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Thranduil’s Queen Headcannons

Okay everyone, sit tight, because I’m going to unleash a year’s worth of headcannons. 

General Headcannon about Elves

  • Since Tolkien did say that Middle Earth was our Earth in the distant past, the geographies should roughly line up. the twilit mere of Cuivienen would roughly be situated around the Caspian Sea area in Central Asia. Thus, I’d imagine that the earliest elves as well as the Avari who refused to depart from Cuivienen to have more Asian features, with slanted eyes and darker hair. 
  • Following the same logic, the Silvan elves who settled east of the Misty Mountains, and that area would roughly correspond to Central Europe, which is dominated by, you guessed it, temperate forests. The Sindar elves who settled in Beleriand would occupy Western Europe. 
  • The argument becomes a little more tenuous for the Vanyar and Noldor, most of whom (or in the case of the Vanyar, all) sailed to the West, which, pre-eleventh century, was considered the Great Unknown. 
  • Though blonde hair is not particularly prevalent in Central Asia, it does occur, and I’d like to think that the Vanyar were a group of elves who had such genetic predispositions. 
  • As for the strain of silver hair that runs in Telerin royal houses, that might just be due to a genetic lack of pigmentation.
  • Regarding Thranduil’s golden hair, he might have had an ancestor who was a Vanya (we can assume that elves married outside of their clans with the case of Indis and Finwe, a Vanyarin lady who married the High King of the Noldor). 

If only I put this much effort into my actual research. 

Okay, so this brings us to the main topic of this post: Thranduil’s queen. 

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Cash-Landrum incident- A UFO case that went to court:

“The object, intensely bright and a dull metallic silver, was shaped like a huge upright diamond, about the size of the Dayton water tower, with its top and bottom cut off so that they were flat rather than pointed. Small blue lights ringed the center, and periodically over the next few minutes flames shot out of the bottom, flaring outward, creating the effect of a large cone. Every time the fire dissipated, the UFO floated a few feet downwards toward the road. But when the flames blasted out again, the object rose about the same distance.“

In 1980,  Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum were returning to Dayton, Texas after a family meal, when they saw a brilliant orange light above some trees. The time was around 9:00 P.M and the family initially thought it was a plane coming in to land at Houston Intercontinental Airport, so they paid it little attention.

Some moments later, they began journeying down a long road and witnessed the same light as before. This time, it was a lot brighter and bigger. They reported that it appeared to be coming from a huge diamond-shaped object, which hovered at about treetop level. The object’s base was expelling large flames and Cash had to stop the car, fearing they might get burned if they drove any closer. However, Vickie was a born-again Christian and believed it was the second-coming of Jesus Christ. They walked closer to the object by foot but turned back, as they noticed the car’s metal began to heat up and the UFO was getting closer. Suddenly, a group of CH47Chinook helicopters (specialized choppers used by the military) approached the object and surrounded it in tight formation. With the road now clear, Cash drove on, claiming to see glimpses of the object and the helicopters receding into the distance. 

After their ordeal, Betty, Vickie, and Colby returned home safely. That night, they all suffered from a mystery illness: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, generalized weakness, and a burning sensation in their eyes. A professional radiologist later confirmed that they had all suffered from ionizing radiation and had severe burns from an ultraviolet component.

Eventually, Cash and Landrum contacted their lawyers and decided to take legal action to seek compensation. The case continued to occupy the U.S. Courts for several years. Cash and Landrum sued the U.S government for $20 million. On August 21, 1986, their case was quickly dismissed. The U.S. Government, and top military officials had testified that the United States Armed Forces did not have a large, diamond-shaped aircraft in their possession and presented several pieces of “evidence”. This case is certainly weird, and it may be surprising to learn that Betty died exactly 18 years to the day of the incident. The Cash-Landrum incident also happened one day after The Rendlesham Forest Incident, an eerily similar UFO case from the UK.

Why is There No Dusk (Sunset) Court?

The Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas @sjmaas, is set in a Faerie realm of Prythian governed by seven courts. Four seasonal courts, Spring Court, Summer Court, Autumn Court, and Winter Court. And three solar courts, the Dawn Court, Day Court, and Night Court.

Are we missing one? What happened to a Dusk or Sunset Court? Why did Sarah J Maas leave it out? Did it even exist?

Upon reading ACOTAR, I immediately wondered why there is no court dedicated to my favorite time of day. But I came up with some theories:

1. Dissolved by Night and Day Courts.

Based on the map, you would assume the Dusk Court would lie between the Day Court and the Night Court. Perhaps the Sunset was weak and was engulfed by Night and/or Day long ago. Although, I would assume Rhys would have mentioned this, especially if it bordered the Night Court or was a conquest. Then again, it could be far more complicated than that.

I would also assume that the territory of a Sunset court would have a large western coastline, more places to enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. See the Dawn court has a large eastern coastline for the sunrise. Though it’s possible, but I feel there is little evidence presented to support this theory.

2. Reserved Area

“The Dusk court” occupies a reserved area on Prythian that does not participate in the politics, hence there is no mentioned High Lord or even a “Court.” Perhaps concealment magic and deals with the other courts are involved, similar to what was discussed in ACOMAF.

3. Ties with Amarantha.

What court was Amarantha from? For a brief moment, I theorized that Amarantha was from a Sunset court (red and gold hair sounds sunset like to me). The zone is now “Under the Mountain” when she made herself Queen. But if this theory were to hold, then the transition would still be discussed and some mention of the Sunset court would be in the books. Seems highly unlikely.

4. Considered part of the “Dawn Court”

Dawn Court is assumedly sunrise, opposite to sunset. However, what if the “Dawn Court” is both the transitional periods, meaning, the Dawn court encompasses both a sunrise and a sunset. Perhaps the Dawn court reflects everything the sunrise and sunset are supposed to be. Beauty, change, the beginning and the end.

Though if that’s the case why is it called the “Dawn” Court. Well, there is an alternative word: Twilight, for both dawn and dusk.

/twi·light/ noun. the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the refraction and scattering of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere.

Twilight Court. Hmmm. “Dawn Court” has a beautiful ring to it, and I can see why SJM chose this name instead of “Twilight Court.”

5. The Mortal Lands, formerly the Sunset Court

The humans are the Dusk. Sunset marks an end. End of immortality? Well, that’s just absurd….right?

What do you think?

Edit: Renamed “Sunset” to “Dusk” See comments below for reasons.

Theater of Justice: Courtrooms Are Violent Stages Where ‘Justice’ Is Rarely Found

Last week, I sketched an evidentiary hearing for a woman named Cecily McMillan.

Two years ago, I’d seen Cecily convulse in handcuffs as the police shut down an Occupy Wall Street protest. Cecily was an organizer. A plain-clothes cop had grabbed her breast from behind, hard enough to leave a bruise shaped like his handprint. Instinctively, she elbowed him. Most women would do the same if a man grabbed them from behind.

The cops beat Cecily till they broke her ribs. As she had a seizure on the pavement, the crowd screamed for the police to call 911. The police just watched.

Two years later, Cecily is charged with assaulting an officer. She faces seven years in prison.

In that fake-wood courtroom in lower Manhattan, the judge told Cecily’s lawyer the fact that her arresting officer had beaten up other people was not relevant to her case. His records would be sealed. Afterward, addressing her supporters, Cecily tried to hide the tremor in her voice.

Courtrooms are a violent theater. The violence happens off-scene: in Rikers Island where a homeless man recently baked to death; in the shackles and beatings and the years far from everything you love. But the courtroom itself is the performative space, the stage where the best story triumphs, and where all parties, except (usually) the defendant, are just playing parts.


Honestly, part of the reason why I really want to see Homeworld is that Gems as we’ve seen them on Earth have largely been defined by not participating in various aspects of human culture that they don’t understand or have a need for, and we’ve seen and heard comparatively little of what they do gravitate towards in a setting they built exclusively for themselves. Each of the Crystal Gems’ temple rooms would appear to be storage space for personal belongings and an environment to relax in, suggesting that personal possessions are a common Gem concept…

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Karasuno first years+ Lev and Kenma love at first sight?

This was so much fun but a lot of work, it took me three hours gah- - Admin Sobakasu

Karasuno first years ( + Kenma and Lev ) Love at First Sight

Tsukishima Kei

Tsukishima was studiously reading over his notes, organizing his assignments, and making mental notes as to what to look for on the upcoming tests. The scratching of his pencil was lulling him into a constant study flow.

Suddenly a bag of books thumped onto the table next to him. Irritatedly, he looked up, expecting to see one of his hot-blooded teammates and was met with the wide, innocent eyes of an individual who meekly whispered,” Is it alright if I study here?”

To Tsukishima’s surprise he found himself murmuring a “Yes” in reply, it was as if they had cast a spell on him, he wanted to get to know them better, to memorize their voice, to trace their features with his long slender fingers.

It was as if his future with this complete stranger was flashing before his eyes like a cinematic film; Romance, sweet, heartfelt moments, troublesome times, warm touches, fierce passion-

His visuals were brought to an abrupt halt as the little person next to him let out a small frustrated huff.

“What’s the matter? You need help” he caught himself asking.

They shifted their notebook towards him, nodding sheepishly,” This question is unclear, could you explain it to me?”

Shit. Even their voice is cute, Tsukishima though to himself hiding the creeping blush on his face behind his expressionless demeanor.

“Of course.” he obliged, scooting closer to them so that their elbows would brush as he helped them with their homework.

There was no way that Kei was planning on letting this innocent little kitsune scamper away from him with his heart in tow.

Yamaguchi Tadashi

It had been a long day, Yamaguchi could agree with himself on that confidently at least. Practice had been long and hard, he had practiced his jump-floater serve until his t-shirt was soaked in sweat.

Even now he still didn’t feel the effect of the winter air on his skin as he walked home from school, admiring the scenery of the oncoming winter. The sun hid behind a thick blanket of grey clouds, and snow crystals fell on the sidewalk. It was so quite that he could hear the minute sound of them landing on the ground. It sounded like the clinking of tiny metal pieces falling onto the concrete.

He calmly rounded the corner, closing his eyes for a split second to yawn widely, when suddenly something fast and hard collided with him full force.

A moment or two later he was staring up at the sky, a figure bending over him with a look of worry and shock.

“A- are you alright?! I’m so sorry I didn’t see you! I’m such an idiot I need to watch where I’m going… Uh, um, can you stand?” They said offering their shaky hand. Yamaguchi accepted their hand gratefully and stood, clutching his head which was throbbing a bit, and also bleeding.

The gasp of horror he heard was almost as loud as his gasp of shock-

They were so beautiful it took his breath away.

Their eyes were glinting with tears, their winter hat slumped crookedly on their head to one side while their hair was an adorable mess.

He wanted to tell them that everything would be alright and that it wasn’t their fault at all, and that was when he realized how scraped up their hands and knees were as well as the huge gash on their shin.

“We need to get you some help!” Yamaguchi shouted a bit panicky as he picked their over-turned bike up off of the cement and offered his hand to them.

He escorted them to his house where he bandaged them up with some bandaids from Tsukishima that had little dinosaurs on them as well as pouring them hot chocolate. Yamaguchi gave them quite the special treatment; after all, this was his first time in love and he didn’t even know it.

Kageyama Tobio

He was enjoying his break as he did most days, heading towards the vending machine to get his usual milk carton. That was when he saw them. There, in the middle of the courtyard, they were standing there with a volleyball in hand.

Instantly, his curiosity piqued.

He watched from the corner of his eye as he selected his drink, not realizing that his finger was a single selection off.

They tossed the ball high into the air and began their approach. Soundlessly they chased after the toss, their arms drifting behind and then rocketing forward launching them into the sky like an eagle taking flight.

But what was most amazing, was the sound it made when their hand struck the ball. Like a crack of lightning they sent the ball spiraling to the far side of the courtyard where it powerfully plowed into the grass.

The vending machine beeped and Kageyama’s attention was diverted as a foreign drink dropped down instead of the milk carton he wanted.

Cursing under his breath, he kicked the machine in irritation.

“Is something wrong?” the court-yard server asked, approaching Kageyama suddenly causing him to flush with embarrassment.

“Uh- Err… I just got the wrong drink… That’s all.” he stammered, pouting a little.

“That can be fixed.” They smiled reaching into their school-bag. “Here, I’ll buy that drink from you, and you’ll have just enough to get yourself what you want.”

They smiled pleasantly and Kageyama couldn’t help but attempt to smile back as he handed over the drink.

As their hands brushed, he noticed how soft their skin was, even though they could perform such a powerful serves. Even from there he could smell their shampoo, strawberry, it was wonderful.

He thanked them with a shy smile and began drilling asking them about their serving techniques. He wasn’t aware of it, but his heart was on fire.

Hinata Shouyo

He sighed frustratedly, this was one of those afternoons that he had to practice on his own due to Kageyama having to be tutored by Ennoshita and Tsukishima.

“I guess it can’t be helped.” he said out loud to himself while twirling his volleyball on one finger.

Thankfully his school had a sand volleyball court, but only one, so the competition over it was fierce at times; and to his dismay, someone already occupied the court.

He sulked a bit as he neared the court, who knew how long they’d be there for?

But his sulking turned to curiosity; the person practicing was shorter than him.

There were several plastic bottles lined up in front of the net that they were setting to.

Their skillful hands launched the ball up high and gracefully, never missing the mark once. He was absolutely captivated.

He couldn’t help but notice how their sweaty white t-shirt clung to their body, the exertion in the early-summer’s sun was taking its toll, but they still pushed on with their practice.

Suddenly the focused setter realized that they were no longer alone, and that two golden brown eyes were following them closely.

“Umm… Can I help you with something?” they asked inquisitively.

Flustered, Hinata shook his head trying to hide his blush, but to no avail.

“I- I uh, was just watching you, you’re very amazing.” He stared at his hands subconsciously.

“Oh, ah, thanks. You play volleyball?”

Hinata’s eyes flashed and his hair seemed to fluff out a bit.

“Osu! I love volleyball, especially quick sets like GWAHH-“ he trailed off realizing how stupid he probably sounded to this total stranger.

They burst out into a fit of giggles, “ I’m sorry, i- it’s just that you’re so adorable. Want me to set to you?”

His shame turned to enthusiasm,” You mean it?! I’d really like that, thank you!”

The two of them spent the entire afternoon together, the sounds of the duo echoing long into the evening. This was what you would call “love at first spike” for Hinata (I’m so sorry for my awful puns).

Lev Haiba

Some days after practice, Lev took a longer route home. The reason being was that he loved going to the local pet-shop, and he had just enough time before the train would arrive to visit and kill some time.

He hummed pleasantly to himself as he opened the door to the shop, the entry bell rung in greeting, signaling that he was officially entering paradise. Stretching and smiling widely, he made his way over to the side of the shop that showed which cats were for sale.

As he approached the cage where a little white kitten that he had visited for the past month lived, he felt something was off. After all, the kitten was finally old enough for adoption, and he had been planning on adopting it. He could already see himself as the proud owner-

His emerald eyes widened suddenly.

“WHAT?!?!” he shouted a little too loud causing some parakeets in a nearby cage to flutter around.

A red and white “Just Adopted” stamp crossed over the kitten’s age and information.

“Is something the matter?” A voice inquired from behind him.

Lev whirled around in a flurry of mixed emotions,” Who adopted this kitten, I really wanted it and-“

He stopped short, looking down at the worker who was wearing a cute light blue apron over their red and white striped shirt and jeans.

“Actually it was me who adopted th-“

“You’re gorgeous-“ he accidentally blurted out, interrupting them.

The shop-worker was dumb-founded, their face very red and staring at him in surprise.

“Eh, um is this what you would call ‘love at first sight’?” he muttered to himself now becoming more increasingly aware of how awkward he was and the how much he probably freaked the shop-keeper out just now.

Kenma Kozume

Kenma stood in line at the video game store feeling rather inconspicuous due to Kuroo’s large and lanky frame towering over him from behind. Although he hated to admit it, Kenma was very thankful to have Kuroo escorting him to places. He was nervous and uncomfortable in large numbers.

After what seemed like hours, it was finally his turn to check out. He placed the stack of games and money on top of the counter and glanced at the cashier from behind his electronic mountain, and to his astonishment they were looking back at him with a light blush dusting over their captivating features. He found himself drawn to their intelligent eyes that looked like they were beaming with inquisitiveness.

“Did you dye your hair?” They asked suddenly raising their eyebrows.

Kenma nodded, his words seemed to have logged out temporarily.

“That’s so cool, it looks awesome too! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but I don’t know how… Mind showing me sometime?” they asked handing him his receipt with their phone number scribbled on it in black sharpie.

Kenma blushed,” It’d be my pleasure.”

They smiled so cutely it made him return the expression, he couldn’t help it. Kuroo chuckled in the background.