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The most buzzare thing abt this Fyre thing is reading articles abt all the chaos going on, they legit started occupying other people’s tents throwing their stuff out, starting fires and robbing each other like it’s the end of the world??? Only rich people can go on a camping trip to the fucking Bahamas and think they’re suddenly Katniss cuz their tents doesn’t have a built in jacuzzi

I’m Talking About You

Request: Can I have something with Bellamy x a shy reader? Where Bellamy always goes to the reader for advice and that’s kinda like their thing because only she understands and he slowly starts having feelings for her. While she’s always had feelings for him but she does feel like she’s “in his league”. But honestly I love your writing so you can twist it any way you want all I really want is something “Bellamy x shy reader” lol

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: This was such a cute idea, thank you for the request! And thank you so much, I hope I did your request justice.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by rebelkingfreckles

There was the pitter-patter of steps, the sudden sound of a zipper being pulled and soon enough your empty and barren tent was occupied by another. With a small, shy smile you turned to the new comer, your head tilting upwards at the sheer height of the man. “Hello, Bellamy.” You greeted politely, your voice only coming just above whisper.

Bellamy smiled at you and you tried to hide the flush that came about when that bright, sincere smile was directed towards you. Only you. “Just needed to see a friendly face.” The comment was innocent enough but because of the giant crush you’ve had on him for weeks now, such a small innocent comment made your stomach flutter and you felt your face heat increasingly from embarrassment.

Bellamy was a kind man, and though he had his troubles you knew he always meant his best. Originally you hadn’t even liked Bellamy, well you hadn’t really liked anyone. Though like isn’t necessarily the word, it was just you were more shy than anything and when first coming down onto earth being extremely introverted didn’t help you find a lot of companions. Soon enough, you found that everyone sort of new each other but no one really knew you. It was tough and lonesome but it was just who you were. You’d never been confident and found more reassurance in stuffing your face in a book rather that being bombarded by different people.

Of course growing up without a lot of socializing made your socializing skills… poor. Which made you shy.

Though when Bellamy had suddenly started talking to you, you felt your world flip. Even to this day you weren’t even sure why he came to you. Sure you were good at giving advice and being there for others, you’d always preferred listening rather than talking, but plenty of people were good at that. You were most definitely not the only one down here on the earth that could listen. But despite your insecurities, Bellamy kept coming back and kept becoming the object of your thoughts.

What started as a silly crush fascinated his (rather) good looks and sweet words, bloomed into a full blown out crush where all you thought about was him. Though you’d never say anything. Ever. Not just because of your shyness, but you knew of the girls he made his round with and you knew that you did not compare to them in the slightest.

“U-Uh, well i’m always here.” You stuttered, mentally cursing yourself for sounding so pathetic.Bellamy grinned at your obvious embarrassment but said nothing. Stepping further into your tent, Bellamy set himself down next to you. You tried to stay calm when he thigh touched yours and ignored the way your body squirmed. “What’s troubling you know?” You asked, a small smile on your face and you turned up to look at him.

Bellamy grinned mischievously, but you barely noticed, to wrapped up in the fact that you were sitting so closely to him. There was clear trouble in his eyes but you were oblivious to it all; “well actually there’s this girl…” He started. You tried to hide your disappointment at the mention of another girl and reminded yourself of the fact that you weren’t in his league.

“O-Oh?” You replied, keeping your focus.

Bellamy nodded, seemingly deep in thought. “Yes, actually. I’m at a lost on what to do and i’m not sure how I should approach the situation.”

“Well, maybe start off by describing her? It’s obviously one of the girls here, and maybe I can help. Though I don’t know them all that-” You stopped your ramblings when you saw Bellamy raise an eyebrow to you. Closing your you ignored the way you lit up red and clasped your hands together on your lap. “S-Sorry…” You mumbled, looking down at your lap. “Why don’t you describe her to me?”

“Well she’s very beautiful. Very sweet. She’s not very strong… but she’s good at keeping her own and her mind is where her strength is. She’s got the most beautiful H/C hair and the most stunning E/C eyes. She’s not all that confident in herself but I believe that’s what makes her who she is, she’s also very quiet but I pride myself in being able to get her to talk. She blushes adorably and she always listens to me.” Bellamy finished explaining, his voice lowering with each sentence. He let his eyes fall on you, fearful for your reaction but surprisingly you seemed unaffected.

“I’d say you’re smitten with her, I believe you should just tell her.” You said, completely oblivious of the fact that Bellamy was talking about you.

“Y/N. I’m talking about you.”

With wide eyes, a red face and sudden panic filling your stomach, you turned to Bellamy. “E-Eh?”

“I’m in love with you, Y/N.” Bellamy admitted. You froze, blushing madly and looking down at your lap you thought over what to say but was too frozen with shock; “please say you return my feelings.” You stayed silent for a long time, stuck with a loss of words. You heard Bellamy sigh and he softly set his hand on your thigh before pushing off the seat and walking to the exit of your tent. Sudden confidence flooded you and before he could walk out you yelled wait; “I-I do like. No,” you shook your head. Nodding your head, you looked up at his eyes. “I love you.

A sudden smile graced his features and walking back towards you he pulled you up, grabbing your face. “Great.”                          

Unexpected visitor.

@milkandcookies528​ :Aaron smut where they’re in the middle of fucking in his office and they get caught.😁

Anonymous: Your Hotch smut gives me life so could you maybe do one where he asks the reader into his office and she thinks she’s in trouble but he just wants to tease her and then ends up doing her on his desk

A/N: OKAY SO HERE’S THE CATCH…i turned this into a Aaron/Spencer/Reader threesome, i hope the people who requested forgive me! Also, this is extremely long I apologise.

Summary: Aaron calls Y/N, who thinks she’s in trouble, into his office. However, the sneaky little shit just wants to tease her but as they’re about to get it on, Spencer walks in and then…well…smut ensues.

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I think 2016 has resulted in a lot of people in need of some cheering up… so here’s a piece that I hope makes my followers smile! An alternate first meeting between a much younger Arthur and Merlin, the little dumplings… Oh, and please feel free to totally ignore this and imagine whatever you wish for the scene, but I did write a short accompanying fic… which took so much longer than the actual art, ahh!

I’ll probably edit it here and there, since writing is not my forte, so I apologize for the slightly different versions that’ll end up going around, lol… Nonetheless, please enjoy, and here’s to our fantastic and everlasting fandom! May 2017 bring peace and happiness and many good things! Happy New Year!  

♥ Whimsy


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Darling, Always

Originally, this began as another request, but it started taking a completely different turn, so I just rolled with it. I took @gaming-booty ‘s request for fluffy Ignis things and ran happily with it. In case you can’t tell from reading this, I love Ignis so much.

I might have been listening to [THIS] while writing the fluffy scenes.

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Written for the 100 Kinks List,  #19 - almost getting caught - requested by an anonymous requester   

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  964

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex, sex in a semi-public place

Author’s Notes: Here, have some smut and Dean being an adorable little shit. Thanks for being understanding when I needed a break.

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The 107th

I cannot begin to even imagine how this situation must feel. The soldiers of WWII were so brave, but I think that their wives and families must have been so strong too. I am not sure I would have that strength.



From backstage you watched Steve attempt to perform his usual routine, but he was not getting the response that he normally got. That made sense.

He was not performing in front of children, families, and people oblivious to the realities of war. He was standing up in front of soldiers. They didn’t want to watch Captain America. They had no need to. They were out in the front lines everyday. Captain America stood for the American army, but these soldiers were the American army.

When the soldiers called out for the dancers to come back on stage, Steve hastily retreated, feeling a little bit embarrassed.

You both went and sat underneath an open tent, out of view of anyone. You had been Steve’s assistant for a while now, traveling around America in order to sell bonds. Then it was decided you would be sent to the camp in Italy, to support the troops face to face.

With each performance, Steve became more depressed. He wanted to help, but this was not how he imagined it. He wanted to be a soldier, not a puppet.

You sat in silence, watching him sketch in his book, and listening to the rain that had begun to fall on the canvas roof, when a beautiful woman hesitantly approached you both.

She had soft brown hair, beautiful eyes, and red lipstick. You immediately recognized her as Agent Carter, from the drawings that Steve used to send you.

“Hello Steve,” she spoke with her British accent.

“Uh, Peggy, hi…” was Steve’s awkward reply.

You smiled to yourself as you watched your friend attempt to talk to the woman he obviously fancied.

“Peggy, this is (Y/N),” he eventually said, “(Y/N), this is Peggy. Uh… Agent Carter.”

You both said hello politely, and then she began to peer into Steve’s book. “A lab rat or a dancing monkey? You were meant for more than this you know.”

“I wanted nothing more than to be a soldier, but if this is what I have to do, then this is what I have to do,” Steve replied. He looked around the camp and then continued, “they look like they’ve been through hell.”

It certainly did seem that way. Ambulances were constantly delivering injured men, and the soldiers watching the show looked weary. You were acutely aware of how miserable they were all feeling, but you were trying hard to block that out as much as possible.

“They crossed the enemy line to try to do some damage to Hydra, but they were outmatched. This is all that’s left of the 107th,” Peggy replied sadly.

“The 107th?” you asked with an urgency you very rarely possessed, exchanging a worried glance with Steve. Your head began to spin, and breathing became difficult.

“Yes,” Peggy replied with a look of concern.

Steve grabbed your hand gently, and began pulling you along. Peggy followed confused, until all three of you were standing in the tent occupied by Colonel Phillips.

“And what can I do for you?” he asked without raising his head.

You couldn’t speak, so you were glad that Steve was next to you.

“I need you to look for a name sir,” Steve replied respectfully.

“Listen, I am very busy. I can’t just stop what I am doing because you say you need something.” The Colonel was very stressed, and overburdened by his duty.

“Please, my friend’s husband is in the 107th,” Steve replied, a little bit more desperately.

Colonel Phillips finally looked up, and the look on your face was enough to convince him to help you.

“What is his name?”

“Sergeant James Barnes,” you replied quietly, dreading the next few moments.

“You know, I have signed more of these today than I care to count,” Colonel Phillips spoke, rifling through a stack of papers on his desk, “but that name does ring a bell.”

In another moment, Colonel Phillips found what he was looking for, and passed you a letter gently.

Opening it, tears that had been fighting to free themselves ran silently down your cheeks. Steve moved closer to you to put his arm around you, and Peggy looked down at the ground.

“Wait,” Steve began shakily, “this says presumed dead.”

“Yes. Hydra killed a lot of people, but there were also reports of prisoners.”

“Well, why don’t you send some men and…”

“Listen, Rogers, the talk of prisoners is unconfirmed. And, even if it were true, they are so far behind enemy lines, we would lose more men than we would save.”

Colonel Phillips turned to you, and with a more gentle tone said, “I’m sorry Mrs. Barnes. We are working on a plan right now. So, if you will please excuse me.”

Colonel Phillips went back to his work. You didn’t notice Steve analysing the map that was propped up against a beam.

“Come on,” he said gently, once again taking your hand, and guiding you outside of the tent.

Once outside, you began to feel numb.

“What am I going to do?” you asked no one in particular.

“You’re going to wait for me here,” Steve replied, moving toward an unoccupied car.


“If Bucky is alive, I’m going to find him,” Steve sounded determined, and you sensed a small swell of hope amongst the fear that he felt.

“Then I’m coming with you.”

“No (Y/N), it’s too dangerous.”

“Steve please, I can’t just sit here. You and James have both trained me to defend myself, and I’m not a bad shot. I can help. Please don’t make me stay here. He’s my husband.”

Steve considered this for a moment, and reluctantly nodded.

“If you two are serious about doing this,” Peggy spoke, surprising the both of you, “then you will need help. I happen to know one of the best civilian pilots around, unless you plan on walking to Austria.”

Better Not Snore ; John Murphy x Reader

Title | Better Not Snore

Pairing | John Murphy x Reader

Fandom | The 100

Prompt | The reader needs a good night’s rest.

Warnings | Swearing

A/N | Felt inspired to do some writing and I figured I’d practice another reader-insert. I made it a Murphy one because I absolutely love the trashbaby. This is more cutesy than anything. Enjoy!

Exhaustion tugged at your eyelids as you trudged into the dropship. Several of the other delinquents had already gone to sleep, their snores filling the empty space. You had worked nonstop since this morning. Helping gut the animals, get water from the nearby fall, work on fortifying the wall that surrounded the camp, and being on guard duty had worn you down. But it seems like a comfortable night’s sleep, something you desperately wanted, wasn’t an option. As you scanned the dropship, you grudgingly noticed there wasn’t enough space to lay down without having to curl up in a ball, or lay directly on top of someone. And you doubted that the second floor to the dropship was any different, spotting an arm dangling off the edge along with a string their drool.

“Fuck my life,” you mutter irritably, spinning around on your heel and going back to the center of camp.

There were still people awake, though it was mainly people on guard duty and those who hadn’t finished their designated tasks. Some were even hanging around the campfire, simply chatting away. What you really needed was silence. You had grown so accustomed to the silence on the Skybox that it was the only way you could sleep now. That and with the Grounder threat, every noise unsettled you and often kept you up until your body couldn’t handle it anymore.

You looked at the tents, all occupied by Bellamy’s favorite suckups. It still managed to piss you off that Bellamy was in charge, and only treated the people who listened to him right. In fact, it was because you still kept the metal band on your wrist, when he pressured the others into taking them off, that got you all those menial jobs to do.

“Don’t just stand there like an idiot,” an irritatingly familiar voice said from behind you, “either do something or go to bed.”

Turning, you spotted who you often referred to as Bellamy’s court jester, John Murphy.

“I didn’t know standing was illegal,” you say blandly.

“Being a smartass is.” Murphy say coldly.

“Then you should be hanged.”

He rolls his eyes and takes a step closer to you, “Why aren’t you in the dropship?”

The question is simple enough that you don’t feel the need to be a smartass. Instead you shrug and go, “No room. Plus, the snoring was beginning to get as obnoxious as Bellamy’s oh-so inspiring talks.”

For a moment you think you see a smirk, but it disappears so quickly that you doubt you actually saw it. Instead, Murphy feigns irritation, gazing around the camp before pointing towards one of the tents almost awkwardly, not looking at you.

When he doesn’t speak, you go, “Yes, Murphy, I see the tent.”

“Just… get in and promise not to mess with my shit,” he grumbles.

The offer shocks you for a moment, but you don’t want the opportunity to have a peaceful night’s rest to slip by. Uttering a very brief thank you, you walk towards the tent and push the flap to the entrance back. Murphy doesn’t follow, but you’re more concerned with the inside of the tent. You thought Mbege shared it with him, but seeing the one cot tells you otherwise. Besides the cot is a jacket that Murphy wore the first day the dropship landed. After Wells sliced it, he had taken one of the jackets from clothes left by the first two casualties.

Another thing you notice is how tiny the tent is, something you didn’t notice beforehand.

“Well,” you say to yourself, “the fucker better not snore.”

You snatch the torn jacket from beside Murphy’s cot, sit on the ground, and bunch it up to be used as a pillow. Being so tired, you don’t even bother to take off your boots. Once you lay down, it only takes a few seconds before you fall into a dreamless slumber.

You wake up feeling warm and more well rested than you have the past two nights you’ve been here. Before you sit up, you immediately register three things: the arm draped around your waist, the feeling of soft breath tickling your neck, and the fact that you’re in Murphy’s tent. Your face suddenly reddens and your stomach flutters. Slowly, you attempt to gently pry his arm off of you, grabbing the wrist and slowly moving it upwards. Suddenly, his arm clasps around you and yelp in surprise.

“I told you not to touch my shit,” he grumbles, returning his arm to his side and slowly getting up.

You look at him questioningly. “…What?”

He shoves his old jacket in your face as a response.

no cure

a/n: dropping it like BigHit;; surprise!

word count: 4542

|| sequel to immune


Originally posted by jengkook

“I’m immune.”

Y/N held her clasped hands behind her head as the guards flooded down, a collective swarm of she’s immune? coming out of each of their mouths. Their guns pointed straight to her head as her tired eyes focused into blank space, her heart heavy and blood splattered all over her face and clothes.

One of the guards took cautious steps towards her, his gun held firmly in his hand and pointed right at her forehead.

“You’re immune, huh?” His gruff voice was slightly muffled by his helmet, the plastic face mask shielding his face. Taking a deep breath, Y/N nodded her head, her knees beginning to hurt from kneeling on the dirt ground. Another guard picked up her gun, examining it closely before an unarmed person walked out in the open.

“What the hell’s going on?!” he shouted, his black hair falling into his eyes. Y/N’s wearily looked up at the boy who came rushing out, eyeing his young face – the was no way he was over twenty years old, but the way he held himself up made him seem much, much older. Stepping back to stand beside the boy dressed in all black, the guard whispered – quite loudly due to the face mask – the situation that was unfolding before everyone.

“She-she says she’s immune, sir.” The guard’s voice faltered in the presence of authority. The boy’s eyebrows furrowed as his eyes flickered to Y/N’s direction, their gazes meeting and colliding. Tension hung around the air as silence fell upon the crowd. Taking rushed steps towards Y/N, the boy squatted in front of her, meeting eye-to-eye.

“Prove it to me,” he uttered, his elbows resting casually on his knees, “Or I can just kill on the spot.”

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Part 2-Do Not Disturb

Frisk ran right through the barrier, arms extended.For a moment, it felt like they were pushing through water–in the next, they were skidding to a stop in an attempt to keep balance.

There was a flash of blinding light, and suddenly Frisk found themselves surrounded by monsters, people and a spectacle of lights. An enormous tent now occupied the center of the clearing, garlands of color spread across its red body, the mysterious symbol once again visible, sewn into the flag at the top.

Around the main tent were plenty of lively stalls, brimming with children and adults alike. Frisk was amazed at how few humans were present–or, rather–how many monsters were gathered together at once. Not wanting to stand out, Frisk made haste to the nearest stand and decided to investigate.

There were plenty of games to play, and food to eat, but the child had not a single coin to their name. After perusing the more lively areas, Frisk had managed to wind their way around the back of the main tent, where a smaller encampment lay exposed.

Suddenly, a far-off loudspeaker seemed to crackle to life!

*HOi evryOnes! ShowTEMz in TeN! Grab YUr seats at the main TEM–er, TENT!

Curious, the child ducked into a side tent, reminding themselves to ACT swiftly.

It was empty inside, save for a few boxes of spare props and an aging birdcage, which stood in the center of the space.

Frisk approached the ornate thing carefully, reading the little sign draped across the stand.


No sooner had their eyes gleaned the necessary information than the flower inside drew itself upward, stretching itself out as if it was yawning. It looked at Frisk and did a double take, stretching towards their face in joy.

*Chara! Chara, is that–oh.

Frisk had pulled away, perplexed. The flower’s gaze turned icy, and it shrank into its pot once more.

*The show’s about to start, isn’t it? Get lost.

With that, it stopped talking. Despite Frisk’s insistance, the flower would not respond. Growing bored, they made their way to the main tent, melding with the crowd in the hopes of finding their seat.

an outlaw for an inlaw // makorra au

A/N: the makorra robin hood inspired au i probably shouldn’t have spent this much time on. korra’s a warrior princess, mako’s a thief, and the tension (both sexual and otherwise) is too real.

word count: 3,627


He swung through her bedroom window at midnight, ripping her favorite red gauzy curtains in the process, and all she could think was that the wanted posters did not do his eyebrows justice. 

The alabaster skin, bright amber eyes, and prominent red scarf should’ve made him easy to pick out even in darkness, but he seemed to move in tandem with the shadows - blending so seamlessly into the backdrop of her ornate room it was as if him and his frayed, fingerless gloves belonged there.

Korra knew better, though.

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beautiful stranger

rating : pg-13

word count : 1283

characters : you x jimin

genre : cliché, fluff (?)

It was the first night of camping in the woods for your class’s graduating class and everything seemed like pure bliss. Your four best friends were in your cabin, bacon and eggs were on the menu in the morning, and the bed was extremely comfortable-making your slumber superb.

All of the good thoughts vanished as the sound of a fire alarm cut through the silent air. “What the hell is this?!” A person next door rang out, making you alert even though you barely had two hours of sleep.

“Everyone get out in a calm manner!” A teacher yelled frantically but her screams were blocked out by the sound of the student’s rushed and frantic footsteps.

Your friends were all up by now, grumpily putting on their slippers, not even dazed unlike everyone else’s alarm. You copied their actions and walked out of the cabin along with them.

Everything seemed like a blur; maybe it was because you were half asleep or maybe it was because you were now standing next to a really cute guy who was only in his boxers. You’ve never seen him before, but now you wonder why because he was absolutely gorgeous. His messy brown locks were falling in front of his hooded lids, which were barely staying open due to the lack of sleep. Even though he boxers were checkered with fluffy white clouds and pastel yellow suns with faces on them - he looked pretty sexy. Especially since they rode low on his hips and that his abs were toned and visible.

You were informed that someone accidentally and recklessly forgot to blow out their candle and the curtain in the cabins were set on fire. Even though the fire was on one end of the cabins, the authorities wanted everyone to be evacuated in case the smoke travelled.

People were setting up tents and going in them in a rush to restart their interrupted sleep, except for you and the guy beside you. “Excuse me,” you said while raising your hand to grab the attention on a person of authority. Once you’ve alerted a teacher, you began to tell him your situation.

He nodded and rubbed his chin in thought. “I’m afraid that all of the tents are occupied and in full capacity.” The teacher looked unconcerned, uninterested, and slightly annoyed because the issue was keeping him from just slipping away in unconsciousness. “All I know is that there’s a small tent. Maybe you and Jimin could sleep in that.”

You looked over to the boy who’s name was Jimin. “I thought we weren’t allowed to sleep with the opposite gender.”

“I don’t really care,” Jimin murmurs. He scratches the back of his neck and yawns. “I think we’ll take that offer,” he say nonchalantly. “Right?” He turns to face you, staring at you as if it would persuade into complying.

“Fine,” you gave in. A small smile appeared on Jimin’ face. You weren’t sure if he was happy that you had agreed or because he could finally sleep again.

The teacher shrugged and came rushing back with a tiny tent that looked like it could only fit one person. “Have a nice night, bye!” His words were so rushed and choppy that it seemed like he didn’t want to put up a fight. What a clean getaway, you scoffed at the thought and looked over at Jimin who had already put up the tent.

“Impressive,” you nodded satisfied. It kind of amazed you at how fast he could construct a tent without any instructions while in a tired state.

He chuckled and waved his hand, as if he was waving away the compliment. “Thanks, but it’s easier than you think.” Jimin shook the tent once to test the strength and durability of the tent before nodding in satisfaction. “Looks good to me,” he said while backing up. “After you.”

You laughed at his courtesy, “Thank you." You stepped in to see that it looked more cramped inside than the outside. But on the bright side, the teacher was decent enough to supply you two with pillows and a blanket.

After zipping up the tent, Jimin took one look at the interior and his jaw dropped. "Oh shit, we’re going to be cramped.” He waited for you to get comfortable until he laid down beside you.

You honestly wanted to get to know him better but you decided to call it a night because it was so awkward laying down beside a shirtless guy that you just met. “Well, I’m going to sleep now… Good night.”

“Wait,” he murmured, stopping you from turning your back to him. “I forgot to ask for your name. I’m Park Jimin by the way.”

You introduced yourself shortly and almost cringed at how uncomfortable the atmosphere was. “Sweet dreams,” you muttered, trying to fall asleep so you could escape the tense situation. With your back turned to him, you closed your eyes and tried to slip into unconsciousness.

“I can’t sleep,” he whined into your ear, surprising you at how close he was. His hot breath was tickling your ear and his breathing sent shivers down your spine.

“You were nearly falling asleep outside the tent. What happened?” You asked and brought your arms close to your chest as if it would calm your heart rate.

Jimin brought the blanket up so that it covered both of you from torso to toes. “I don’t know, I just want to get to know you better." 

Your face flushed at his statement, making you grip the soft blankets with your fingers. "You’ll get to know we more in the morning,” you chuckled. “Besides, we don’t want to stay up if we’re going to be doing tons of sports tomorrow.”

“Alright, alright,” Jimin laughed. “Make that a promise.” He held out his thumb and you made a pinky promise while giggling due to the cute gesture.

His lips came in contact with you cheek so quickly that you couldn’t believe that it even happened. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered before wrapping his muscular arms around your torso.

Now, you definitely couldn’t fall asleep.

You woke up to feel a large figure hovering above you. With a few blinks and eye rubs, you realize that Jimin’s face was centimetres away from yours. “Now, can I get to know you better?”

“Yeah sure,” you muttered, making him laugh at your cute reaction.

He brought down his plump, pink lips to yours and tangled his fingers in your hair. His knees ran down each side of your thighs, making you press your fingers to his chiselled abs. Jimin’ waist fell down to meet yours, making you want him even more than you did before. You felt him smirk against your lips, glad that he saved this moment for the morning so that both of you had more energy. He stole your breath, making you pant, causing your chest to fall and rise in rhythmic patterns.

“Rise and shine!” A bull horn made both of you jump to opposite sides of the tent as everyone started to wake up.

A sudden realization made your eyes widen - you didn’t brush your teeth and you had just woke up. You smelt your breath before you head Jimin say, “don’t worry, you smell fine.”

He sighs and starts unzipping the tent, “I have to get my clothes and set up for breakfast.” You pouted in disappointment, earning a grin from him. “I’ll see you.”

When he leaves, you purse your lips due to his abrupt departure. Your face brightens up when he appears in the tent again. “What are you doing here?”

“Forgot something,” he says before kissing you.

CHINA, HONG KONG : A woman walks on a flyover at the pro-democracy movement’s main protest site in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong early on December 3, 2014. The original founders of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Occupy movement tearfully announced on December 2 they would “surrender” by turning themselves in to police and urged protesters on the streets to retreat. AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE

The signs as random things I've done
  • Aries: burned a can of frebreez (DON'T DO THIS)
  • Taurus: stayed out all night at the lake pushing over porta-potties, stealing street signs, and pulling the stakes out of occupied tents.
  • Gemini: gotten so stressed that I wrote about my feelings on the back of a math test. Got a 100
  • Cancer: I accidentally knocked the mirror off of a truck, then cried about it because I felt bad
  • Leo: stolen a shitty bench then taken it back in the morning because it broke
  • Virgo: my first kiss in 8th grade, it actually didn't suck
  • Libra: a little kid peeked his head around this tree at a cafe I was at, and he kept doing and making faces at me. I made a funny face back and he ran off laughing.
  • Scorpio: I skipped my first hour class and ate donuts in my friends truck
  • Sagittarius: I TP'ed this girls house one time, got caught, then had to clean it up, however we stuck a bunch if forks in the yard and broke the stems so you couldn't see them. A month later their lawn mower broke.
  • Capricorn: I bought a ton of pizza and gave it away to random people at school
  • Aquarius: gone to an RV park with my mom and some friends and swam in the pool at 2:00 in the morning
  • Pisces: our golf cart broke down and got a flat, so me and my friend pushed it to the side of the road and walked back to the boat house carrying his speaker and listening to Fleetwood Mac

anonymous asked:

I accidentally stumbled upon your makeshift hideout on school grounds let me nap here and I won’t say a word. - Peter/stiles

A/N sorry this took so long.

Words are swimming in front of Stiles eyes. He can no longerdistinguish individual letters and is about 95% sure he’s about to have an aneurysm. He slams the textbook shut, much to the chagrin of his fellow library patrons. Stiles ignores the judgmental and/or disappointed stares. He cannot be bothered to even pretend to care at this point; his head is pounding.

He leaves the stuffy campus library and doesn’t put the textbook back. Deliberately. Stiles knew college wouldn’t be easy, knew he’d have to work hard but he didn’t count on what feels like an endless headache. He’s probably going to die due to stress. Keel over right here into the dismal patch of begonias. It’s not very classy but Stiles is so tired that he’s actually beyond caring.

The sun is bright overhead, Stiles has to shade his eyes to see. He shrugs off his plaid shirt, tying it round his waist. The campus quad outside the library is littered with students doing numerous activities from studying to an intense game of ultimate Frisbee to what appears to be a beyblade battle next to the fountain. It’s noisy and chaotic, which only adds to Stiles headache.

Theoretically he could go back to the dorm room but it’s more than likely that Scott has put a sock on the door. Ever since Scott met Kira, Stiles has been sexiled to the library more often than not. Stiles loves them both, they’re good friends but they fuck like rabbits. Stiles is pretty sure that Scott has dipped in Stiles stash of condoms. Stiles would be mad but at least someone is using them.

Stiles needs quiet. He needs calm. So he heads for the woods that border the campus grounds.

It’s a trek from the main campus so Stiles knows that his lazy classmates will not venture here. The towering trees offer shade from the beating Sun. Being beneath them instantly cools Stiles down and he revels in that feeling. Stiles wanders a bit deeper, enjoying the fact that the dense trees act as sound barriers, cutting off any noise from campus. Gone are the shrieks of students and clashing notes from several speakers all playing different genres of music. Stiles appreciates a bit of Taylor Swift but not when she’s competing with Macklemore and Fall Out Boy to be heard.

The only sounds within the forest are that of the wind rushing through the leaves, the gentle burble of a stream nearby and the occasional birdcall. Stiles can feel his headache draining away. He heads towards the sound of the stream, hoping he can stick his feet in it. He toes off his sneakers and sock. The mossy ground is feather soft beneath his bare feet.

The stream turns out to be a small waterfall over a pond. Stiles dumps his bag, rolls his jeans up to his knees and is about to wade in but stops. Stops because he notices a tent. A tent pitched up beside the pond, complete with pinstriped deck chair and small inactive camping stove. Which makes zero sense.

Stiles pauses, observing the tent with intense curiosity and mild apprehension. He takes a few steps forward, trying to gage whether the tent is occupied. Because Stiles is a curious being by nature, he walks right up to the tent, ignoring the niggling voice in the back of his head that is suggesting that this whole set up is possibly going to end badly.

The tent door is open. Stiles peers inside. It is occupied. By a really attractive guy in a white V-neck who is very muscular and could probably snap Stiles in half. Blue eyes observe Stiles amber ones, head tilted sideways in confusion.

“Can I help you?” The guy asks. Stiles stumbles backwards, spluttering apologies. The guy follows, exiting the tent and standing before Stiles. They’re about the same height but Stiles should not be focusing on that because he’s about to get pummelled.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to intrude, just looking for a place to kip,” Stiles stammers, rubbing the back of his neck, “You know how college is. One exam to the next or whatever. Or I assume you know how college is. If you’re homeless I’m so sorry.”

“Do I look homeless?” The guy inquires, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

“No. Sorry. Anyway I won’t tell anyone about this makeshift hideout. Not a soul, I swear. Appreciate you want your privacy so um please don’t kill me,” Stiles voice goes unusually high towards the end of his rambling. The guy smirks, eyes flicking around Stiles body as if he’s being judged. 

“You’re that first year criminology student that’s always in the library,” the guy says.

“Um.. yes,” Stiles replies, unsure of where the conversation is going, “I’m Stiles, Stiles Stilinski.”

“Peter Hale,” The guy says, “Third year law. So Stiles, care to join me?” Peter gestures towards the tent, eyes bright.

“Yeah,” Stiles replies, “Wait what? Why?”

“You said you needed a place to ‘kip’,” Peter says. Stiles is starting to feel like a deer in the headlights. Because yes, objectively Peter is hot. Really hot. Hot as burning. Stiles is awkwardly cute at best.

“Please Stiles,” Peter says, his voice husky, “I’d like to get to know you a little better.”

“Do you watch me in the library? Because if you’ve been stalking me and this is your secret hideout where you plan to kill me then I may have to decline, no matter how attractive you are,” Stiles asks, crossing his arms and tilting his head slightly to the left. Peter laughs, eyes crinkling in a way that Stiles finds adorable.

“I promise to behave,” Peter says, his tone indicating otherwise, “Though it’s always nice to know someone as delectable as yourself finds me attractive.” 

Stiles jaw drops in indignation then abruptly closes when he realizes that yes, he did very much say that. 911, emergency, Stiles needs an ambulance to whisk him away from this impending car crash. Peter looks smug. Stiles is more than likely an violent shade of crimson and that’s not from the California sunshine.

“I have cold beer,” Peter says, nudging a cool box with his foot. Stiles sighs, goes to retrieve his bag before clambering into the tent. Peter follows eagerly. Inside is full of multicolored pillows of varying sizes. Stiles runs his fingertips over them, skin tingling from the satin feeling beneath. He takes the offered beer, lounging back into the softness.

“So Peter,” Stiles says, attempting to retrieve any dignity he has left, “Are you watching me in the library?”

“Sometimes,” Peter replies loftily, “I’ve attempted to start conversations but you are always absorbed in your textbooks and papers, so I’ve just watched from afar. Studious little thing aren’t you?”

“I wouldn’t be if I didn’t get sexiled practically every day,” Stiles grumbles, taking a swig from his beer.

“Not doing any sexiling of your own?” Peter enquires. Stiles raises an eyebrow, gesturing to himself.

“Does it look like this gets much action?”

“I would have thought so, you’re very attractive Stiles.”

 Stiles snorts. Peter puts his beer down outside the tent.

 “You don’t believe me.”

 “Let’s just say that my track record indicates otherwise,” Stiles says, taking another swig before placing the beer outside. He lies back into the pillows, feeling warm and fuzzy. “These are so soft.”

“Feel free to have a nap Stiles,” Peter says, lying on his side so that they’re heads are level with each other. “I was planning to anyway.”

“Promise not to creep on me in my sleep,” Stiles says, waggling a warning finger playfully.

“I promise.”

“Alright then.”

Stiles falls asleep to the sound of birds overhead and the gentle splash of the waterfall.

When he wakes up, the sun is low in the sky, casting long shadows all around. Stiles is also lying on Peter’s chest, Peter’s arm curled around his waist possessively.  Stiles attempts to get away but Peter clutches him tighter, making a soft rumbling sound that could be a growl.

“Peter let go,” Stiles huffs. Peter does not comply, instead rolling them over so that Stiles is aggressively spooned. “Peter!”

“Sleep Stiles,” Peter murmurs into Stiles ear, “I promise dinner and a movie later.”

“I’m picking the movie,” Stiles retorts. Peter chuckles softly, nuzzling Stiles neck. Stiles drifts off again, soothed by Peter’s hand rubbing gentle circles on his stomach.

I am probably reading too much into Ch.74, BUT...

Notice how Armin says there were “AT LEAST three” cups… We know that these belong to Bertolt, Reiner and the Beast Titan. But, “AT LEAST three”… Does this mean, there could be more?



I had my suspicions that Bertolt & Reiner were not alone, and my predictions that the most obvious choice for a third member would be the Beast Titan were confirmed in this chapter. HOWEVER, these two panels have me thinking: Are there more than just three of them?

Now consider this… Where is the Beast Titan attacking from? It’s the area of land between Wall Maria and Wall Rose, NOT from the land beyond the walls. It makes you think: if he’s attacking from that direction, who was the person with Bertolt & Reiner, drinking tea by the Shiganshina outer gate? Could the Beast Titan really have gotten from one side to the other that fast, and unnoticed too?

Additionally, there were only two tents on the wall at the end of Chapter 72. Since finding out that the Beast Titan is present, most of us have assumed that he occupied one tent, while Bertolt & Reiner cuddled stayed in the other. Now, Bertolt & Reiner aren’t exactly small… So if they managed to share one tent, could someone else have been in the other with the Beast Titan?

A lot of theories and assumptions made here. And I’m also still speculating where the hell Bertolt is hiding. What will be his role in this ‘plan’? Isayama is definitely building up to something very exciting, and I cannot wait to find out what that is! WHAT EVER IT IS, IT WILL PROBABLY KILL ME.