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About Time // Part 7

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Type/Genre/words: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au), Smut / 14,858 words

Character: Jungkook x reader / Jimin x reader (feat. BTS)

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: this part has a smut scene ;)

a/n: in this fic/series I made the characters to have similar ages, and not completely the same as their real age. So technically Jungkook, Jimin and the OC all have the same age. Just a little fyi in case you are confused with the timelines.

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Party Girl (Dan Howell x Reader)*Smut*

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Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warning: Smut 

I was just sitting in the middle of class when this popped into my head so I thought why not post it. Again sorry about this I’m stressing over finals and fandoms so I thought this would be a good way of getting my mind off of things.

This story takes place in college so Dan isn’t a youtuber or anything and stuff. Y/n is dragged to a huge college party by her best friend where she runs the hottest guy at the college, Dan, and shit happens.

Y/n= your name

y/f/n= your friend’s name 

y/f/h = your friend’s hair color

y/h/c = your hair color


“Come on Y/n it will be fun!” First lie of the night indicated I shouldn’t go.

I promise I won’t leave your side the whole night!” The second lie that should of stopped me from attending.

If you aren’t having a good time we can leave.” And bam. The final warning that I shouldn’t be here but yet here I am standing in a crowded kitchen, clouds of various drug smoke hanging over our heads and I clenched my hand around my red solo cup tightly. I knew I shouldn’t have came to Hannah’s party. While y/f/n was a huge party maniac, attending literally every huge party that is thrown, I was more of the “downer” in the friendship. I didn’t like getting drunk and not remembering the night beforehand, I wasn’t a big fan of crowded dance floors with alcohol rushing through horny adults bodies, bumping and grinding against each other and I would definitely take laying in bed reading a nice book then getting hammered. I glanced around the crowded kitchen feeling a little too slutty for my taste. Giving the fact I was wearing y/f/n’s party clothes and my body was MUCH different than hers how could I not feeling slightly uncomfortable. She was a good 6 inches taller than me, making her tummy and legs skinner, her long y/f/h covering most of her back while my slightly curled y/h/c reached only about your midback. I looked down at my outfit slightly as a tight black crop top and tight as hell booty shorts stared back at me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problems with my body, I believe I actually had a nice shaped body, my breast and ass being a decent size and my stomach was not too bad but the clothes certainly didn’t fit my style.

As I decided to get out of the drug filled kitchen I began to walk or should I say attempt to walk but end up either standing or getting caught between two grinders. I squeezed through yet another grinding pair as I made my way to the “dance floor” aka her living room. Giving she was practically a millionaire with a giant ass house and the fact that there were literally 100s of people scattered around the mansion, it took 10 minutes to reach the sweat filled bumping and grinding dancefloor. I tried making my way through the dancefloor when I was slammed into from beneath causing me to gasp and fall forward. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the floor to hit my face but I felt a tight grip on my hips my eyes shot open.

“Watch yourself sweetheart, we don’t want to mess up that pretty face.” That voice. I’d recognize it anywhere. I was back on my feet as I turned around to see the man who still had a tight hold on my hips. I spotted as all of the girls around glared at me, whispering to their friends in pure jealousy. I looked up to meet a pair of eyes that every girl at the school would know in a heartbeat. No. Fucking. Way.  I stared in awe as my eyes couldn’t believe who had saved me from complete humiliation. The one and only Daniel Howell. He was only a very attractive male, he just happened to be the most popular and hottest guy attending the college. He stared back at me smirking slightly as I felt his eyes scan up and down my body, stopping at my lips, breast and legs. I blushed rapidly as I gulped slightly. His grip remains tight on my hips as he lean down to my height whispering in my ear.

“What a shame, your drink has spilled all over the place sweetheart, let’s go get you another one yeah?” Not trusting my voice I simply nodded my head as I felt the breath of a soundless laugh hit my neck. “Cat got your tongue sweetheart?” I blushed even harder as he pulled away smiling slightly before he began to guide me through the crowd to refill my beverage. Once we reached the kitchen Dan had poured me another cup of whatever the hell he could find as he handed the cup back to me. I took a chug of the drink trying to calm my nerves as Dan rested his upper body on the counter being eye level with me as he smirked.

“I’ve never seen you around here sweetheart. I didn’t really think of you as a “party girl” Ms y/l/n.” I coughed nearly choking on the warm liquid as I stared at him yet again amazed. How the hell did he know my last name?! I cleared my throat before quietly mumbling

“I’m not really…” I stared at the brownish liquid that filled the plastic cup until I chugged the rest of the burning liquid slamming my cup back on the counter causing Dan to smirk and raise an eyebrow before turning and grabbing another bottle filling my cup up once again.

“Drink up princess.”

It had been 2 hours since I had been caught by Dan and after 6 cups of whatever bottle occupied the kitchen, here I stood grinding on Dan in the middle of the floor. I felt my adrenaline pumping as whiskey and vodka corsed through my veins. I grinded my ass against his crotch hard earning a low groan to escape from his throat. I felt a pair of lips hit my lips and slightly suck causing me to grow wetter and wetter by the second. His lips trailed up my neck till he reached my ear biting my earlobe as he whispered.

“Let’s continue this upstair baby girl.” His words made a shiver run down my back as I nodded instantly. He grinned as he grabbed my hand softly pulling me through the crowd and up the stairs. Once he found an unoccupied room he pull me in and before the door even closed I was pressed up against the wall as the taste of Dan’s tongue and whiskey invaded my lips. I bit his bottom lip slightly causing another groan to escape from his lips. His hands squeezed the back of my thighs and he mumbled into my lips.

“Jump.” Not wasting any time I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held a firm grip on my thighs. He turned swiftly laying me on the bed as he grinded his clothed cock harshly against my heat. I moaned slowly as his head shot up suddenly staring down at me, lust filled his eyes.

“Make that noise again.” He grinded on me the same way as I let another moan escape my lips. Dan looked down at me as he smashed his lips on me quickly removing my shorts. He pulled away shortly to removing both of our shirts and his belt and pants leaving us both in our undergarments. He hovered over me as he let his hands roam my body.

“God damn…” he whispered as his eyes wandered over my body causing me to blush. His face moved closer to mine as he connected his lips to my jawline continuing down my neck. He peppered kisses down the valley of my breast, nipping occasionally, causing me to bite my lip. I felt Dan’s fingers gently pour my bottom lip from my teeth as he mumbled against my skin.

“No princess I want to hear you.” I nodded as his face was in front of my clothed heat. He smirked as he took the material in his teeth.

“These are gonna have to come off I’m afraid.” As soon as I was exposed Dan suddenly pumped a long finger in me without warning. A loud gasp escaped my lips as my back arched.  

“Mmm this wet for me y/n? are you this horny for me baby?” He spoke as he began pumping at a faster pace. I moaned as I felt his mouth clamp onto my clit sucking harshly. My fingers found their way to his brown locks as I tugged at his hair. His mouth doing wonders to me as I felt a warm pit began to form in my stomach.

“Dan I-I-I’m close…” I stuttered as I flt the feeling come over me.

“Mmmm let go baby, cum all over Daddy’s mouth.” His words caused me to fall over the edge. I blacked out slightly as I let my orgasm consume me. Dan licked up my juices as he moaned

“You taste so good baby..” He stood up slightly, my juices glistening on his chin as he began crawling over me, a package in his grip. He smirked down at me as he ripped open the condom packet.

“Ready y/n?” He asked as I nodded, still trying to catch my breath from my previous experience. He then slid his Calvin Klein’s off as his hard length was now in sight. I hum slightly at the sight of how huge he was. He looked up at me smirking as he rolled the condom on the length.

“Mmm does baby girl get turned on by how big daddy’s cock is?” I smirked slightly.

“Yes daddy, but instead of looking i would much rather be feeling it fill me right now.” I said as Dan licked his lips before slamming into me. I scream out in pleasure as I felt him fill me completely. 

“Fuck baby you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned as he thrusted in and out of me. I scratched my fingernails up and down his back surely leaving red marks as he sucked on the skin of my breast, surely leaving purple marks. His thrusts picked up quickly as my screams and moans only grew louder.

“Mmm y/n seeing you under me, screaming my name, oh baby look at you you’re going to explode at any time aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear only pushing me closer, “But don’t cum yet princess, no no no, you will not cum until I tell you to.” He harshly said as he smashed into me harder. I whimpered as I tried to stay under control until he was ready. My stomach burning as I gasp for air, sweat forming on my body.

“Daddy…p-p-please let me c-cum..” I whimpered as I quickly felt myself beginning to lose it. Dan let out one more groan before saying,

“Let go baby, cum all over daddy’s big cock, come on y/n cum for daddy.” I quickly felt the sensation take over my body as the burning feeling in my stomach begin to disappear. I felt my wall tighten around Dan’s cock as he twitched inside of me hitting his own orgasm. Dan having an orgasm was quite the sight. His eyes tightly closed as his mouth formed an “o” shape while q thin layer of sweat formed over his face. He then pulled out collapsing onto of me as we both breathed heavily. Dan then rolled over to my right as he pulled the condom off and tossed it in the bin. He then turned towards me as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close, kissing my nose gently.

“I’m so fucking happy you decided to be a party girl tonight.” he mumbled as we both drifted off into a slumber, wrapped in each other’s arms.  

A Day in the Life

Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Fluffy fluffiness 

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

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OTP(s): Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Slight smut, Crack

Word Count: 980

Sypnosis: Opting to make cookies with your horny boyfriend Hoseok was your first mistake.

Author’s Note: Finally writing for Hobi because I love him and he’s adorable and he deserves the world

“1 cup of chocolate chips?”
Head tipped with dusty-brown furls, the male stooped over the marble kitchen and consulted a tattered recipe. After skimming the printed words, he returned back to the round, white bowl on his right and swept a handful of small chocolate chips from a measuring cup to the bowl.
You lounged in a chair nearest the counter, thumbing through the pages of your sketchbook. You and Hoseok had decided to spend a lazy afternoon making chocolate chip fudge cookies, a new recipe you’d yearned to try out. Hoseok had been more than willing to help you, lusting for as much time to spend with you as he could get.
You watched the hem of his shirt hike up as he bent over the bowl, adding some rounded caramel bits to the mix. The pale skin of his back became coloured by pale yellow shafts of sunlight as he bent to push the tray into the oven and you found yourself filling a minute marveling at his skin.
“I bet these are gonna look amazing,” Hoseok mused as he drew the oven door closed.
“I hope so.” Hoseok tore the sketchbook from your hands, a playful smile lighting his face.
“Hoseok!” you whined, chasing after him into the living room.
“Hmm,” he hummed, doging the fervent smacks of your arm as he loped to the couch. “Still no nude sketches.” He turned back to you. “How come?”
You groaned, trying to grab it again, which you missed. Hoseok plopped on the couch, thumbing through the pages, cheeky smile still on his face.
“We can always do one right now,” he wickedly quriked an eyebrow.
“I can’t cook cookies and draw a nude portrait, Hoseok.”
“You’re right,” Hoseok gave a faux huff. “All that heat will burn the house down.”
He winked, setting the sketchbook aside and lulling you into his arms, letting you land on his lap. He stowed his head in your neck, holding you with firm arms.
“How’s the art portfolio coming along?”
“Barely,” you whispered. “I don’t have enough to supply them with.”
“Everything in your sketchbook’s great,” Hoseok stroked your hip.
“Yeah, but I want pieces distinctable by style. Everything there looks the same.”
Hoseok hummed against your shoulder. “Going for that nude portrait idea now?”
You laughed, snuggling deeper into his touch. Hoseok lit your jawline with a wreath of soft kisses. You angled your head to face him and leaned, catching his lips. The kiss primarily began gentle–Hoseok’s mouth melted into yours, lips moving in a gentle dance against your own. Then, things switly began to escalate in heat and Hoseok’s tongue was attacking your own in a wet, brusque invasion and his hips were beginning to sinfully work against yours. When you tested him by gently pushing back against him, he immediately bucked back into you, a groan burning from his mouth. When you slowly began to rock against him, you felt the heat building in his body. He grasped your hips, forcing you off of him and pinning you to the couch. He covered your mouth with a fast, hot kiss. You tugged on his hair, forcing his mouth deeper against yours, tongues engaging in a fast, heated scrabble. Your fingers immediately found his belt buckle and he shuddered with excitement. You tugged the leather loose, whipping it from his pants and tossing it to the floor. You curled your fingers around his boxers, forcing them halfway to his ankles. He pressed his mouth against yours, the ministrations of his lips suddenly gentle. You ran your fingers down his spine, landing firmly on his ass. You cupped his bottom and pushed down, hauling him flush against you. As his mouth paid oh-such-amazing homage to your neck, your nostrils filled with a harsh, scorching scent. You were momentarily distracted as you sniffered further, eventually picking out the smell.
Burning cookies!
You wrenched Hoseok from your gasp, too occupied with saving your kitchen to actually find how his butt skidded across the floor to be funny. When you reached the kitchen, you could see through the oven door that the cookies were scorched black. A small whorl of smoke was forming around a few of the cookies preparing to grow. You quickly shut off the oven as Hoseok ripped into the room, pants still dangling around his legs. Disgruntled, you heaved the tray out of the oven with a mitt, letting it crash against the oventop. Hoseok winced at the sound.
“Would you please pull your pants up?” you nearly yelled.
Hoseok fought back laughter as he forced his pants back up. “Distracting, huh?”
“This is all your fault!” you pointed an accusing finger at him. “If you would’ve just decided to keep your dick in your pants, this wouldn’t have happened!”
Hosoek’s face immediately grew very scarlet and a bout of laughter shook from his lips, his whole body trembling with laughter. He put a hand on the counter to steady himself, shaking his head. “Your face…the way you said…I’m sorry…”
A chuckle came out of you against your will, followed by bigger, stronger rounds of laughter as Hoseok’s cackles grew harder watching you laugh.
“You’re such an idiot,” you shook your head, staring at the burnt cookies. Hoseok came to encircle your waist, feathering kisses along your neck.
“I’m sorry about those.”
You shook your head. “It’s okay.”
“I’ll go to the store to buy them,” Hoseok let go of you, taking your hand and snatching the keys from the stand.
“Why am I coming?”
“Don’t you want to eat them in the car?”
You nudged his shoulder, pushing him towards the door. “Then what are you waiting for?”
You two left the house to the sound of twelve burnt slabs of batter sizzling against metal, ready to remind you of the afternoon’s shenanigans when you returned.

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Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum ft Jinyoung

Word Count: 1902

Genre: fluff, suggestive (not really lmaoo) 

note: oh my goodness! thank you for giving this series so much love! i honestly thought this would be a flop because of the boring storyline. have a great day everyone and happy reading! -admin

“I can sleep on the streets, Jinyoung. I really am fine.” I said again, after multiple tries of convincing Jinyoung. I didn’t want to live anywhere else except Jinyoung’s place or mine. This guy, Jaebum, felt a bit uneasy for me. Maybe because I didn’t know him and he was a complete stranger to me.

“(Y/N), Jaebum is a good man. Trust him. He’s the boss’ son so he’s pretty well mannered.” Jinyoung stated as his hand took mine. My cheeks started to rise in color as Jinyoung held my hand. We were in an elevator meaning no one could see us. It was just Jinyoung and I.

“Boss’ son?” I chuckled under my breath. “Let me guess, he’s from a rich family too.”

“Well his father owns the company, babe. Of course.” Jinyoung smiled as his arms slowly tugged my waist. His face tucked in the crook of my neck as my heart started to beat fast.

“Jinyoung-ah.” I breathed out as his hands grabbed my ass, giving it a good squeezed. I slightly gasped under my breath as Jinyoung continued to touch me. Soon enough, our faces were merely inches away from each other, his eyes turning a slight shade darker than before.

“I trust him enough to take care of you, babe. You know I wouldn’t let any man lay a hand on you. It’s just for a few days then, I can have you all for myself.” Jinyoung whispered as his lips grazed against mine.

I leaned in, connecting our lips together as we moved in sync. The warm heat spread through my body as I forgot all the troubles of the world. His hands tugged my hair as I moaned in between the kiss. My hands, tangled in his hair, as we shared a passionate kiss. The elevator soon came to a stop and we both suddenly pulled away from each other.

“Text me before you go to sleep.” Jinyoung whispered in my ear as he kissed my cheek.

“If I make it to bed alive.” I joked as I left Jinyoung in the elevator, walking into a wide parking lot. Sighing to myself, I waited for Jaebum to pull up with his car, just like he told me a few minutes ago. I furiously tried to fan my face since I started to feel hot after the makeout session with Jinyoung. Soon, a black car pulled up with the windows rolled down.

“Get in the car. We don’t have all day.” Jaebum stated inside the car. I gave him a weird look as I entered the car. Without a word, he drove off into the night with the radio playing in the background. A few moments of silence passed as I tried to get rid of the awkward tension by listening to the song played on the radio.

“Flustered?” I heard Jaebum chuckled under his breath, breaking the silence. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your dirty little secret.”

“Excuse me?” I exclaimed, raising my voice in disbelief. Self-consciously, my hands touched my face as I felt heat rise up again.

“You and Jinyoung. Is this a friends with benefit thing or you’re secretly dating behind the Park family?” Jaebum asked, slightly smirking as he drove rather quickly down the road.

“I’m not answering that.” I replied coldly as I looked outside the window. Jinyoung said that Jaebum was a well mannered guy but, I see someone different. Right now, Jaebum gave me a rude and arrogant vibe. But how on earth did he know about Jinyoung and I? It wasn’t that obvious was it?

“You’ll answer it eventually with your actions.” Jaebum said. I rolled my eyes and kept silent throughout the whole ride. Jaebum was adding on to the problems I had to deal with for the next few days. His rude actions was something I had to get use to. Although, he may be incredibly hot, he was someone that played with girls heart. And I could see it in his eyes.

We arrived at a large gate that covered most the the area. Jaebum had to press a few buttons on the side before the gate opened to reveal a large modern house. I immediately hopped off the car, once we stopped, and entered the house that Jaebum owned. It was breathtaking. It was bigger than Jinyoung’s house and much more prettier. Then I thought to myself, maybe it wasn’t so bad living here.

“Get comfortable. Do whatever you want. Your room is on the second floor to your right.” Jaebum firmly stated before he walked off in the other direction and into a room. I sighed to myself as I tried to soak in the situation. If this was how I’m going to live for the next few days, I better get use to it.

Walking around, I came to the large kitchen that anyone could dream of. What I’ve seen at Jinyoung’s house were people who cooked for him, always occupying the kitchen. Jaebum had no one in his kitchen meaning that he cooked his own meals. Or that his maids went home since it was pretty late at night. Suddenly getting an idea, I started to walk over the kitchen and look around for food.

“What are you doing?” A voice from behind asked, causing me to slightly flinch. I turned around to look at Jaebum leaning against the wall. His shirt was half buttoned and his face was full of exhaustion. He looked incredibly sexy the way he was at the moment but, I didn’t let that distract me. My heart was with Jinyoung and will remain that way.

“You said I can do whatever I want. So, I’m cooking.” I stated as I grabbed two bowls of ramen that I found in the cupboards.

“You’re cooking two bowls of ramen. How are you going to finish it all?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at me. I looked at him and raised the two bowls in my hands, giving him a unimpressed look.

“One for you. One for me.” I huffed out as I continued to search for utilities in the kitchen.

“I don’t eat at around this time, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked as he ran his fingers through his hair, ruffling it a bit making him look even better. I couldn’t tell if my hormones were making me act differently but, Jaebum knew how to make a girl weak to the knees.

“Good,” I beamed at him, ignoring my thoughts, “More for me.”

I heard Jaebum chuckle under his breath as he exited the kitchen. Taking in a deep breath, I started to cook two bowls of ramen, hoping that Jaebum would join me because of the yummy smell. But then I suddenly asked myself why was I doing this. Jaebum was a stranger, who invited me inside my house, and was a complete asshole. And here I am thinking about him joining me for dinner, like it was a date.

Snap out of it, I thought to myself as I started to cook. I can’t let Jaebum mess with my feelings, especially when I was dealing with some problems myself.

I sat down with my phone in hand, while I ate my ramen. I texted Jinyoung for awhile, hoping to get some company since Jaebum shut me out. Also, I started to make a plan to build up my foundation again. Looking at different banks that could loan me money, I heard footsteps enter the kitchen. My eyes slightly looked up to see Jaebum mindless wandering around the area.

“I thought you didn’t eat around this time.” I said, looking down at my phone again.

“Well it smelt good from my office and it made me hungry.” Jaebum replied as he took the pot from the stove and sat down in front of me.

“Good thing I made extras.” I stated, not looking up from my phone. We both ate in silence as I tried to distract myself with my phone. I couldn’t look up at Jaebum since I knew he would make me feel weak. It was weird because I never had that kind of feeling with Jinyoung before. And here, sitting in front of me, was a man who made me feel different emotions. He hasn’t even touched me and I’m already hot for him.

Mentally, I shook away the thoughts that clouded my head and tried to finish my meal. I was almost done with my meal until a hand came in contact with the corner of my mouth. I looked up, in shock, as I watched Jaebum wipe away the food stuck on my face. Suddenly, I felt heat rush to my cheeks as I observed Jaebum.


“You had food on your mouth.” Jaebum smiled as he sat back down on his seat and continued to eat his meal. I looked at him like he was insane but actually, he was kind man. He made me feel acceleration go through my body as his hand came in contact with my face. Was it bad that I wanted more?

“Uh, thanks.” I mumbled out of my mouth as I quickly stood up from my seat. Why was I feeling so hot at the moment? Was it Jaebum’s stare or was it from the ramen? At this point, I couldn’t decipher what I was feeling. Maybe a quick shower could help me sort my thoughts.

I quickly tried to find the bathroom, hoping to get rid of Jaebum from my mind. After a couple minutes of running around, I stripped my clothes and turned on the facquet of the shower. The warm water flowed from my face down to my body. My forehead and hands pressed against the cold, tiled wall as I close my eyes, cherishing the feeling of the warm water hitting my back. I took my time to relax in the warm water as I slowly cleaned my body. And what seemed like an hour, I stepped outside the shower and wrapped a towel around my body.

I took a peek outside the bathroom door, hoping Jaebum wouldn’t be near by. Since I had only a towel wrapped around my naked body, I had to run quickly to my room. Gently closing the bathroom door, I walked slowly down the large hallway. Then making a sharp turn, I came into contact with a large figure.

“What the fuck?” I cursed under my breath as I started to realize I was losing my balance. I gripped my towel, holding it together as I felt arms wrapped around my waist to save me from falling down. I looked at person who saved me and widen my eyes.

Jaebum’s eyes came into contact with mine as he pulled me up so we were inches away from each other. His eyes made their way down to my part lips as my heart started to race. Leaning in, he grabbed my face and forced me to look up at him.

At this moment, I started to feel hot again. My breathing started to become heavier as Jaebum’s lips were so close to mine. This was a new feeling I never had with Jinyoung. I wanted him closer. I wanted him to touch me until I was weak to my knees. I wanted him to kiss me so badly until my lips bruised. And so, without even thinking, I leaned in.


Summary: Steve finds you dancing in your room to The Nutcracker, so he takes you for a surprise.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: ~1700

Warnings: Language, probably crappy writing, Christmas fluff

Based off this request by @iwillbeinmynest: So, the reader loves ballet (maybe she used to dance or just enjoys it idk, up to you) and Steve catches her dancing around her room to the Nutcracker music. He know how much she loves it so for Christmas he surprises her with tickets to go see it live in New York and then fluff ensues. Maybe a kiss. Feel free to edit it however you’d like! Thank you so much!

A/N: This is my first Steve x Reader fic, so sorry if it’s terrible. Hope you all enjoy some more Christmas fluff!

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A Day in the Life

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Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Nothing but fluff!

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

You flopped your body around to face the other side of the bed and the other of your own personal space warmers. He was still peacefully in dream land, not yet disturbed from the noise just seconds before. A soft content sigh escaped the confines of your mouth, and you conceded to the weight of your eyes closing, wishing for a few more minutes of sleep to still your busy mind.

Only a few minutes it was; unfortunately nothing more was attainable. By the time your settled body curled down into the sheets, the noise that previously occupied the kitchen made the short journey into the shared bedroom. You buried your face ever so slightly into the pillow, hoping that the early morning noise maker would leave without disturbing the obvious peace.

“Rise and shine my lazy ones!”

Damn it. Did he not know Sundays were mandatory sleep in days? There was probably even a law about it somewhere. Just play dead and –

“I know you’re awake.”

Damn it times two. The precious Sunday morning sleep in was slowly slipping away, not to be returned to until much later in the day.  

“This is cruel and unusual punishment.”

“It’s 9 in the morning. What’s cruel or unusual about that?”

“9?!” Definitely a crime punishable by law: who wakes up, voluntarily, at nine on a Sunday? Everyone knows it should be at least eleven.

“Can everyone shut it? I’m trying to sleep here.” Finally the log occupying the space beside you spoke, just as you were beginning to wonder just when it was that he would rise from his slumber. Honestly though, the fact that he lasted this long despite the noise wasn’t really surprising.

“Come on you two, you can’t stay in bed forever.”

“If people didn’t want us to stay in bed, they shouldn’t have made it so heavenly and comfortable.”

“She’s right you know.”

“Ok, here’s the deal. If you two don’t get your butts out of bed in five minutes, I’m eating all the breakfast I made. And it’s all your favourites by the way.”

With the threat looming over your heads, the brown haired man left the room so the decision could be made – and it really wasn’t that difficult. Despite your undying and absolute love for sleep, a promise of your favourite food certainly was impossible to pass up.

You began to stretch your body, dissolving all stiffness that managed to settle into your muscles overnight.  With a parting light kiss to the forehead of the body once again unmoving at your side, you left for the bathroom to prepare for the day.

As you got yourself ready, your mind became occupied by thoughts of the two males in your life. They were vastly different from each other, proving to be polar opposites, yet the compatibility between all three of you was undeniable.  

Jin was an early riser to the day, always ready to start each morning with the songs of the birds. His cheerful and energetic nature always ensured happiness and warmth were felt by everyone around him, and he always cared about the wellbeing of others. At times he became childish; appearing as though he were the youngest of you three rather than the oldest, but it was this childlike energy that was an integral part of his charm. He also loved food – cooking it and eating it – and with his nurturing, no one ever needed to worry about starvation.

On the other side of the spectrum was Yoongi, the apparent lazy one just like you. He held an appreciation for slow days; taking things one step at a time, with many naps thrown in. Unlike Jin, he most often acted as the eldest; his tendencies to move at a slow pace making him appear more mellowed beyond his years.  However, despite his natural lazy state, Yoongi held a determination and ambition within him that could fill the world. His creative mind was always filling with new thoughts and ideas, with no way to pause or shut off. Together, Jin and Yoongi were complete opposites, but that was what made them work in perfect sync: Jin encouraged Yoongi’s enthusiasm to tackle the world, while Yoongi forced Jin to step back, slow down, and smell the roses once in a while.

Then there was you: the person in the middle ground that encompassed traits from both their personalities. Like Yoongi, you appreciated sleep and quiet peace, enjoying the finer details of what life had to offer. But similar to Jin, you embraced the day with childlike energy and curiosity – once you got up that was. Together, the three of you created the perfect harmonious relationship that you wouldn’t change for anything.

“Are you done yet? You’ve been in there for a while.” Yoongi’s knocking on the wooden barrier woke you up from your reverie, and you hastened to finish your morning routine.

“Sorry about that. You can use it now.”

“What were you doing in there? It’s been almost 20 minutes.”

20 minutes!? Jin swore only five minutes was allowed. The precious food was at stake!

“Jin I’m coming! Please don’t eat my food!” Swiftly darting around Yoongi you scurried down the hall to the kitchen, hoping that what was found in there was not a pile of empty plates. But true to Jin’s nature, he was sitting patiently at the kitchen table, gazing out towards the early morning skyline, a table full of home cooked food waiting to be devoured.

“I love you so much.” You gave Jin a quick good morning kiss before plopping yourself down beside him in your usual seat.

“You love my food.” The amusement floating in his eyes betrayed his seemingly serious and reprimanding tone. It wasn’t concerning though, as this bantering had become an expected part of the morning.

“I love that you make me food.”

“What would you two do without me?”

“Starve in bed probably.”

“Got that right.”

You both chuckled in enjoyment and adoration, appreciating the effortless flow you found yourselves in time and time again. If any of you said it was like this from the start, you would be lying – the easy flow only found after the awkwardness settled into the past. The initial idea of having three people in a relationship was new to all of you, and you were unsure how it could possibly work itself out. Yet over the year and half since the relationship had been formed, the natural chemistry was unquestionable, and you found yourself regretting that you ever doubted it.

“Good morning.”

Finally Yoongi made his way into the kitchen and gave you and Jin each your good morning hair ruffles. Yoongi wasn’t so keen on obvious and outwardly displays of affection, but Jin and you felt his love nonetheless.

Now with all three bodies present, and sort of awake, you gladly began filling your stomachs with Jin’s delectable food. You held some conversation, but mainly just enjoyed the comfort and warmth each felt around the others. Nothing anymore was awkward, and for that you were all grateful.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Jin had finished his portion first, and like always was ready to get life started.

“Stay home, nap, and maybe watch a movie or two.” And now Yoongi was being as predictable as ever. In situations similar to this, it was usually your job to find the compromise.

“Ok my wonderful boyfriends, how about this: we take the morning easy, maybe watch some television. Then we go have a picnic for lunch, spend the afternoon outside, then come home and watch movies for the rest of the night. Sound good?” You looked to both of them with hopeful eyes, eager that what was proposed would be satisfactory to them both. Though you knew they would both agree; there was hardly a time when either of them rejected any of your requests.

“Sounds like the perfect plan to me! What do you think Yoongi?”

You heard the dejected sigh that came from Yoongi, but he appeared to have a difficult time fighting back the smile that threatened to expose his true feelings.

“Yah, I guess that works for me too.”  Yoongi grumbled the words, but the smile stayed on his face, and the love remained in his eyes. He could certainly be classified as the type of person who acted cool and unaffected, but his true nature was one that was warm hearted and loving.

A few more minutes was all it took before all the crumbs had been greedily wiped off each plate; the dishes appeared sparkly once again, as though they weren’t even used in the first place, but of course a good scrub was still required. Since Jin generously made the breakfast, you were quick to volunteer yourself and Yoongi for dish washing duty, “Yoongi and I will do the dishes!”

“What? Why me?” Yoongi looked incredulous as he turned his gaze to you, not expecting to be dragged into doing tedious and boring chores.

“Don’t what me mister. Jin made the food so the least we can do is wash the dishes. Between the two of us, we’ll be done in no time!”

“Fine. Whatever.”

“And while you two do that, I’ll make some food for our picnic.”

With everyone given a specific job to attend to, you all set to work in your little cozy kitchen. You and Yoongi stood side by side at the sink: you promised Yoongi he would be able to dry the dishes seeing as he began to complain that wiping all the grease off would be too much of a pain. Jin was at your backs, on the other counter, making the food required for your little outing. At times he would turn to the fridge or cupboard, getting an ingredient he needed, and as he did so you didn’t miss the loving glance he passed over you and Yoongi. All was good in the kitchen – quiet and peaceful – but it didn’t take long before that tranquility was shattered and the usual silly antics made yet another appearance.

“Hey! The water belongs in the sink mister!”

“Well then wash those dishes faster so my hands are occupied and away from the water.”

“There are other ways to keep your hands occupied.” Jin quipped, and easily jumped into the conversation from where he was now cutting fruit for a snack. You turned around to reprimand Jin for his not so subtle innuendo, but stopped short when you noticed the sinful smirk plastered on his face as he also turned to gauge everyone’s reaction. Turning to Yoongi next, you realized he sported the same one. Clearly they were enjoying this turn in conversation a bit too much.

“Oh? And what would you suggest?”

“Use your imagination. Your brilliantly creative mind can come up with something, I’m sure.”

“Oh, it already has.”

“Care to share?”

“Maybe later.”

With each passing word flying into the air, a darker shade of red took over your cheeks, until it felt as though any second you would spontaneously combust. In no way were any of you shy with each other, but no matter how much time passed with these two, they always managed to get you flustered with their “playful” banter.

“Ok you two, minds out of the gutter. We are almost done here.” You were desperate for them to refocus their minds on some other topic, if for nothing else than to at least return your face to its normal colour.

“How would you know our minds were in the gutter? Yours would have to be there too then.” Leave it to Yoongi to drag you down with him.

“My mind doesn’t have to be in the gutter to know both of yours are down there 24/7.” You huffed out your insult, hoping that now maybe the conversation would lose steam and die down a bit. But if there was one thing the relationship thrived on, it was the mischievous teasing that you all threw at each other.

And now it was Jin’s turn, “Don’t lie sweetheart, you know you love it.”

“You love what we do to each other just as much as what we do to you.”

Was it getting hotter in here? The kitchen was small, but it felt as though a space heater was secretly in the walls, making everything over heat to new levels. Your embarrassment was also reaching new heights, and you were quick to scramble out of the small enclosure for a necessary breather. It wasn’t long after you left the vicinity of the kitchen, did you hear the two troublemakers crack up in hysterical laughter, finding it absolutely amusing how easy it was to get you flustered.

Locking yourself in the bedroom, you figured that while there you should at least get yourself ready for the upcoming outing. A beautiful summer day like the one you found yourself in called for a loose t-shirt and shorts; and easy and comfortable fit to the lazy Sunday afternoon. By the time you finished changing, a knock came from the other side of the wooden door.

“Come on out love, we’re ready to leave when you are.”

Jin came to retrieve you from hiding away in the bedroom, but he didn’t stay long enough for you to leave the room. You were glad they decided against watching TV, choosing instead to leave right away; you weren’t sure how well you would have been able to handle the close proximity of sitting on the couch and attempting to pay attention to some random Sunday morning show. After the little fiasco in the kitchen, you figured being out in public would encourage them to behave at least a little bit.

It was almost eleven by the time you all began the stroll outside. Not many people were on the streets, but for those who were, they seemed to be enjoying their time under the veil of the sun’s rays, just like you were. There was no need to rush at this time of day, and the warmth from the sun left nothing short of calm happiness on everyone’s faces. None of you talked as you walked along, allowing the natural sounds floating around to fill the peaceful silence.

At noon, the three of you found a secluded area in a local park, deeming it a necessary time to refill your emptied stomachs. Under the shade of a cluster of trees, Yoongi began preparing the site as he placed a blanket on the ground, the soft grass making it feel as though you were sitting on a pillow. Jin followed Yoongi’s lead and began placing the food in the middle of the blanket, with each body settling down around the edges. Once everything was out and placed, it looked as though before you were a meal fit for royalty.

“Jin you spoil us too much.” You were in awe of the food, knowing that Jin made it specifically for yourself and Yoongi.

“If I don’t spoil you two, then who would I spoil? I don’t mind though, you know that. Anything for my two favourite people in this world.”

Jin’s contagious smile found its way onto your face and Yoongi’s as well, and the feast began eagerly. The warmth of the sun didn’t falter for a second, and you appreciated the delicate breeze blowing over the land. A while later everything was done, and with Yoongi’s declaration of “it’s time to go,” everyone began packing and getting ready to leave. Your walk began once more, this time watching many additional people pass by. The day had gotten farther along, and with it more bodies were out and bustling around. As if the energy increased between the three of you as well, the conversation became animated too, and you felt livelier with each passing second.

You spent the entire afternoon in the great outdoors, and with the setting sun, decided to pick up some dinner and snacks before heading back the comfort of your apartment. The day was now turning into Yoongi’s favourite part: when you all would be cooped up nicely in the cozy living room, sharing body heat while watching a movie until tired eyes could no longer remain open.

“Ok: food, snacks, drinks, blankets, and pajamas. All we have to do now is pick a movie.” Jin sat down in the middle between Yoongi and yourself, placing the blanket meticulously over each of your legs.

“Let’s watch – “

“Oh no. It’s my turn to pick tonight.”

Once again Yoongi was attempting to get his choice of movie played for the umpteenth time, even though his turn was last week. If it wasn’t for the arrangement set prior, Yoongi would have his choice every single time a movie night occurred. It didn’t matter too much since you all had similar opinions on movies; however, you took your choice seriously and felt oddly powerful to be able to control what exactly was playing on the television.

Settling down with the food, you decided on the latest action movie that you all had been meaning to watch, but never got around to. Not one single break was taken, not until the movie was finished and you then took the chance to go to the washroom, or fill up on refreshments. Once the three of you settled down again, a second movie immediately started.

Nearing the end of the second movie, you felt inclined to look over to your left, noticing the positions of the two men beside you. Yoongi had begun to take on a slouched position, having been slowly sliding down the back of the sofa as the sleepiness began to take hold and weigh him down. Unlike Jin, who was humorously attempting to ward off the darkness behind his eyes, Yoongi had given up the fight and succumbed to the impending sleep. The sight itself was nothing short of amusing and you couldn’t hold back the little outburst of a laugh.

“What? I’m watching it.”

“Stop moving around, I’m trying to sleep.”

Your laughter once again filled the room with Yoongi’s and Jin’s own sleep induced outburst. Jin startled awake and woke the sleeping beast beside him; now they were both attempting to wipe their drool, fix their rumpled hair and find a comfortable position.

“How about we call it a night? We can always finish the movie tomorrow.”

You took pity on their half dazed states and encouraged both men to get to bed. Mumbled agreements were heard, and you ushered them down the hall for them to get themselves ready. With their promises of washing before face planting in the soft comforts of the mattress, you returned to the living room to clean up. The last thing you wanted was for Jin to wake early in the morning and be greeted with the mess of food and wrappers. No doubt he would clean it by himself, without complaint, but you figured cleaning was the least you could do in repayment for the love the both of them gave you.

Five minutes later, you were padding down the hall and into the shared bedroom to get yourself ready for a fulfilling night of sleep. Your earlier suspicions were confirmed, as you walked into the blackened room and witnessed two bodies already in belly down heaps on the bed, hidden from the world beneath layers of blankets.

As you walked past the bed, you couldn’t help the gentle smile that formed across your face, noticing the space your two boyfriends had left for you in the middle. Since the beginning, when you three started sharing a bed, you all agreed that the middle spot would be exclusively reserved for you – using something of an excuse that you get extremely cold during the night and are always in dire need of extra warmth.

Making quick work of your own nighttime routine, you softly made your way into the middle space, digging your own burrow into the blankets, and cocooning yourself between the two special men in your life.

“Goodnight love.”

“Sweet dreams.”

You figured they would have already entered dreamland, but were pleasantly surprised when you heard their whispered voices and felt their soft lips upon your head. Three bodies snuggled closer than before; your own separate burrows combining into one large fortress. The warm night grew warmer and you revelled in the knowledge of having another peaceful slumber after a wonderful day with your two favourite people – it was just another day in the life that you would treasure forever.


Hope you all enjoyed that! Remember to keep the requests coming - or just feel free to come say hi and chat with everyone!  

~ Admin Sky :) 

You and Carlisle on His Days Off; Drabble #2

Scenario: Carlisle cooking fancy meals for you, the air occupied with the smell of spices; you sitting on the counter watching him cook and listening to him talk, scrunching your face up when he dabs your nose with flour (WC: 452 words)

Based off this post. Also read: drabble #1, drabble #3

Warnings: Fluff, my dudes. A lot of fluff.

You smiled fondly from where you were perched on the counter, Carlisle’s sweet humming occupying the kitchen air along with the mouthwatering scent of herbs and spices. Your eyes followed the mastery motions of Carlisle’s hands as they spread sauce and grated cheese, the ease of his cooking process astonishing you.

“For someone who doesn’t eat, you sure do know how to cook,” you commented, noticing the halt of his humming and the soft laugh that took its place.

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nataliedormerwrites  asked:

"I'm baking some goods for Easter, mind helping me?" (Sam/Layla from Cav you don't have to respond I was just bored lol.)

Sam had been heading down to the kitchens looking for a snack while Chloe was in class. He had already taken Dagny out for a long play outside, especially now that the weather was nice, and cleaned the entire room.

However he was surprised to see the kitchen occupied. “Oh. Hey, Layla,” he said politely.

She greeted him back and followed it with, “I’m baking some good for Easter, mind helping me?”

Sam hesitated. “I don’t know if Chloe ever mentioned it, but I’m terrible in the kitchen. I can ruin cereal.” He didn’t want her to think he was blowing her off though, so he hastily added, “But I can grab ingredients or something if you need help with gofer work.”

I Heard That (Bucky x Reader Imagine)

Imagine being able to read minds and finding out how Bucky feels about you.

Word count: 605

Warnings: None :)

Telekinesis was something that you knew like the back of your hand and that was something not many people could say. But this, this was new. Every time you went on a mission or even down to the corner store, your mind was shot at with random floods of thoughts that were completely unrelated to what you were focusing on before. The first time it happened was merely a week ago when you were shopping for some groceries. You were wondering whether you should buy the six pack of eggs or the twelve pack when all of a sudden your mind was bombarded with thought about cat food. Then as the days went by it started happening more frequently. You didn’t understand what was really going on until you and the team had gone off to take down a Hydra base. You and Steve were sneaking down an empty hallway looking for the data centre when all of a sudden you visualized pointing your gun at Steve. It was strange and what was even more bizarre was that you weren’t looking from your own eyes, but from a slightly higher angle. Not a second after you received that thought, you heard a creak from the balcony above you and knew exactly what had happened. You hadn’t told the team about your development as you were still learning the ropes of it all and wanted to make sure it was a permanent thing. You were still trying to control it and sometimes you received thoughts when you weren’t aiming to do so and other times you didn’t even realise that you had just read someone’s mind.

After an exhausting mission, the team had headed straight to bed hoping to be refreshed by morning. You on the other hand were feeling slightly peckish. Taking a shower and changing into a pair of boxer briefs and an oversized shirt, you headed towards the kitchen. As you turned the corner of the hallway which lead to the kitchen, your eyes landed on the only other person occupying the kitchen space. Bucky. After the whole thing with the Sokovia Accords went down, he had joined the team. The two of you had never spoken much, in fact it seemed as if he was just ignoring you. Only once were the two of you paired up together during a mission and you managed to get the job done, saying about five words to each other at the most.

“Hey,” you said as your bare feet touched the cold tiled floor of the kitchen. Even though you two hardly spoke, you still exchanged one syllable greetings from time to time.

“Hey,” he responded, glancing over his shoulder before turning away once more.

You decided to get a bag of popcorn from the pantry and a glass of water. Fetching the popcorn, you went over to the cabinet which held the glasses which was situated on the wall above Bucky.

“Sorry, can I get a glass?” You asked politely, causing him to move to slightly to the right so you could manage to reach up and grab one.

“God, you smell good.”

“What?” You turned to face him, not sure if you heard right.

“What?” Bucky responded, a slightly confused look taking place on his features.

“You just said something.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.”

“No I didn’t,” he said more firmly.

“I’m pretty sure I heard you say I smelt good.”

He was taken aback as he gawked at you, “I-I didn’t say that.” He stammered, speechless as to what just happened.

“Yeah you-” You stopped mid-sentence, realisation striking you, “Oh.”

anonymous asked:

I NEED SOME JACK AND PERSEPHONE + overprotective dad Harry (maybr giving them "the talk")

Okay. I love you. Thank you for requesting some Persephone and Jack - I’ve been needing requests for them and you’re a doll for starting this up. Please request more Jack and Persephone - I love them already. x

Dad, did mum tell you about the extra guest we have coming round for dinner tonight? x

She did. x

And? x

And what, P? x

Well, are you okay with that? x

Of course. Why wouldn’t I be okay with it? x

Because you freaked out when I brought home my first boyfriend. x

Yes, but you were only 15 back then. You’re 20 now, so, I can’t tell you who to be with. x

I still want your approval, dad. x

And you’ll get my approval when I meet him. x

Please, I’m begging you, don’t be mean to him. x

I won’t. I’ve had this talk with your mother. x

I’m serious, dad. x

I promise. I’ll try and like him. For your sake, P. x

Thank you. x

We’ll see you soon, yes? x

Of course. We left Southampton a little over an hour ago so we should be there in the next hour. x

I’m glad you’re coming back for the week, P. We’ve missed you a lot. x

I’ve missed home a lot too. x

I’ve made sure that I made extra apple pie for tonight. x

Jack really likes apple pie. x

Good. x

We’ll see you soon, okay? x

Okay. Have a safe rest of the trip, P. x

* *

As the road sign for London came into view, with the wheels rumbling beneath the two of them in the car with the soft melody of the radio playing quietly in the silent car, Persephone couldn’t help but let her stomach fill with nerves and butterflies and she was sure that the breakfast that Jack had treated her too that morning was going to make it’s appearance. As she kept her eyes focused on the passing cars on the motorway, she hadn’t felt or acknowledged the hand sitting on her thigh. A thumb rubbing soothing against her ripped jeans-covered knee, as a hearty yet comforting squeeze was given to tear her attention from outside.

A worried looking Jack, his eyebrows creased and his nose crinkled up, was looking across at her, is eyes diverting between the road and Persephone as he tried to calm her down. His instinct going to her quietness being down to nerves, and he found it oddly confusing yet cute and adorable that she felt nervous. He thought he should have been the nervous one - he was the one meeting his girlfriends family for the first time, he was the one who was being introduced as the boyfriend to the oldest of the family, and he was the one being introduced to a man that his mother and his female family members once found highly attractive and very sex-god like back in the day - and still do to this day. And with many a try of getting Persephone to understand that she had nothing to be nervous about, he still found her biting at her nails or drawing absentmindedly as to take her mind away from the idea that her father - the one she wanted the most approval from - wouldn’t like the boy she most indeed fell in love with. 

“Hey, what’s the matter? You’re awfully quiet and I know it’s your nerves and I want you to know that you have nothing to be scared about,” Jack smiled, giving her knee a soft pat as she let out a soft sigh into the silence already surrounding the car. “Not to sound so fantastic and everything, but, your family are going to love me,” he teased, a soft laugh leaving his lips as Persephone knocked at his shoulder.

“S’not the time for games, Jack. M’really nervous for this,” Persephone mumbled, her chin dropping to her chest as she looked down at her entwined hands resting on her thighs. “I’ve never been so nervous for my boyfriend to meet my family before, so, I don’t know whether that means something bad will happen or if I’m just freaking out,” Persephone whispered, picking at the cuticles on her fingers as she heard Jack let out a soft sigh.

“Your mum has already said to you that she’s really excited to meet me and I remember her on the phone saying how you needed to take me home for a roast,” he reasoned, setting both of his hands on the steering wheel as the sat-nav navigated him down a road that looked all too familiar Persephone. “I should be the nervous one, gorgeous. I’m the one meeting your family.”

He would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. He could feel it bubble in the pit of his gut but he knew he needed to try and show his strong suit to ensure that Persephone didn’t go into a state of immediate panic. He’d been present in her university dorm room for many stress-enduced panic attacks and he’d been present for a lot of tears and sobbing when Persephone missed home or when she felt like she couldn’t do the task she had been set to do. It was usual for him to be the one to stay together, to make sure that his girlfriend was okay before he moved himself to another room and let out the emotion he would have been holding in. 

“But, I love you. They’ll love you, but I just can’t stop thinking that my dad will do something to scare you off,” Persephone whispered, looking at the row of houses the car was passing by. “S’just, my dad, he’ll interrogate you or he’ll make sure he doesn’t like you and he has a really terrifying look and if he uses it, you know you’re in trouble and if he gets really serious with the questions then you’re also in trouble and he just has a really hard time in processing the fact that I’m happy and I have a boyfriend and it’s hard,” Persephone rambled on, her voice full of panic and worry as Jack let out a soft laugh. “S’not funny, Jack! I’m being serious. I’m worried. You’re such a great guy, and I love you, and I want my dad to love you and I want my mum to love you and I want my twin sisters and Alfie to love you. And if they don’t, then things won’t go how I planned and-”

“Stop. Before I pull this car over for you to be sick from nerves,” Jack smiled, his free hand sliding into Persephone’s trembling hand. “Just close your eyes, and remember that everything is going to be okay. I love you.

Persephone closed her eyes, on command, as Jack coaxed her to let out soft and soothing breathes. As the car kept rumbling down the road, Jack felt the nerves rising to his chest. In just a few minutes time, he would be pulling up to the house that his girlfriends family lived in. The house that had been hers from such a young age, as well a house that he would be getting to know more often - hopefully - in the future when Persephone took him home for weekends because her mother and her father had been begging or because Alfie wanted a football mate to play with in the garden, or because Rose and Darcy wanted him to watch movies with them. 

“We’re so close. I should be the nervous one, gorgeous. It just means I must mean something to you because you want your family to love me as much as you do,” Jack smiled. 

“I do, I really want them to like you, Jack. You’re pretty spectacular, and I love you and I really see something happening between us,” Persephone smiled, looking across as Jack gave her a warm smile. “That’s not scaring you away, is it?”

And in that moment, Jack swore he saw his life flash before his eyes. He saw Persephone in his future, and he saw the two of them driving down the same road that Persephone’s mother and fathers house was located on. Except in the back of the car, there were two children and a sleeping baby beside them, snuffling softly the three children slept soundly against the comforting sound of the car’s engine. A shining ring was set on Persephone’s finger as well as a golden band around his own finger as the both of them made a trek to London so that Persephone’s parents could see their grandchildren before school started for the two eldest.

“Of course not, gorgeous. if it helps even more, I see something happening between us too,” he grinned softly, looking across at the girl who brought light to his life. “I love you and whatever happens today, I will fight if things go sour,” he chuckled lightly, a smile lifting at Persephone’s lips.

“S’why I love you, Jack. You’re one of a kind,” Persephone grinned, the roof of her childhood house coming into view, as well as her fathers range rover sitting in the driveway. “S’now or never,” she whispered.

* *

Behind the front door of the Styles household, it was quiet than usual. There was no uproar of excitement because Persephone was bringing her boyfriend home, and there was no word or chatter about the big moment just minutes away from happening. With the two twins upstairs in their bedrooms and Alfie in the study up in the attic, it was just you and Harry situated in the kitchen. Occupied with activities to take your minds away from the fact that your eldest daughter - one who you swore was just a baby girl yesterday - was bringing home a boy she was forever gushing about over the phone. 

It struck Harry like a tonne of bricks. His little girl had a boyfriend and he was no longer the only man in her life. He was no longer the man who got to snuggle with her when she got upset, and he was no longer the man who got to make her tea in the early hours of the morning because her cramps were playing up, or because she couldn’t sleep, or because she just wanted her daddy’s comfort and a warm mug of tea in her company. He’d met plenty of boyfriends in the past - two, to be precise - and he hadn’t taken a liking to them one bit. Flaws and problems immediately striking him in the face as he took one glance, yet he tried to surpass them because his daughter was happy with a smile on her face that he had seen many a time from his mother, and Gemma and yourself at some points.

“M’not sure how I feel about my little girl bringing home a boyfriend,” Harry sighed, looking over the top of the newspaper. His glasses falling from his nose as he looked over to where you were standing at the counter, steam lifting from the lid of the pot as you let the vegetable settle on the cooker, the smell of chicken filling the room as it cooked in the oven. “She shouldn’t be dating at 20. She didn’t need to go off to university. She could have stayed here. With me and you and our other babies. She could have studied in London.”

And he wished, he so wished, that she had chosen the University offer in London so he could go and pick her up after her last class of the day and that she would always be home for dinner. Her laughter lighting up the kitchen table as she smiled fondly as Harry told his ungodly Knock Knock jokes; a ritual for the family to have when they were settled around the dinner table.

“Harry, honey, she’s 20 years-old. She deserves this. He sounds like a lovely boy and he makes her happy,” you reasoned, turning on your heels as you swung around to look at where your husband was sitting at the dining room table. “You need to understand that she’s living her life happily. Experimenting with boys and seeing what type is her type,” you stated, and watched as his face crumpled.

“Don’t. M’not happy with this. He could be a complete wanker. Every boy she lets enter her life has the possibility of hurting her and she’ll come back home in tears and I can’t see that again (Y/N). I just can’t. It hurt,” Harry sighed, closing the newspaper up. There was one time that Persephone had come home crying that stuck in his mind like a tattoo, permanent on his brain with a struggle to get rid of it. 

She was only 15 years-old, a happy-go-lucky little girl as she took things as they came, a boyfriend by her side that made her feel like she was on top of the world; and Harry remembered just how he felt when he first had a girlfriend in his teenage years. What he didn’t remember was how it felt when said girlfriend broke his heart with the phrase ‘I want to break up’. When Persephone had stormed through the front door on afternoon, a half day at her school for teacher training, he knew something had happened in the few hours she’d been away from home and he had never expected her to experience the heartache that such a sensitive little girl would suffer. When she explained through consistent sobs and cries with her tears staining the t-shirt on his chest, he found it in his body to make sure he had enough detail and information on her coming boyfriends in the future to give them the stamp of approval for dating his eldest. 

His attention was turned towards the kitchen door as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs, soft giggles and coos coming from the twins as they stepped foot into the kitchen. “There’s my little pumpkins.”

Rose, a complete and utter daddy’s girl, trotted across the tiled floor and perched herself up on his knee. Her arm hooking around his neck as she made herself capable of sitting comfortably on a knee she was all too familiar with. At a young age, it was the knee she would situate herself up when she wanted to sit with him on the sofa and she would forever have her head resting against his thigh as she slept soundly through a movie she had insisted her watched with her. Darcy, however, was a mixture of the two. She was a mummy’s girl when she wanted snuggles and cuddles or help with homework, but she was a daddy’s girl when she wanted clothes or shoes or a lift to school because she couldn’t be bothered to walk down the streets. 

“Daddy, P’s home. And she has a pretty boyfriend,” Rose grinned, looking towards Darcy as she nodded in agreement. “Daddy, he looks really nice. You might like him,” she explained, pressing her soft lips to his cheek as he tilted his head to her touch.

“Mum, when will dinner be done?” Darcy wondered, reaching for a carrot slice from the chopping board as you set the knife down on the counter. “Mum, do you know anything about P’s new boyfriend?”

“His name is Jack and he seems like a lovely young man. Let’s give him a break today and be nice to him, yeah?” You stated, looking down at your youngest as she nodded. Her ponytail flitting from side to side as her head moved, a giggle leaving your lips as you cupped her cheek in your palms.“I meant daddy, but, I’m glad you’ll be nice to him as well, poppet. Now, will you go and get Alfie from his study whilst your sister sets the table whilst daddy answers the door?”

“Of course, mummy.”

* *

Dinner was great.

Everyone had seemed to have enjoyed what you had made, leaving minimal leftovers in the bowls on the table. Wine had been cracked open and shared amongst those who would drink, a couple of bottles set on the table spread as the evening went on. There was a comfortable silence, excluding the sounds of scraping metal against the china as you all ate, with an occasional question coming from Darcy or Rose, or Alfie. 

Yet, you knew something was stirring around in Harry’s head for he was too quiet for a dinner. A dinner that had his whole family together, with the exception of Jack. He cracked no jokes. He had no smile. And his eyes lost the spark that his green orbs would hold. He was going to crack, and with a twitch to his nose and a furrow of his eyebrows, a crease at the top of his nose, you knew it was coming anytime soon. 

“How long have you known my daughter for then, Jack?” 

And there it was.

Harry pushed away the plate from in front of him, setting his eyes on the boy sitting just diagonal to him at the dinner table. Beside his daughter and Alfie, who had perched beside him in a haste to finish his dinner to get back to studying for his exams. 

“Dad,” Persephone hissed, her head turning to look at Jack as he smiled politely towards Harry. “Please, dad. Don’t do this,” she begged. 

“M’not doing anything, love. I’m just getting to know the boy who seems to be bedding my little girl,” Harry stated, a smile on his lips as he looked back to the young lad sitting at the table. A wince left his mouth as he felt your foot collide with his shin, and he was sure a bruise was going to form later on. A look of displeasure and warning filled your face as Harry rolled his eyes, and turned back to Jack. “How long have you known my daughter?”

“We’ve been friends for a while. She’s in the same art class as me, and we got partnered one day for a class project and we hit it off from there,” Jack smiled, looking down at Persephone as a blush formed on her cheeks.

“He’s also in my Science class. He’s so good, dad. He’s a proper brain box,” Persephone giggled, lacing her fingers through Jack’s as he squeezed her hand softly. “He’s getting top marks in it, and I’ve seen his coming project and it looks so good,” she gushed, looking down at her lap.

“You’re getting top marks? That’s pretty impressive. Are you planning on having a well-paid job for your future? Are you capable of providing my daughter with the best she deserves?” He questioned, his stare being cold as he aimed the question he was dying to know at the nervous boy. There was no stopping him once Harry got started, and you felt the best thing to do was to let him play it out. Get the questions and the concerns and the worries out of the way to ensure he got what he wanted to give his stamp of approval to the one making his eldest happy. “What are your intentions with my daughter, young man?” Harry questioned, a stern sound in his voice as Jack looked nervously up to him. “I presume, you’re not just using my daughter for sex now? She really likes you. I don’t want to see you using her for your own pleasure, throwing her away when you don’t want her,” he reasoned, resting his elbows on the table as he clasped his hands together and set them beneath his chin.



“No, no. It’s okay, Mrs Styles. I can assure you both I’m not planning on ever using Persephone in that way. She means the world to me and I really do love her and it would mean the world if you accepted what we have. We’re really happy with the way we are and I’m not planning on throwing her away. I’ll always want her around,” Jack explained, running a nervous hand through his slightly curled locks and tugging slightly on the strands - a trait, that Persephone had noticed, he did when he was nervous and/or uncomfortable in a situation. “I promise, we’ve been together for what? 7 months now.”

“I still doesn’t mean you won’t hurt her like the others have done,” Harry stated, reaching for his wine glass. 

“Harry, enough of the wine. You need to stop. I told you to be nice,” you warned, coaxing the half-empty wine glass from your husbands hands and sending an apologetic look towards the boy who was sitting nervously in front of you. “Jack, sweetheart, would you like some apple pie? Harry makes a delicious one. It’s one of Persephone’s favourites,” you smiled towards your daughter, her cheeks flushed and her eyebrows furrowed as she stared towards her father.

It was a tradition that when Persephone would arrive home from university for a weekend - or a week, depending on if she had a break or if she had classes to attend too - an apple pie would be made and ready to be baked in the oven for pudding after a dinner cooked by you. It was also common for Harry to wait until she arrived home so that they could cordon off the kitchen and have father-daughter time, making the pie together and conversing about how her studies were going and how well she thought she was doing. 

And Harry would listen with perked ears. His attention turned to her as she spoke about something she was so fond of. Her art studies and her art work being a main topic to their conversations, and there was no word of a lie that Harry enjoyed listening to something that he himself had no talent in. He didn’t mind her talking about something that sounded like nonsense to him, because deep down, it made her happy and having a happy daughter lead to him being the happiest - as well as the proudest - father in the world.

“I would love some, Mrs Styles. I have to admit, apple pie is one of my favourites too,” Jack grinned. And there was always a conversation, in the middle of a nice bakery in Southampton, about how their apple pie didn’t live up to what her father would make when she visited home; a slight change happening when she insisted she would make it for him in the future to get him engulfed in the delicious taste she grew up on. “Would you like any help in the kitchen? I can help wash up or dry the cutlery?” He offered, a smile on his lips as he pressed his palms to his thighs, ready to stand from his seat.

“No, no. I’m sure Persephone would love to take you upstairs, give you a tour of the house and show you where she kept a shrine for her famous celebrity loves,” you teased, laughing softly as your eldest daughters cheeks lit up pink. But you knew, and she knew, that that was a long while back. And Persephone remembered the dreaded day she had to take all of her posters and all of her photos down, packing them into a box to be driven down to Southampton where she then forgot about them and left them in a box in the corner. “Go on. I’ll give you a shout when the pie is cooked. Do you have cream, ice-cream or custard?”

“I have cream with mine, thank you,” Jack smiled, looking at Persephone as she smiled up at him and squeezed his hand as she pressed a kiss to her boyfriend’s cheek. With that, you gathered your’s and Harry’s plates and proceeded to the kitchen, the soles of your slippers scuffing along the tiled floor of the room next to the dining room, your body disappearing behind the wall with the sounds of china being set on the counter top filtering into the silenced room.

“Dad?” Darcy wondered, breaking the silence with her eyes switching from the screen of her phone to where Harry was sitting, his eyes cast to Jack as he peppered kisses to Persephone’s face. “Dad?” She called louder, catching his attention as he looked across at her.

“What’s the matter, Darce?”

“Can we be excused from the table to show Jack the tree house in the back garden that you made for us? We have lots of stories to tell him and they include P as well,” Darcy grinned, a hint of begging laced in with her voice as she gave Harry widened eyes and a pout to her lips. “Please, dad?”

“Oh, can we, dad? That would so cool,” Alfie grinned, punching Jack in the shoulder as he looked at him. “We have some proper embarrassing ones about P, Jack. You’ll love it,” Alfie laughed, watching as Persephone rolled her eyes and dropped her head to Jack’s shoulder. “Dad, can we? And can we eat pudding up there?”

“I’m not sure, lad. Your mother might want us all in here,” Harry reasoned, standing up from his chair and gathering the plates left behind on the table. “Go and check with your mother, and we’ll see what happens,” Harry stated, reaching for the plate in front of Jack.

“Thank you for a delicious dinner, Mr Styles,” Jack smiled, looking to Harry as he gave him a smile. “I’m looking forward to trying your apple pie. Persephone tells me it’s amazing. She’s always complaining how the pie in the bakery in Southampton isn’t nearly as fantastic as yours,” he laughed softly, a smile breaking on Harry’s lips as he shook his head in delight. 

She spoke about him, and it made his heart warm and almost burst with love - the constant fear that he’d be somewhat almost forgotten about disappearing from his mind because, from then, he knew she spoke about her father in a way that made her seem proud and fond. Proud of the fact that he was her father, and that he was the one that raised her to be the way she was, and the she had him and no one else to call ‘dad’.

And it crossed Harry’s mind that maybe, just maybe, this boy wasn’t as bad as he thought he was. With his past experiences of Persephone’s boyfriends, and the nearing possibility of Darcy and Rose getting boyfriends, it was his natural instinct to freak out just as much as any other father would.  

His natural instinct to worry and question to himself about the boy that she was welcoming to the family, that she would possibly be bringing home for future weekends to have dinner with you all, that she was possibly showing her love to in the comforts of her - or his - bed back at the university. Any father would panic, and Harry panicked in a way that many other fathers would panic. Persephone was growing up, and it scared him because he swore that just yesterday she was a newborn baby settled in the crook of his elbow as she slept soundly, smelling of a new baby and nestling softly against the blanket she was swaddled in against his bare arm. He swore, that in the blink of an eye from the moment she was born and placed into his arms, she was off to college and ready to start the journey to her perfect career.

And it did scare him. 

He no longer had a little baby to dote on and he no longer had a little baby to express love for and he no longer had a little baby to watch grow into a perfect and flawless little mix of you and him. And he knew that the next time he would hold a newborn baby, it would be when his eldest was in the hospital all pregnant and in pain as she brought another little one into the world. 

He didn’t want any of his children to grow up, and he just wished he could have kept them in the comforts of your home under his wing as he selfishly kept them to himself.

“Honestly, I think if she could eat one meal for the rest of her life, it would be my apple pie,” Harry chuckled. A first proper chuckle and a first proper smile that had lit up his face in the past 2 hours of Jack being present in Persephone’s family home. “I need to give you both the recipe. Take it down to Southampton and make it one afternoon, maybe.”

“That would be so great, dad. I’ve been meaning to ask you for the recipe anyway,” Persephone grinned.

“Remind me after pudding, okay? I’ll write it out for you and maybe, I’ll let the two of in the kitchen one day next week to make it. But that’s only if I trust you won’t burn the house down. Persephone set the fire alarm off one evening trying to melt chocolate, so, we don’t want another repeat,” Harry smirked, turning on his heel and shuffling carefully out of the dining room as he left his three children and Jack to laugh at a blushing and embarrassed Persephone.

* *

As time passed by, the number of people sitting at the dining room table had decreased and no sooner rather later, Persephone and Jack were settled around with full bellies and wine-coated lips with Harry and yourself. In a comfortable silence, the four of you sat on opposite sides to the table, hands holding wine glasses of red wine as you made small talk; yet the silence was enough and it felt comfortable and there was no awkward feeling lingering around in the atmosphere. 

For the last hour and a little bit, the tension that was thick and visible and could be cut with a knife had disappeared and not only you but Persephone had felt a sense of relief wash over you. Harry had finally realised that his daughter had brought a good guy home and he was willing to give him a shot if Persephone felt he was good enough for herself.

As Harry felt your palm stroke his thigh soothingly and you presence leave his side, he let out a throat-clearing cough and hunched forward. His green eyes set upon his daughter and her boyfriend who were snuggled up almost slightly uncomfortable between the two dining room chairs. Persephone’s knees were pulled up to her chest, her head resting against Jacks’ shoulder as they kept their eyes locked on the phone that Harry could guess had a game flitting across the screen. 

“Jack, can you come with me for a moment?” Harry wondered. Jack’s brown eyes widening as Harry stood from his seat, a smile on his lips as he looked over Jack’s worried face. “Don’t panic. I’ve got something I want to tell you, and I’d rather tell you man to man rather than in front of all these emotional ladies,” he chuckled, nodding his head towards the back garden.

“Don’t be mean, dad. I thought you were okay with this?” Persephone wondered, removing her arm from where it was placed on Jack’s waist, her fingers drawing soft patterns into his t-shirt that covered his full and very stuffed belly. “If he’s mean, yell for me,” you heard her whisper, a soft laugh leaving Jack’s lips as he pushed his chair away from the table. 


“I’m not going to be horrible. I want a chat with him. And I want to apologise for my behaviour earlier on. I realised that’s not the best way to handle my fear of my children growing up,” he reasoned, running his hand through his brown locks. “I promise, I won’t keep him outside for long, okay? I won’t murder him, and I won’t be nasty.”

“Alright. If we hear noises or moans and screams, I’m coming out, okay?” You warned, standing up to press a kiss to Harry’s cheek. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” he whispered, your body manoeuvring away from him as you gathered the empty bowls sitting on the table. As he made his way to the back door, he instinctually looked over his shoulder and caught what made his heart and his chest ache. With Persephone’s arms wrapped around Jack’s waist, her head pressed against his stomach, as he ran his fingers through her hair. Letting the strands cascade down her back as he promised he’d be back sooner if she let go of him. A chuckle leaving his mouth as she frowned and gave him a pout which had resulted in a kiss to her lips, before Harry coughed to gather their attention. “As much as I love seeing you all loved up and everything, I would like to chat to Jack before it gets dark and cold out here,” he teased, a smile on his lips as his daughter rolled her eyes and unlinked her hands from around his waist.

As the two of them settled on two chairs around the patio table, Harry smiled softly and crossed his ankles, letting his heels rest against the wooden decking. 

“Jack, I really want to apologise for how I was with you earlier. You’ll understand my pain and the fear when you have a daughter yourself,” Harry chuckled lightly, looking across at the old and tired looking tree-house at the end of the garden. “It’s a natural instinct of mine to just, worry about who she brings home and she’s brought bad guys home in the past. Ones that me and (Y/N) just really had a bad vibe off, and we worry about who she’ll end up with in the future. When you walked through the front door this afternoon, I didn’t get a bad vibe from you at all and I felt like, I was trying to pick holes and find flaws in you that I was hoping you had,” Harry admitted, leaning forward and resting his forearms on his knees. “I’m sorry for that. I really do think you’re a fantastic guy and you make my little girl extremely happy and I couldn’t be any happier for the both of you,” he concluded.

“Mr Styles, it’s honestly fine. I expected it to come, if I’m honest,” Jack admitted, a nervous smile on his lips.

“Harry. You can call me Harry,” Harry smiled, patting Jack on the back as he smiled softly. “First name terms. I think we’ll be seeing you around a lot more than we think,” he teased, sending him a playful wink.

And Harry truly meant it. 

He wanted to see Jack more. Harry wanted Jack to be the one who came back from university on Sundays for Sunday roasts with the whole family and he wanted him to be the one he gave his daughter away too on her wedding day and he wanted him to be the one he got say was the father of his grandchildren. He wanted Jack to be the one who asked for Persephone’s hand in marriage, who asked for a blessing from him and Alfie one night during a Man United football game in a pub with Louis and Niall and Liam sitting in a booth with them. 

And he wanted Jack to be the one who took his place as the comfort in her life, to be the one who was there when she needed a cuddle because she had a tough day or because she didn’t feel beautiful enough or because wasn’t feeling well. He wanted Jack to be the one who took the runs to the store when she needed feminine products and ice-cream and heating pads and chocolate, and he wanted him to be the one who kept him updated on her life when she was too forgetful to give her mother and her father a text. 

And Jack felt honoured. The nerves he felt were worth it because no matter what was bouncing around in his mind hours before meeting his girlfriends family, the outcome was the complete opposite. And he couldn’t have been happier.

“I’m really thankful that you approve of me. It’s been a worry of mine for a long time, and I’m just glad you all like me. My family loved P when I took her home for my grandma’s birthday, and she loved them as well. She met all my cousins and everything and they got on so well, and I just, I felt like she’s really special to me,” the young boy smiled, his cheeks pink and flushing. “She’s incredible. And I love her. And she’s someone I really see a future with. And having your approval of me makes me feel so much better about everything.”

“Well, like I hinted towards it, you’re different to the other guys that P has brought home and I’m glad she’s come to her sense and picked one that has potential in life. Not one who likes to smoke or throw parties or even skip class because they find it too boring and uncool,” Harry sighed, rolling his head back as the wind picked up in the air. “I’d love to take you out on afternoon, what do you say? Just me and you, and Louis probably. Has she told you about Louis?”

“Her god-father, right?”

“Indeed. He adores her. I’m pretty sure he tries to take over as her father. She may as well have two fathers. He’s so invested in her life,” Harry explained. “He’ll want to meet you and he’ll be even worse than me, so, I’ll wear him down a little to make sure he’s not so hard on you. If me and my missus like you, then he’ll most definitely like you,” Harry smiled, looking over his shoulder as he looked to his eldest girl standing in the doorway.

It was unlikely for Louis to been uninvested in the life of Persephone - and all of the Styles children - and it was common for her to go to her Uncle Louis if she was having an issue that she felt uncomfortable talking to Harry or yourself about. Louis was her go-to guy when she needed someone other than her parents and there was a sense of contentment that Harry and yourself felt. When you received a call from Louis saying she’d fallen asleep on his sofa and that she had decided upon staying the night because she felt like she wanted her Uncle Louis cuddles more than anything in the world. 

“Do you want some tea?” Persephone wondered, her hands rubbing her upper arms as she caught the wind brushing past her. 

“I’d love one, poppet.”

“I’d love one, as well, P,” Jack smiled, sending her a wink as she turned on he heel with a giggle. “Thank you for bringing her into this world, Harry. I don’t think I’d be as happy as I am with someone else,” he admitted quietly, his head dropping to his chest. 

“Thank my missus for that. She did all the hard work,” he chuckled, standing up from his seat and patting Jack on the back one last time. “Come on. Let’s go inside. You deserve some time to yourself, provided you stay protected and don’t make me a grandfather yet. I may be 45, but I’m still young,” Harry pressed, a smirk on his lips as he followed Jack inside.

“We’ve not been there yet. We’re waiting for a special moment,” Jack stated, kicking off his boots and making his way into the kitchen with Harry hot on his heels. 

“More of a reason to welcome you to the family.”

Anything, Always

Genre: Angst and optional smut (I’ll explain in the a/n)

Word Count: 2867 + 1076(separate link)

TW: alcohol, drugs, drunk sex, swears, smut (again that’s optional)

Summary: “ “How ya doin, sapphire eyes? Having a nice night?” Dan leaned closer to the guy’s ear, whispering as softly as his tipsy mouth would let him. “Wanna have a better one?” “ — Dan gets drunk at a party and ends up having an intimate time with who he thought was a stranger. The next morning, he realizes just how wrong he was. 

A/N: my fic writing has returned from the dead! ah ok so i’ve been trying to write this for several months and i kept rewriting and rewriting and i finally have something half-decent i think! also a THANK YOU!!! to gretchen who beta-ed for me even though she was sleepy.

Optional Smut: ok so i know a lot of people are uncomfortable reading smut SO it will be included as a separate link. Nothing in it is central to the plot, all you need to know is that sexy things happen. enjoy with or without the smut!

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Inspired by this post from @nozoroomie :)

A happy New Year to all of you and thank you for these amazing first months on tumblr! I wish you guys all the best. 

“Welcome to μ’s Love Live!-party!” Jumping up in the air, Honoka raised a scarf with the Love Live! inscription above her head, all the while smiling happily.

“Honoka, be careful!” Umi, standing right beside her, scolded. “What if you are going to break a leg?”

“Calm down, Umi-chan. Nothing happened, right?” As always, Kotori was the bird-like voice between her two childhood friends.

Watching the second years, Nozomi couldn’t help but giggle. The three of them would never change. Not that she wanted them to. Moments like these were the reason why the purple haired girl loved to be around all her friends. But this time, despite them all being together, was different.

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I gasp. The others are still occupied with the kitchen, the bar and the restaurant, so they haven’t seen the ball room yet.
“My very first grand piano”, softly whispered under my breath.
I take this picture and state “Me first!”
I shouldn’t have said this, now the attention of my companions is no longer drawn to bottles, silverware and place mats but - of course - to the piano.
As always, we find a way not to stand on each others feet. Everybody is happy. I am the happiest.

Abandoned mountain hotel, Germany, September 2014.