occupy sao paulo

Black Tie And Downtrodden. There are many who for years saw Brazil polarized between the rich and poor, however the class division in this country are not two or three but seven. Either you are upper class, upper-middle class, middle class, lower-middle, lower, black or indian. It is a racist and classist society albeit the denials. If you become rich, then the panorama changes, no matter what color you are, but it’s really only on the surface since you are being accepted for your wealth not your person.

From the upcoming book Occupy Sao Paulo, edited by Kehrer Verlag.

©2007 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. Sao Paulo, Brazil

El día 2 de Mayo a las 19:00 hrs. los esperamos para la presentación del libro “Occupy São Paulo” de la editorial Kehrer en el Vestíbulo del Teatro de la biblioteca México José Vasconcelos. Plaza de la Ciudadela #4. Centro Historico de la Ciudad de México. Habra copias especiales del libro ademas de una presentación del proyecto The Urban Meta .