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Previous Levi 

Admiral of the Fleet:  Erwin Smith. 

From his chair in the command centre he allowed his mind wondered to the dinner he had planned with Levi that night. He rarely allowed himself to indulge in personal  matters. He laughed softly to himself, even rarely was too generous. Erwin had unintentionally become much like the ancient monks of history. He had given his heart to an order he believed in taking a vow of celibacy, if he could he wouldn’t even piss or shit, he wouldn’t take the time to eat just focus on his goal of freeing the universe and inhalation of the titan parasites. But Levi, Levi had been slowly chipping away at his iron mask and stone heart, Levi didn’t even do anything that was significant. He just became a precense Erwin could no longer live without. 

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Musically Inclined

“James asks Sam to run into town and pick up some music for him, and this one dumb errand turns into a trip he won’t soon forget.” Music Store AU that is fluffiness to the max. 

Dedicated to @the-sassy-sister as a late birthday present, and a speedy recovery charm! Thank you so much for all of your help with editing and for just being there for me. I hope you all enjoy! 

Rated T for language, ‘cause Sam.

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Sam didn’t get the Human World.

Sure, there were some sweets perks to living in it: he had way more freedom than when he was living in the Abyssal Plains, for one. Yeah, he’d pretty much slacked off that whole time, but at least here, he could slack off and not have his douchebag Dad breathing down his neck.

Video games were pretty cool, too. Matthew had dug up some old human gaming console from the mansion’s basement the first week after they’d arrived, and since then, handing his ass to him never got old.

But the rest was kind of a shitshow.

Sam didn’t know much about Human World history either. Unlike James, who for some reason actually liked studying every aspect of human life. Their traditions and cultures were fascinating to him, and he seemed to start on a new research topic every other week. This time it was music. More specifically, a bunch of long-dead musicians.

“Sam, I’d appreciate if you could simply do me this favour,” James yelled tiredly through the open window. Sam didn’t have to see him to know he was pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation.

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In 1942, the British government set up a project to test the effects and uses of Anthrax on living creatures. It was decided that for a number of years, researchers would occupy the small Scottish island of Gruinard, where they would experiment on sheep. The tests concluded what we all know today: Anthrax is one of the deadliest substances known to man. All of the sheep died slowly and painfully. The researchers went back to their lives in the lab and the island was left as a disheveled nuclear waste ground.

The strangest part of this story involves reports of human corpses washing up on Scottish beaches, years after the experiments were halted. It was determined that all of the people had died from Anthrax poisoning, but the government gave no explanation as to why. This disturbing case remains a generally unknown conspiracy theory and really makes you wonder how much power our governments truly hold.

Those Sweet Words

Summary: A trip down memory lane as Dean tries to find the right time to tell his girlfriend how he feels.

Music: Those Sweet Words by Norah Jones

Characters: Dean x Reader; Sam Winchester

Word Count: 2,033

Warnings: Slight angst, smut.

A/N: Something quick and light based on my favorite song. Hope you all like it!

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Maria Montessori opened the first Casa dei Bambini in Rome on January 6, 1907, enrolling 50 or 60 children between the ages of two or three and six or seven.
At first, the classroom was equipped with a teacher’s table and blackboard, a stove, small chairs, armchairs, and group tables for the children, and a locked cabinet for the materials that Montessori had developed at the Orthophrenic School. Activities for the children included personal care such as dressing and undressing, care of the environment such as dusting and sweeping, and caring for the garden. The children were also shown the use of the materials Montessori had developed. Montessori herself, occupied with teaching, research, and other professional activities, oversaw and observed the classroom work, but did not teach the children directly.
Day-to-day teaching and care were provided, under Montessori’s guidance, by the building porter’s daughter.
In this first classroom, Montessori observed behaviors in these young children which formed the foundation of her educational method. She noted episodes of deep attention and concentration, multiple repetitions of activity, and a sensitivity to order in the environment. Given free choice of activity, the children showed more interest in practical activities and Montessori’s materials than in toys provided for them, and were surprisingly unmotivated by sweets and other rewards. Over time, she saw a spontaneous self-discipline emerge.
Based on her observations, Montessori implemented a number of practices that became hallmarks of her educational philosophy and method. She replaced the heavy furniture with child-sized tables and chairs light enough for the children to move, and placed child-sized materials on low, accessible shelves. She expanded the range of practical activities such as sweeping and personal care to include a wide variety of exercises for care of the environment and the self, including flower arranging, hand washing, gymnastics, care of pets, and cooking. She also included large open air sections in the classroom encouraging children to come and go as they please in the room’s different areas and lessons.
She felt by working independently children could reach new levels of autonomy and become self-motivated to reach new levels of understanding. Montessori also came to believe that acknowledging all children as individuals and treating them as such would yield better learning and fulfilled potential in each particular child. She continued to adapt and refine the materials she had developed earlier, altering or removing exercises which were chosen less frequently by the children.
Also based on her observations, Montessori experimented with allowing children free choice of the materials, uninterrupted work, and freedom of movement and activity within the limits set by the environment. She began to see independence as the aim of education, and the role of the teacher as an observer and director of children’s innate psychological development. (x)

Was Joanna of Castile actually mad?

Juana I de Castilla, also known as ‘Juana la Loca’ (Joanna the Mad), was the third child of Isabel and Fernando, the Catholic Monarchs. She is said to have been extremely beautiful and quite intelligent, traits she apparently also shared with her sisters. The deaths of her brother, niece, sister, and nephew, made her heiress to the kindgoms of Castile and Aragon.

She married Felipe el Hermoso ('Philip the Handsome’), Duke of Burguny, who she is said to have loved deeply. The marriage took place when she was only 16, and Felipe wasted no time to isolate her from her family and court, especially as she got closer and closer to the throne of Castile. Her anger at his many infidelities is what began the rumours of her being 'mad’.

Today, what was considered as madness is now regarded as a combination of extreme jealousy and simple religious scepticism, the latter highly scandalous considering her country, her upbringing, and her mother. These two situations prompted Queen Isabel to send Friar Tomás de Matienzo to Flanders, to see exactly how her daughter was doing.

Through a series of letters we see the progression of Juana’s jealousy and loss of faith. The first letter reads:

'She’s so gentle, and so beautiful and fat, and so pregnant, that if Your Highnesses saw her, you would find comfort.’

However, subsequent letters say:

’…I told her I did not mean to pry into her life… her little devotion… no piety… I told her everything Your Highness wanted…’

Juana herself admitted that her problem was jealousy, but remembered that her mother had once gone through the same affliction and gotten over it, which she trusted she would also do. Felipe would parade his many lovers before her, which caused her great pain and only contributed to her problems. 

When Isabel died and Juana became Queen, her husband and father did everything in their power to keep her away from the throne and she was suddenly declared mentally unfit. After her husband also died, she was locked up by her father in a castle in Tordesillas, where she spent forty-six years, from 1509 until her death in 1555. Her confinement legitimized her father’s rule in Castile, and that of her son Carlos after Fernando died.

It is probable that she suffered from some kind of heavy depression, a condition that was only worsened by the treatment she endured at the hands of her husband and her guards at Tordesillas. She developed physical problems and her health was quite poor, which made some people say she was 'cursed’, and that her sickness was the result of her lack of faith rather than how badly she was mistreated.

Unlike her sister Catalina, Juana does not have a record of miscarriages or stillborn children. Out of her six children, the six sat upon a throne: Leonor, Queen of Portugal; Carlos, Emperor of the Holy Empire and King of Spain; Isabel, Queen of Denmark; Fernando, Emperor of the Holy Empire after Carlos died; María, Queen of Hungary; and Catalina, also Queen of Portugal. That legacy alone, as a mother of kings and queens, should have granted her a higher place in history than she currently occupies.

With contemporary research it is now widely believed that there wasn’t as much madness as there was misunderstanding and mistreatment. Research, such as the discovery of letters and testimonials, proves just to what extent Juana was a victim of political conveniences and sexism. Situations such as her criticism of religious fanatics, and her refusal to tolerate her husband’s lovers are what made her seem unbalanced at the time, and provided a great excuse to declare she had lost her mind

Imagine John Falling In Love with You...

Originally posted by heytheredeann

At the age of seven you were seated in your father’s car, driving around after one of his “business trips”, your father sat in the driver seat, one hand on the wheel, the other fidgeting with the radio as he tried to find the classics. The car was traveling at about 70 as the open road provided you with endless destinations, all you had to do was pick one. 

 "Daddy, where did you get that black eye?“ Your little voice asked as you pointed towards the puffy black and blue area that was your father’s eye.

"Well baby, while Daddy was at the bar with his coworker, and one of the boys got in a fight after trying to pick up one of girls, so Daddy got punched trying to save his ass.” He smiled at you before turning his view back to the road, “Don’t worry though your Daddy is a fighter." 

"I never worry about you Daddy!” You smiled at him before looking back out the window. 

 It was true, you never did worry about him, even after he told you what the real meaning of the business trips were, and that he got that black eye from fighting a pretty angry demon that got one good punch in before his ass was ganked. You had even offered to help him on cases and trained but you were his little princess and there was no way he would ever let you in the field. Instead he invited a young mister Robert Singer, who was the same Robert Singer who informed you that the job finally killed your daddy and that he was looking for a partner to work some cases with, which was fine with you. That was until a ghost broke your arm by flinging you into a glass cabinet and then throwing a brick on your shooting arm. You now were confined to a cast, and Bobby was still fighting things. 

 "Bobby! You have to let me go!“ You shouted as you followed him from the front porch to the den. 

 "For the last time, I need a living partner, not a dead one." 

"Im not stupid enough to get myself ganked you ass." 

 "Yea well I am going on hunts with Rufus till that arm heals, and just to make sure you stay here, John and the boys are coming over." 

"Oh so now I need a sitter! Shouldn’t someone be watching his boys while he goes and helps you?" 

"Well he wanted to take some time off and spend it with the boys, he said he would be happy to come here for a bit and help you with research and house chores. Besides Dean will love the junk cars." 

"I fucking hate research,How can I do research and occupy a two year old with this stupid thing?” you raised your new cast slightly and instantly regretted it, as a sharp pain shot through your entire arm.

“You don’t have to occupy Sam, you are in charge of research and chores, and John is in charge of you, and those boys.” 

“I don’t need someone to be in charge of me! I am fucking 28 years old!”

“And someone who will follow me into the heart of danger with a broken arm if I don’t have someone here to watch ya. So you will suck it up buttercup and DEAL WITH IT!” He slammed the book onto the table as you turned on your heels and stormed to your room, where you locked yourself in. For the rest of the night you ignored the occasional knocks on the door from Bobby, you ignored the sound of the tray being placed on the floor outside your room, you feel asleep listening to Bobby talk to John on the phone, the last words you heard were, “She is going to be a handful probably.”

Originally posted by featherywingss

The next morning you awoke to the sound of an impala pulling in, even to you the sound was familiar. For John would stop every once and a while to either have you or Bobby watch the kids, or to have a beer while the children slept in your bed. You weren’t angry because of the kids, you loved watching Sam and Dean and having the experience of being like a mom, even if it was only for a few hours. You were never one who pictured yourself settling down and having a family, but Sam and Dean made it so you could experience what you could never have. You heard the door open and close and then the footsteps running up the stairs moments afterward.

“Come on Sammy!” You heard Dean whine from outside your door, no doubt leaving the smallest Winchester at the bottom of the stairs. You loved the boys, you really did, but you didn’t want them to see you hurt. You waited a few minutes, not wanting to leave the warmth of your quilt.

“[Y/N]!” You heard Dean cry through the door as he knocked rapidly, you could hear a fainter knock every so often, which you assumed was Sam, and then you heard a broken version of your name, which was defiantly Sam.

“It’s unlocked!” you shouted through the door as you heard the knob start to wiggle, and finally the door squeak open. you heard their feet paddle across the floor towards your bed, you shut your eyes as though you were sleeping even though seconds before you had told them the door was unlocked.

“Up you go Sammy.” Dean said as he helped Sam onto your bed, you smiled as you felt the bed dip under the small amount of weight, and then heard the sound of Dean joining the party, you also felt him lift the quilt slightly, making sure that your casted arm wasn’t the arm he was about to lay on. Once he confirmed that your arm was on the bed, stretched out, you felt him flop onto you, “Wake up [Y/N]!”

“But I’m tired.” You whined as you felt Sam crawl over your legs, and towards your face.

“But Daddy said we had to help you get better.” 

“Dean I promise I am…. FUCK!” You screamed as Sam accidentally hit your arm, causing a sharp pain to shot through your body, and Dean and Sam to jump back a bit as you clung your arm to you, tears starting to form in your eyes as you heard Dean hiss at his brother, “Sammy.”

“Sorry.” You heard Sam’s little voice, and him placing his head on your side, in a form of a hug. 

“It’s ok.” You hissed between tears as Sam lifted his head.

“Boo- Boo [Broken version of your name]?” He pointed towards your arm, wonder in his eyes as he admires the [Y/F/C] cast.

“Yea Sammy but don’t worry, I’ll get better.” You smiled at Sam as you hear a hand hit the wall.

“We heard you scream… We thought the boys….” John was out of breath, as you looked at him you heard the sound of a truck leaving, meaning Bobby was gone. 

“Sammy accidentally hit her arm daddy, I made him say sorry.” Dean said, causing John to turn his attention to his sons, “Dean maybe you and your brother should leave [Y/N] be, I’ll go make you boys breakfast. How does…”

“PANNYCAKES!” Sam yelled as he lifted his little hands and yelled excitedly.

“Ok, maybe uncle Bobby has some mix some…” John started

“I know where it is, I can go get it.” You said sitting up and grabbing little Sam with your good arm, his arms clinging around your neck as he tried not to hit your arm.

“I can get it, you just….”

“John Winchester, I am not helpless, just not able to hunt.” You snapped as Dean followed you to the kitchen.

“This is going to be a long week.” John whispered under his breathe as you walked down the stairs.

Originally posted by sasquatchandleatherjacket

It was nearing the end of the week, and John sat in the kitchen watching you read to Sammy on the couch of the den, big smiles plastered on his face as you showed him the illustrations. Research scattered the table, none of it touched though since you started to read, and even before that he could barely could barely pay attention to the notes seeing how he was more focused on you and the boys playing army men. 

“Daddy?” Dean asked as he climbed up on the chair, blocking his view of you.

“Yea Buddy?” He whispered, snapping back to reality.

“Do you like [y/N]?” 

“Yea, she is a good kid, she is a great hunter to…”

“Do you like her like you did Mommy?” Dean asked as John looked at his hands, was he really finding himself falling for you like he did Mary?

“Dean, why don’t you go ask [Y/N] what she wants for dinner?” Dean’s attention phased from the topic he asked about to his favorite topic… food.

He raced off and into the room, however John couldn’t hear anything, his focus was on your face, and how when you talked to the boys it softened, you looked so young and happy, your eyes gleamed with joy. When you talked to him you looked so serious, you revealed how the job had affected you, however when he got you to smile he found himself captivated. Your face was truly beautiful, and you were so good with the kids.

And then it hit him… he did like you like Mary.

“DADDY!” Dean shouted, John looked to see six eyes on him, “Can we have burgers for dinner.”

“Ummm yea. [Y/N] you wanna help?” 

“Sure.” you smiled as you got up and placed the book on the couch. When you walked in John was greeted by the smell of your perfume and he knew…. he was screwed.

Part Two is Finally here 

pollymemes  asked:

how about for a prompt where roy and Ed are soulmate and it's the one where the injuries/scars of the other shows up on the each other. and they don't realize it for a while (canon-verse pls brotherhood) until maybe roy burns himself or Ed gets impaled or some serious injury. and a confrontation about it. thanks xx your writing is lovely by the way

[I took a lot of liberties with the prompt, but I hope you like it a bit anyway! Also, thank you!! I’m glad you think so <3 ; w ; ]

The moment Edward strips off black garment to reveal sunkissed skin is the moment Roy’s eyes meet Alphonse’s, blue-black gaze clashing with golden eyes as Alphonse gauges the expression on his face.

Well, he thinks, offering a weary smile to the younger Elric regarding him with a suspicious stare, there goes that peaceful vacation.

“I’ll be back in a moment, brother,” he hears Alphonse telling his brother, who offers him a cheery wave in turn, unknowing of his brother’s true intentions for excusing himself. He doesn’t have to look closely to know; Alphonse stands taller than Edward now, hair cut short and body larger by a margin, though he remains the still-calmer and far socially adept sibling.

This does not mean that he is not as frank as Edward is, however.

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Visions of Occupy

My contribution to the Occupy Research hackathon on Saturday:

This project seeks to pair two pillars of the Occupy movement: the beliefs we have which inspire us to occupy and the occupations themselves. 

Using data collected this winter by the Occupy Research General Survey (administered by OccupyResearch), we take the answer to question 42—”In just a few words, what are you trying to achieve with your participation in the Occupy movement”—and pair it with a Flickr photo tagged with the camp name that the same respondent mentions. This means that while the photo displayed and quote may be completely unrelated (both in source and in specific content), viewers are presented with locational context and imagery. 

Horoscope for April 17th, 2016
  • Aries: Don't take anything you read or hear today at face value. It's possible that you'll receive some rather distressing news, but before you react in frustration, read the fine print. The news may not really be so bad. In fact, it may not even be true! Take a deep breath and heave a sigh of relief, then get back to your normal routine.
  • Taurus: It's likely that you'll receive some unpleasant news today. Perhaps there are changes occurring at work that you read about in the morning newspaper. Or it could be that you get a phone call and receive some upsetting news about an old friend. You'll need to take the information in stride and not let it ruin your day. With the intensity of the planetary energies at play, you're at risk of overreacting.
  • Gemini: This could be a day of technical glitches and malfunctions. It's frustrating, to be sure, but a little bit funny, too. Everything you touch, from computer to washing machine, seems to groan and shudder before finally breaking. Apparently, today you have the opposite of the Midas touch. Don't take it personally. Instead, use it as an excuse to do something out of the ordinary with your time.
  • Cancer: Today is filled with socializing, with a strong emphasis on the exchange of information. If you're attending a party this evening, be receptive to anyone you meet. It's likely that someone new will arrive who will have a significant impact on your life. It might be that he or she tips you off about a professional opportunity at work. It's even possible that this person will turn into a romantic interest. You never know!
  • Leo: You might want to make an extra effort to tidy up the house this morning. It's likely that you'll have some unexpected guests. Some neighbors could drop by unannounced, or an old friend could call from her car and say she's on her way over. Take it all in stride. Even though you had a lot planned for the day, it will be much more enjoyable if you spend it socializing with friends.
  • Virgo: You'll have to let go of your usual drill-sergeant manner and simply let the day unfold as it will. Try as you might, even you won't be able to direct events today. You could find your attention diverted from one project to another. It isn't an unpleasant day but a disjointed one. Stay open to all possibilities. You could be surprised by the way things turn out.
  • Libra: You work hard to reach your goal of financial independence. All signs indicate that you're well on your way. Today you could receive some news that makes you realize you aren't there yet. Perhaps a relative calls to say you're no longer his/her sole beneficiary. Maybe your investment statement shows a poor return. This isn't what you expected, but you're still on the right track. It just might take a bit longer to reach your destination.
  • Scorpio: You're bound to be busy but happy today. You'll likely spend the morning doing chores and generally puttering around the house. Don't be surprised if a friend drops by unexpectedly in the afternoon with some important news to share. Your evening could be occupied doing research at the library or on the computer. It seems your friend's news piqued your curiosity about a particular subject.
  • Sagittarius: This could be a rather intense day for you. Your mind is filled with plots for novels you want to write and ideas for ways to streamline production at work. Don't you have an "pause" switch? You'd benefit from taking some much-needed time off. You'll find that you can quiet your mind simply by sipping some tea and being still for ten minutes. Call it meditation or a break, but allow yourself this small indulgence.
  • Capricorn: This is one day for you to be as flexible as possible. It may be that you begin with a specific list of items that absolutely must be done, but get distracted by some news from a friend or co-worker. What had seemed so important is no longer so, and your day shifts to accommodate this new piece of information. You'll be rather surprised by but no less satisfied with how the day turns out.
  • Aquarius: You can overcome the intensity of today's planetary energies by making a conscious effort stay positive. Distract yourself with necessary household chores and errands. Don't forget to take some time out for fun, too. As you work around the house, stop to indulge yourself every few hours. A cup of hot chocolate or a chat on the phone will add a welcome grace note to the day.
  • Pisces: Don't take any information you receive today at face value. Technical glitches will likely plague you throughout the day. Your bank statement could be incomprehensible. Bills could show up with an extra zero tacked on. Don't panic. Make some phone calls and get all the facts. Whatever you do, don't let this ruin your day. Everything will get sorted out. Relax, put your feet up, and treat yourself to a cappuccino.