleeping bag on the floor doesn’t seem like much of a bed, but it’s still technically a bed, okay? Steve’s pretty sure it still falls into the category of being at the very least bed like.

“That,” The man says, jabbing a finger at Steve’s makeshift bed in the corner, “is not a bed.” His expression darkens for a moment, but before Steve has a chance to worry about what the random, crazy guy talking to him is going to do he’s speaking again. “Give me a few hours, I’ll be back.”

Before Steve can get a word in edgewise, the man is turning around and leaping out Steve’s window like it’s no big deal. When Steve crosses the apartment and sticks his head out the window, the man is nowhere to be seen and Steve takes a moment to wonder if this isn’t all some weird hallucination brought on by a lack of sleep and maybe one of his meds. Maybe he should google for side effects, find out if vivid hallucinations are one of the side effects no one thinks to warn people of.

Three hours later, the man barges back into Steve’s apartment. He’s carrying a frankly incredible amount of stuff and there’s a redhead with a stack of pizza boxes trailing behind him.

“This is Natalia, Natalia this is… Hey what’s your name? I forgot to ask.”

“Steve.” He’s too flabbergasted to say more than that, absolutely baffled by the way his day is going so far.

“Call me Natasha.” The redhead says, setting the stack of pizzas down on Steve’s countertop. “You have my sincerest apologies for James, he’s still learning how to be a human being.” She shoots the man- James- a pointed look that he entirely ignores in favor of dumping the pile of things he’s carrying on the floor. There’s a lot of parts of things that Steve is assuming can be put together to form actual items, but mostly it just looks like chaos.

“Don’t listen to her, my name’s Bucky.” The man- James- Bucky says before he’s disappearing out the door again, leaving Steve standing there, probably looking like an idiot with his mouth hanging open.

“I think your friend might be a little insane.” Steve tells the redhead. “Maybe a little more than a little.” Who the hell breaks into someone’s house and then brings them furniture and pizza?!

Natasha just shrugs and flips open the lid on one of the pizza boxes. “That’s actually pretty likely. He means well though.”

“So he’s not going to murder me in my sleep or something?” Steve asks, accepting a slice of pizza when Natasha shoves one into his hand with a look that practically dares Steve not to accept it.

“He probably won’t, no.” Natasha doesn’t sound reassuring at all.

Before Steve can question it further Bucky appears again, this time carrying a mattress and looking not at all like it’s difficult. Steve does not spend a moment surreptitiously eying the muscles that allow him to do such a thing, no, not at all. This is still a stranger who broke into his home. Whether or not they’re a kind stranger that is attempting to furnish Steve’s apartment, and whether or not they thought the place was vacant is moot.

Bucky doesn’t say anything to Steve yet, just levels a look at Natasha. “You could help, ya know?”

Nat fixes him with a flat look and takes a bite of pizza pointedly. “I helped. I brought up the pizza. Now I’m helping eat the pizza.”

Bucky scowls at her, and mutters something under his breath that Steve can’t quite catch before he’s disappearing once more. Steve decides it might be best not to question how this is his life and shoves a bite of pizza into his mouth.

Roughly an hour later, Steve is sitting in a brand new chair, (Brand new for him that is. The chair appears to have had at least a few other owners before Steve.) watching Bucky attempt to put together a bed frame. It doesn’t seem to be going well, if the low level muttering is anything to go by.

“I can just sleep on the mattress on the floor, seriously.” Steve says, rolling his eyes when Bucky scowls at him.

“It’s not good for the mattress to have it on the floor.” Bucky’s words are followed by a triumphant noise when he manages to fit two pieces together. “I can put a goddamned mattress frame together, it can’t be that hard.”

“Sure it’s not.” Natasha says, seated on the floor near Bucky, has somewhere along the line taken out a bag of gummy bears that she’s steadily working her way through while seeming to have a wonderful time watching Bucky get increasingly frustrated.

Steve’s determined that Natasha is fearless, because Steve definitely wouldn’t be that comfortable sitting that close to an increasingly agitated man with a metal arm.

“You should be nicer to me, I’m brain damaged.” Bucky says with an exaggerated wounded expression.

Natasha doesn’t react to that in any other way than to throw a gummy bear with frightening accuracy to hit Bucky square between the eyes.

Later, once Bucky’s gotten the furniture all put together and they’ve eaten Chinese (an order that Natasha refused to let anyone else pay for and was big enough that Steve thinks he’ll have leftovers for at least the next two days), Natasha declares that she really needs to be going.

She surprises Steve by drawing him into a hug and promising to drop in again soon before she makes Bucky accompany her out the front door.

Steve has no shame over the fact that he stands on the other side of the paper thin walls and listens in to their parting conversation.

“You should let someone other than me know that you’re okay, James.” Natasha’s speaking low, but Steve can hear her clearly enough to make her words out and Steve gives thanks to his apartment for being so shitty.

“I will. Eventually. There’s still things I need to do, things I have to figure out.”

“And this is how you’re doing that?” Steve doesn’t know Natasha very well, but he can almost picture her raising her eyebrows at Bucky incredulously.

“Yes. The internet says you’re not allowed to judge my coping strategies, Natalia.”

“Far be it for me to judge.”

There’s silence for a long moment, the sounds of shuffling and then Bucky’s voice again.

“I’ll call you soon, okay? Check in, let you know I haven’t gone off the deep end.”

“Good, because I won’t hesitate to hunt you down James.”

There’s another moment of silence and then Bucky is swinging the door back open and descending on Steve’s apartment once more.

“This is still considered breaking and entering.” Steve says and waves a finger at Bucky to emphasize his point.


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OTP(s): Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Slight smut, Crack

Word Count: 980

Sypnosis: Opting to make cookies with your horny boyfriend Hoseok was your first mistake.

Author’s Note: Finally writing for Hobi because I love him and he’s adorable and he deserves the world

“1 cup of chocolate chips?”
Head tipped with dusty-brown furls, the male stooped over the marble kitchen and consulted a tattered recipe. After skimming the printed words, he returned back to the round, white bowl on his right and swept a handful of small chocolate chips from a measuring cup to the bowl.
You lounged in a chair nearest the counter, thumbing through the pages of your sketchbook. You and Hoseok had decided to spend a lazy afternoon making chocolate chip fudge cookies, a new recipe you’d yearned to try out. Hoseok had been more than willing to help you, lusting for as much time to spend with you as he could get.
You watched the hem of his shirt hike up as he bent over the bowl, adding some rounded caramel bits to the mix. The pale skin of his back became coloured by pale yellow shafts of sunlight as he bent to push the tray into the oven and you found yourself filling a minute marveling at his skin.
“I bet these are gonna look amazing,” Hoseok mused as he drew the oven door closed.
“I hope so.” Hoseok tore the sketchbook from your hands, a playful smile lighting his face.
“Hoseok!” you whined, chasing after him into the living room.
“Hmm,” he hummed, doging the fervent smacks of your arm as he loped to the couch. “Still no nude sketches.” He turned back to you. “How come?”
You groaned, trying to grab it again, which you missed. Hoseok plopped on the couch, thumbing through the pages, cheeky smile still on his face.
“We can always do one right now,” he wickedly quriked an eyebrow.
“I can’t cook cookies and draw a nude portrait, Hoseok.”
“You’re right,” Hoseok gave a faux huff. “All that heat will burn the house down.”
He winked, setting the sketchbook aside and lulling you into his arms, letting you land on his lap. He stowed his head in your neck, holding you with firm arms.
“How’s the art portfolio coming along?”
“Barely,” you whispered. “I don’t have enough to supply them with.”
“Everything in your sketchbook’s great,” Hoseok stroked your hip.
“Yeah, but I want pieces distinctable by style. Everything there looks the same.”
Hoseok hummed against your shoulder. “Going for that nude portrait idea now?”
You laughed, snuggling deeper into his touch. Hoseok lit your jawline with a wreath of soft kisses. You angled your head to face him and leaned, catching his lips. The kiss primarily began gentle–Hoseok’s mouth melted into yours, lips moving in a gentle dance against your own. Then, things switly began to escalate in heat and Hoseok’s tongue was attacking your own in a wet, brusque invasion and his hips were beginning to sinfully work against yours. When you tested him by gently pushing back against him, he immediately bucked back into you, a groan burning from his mouth. When you slowly began to rock against him, you felt the heat building in his body. He grasped your hips, forcing you off of him and pinning you to the couch. He covered your mouth with a fast, hot kiss. You tugged on his hair, forcing his mouth deeper against yours, tongues engaging in a fast, heated scrabble. Your fingers immediately found his belt buckle and he shuddered with excitement. You tugged the leather loose, whipping it from his pants and tossing it to the floor. You curled your fingers around his boxers, forcing them halfway to his ankles. He pressed his mouth against yours, the ministrations of his lips suddenly gentle. You ran your fingers down his spine, landing firmly on his ass. You cupped his bottom and pushed down, hauling him flush against you. As his mouth paid oh-such-amazing homage to your neck, your nostrils filled with a harsh, scorching scent. You were momentarily distracted as you sniffered further, eventually picking out the smell.
Burning cookies!
You wrenched Hoseok from your gasp, too occupied with saving your kitchen to actually find how his butt skidded across the floor to be funny. When you reached the kitchen, you could see through the oven door that the cookies were scorched black. A small whorl of smoke was forming around a few of the cookies preparing to grow. You quickly shut off the oven as Hoseok ripped into the room, pants still dangling around his legs. Disgruntled, you heaved the tray out of the oven with a mitt, letting it crash against the oventop. Hoseok winced at the sound.
“Would you please pull your pants up?” you nearly yelled.
Hoseok fought back laughter as he forced his pants back up. “Distracting, huh?”
“This is all your fault!” you pointed an accusing finger at him. “If you would’ve just decided to keep your dick in your pants, this wouldn’t have happened!”
Hosoek’s face immediately grew very scarlet and a bout of laughter shook from his lips, his whole body trembling with laughter. He put a hand on the counter to steady himself, shaking his head. “Your face…the way you said…I’m sorry…”
A chuckle came out of you against your will, followed by bigger, stronger rounds of laughter as Hoseok’s cackles grew harder watching you laugh.
“You’re such an idiot,” you shook your head, staring at the burnt cookies. Hoseok came to encircle your waist, feathering kisses along your neck.
“I’m sorry about those.”
You shook your head. “It’s okay.”
“I’ll go to the store to buy them,” Hoseok let go of you, taking your hand and snatching the keys from the stand.
“Why am I coming?”
“Don’t you want to eat them in the car?”
You nudged his shoulder, pushing him towards the door. “Then what are you waiting for?”
You two left the house to the sound of twelve burnt slabs of batter sizzling against metal, ready to remind you of the afternoon’s shenanigans when you returned.

Roots (Part Six)

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EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

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When you woke, the first thing you felt is that you were alone.

You sat upright, your heart beating in your chest and you stared at the wide empty space next to you. You felt tears springing into your eyes, as you reached out to touch the empty mattress beside you,

‘Idiot,’ you groaned, I am an idiot.

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You and Carlisle on His Days Off; Drabble #2

Scenario: Carlisle cooking fancy meals for you, the air occupied with the smell of spices; you sitting on the counter watching him cook and listening to him talk, scrunching your face up when he dabs your nose with flour (WC: 452 words)

Based off this post. Also read: drabble #1, drabble #3

Warnings: Fluff, my dudes. A lot of fluff.

You smiled fondly from where you were perched on the counter, Carlisle’s sweet humming occupying the kitchen air along with the mouthwatering scent of herbs and spices. Your eyes followed the mastery motions of Carlisle’s hands as they spread sauce and grated cheese, the ease of his cooking process astonishing you.

“For someone who doesn’t eat, you sure do know how to cook,” you commented, noticing the halt of his humming and the soft laugh that took its place.

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀…he was drunk.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀CAN YOU IMAGINE? It was a VERY rare occurrence, but for whatever reason Jonatan felt especially GLOOMY today, and alcohol had seemed to be the easiest solution for it. He’d occupied the kitchen, crafting supplies scattered over the bar disk as well as a journal and some pressed flowers he’d gathered from Milan, soon to be neatly arranged into it. He was dangling his feet from where he was sat on the bar stool, humming to himself. The wine in his system made him feel fuzzy and warm. He was UNBOTHERED BY LIFE, for the first time in a while. Some may refer to that as something close to a miracle.


Summary: Steve finds you dancing in your room to The Nutcracker, so he takes you for a surprise.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: ~1700

Warnings: Language, probably crappy writing, Christmas fluff

Based off this request by @iwillbeinmynest: So, the reader loves ballet (maybe she used to dance or just enjoys it idk, up to you) and Steve catches her dancing around her room to the Nutcracker music. He know how much she loves it so for Christmas he surprises her with tickets to go see it live in New York and then fluff ensues. Maybe a kiss. Feel free to edit it however you’d like! Thank you so much!

A/N: This is my first Steve x Reader fic, so sorry if it’s terrible. Hope you all enjoy some more Christmas fluff!

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A Day in the Life

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Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Nothing but fluff!

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

You flopped your body around to face the other side of the bed and the other of your own personal space warmers. He was still peacefully in dream land, not yet disturbed from the noise just seconds before. A soft content sigh escaped the confines of your mouth, and you conceded to the weight of your eyes closing, wishing for a few more minutes of sleep to still your busy mind.

Only a few minutes it was; unfortunately nothing more was attainable. By the time your settled body curled down into the sheets, the noise that previously occupied the kitchen made the short journey into the shared bedroom. You buried your face ever so slightly into the pillow, hoping that the early morning noise maker would leave without disturbing the obvious peace.

“Rise and shine my lazy ones!”

Damn it. Did he not know Sundays were mandatory sleep in days? There was probably even a law about it somewhere. Just play dead and –

“I know you’re awake.”

Damn it times two. The precious Sunday morning sleep in was slowly slipping away, not to be returned to until much later in the day.  

“This is cruel and unusual punishment.”

“It’s 9 in the morning. What’s cruel or unusual about that?”

“9?!” Definitely a crime punishable by law: who wakes up, voluntarily, at nine on a Sunday? Everyone knows it should be at least eleven.

“Can everyone shut it? I’m trying to sleep here.” Finally the log occupying the space beside you spoke, just as you were beginning to wonder just when it was that he would rise from his slumber. Honestly though, the fact that he lasted this long despite the noise wasn’t really surprising.

“Come on you two, you can’t stay in bed forever.”

“If people didn’t want us to stay in bed, they shouldn’t have made it so heavenly and comfortable.”

“She’s right you know.”

“Ok, here’s the deal. If you two don’t get your butts out of bed in five minutes, I’m eating all the breakfast I made. And it’s all your favourites by the way.”

With the threat looming over your heads, the brown haired man left the room so the decision could be made – and it really wasn’t that difficult. Despite your undying and absolute love for sleep, a promise of your favourite food certainly was impossible to pass up.

You began to stretch your body, dissolving all stiffness that managed to settle into your muscles overnight.  With a parting light kiss to the forehead of the body once again unmoving at your side, you left for the bathroom to prepare for the day.

As you got yourself ready, your mind became occupied by thoughts of the two males in your life. They were vastly different from each other, proving to be polar opposites, yet the compatibility between all three of you was undeniable.  

Jin was an early riser to the day, always ready to start each morning with the songs of the birds. His cheerful and energetic nature always ensured happiness and warmth were felt by everyone around him, and he always cared about the wellbeing of others. At times he became childish; appearing as though he were the youngest of you three rather than the oldest, but it was this childlike energy that was an integral part of his charm. He also loved food – cooking it and eating it – and with his nurturing, no one ever needed to worry about starvation.

On the other side of the spectrum was Yoongi, the apparent lazy one just like you. He held an appreciation for slow days; taking things one step at a time, with many naps thrown in. Unlike Jin, he most often acted as the eldest; his tendencies to move at a slow pace making him appear more mellowed beyond his years.  However, despite his natural lazy state, Yoongi held a determination and ambition within him that could fill the world. His creative mind was always filling with new thoughts and ideas, with no way to pause or shut off. Together, Jin and Yoongi were complete opposites, but that was what made them work in perfect sync: Jin encouraged Yoongi’s enthusiasm to tackle the world, while Yoongi forced Jin to step back, slow down, and smell the roses once in a while.

Then there was you: the person in the middle ground that encompassed traits from both their personalities. Like Yoongi, you appreciated sleep and quiet peace, enjoying the finer details of what life had to offer. But similar to Jin, you embraced the day with childlike energy and curiosity – once you got up that was. Together, the three of you created the perfect harmonious relationship that you wouldn’t change for anything.

“Are you done yet? You’ve been in there for a while.” Yoongi’s knocking on the wooden barrier woke you up from your reverie, and you hastened to finish your morning routine.

“Sorry about that. You can use it now.”

“What were you doing in there? It’s been almost 20 minutes.”

20 minutes!? Jin swore only five minutes was allowed. The precious food was at stake!

“Jin I’m coming! Please don’t eat my food!” Swiftly darting around Yoongi you scurried down the hall to the kitchen, hoping that what was found in there was not a pile of empty plates. But true to Jin’s nature, he was sitting patiently at the kitchen table, gazing out towards the early morning skyline, a table full of home cooked food waiting to be devoured.

“I love you so much.” You gave Jin a quick good morning kiss before plopping yourself down beside him in your usual seat.

“You love my food.” The amusement floating in his eyes betrayed his seemingly serious and reprimanding tone. It wasn’t concerning though, as this bantering had become an expected part of the morning.

“I love that you make me food.”

“What would you two do without me?”

“Starve in bed probably.”

“Got that right.”

You both chuckled in enjoyment and adoration, appreciating the effortless flow you found yourselves in time and time again. If any of you said it was like this from the start, you would be lying – the easy flow only found after the awkwardness settled into the past. The initial idea of having three people in a relationship was new to all of you, and you were unsure how it could possibly work itself out. Yet over the year and half since the relationship had been formed, the natural chemistry was unquestionable, and you found yourself regretting that you ever doubted it.

“Good morning.”

Finally Yoongi made his way into the kitchen and gave you and Jin each your good morning hair ruffles. Yoongi wasn’t so keen on obvious and outwardly displays of affection, but Jin and you felt his love nonetheless.

Now with all three bodies present, and sort of awake, you gladly began filling your stomachs with Jin’s delectable food. You held some conversation, but mainly just enjoyed the comfort and warmth each felt around the others. Nothing anymore was awkward, and for that you were all grateful.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Jin had finished his portion first, and like always was ready to get life started.

“Stay home, nap, and maybe watch a movie or two.” And now Yoongi was being as predictable as ever. In situations similar to this, it was usually your job to find the compromise.

“Ok my wonderful boyfriends, how about this: we take the morning easy, maybe watch some television. Then we go have a picnic for lunch, spend the afternoon outside, then come home and watch movies for the rest of the night. Sound good?” You looked to both of them with hopeful eyes, eager that what was proposed would be satisfactory to them both. Though you knew they would both agree; there was hardly a time when either of them rejected any of your requests.

“Sounds like the perfect plan to me! What do you think Yoongi?”

You heard the dejected sigh that came from Yoongi, but he appeared to have a difficult time fighting back the smile that threatened to expose his true feelings.

“Yah, I guess that works for me too.”  Yoongi grumbled the words, but the smile stayed on his face, and the love remained in his eyes. He could certainly be classified as the type of person who acted cool and unaffected, but his true nature was one that was warm hearted and loving.

A few more minutes was all it took before all the crumbs had been greedily wiped off each plate; the dishes appeared sparkly once again, as though they weren’t even used in the first place, but of course a good scrub was still required. Since Jin generously made the breakfast, you were quick to volunteer yourself and Yoongi for dish washing duty, “Yoongi and I will do the dishes!”

“What? Why me?” Yoongi looked incredulous as he turned his gaze to you, not expecting to be dragged into doing tedious and boring chores.

“Don’t what me mister. Jin made the food so the least we can do is wash the dishes. Between the two of us, we’ll be done in no time!”

“Fine. Whatever.”

“And while you two do that, I’ll make some food for our picnic.”

With everyone given a specific job to attend to, you all set to work in your little cozy kitchen. You and Yoongi stood side by side at the sink: you promised Yoongi he would be able to dry the dishes seeing as he began to complain that wiping all the grease off would be too much of a pain. Jin was at your backs, on the other counter, making the food required for your little outing. At times he would turn to the fridge or cupboard, getting an ingredient he needed, and as he did so you didn’t miss the loving glance he passed over you and Yoongi. All was good in the kitchen – quiet and peaceful – but it didn’t take long before that tranquility was shattered and the usual silly antics made yet another appearance.

“Hey! The water belongs in the sink mister!”

“Well then wash those dishes faster so my hands are occupied and away from the water.”

“There are other ways to keep your hands occupied.” Jin quipped, and easily jumped into the conversation from where he was now cutting fruit for a snack. You turned around to reprimand Jin for his not so subtle innuendo, but stopped short when you noticed the sinful smirk plastered on his face as he also turned to gauge everyone’s reaction. Turning to Yoongi next, you realized he sported the same one. Clearly they were enjoying this turn in conversation a bit too much.

“Oh? And what would you suggest?”

“Use your imagination. Your brilliantly creative mind can come up with something, I’m sure.”

“Oh, it already has.”

“Care to share?”

“Maybe later.”

With each passing word flying into the air, a darker shade of red took over your cheeks, until it felt as though any second you would spontaneously combust. In no way were any of you shy with each other, but no matter how much time passed with these two, they always managed to get you flustered with their “playful” banter.

“Ok you two, minds out of the gutter. We are almost done here.” You were desperate for them to refocus their minds on some other topic, if for nothing else than to at least return your face to its normal colour.

“How would you know our minds were in the gutter? Yours would have to be there too then.” Leave it to Yoongi to drag you down with him.

“My mind doesn’t have to be in the gutter to know both of yours are down there 24/7.” You huffed out your insult, hoping that now maybe the conversation would lose steam and die down a bit. But if there was one thing the relationship thrived on, it was the mischievous teasing that you all threw at each other.

And now it was Jin’s turn, “Don’t lie sweetheart, you know you love it.”

“You love what we do to each other just as much as what we do to you.”

Was it getting hotter in here? The kitchen was small, but it felt as though a space heater was secretly in the walls, making everything over heat to new levels. Your embarrassment was also reaching new heights, and you were quick to scramble out of the small enclosure for a necessary breather. It wasn’t long after you left the vicinity of the kitchen, did you hear the two troublemakers crack up in hysterical laughter, finding it absolutely amusing how easy it was to get you flustered.

Locking yourself in the bedroom, you figured that while there you should at least get yourself ready for the upcoming outing. A beautiful summer day like the one you found yourself in called for a loose t-shirt and shorts; and easy and comfortable fit to the lazy Sunday afternoon. By the time you finished changing, a knock came from the other side of the wooden door.

“Come on out love, we’re ready to leave when you are.”

Jin came to retrieve you from hiding away in the bedroom, but he didn’t stay long enough for you to leave the room. You were glad they decided against watching TV, choosing instead to leave right away; you weren’t sure how well you would have been able to handle the close proximity of sitting on the couch and attempting to pay attention to some random Sunday morning show. After the little fiasco in the kitchen, you figured being out in public would encourage them to behave at least a little bit.

It was almost eleven by the time you all began the stroll outside. Not many people were on the streets, but for those who were, they seemed to be enjoying their time under the veil of the sun’s rays, just like you were. There was no need to rush at this time of day, and the warmth from the sun left nothing short of calm happiness on everyone’s faces. None of you talked as you walked along, allowing the natural sounds floating around to fill the peaceful silence.

At noon, the three of you found a secluded area in a local park, deeming it a necessary time to refill your emptied stomachs. Under the shade of a cluster of trees, Yoongi began preparing the site as he placed a blanket on the ground, the soft grass making it feel as though you were sitting on a pillow. Jin followed Yoongi’s lead and began placing the food in the middle of the blanket, with each body settling down around the edges. Once everything was out and placed, it looked as though before you were a meal fit for royalty.

“Jin you spoil us too much.” You were in awe of the food, knowing that Jin made it specifically for yourself and Yoongi.

“If I don’t spoil you two, then who would I spoil? I don’t mind though, you know that. Anything for my two favourite people in this world.”

Jin’s contagious smile found its way onto your face and Yoongi’s as well, and the feast began eagerly. The warmth of the sun didn’t falter for a second, and you appreciated the delicate breeze blowing over the land. A while later everything was done, and with Yoongi’s declaration of “it’s time to go,” everyone began packing and getting ready to leave. Your walk began once more, this time watching many additional people pass by. The day had gotten farther along, and with it more bodies were out and bustling around. As if the energy increased between the three of you as well, the conversation became animated too, and you felt livelier with each passing second.

You spent the entire afternoon in the great outdoors, and with the setting sun, decided to pick up some dinner and snacks before heading back the comfort of your apartment. The day was now turning into Yoongi’s favourite part: when you all would be cooped up nicely in the cozy living room, sharing body heat while watching a movie until tired eyes could no longer remain open.

“Ok: food, snacks, drinks, blankets, and pajamas. All we have to do now is pick a movie.” Jin sat down in the middle between Yoongi and yourself, placing the blanket meticulously over each of your legs.

“Let’s watch – “

“Oh no. It’s my turn to pick tonight.”

Once again Yoongi was attempting to get his choice of movie played for the umpteenth time, even though his turn was last week. If it wasn’t for the arrangement set prior, Yoongi would have his choice every single time a movie night occurred. It didn’t matter too much since you all had similar opinions on movies; however, you took your choice seriously and felt oddly powerful to be able to control what exactly was playing on the television.

Settling down with the food, you decided on the latest action movie that you all had been meaning to watch, but never got around to. Not one single break was taken, not until the movie was finished and you then took the chance to go to the washroom, or fill up on refreshments. Once the three of you settled down again, a second movie immediately started.

Nearing the end of the second movie, you felt inclined to look over to your left, noticing the positions of the two men beside you. Yoongi had begun to take on a slouched position, having been slowly sliding down the back of the sofa as the sleepiness began to take hold and weigh him down. Unlike Jin, who was humorously attempting to ward off the darkness behind his eyes, Yoongi had given up the fight and succumbed to the impending sleep. The sight itself was nothing short of amusing and you couldn’t hold back the little outburst of a laugh.

“What? I’m watching it.”

“Stop moving around, I’m trying to sleep.”

Your laughter once again filled the room with Yoongi’s and Jin’s own sleep induced outburst. Jin startled awake and woke the sleeping beast beside him; now they were both attempting to wipe their drool, fix their rumpled hair and find a comfortable position.

“How about we call it a night? We can always finish the movie tomorrow.”

You took pity on their half dazed states and encouraged both men to get to bed. Mumbled agreements were heard, and you ushered them down the hall for them to get themselves ready. With their promises of washing before face planting in the soft comforts of the mattress, you returned to the living room to clean up. The last thing you wanted was for Jin to wake early in the morning and be greeted with the mess of food and wrappers. No doubt he would clean it by himself, without complaint, but you figured cleaning was the least you could do in repayment for the love the both of them gave you.

Five minutes later, you were padding down the hall and into the shared bedroom to get yourself ready for a fulfilling night of sleep. Your earlier suspicions were confirmed, as you walked into the blackened room and witnessed two bodies already in belly down heaps on the bed, hidden from the world beneath layers of blankets.

As you walked past the bed, you couldn’t help the gentle smile that formed across your face, noticing the space your two boyfriends had left for you in the middle. Since the beginning, when you three started sharing a bed, you all agreed that the middle spot would be exclusively reserved for you – using something of an excuse that you get extremely cold during the night and are always in dire need of extra warmth.

Making quick work of your own nighttime routine, you softly made your way into the middle space, digging your own burrow into the blankets, and cocooning yourself between the two special men in your life.

“Goodnight love.”

“Sweet dreams.”

You figured they would have already entered dreamland, but were pleasantly surprised when you heard their whispered voices and felt their soft lips upon your head. Three bodies snuggled closer than before; your own separate burrows combining into one large fortress. The warm night grew warmer and you revelled in the knowledge of having another peaceful slumber after a wonderful day with your two favourite people – it was just another day in the life that you would treasure forever.


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Romantic Evening

Happy Birthday @saxxxology!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Much love from your Supernatural family!!

Sam had been off all day. Often seeming lost in thought or preoccupied. You wouldn’t have minded so much, but it was your birthday, and he had promised to spend the day with you. Sitting at the table in the library, your laptop forgotten in front of you, you watched as he stood in the war room, whispering and gesturing to his brother.

With a sigh, you wondered if your birthday was going to be pushed to the side once again. That was one of the problem with hunting, it left little room for celebrations. Deciding you wouldn’t sit there, feeling sorry for yourself, you made your way into the kitchen, wondering if there were enough items stocked to make yourself a cake.

“Y/N, where are you going?” Sam asked, his long legs eating up the ground as he came to walk beside you.

“I was going to occupy myself in the kitchen.” You grumbled, but he placed a hand on your shoulder, stopping you.

“I was rather hoping you would come with me instead.” He answered, his gaze on everything but you. “I have a little surprise for you.”

Nodding in agreement, you let him guide you away from the kitchen, down the main tiled hallway, out into the garage. After opening the passenger door for you, he clambered inside the driver’s door, his long, lean body hardly fitting behind the steering wheel.

“Would you please put this on?” He asked you, almost shyly, handing you a blindfold. Raising an eyebrow at him, you did as told, as he drove the Impala away from the bunker.

“So, do I get any hints?” You asked him, but he stayed silent. “Sam, please.”

“Nope. Just relax and enjoy. This day is all about you.” He insisted, but it was hard sitting back and relaxing when one of your senses was taken away. Not sure how long the road trip lasted, you could feel every turn, and your idea of Sam heading into town was wrong when you felt the road turn to gravel.

Having no idea what he was up to, you sat there, relaxing a little when his hand reached out, grasping your own. “Almost there.” He promised.

It was only minutes later you felt the Impala slowing to a stop, before you could feel Sam climbing out of the car. With the creak of the door opening, he reached in, grasping your hand. The air was much cooler wherever you were, with a damp feel to it. Relieved when Sam reached up, undoing the blindfold, you gasped in surprise at the scene in front of you.

Sam had parked in front of a little wooden cabin, a creek rolling right beside. It was picturesque and quiet, and absolutely beautiful. “Sam, it’s amazing.” You said, as he continued to hold your hand. Pulling you up to the door, he opened it, letting you head inside first. The bed stood center of the small cabin, covered in red rose petals. Candles burned all along the dresser and nightstand, and dinner was set up at the little table.

“I had some help.” He admitted, his hands resting on your shoulders. “I just wanted you to have at least one romantic night. A night without any thought to our real lives. Where I can worship you without the worry of Dean, or an Angel barging in.”

“It’s perfect.” You answered, turning your body until it fit snugly against his. “First, I’d like to try out the bed. Dinner can wait.”

“I was hoping you would say that.” He agreed, smiling widely before leaning down and picking you up.

Happy Birthday from @katymacsupernatural

Preference #6: Makeup Sex - Part 4 (Harry)

“You really won’t come along?”

You glance up to see Harry’s tall frame slouched in the doorframe, cute pout prominent on his handsome face. Biting your lips to hide your smile, you put your focus back to your computer screen, where you’re close to completing the eighth page of your big research paper that’s due in three days.

“I can’t. You know I would if I could, but I have to-”

Finish your paper, I know,” Harry drawls in a mocking whine, flopping dramatically across the bed right at your feet, lying on his side with his head propped up on one large fist. You scowl at the papers that he sends scattering, shuffling them back into some kind of working order and carefully avoiding his wide, imploring eyes. It isn’t as if you don’t want to go with him to Niall’s place for some good old fashioned game watching, beer swilling fun, in fact you want to go everywhere with him now that he’s finally home with you, but until you turn this paper in and stop having nightmares about it you can’t glue yourself to Harry’s side like you want to.

“Don’t you want to go hang out with your guy friends?” You try a different tactic amongst revising the last sentence that you just typed. “If I went I’d throw off the balance of testosterone.”

“Are you joking?” Harry sounds positively appalled at your words, giving you a deeply incredulous look. “I’m surrounded by those knobheads 10 months out of the year, if I have to see Niall’s arse one more time I think I’ll lose it.” He waits until you’re done laughing to continue, lightly tickling the sole of your foot to wring a few more giggles out of you. “You’re always fun to be around, baby, and the guys think so too.” Harry crawls his way closer to you until he’s sprawled on his belly close your right side. From there you can’t hide behind your laptop screen and pretend you don’t see him playing the cute card to persuade you. “I don’t wanna go without you.” His lips press tenderly to your arm, his hand wrapping warmly around yours, and you can’t help but meet his honest eyes. “I missed you so much while I was away. I just wanna be near you, all the time.”

Well, fuck.

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