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Hong Kong police use teargas and pepper spray to disperse protesters

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters paralysed parts of Hong Kong’s central business district on Sunday, as police in riot gear attempted to disperse them with teargas and pepper spray.

Using a park near the Hong Kong government headquarters as a base, the protesters have blocked many of the city’s main thoroughfares, forcing authorities to divert about 80 bus routes. Organisers say at least 30,000 people have joined the demonstration.

Police fired volleys of teargas into the crowds at least three times on Sunday afternoon, according to reports posted online, sending protesters running and pleading for water and paper towels. Police have threatened to use a “higher degree of force” if the demonstrators do not disperse.

The Guardian

Dear America, Your roots are showing.

Blacks do not have equal protection under the law nor are we acknowledged as fully human nor do we have equal opportunity.

That is the law of the land enforced in the streets by brutal police forces that originated in America as slave patrols. Their original function was to serve white men by protecting white-owned property and beating blacks down into a permanent underclass of servile people who only counted as 3/5 human.

That is still their function today. Policing, harassing, beating black people down beginning in grade school where they patrol the hallways and arrest black youth for simply behaving like teenagers, funneling them from the open-air prisons of the ghettos to the closed door prisons of a mass incarceration system where they serve as cheap labor for the corporations that run the United States of America.

And just like indentured servants of long ago, working class, blue-collar whites cling to white supremacy and white privilege as the one thing providing separation between themselves and the lowest rung of the US caste system. They work low paying jobs with no benefits barely escaping poverty, blaming other low-income people of color for their economic predicament.

Meanwhile, the wealthiest white men– the same 1% of the last 3 centuries– continue their daily meeting on Wall Street, New York City’s first official slave market.


‘Umbrella Revolution’ Protests Spread In Hong Kong

HONG KONG (AP) — Police defended their use of tear gas and other methods to control the pro-democracy protests that have paralyzed Hong Kong’s financial district, and appealed Monday for an end to the unprecedented acts of civil disobedience.

Their tactics appeared to have backfired, however, judging from the growing crowds as people finishing work joined weary-looking students camped on major roads near the city’s government headquarters and in several other areas.

“The students are protecting the right to vote, for Hong Kong’s future. We are not scared, we are not frightened, we just fight for it,” said Carol Chan, a 55-year-old civil service worker who took two days off to join the protests after becoming angered over police use of tear gas Sunday.

Instead of candlelight, a few hundred people staged a brief “mobile light” protest Monday night, raising their glowing mobile phones into the air. One person chanted the name of the city’s unpopular leader, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, while the others responded with “Resign. Resign.”

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October 2 2015 - A Brazilian cop shoots a protester from point blank range with a less lethal shotgun when goes into a rage after his hat is knocked off accidentally, during a protest march in Recife. The activists from the Occupy Estelita movement are trying to block a private real estate development project at the José Estelita Pier in the city’s historic center. The protesters want the space to be a public park. [video]

2011 - U.S. police in riot gear clashed with student protesters at the University of California, Berkeley, after they refused to dismantle their camp. Tents were erected following a march against tuition fee increases for students - which was part of the broader Occupy Wall Street movement. [video]

Hong Kong Holds Huge Protests On China’s National Day

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters thronged the streets of Hong Kong on Wednesday, some of them jeering National Day celebrations, and students threatened to ramp up demonstrations if the city’s pro-Beijing leader did not step down.

For the rest of the story and dozens more of photos from the protests go here.


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Hong Kong protesters beaten and bloodied as thugs attack sit-in

Thugs punched and kicked pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong on Friday night, drawing blood as they tore down demonstrators’ tents and attempted to force them out.

Student leaders called off talks with the government – offered the previous night – accusing officials of allowing violence to be used against them. It dashed the hopes of a resolution to a mass movement that has seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets of the city at its height.

The veteran democracy activist Martin Lee and Occupy Central leader, Benny Tai, blamed triads for the violence in Mong Kok, a densely populated area also popular with shoppers. The area is known for its gang presence.

Police later confirmed that some of the 19 people arrested had triad backgrounds

Lee told the South China Morning Post: “It was very ugly in Mong Kok; clearly the anti-Occupy people deliberately caused a scene and created trouble, giving police an excuse.”

The Guardian