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🎭 The Basic Approach Of Persona Charts 🎭

Each Persona is that specific archetype within ourselves:

1. Ascendant Persona: giving you more clues about your ASC (The ASC in a natal chart is a “persona” in itself, the mask, the way we project to others, first impression, our natural immediate reaction, the physical and overall appearance). The Ascendant in the ASC Persona Chart and other overall aspects and houses would give additional clues about the physical appearance. For example, a woman with ASC in Capricorn in the solar chart with ASC in Aries in the Ascendant Persona: Capricorn physical traits, but also athletic, energetic, with direct blunt movements and gestures and possibly Aries features. Going after things in an Aries manner.

2. Midheaven Persona: will tell you a lot about your most suitable career and vocation, an excellent tool for career predictions, but we must also consider there is much more to the Midheaven, it is a point describing your “life peak”, so the overall Midheaven Persona describes how you get to this peak, in what circumstances, with what tools, and as a result of what events, and what this peak means, in your current incarnation.

3. NN Persona: your destiny, your direction in life; this is generally a very eventful chart, your NN Persona, with a whole story written in it, from childhood to maturity, and a journal of all the events and lessons along the way.

4. Moon Persona: your emotional personality, needs, Yin energy. In terms of synastry: the Anima of the man.

5. Venus Persona: our “love” personality, how we behave in love, tastes, preferences. Love, beauty, talents, likes, dislikes, another level of Yin energy, sensuality, social success, money, good fortune. In terms of the synastry: a woman’s femininity, a man’s “type”. A Venus Persona ASC offers clues about the type of “beauty” that person has and likes. For example, a man with a Capricorn ASC in the solar chart, ASC in Libra in the Venus Persona: saturnian in appearance, but also beautiful and graceful, more airy than a regular Cap, more charming than the usual Cap etc. but the Cardinal flavor is getting even stronger, so is Saturn more distilled in expression. This Persona will also describe at least a big part of the portrait of his ideal woman.

6. Mars Persona: sexuality, drive, physical body, assertion, Yang energy. In terms of synastry, clues about a woman’s “type”.

7. Mercury Persona: “mental” personality, general mobility, communication, expressiveness, thought processes, skills.

8. Jupiter Persona: luck, expansion, expansive nature, growth potential, teaching, learning, travel, success

9Saturn Persona: adulthood, maturity, structure, needs, fears, accomplishments

10. Uranus Persona: freedom, originality, creativity, expansion, travel, surprises, the unexpected in your life

11. Neptune Persona: dreams, higher love, spirituality, talents, soul, compassion, redemption, illusion, deep psychology, unexpected tides

12. Pluto Persona: potential for transformation, rebirth, major life events, psychological evolution, potential for power, shared resources, deep sexuality, needs

13. DSC Persona: a profile of how you are as a partner, what partner is suitable for you and what partner you will eventually have

14. IC Persona: your deepest “heart” and heart’s desires profile, vertical look at your personality and psychology, subconscious forces at play, early life background and how you carry it in time, family ties, current incarnation theme

15. Juno Persona: description of your partnership style and needs and of your ideal and destined partner

These are just the main examples. The analysis of a Persona chart always takes into account the position occupied by that planet in the natal chart, as ruler, but also its role as part of the astrological architecture. For example, someone with Sun conjunct Neptune in the solar chart would look at his Neptune Persona to understand his overall personality, the type of Neptune associated with his solar personality. He would be a dreamer, an artist, a magician or a charismatic crook: but what kind of dreamer, artist, magician, crook? This will be shown by his Neptune Persona. Another example, someone with Pluto conjunct the ASC; his Pluto Persona would define his general personality, he is Plutonian for sure, in looks and behavior, but the way he manifests “his” Pluto will be shown by his Pluto Persona chart.

The main personalization here comes from rulership, first and foremost, and in all cases. The Moon Persona of a Cancer DSC is not just his general emotional profile, but also his DSC profile, as explained above.

How to interpret a Persona chart? Some succinct basic steps…

1. The Ascendant: first impression about that side of our personality (the Persona), the way we tend to express it spontaneously and in a natural way, how we appear to others (for example, emotionally, for a Moon chart).

2. The Descendant: what type of partner we are, related to that specific archetype, how we relate emotionally (Moon), mentally (Mercury), in love (Venus) etc. What partner we prefer in that specific interaction. And finally, what partner we tend to attract on the level described by that specific Persona.

3. The Midheaven: the best expression of that archetype, what we can achieve when we fully express that archetype, the “vocation” and “final accomplishment” of that archetype within ourselves. The “fate” of that planetary energy. How important is that archetype for us. Here we have clues about the importance of that planetary energy within ourselves, on the MC/IC axis. How we can “blossom”, how we are when we “blossom”, in terms of that archetype. From my personal comparisons, I’ve noticed when a planet/archetype is important for that person, there are significant planets/asteroids in the 4th house or on IC in that specific Persona chart. That planetary energy is a “matter of the heart” for that person, touches his/her core.

4. NN/SN: what we already master, related to that archetype, and what we need to develop within ourselves in order to fully express that planet. Also, clues about important events related to that planet.

And then we proceed with our analysis looking at houses, rulers of houses and aspects to describe that planetary personality, just like we do it with a solar chart. The Sun in the Persona chart is the planet we analyze, so its house and sign in the Persona chart is paramount in understanding the planetary personality. Looking at houses, we can see how the planetary energy manifests itself in various areas of life. For example, in a Moon chart, you can see what area of life affects that person on a deep emotional level. How he expresses his emotions (1st), what values he holds dear, how stable his emotions are (2nd), how he communicates his emotions, how connected they are with his intellect (3rd), general strong emotionality (4th), how emotional he is in love, creation, children, play etc. (5th), everyday life and health (6th) –emotional problems could be seen here if they are, how he expresses emotions in partnership/the type of emotional partner preferred (7th), how he expresses emotions sexually, transformation, secrets (8th) an so on.

Finally, the planetary aspects in a Persona chart will offer an invaluable additional insight into the aspects you have to that planet in your solar chart, and the general configuration of your solar chart. For example, if you have a Venus/Uranus aspect in your natal chart, you will notice that the aspects to Venus and Uranus in the Venus Persona chart will offer a surprising perspective on what that Venus/Uranus aspect actually means and how it is likely to manifest, in terms of psychological energy and life events.

Rest Stop Part 2

“How long until they know?” Lance shifted and sighed. How long until they know?

He was perched up in the team nest, worriedly watching the team pass by underneath him. Keith had ran to, and then back, from training a while ago. Hunk had been carrying gizmos and do-hickeys when he stumbled past hours earlier. The last group he had seen was Shiro, Allura, Coran, and surprisingly, Pidge. He had snatched just what they were talking about as they passed. Pidge would be going down to the next planet they were visiting, alone, to test it with scanners for the mission.

The plan was a basic search, raid, and scavenge mission they did every so often. Search for survivors, Galra rebels, and alliances. Raid for resources and information. Scavenge for materials, culture, and history. Lance liked to call it the SRS plan - the first two parts were the complicated parts, and the last one was usually as boring at the real SRS. This planet wasn’t occupied by natives, or they had been wiped out by the Galra base that had been set up. It was mostly a work camp surrounded by oceans. Islands dotted the planet here and there, small, but big enough you could spend years there before you had walked and seen it all.

Every time they planned an SRS, they had one paladin go down, alone, and scan the entire island with their lion, or by hand on ground level. Because it was confirmed for Galra activity and there were no natives to blend in with, they were sending Pidge in with Green - to do a cloaked scan, then to investigate on foot if it was required. This way, if they were separated, needed medicine, or food for themselves or the aliens they had rescued, they wouldn’t pick the planet’s most painful poison.

Lance sighed again. Funny how many people would want me to pick the poison. An amused huff passed his lips as his eyes looked down at his feet.

The nest was made of blankets, fibers, hay, straw, and a metal basin nailed into the beams. Alteans apparently had designated spots for nests, but the others had pushed to put one where they wanted. Which, had been the center pole in the common room closest to the training room, where dozens of beams filled the open ceiling. Lance had insisted with the others on the impromptu spot, even going as far to mention the main support would be the safest place, based on all the rafters he could climb. Yes, Lance climbed slippery metal poles 40 feet up in the air without wings. All the training of climbing high places to catch up that Lance called a childhood, left him without a fear of heights when he was in command. Some of his favorite memories were diving and jumping off those heights, sometimes into the ocean, sometimes to the ground, sometimes to more rock or another branch. The others got a thrill from flying. He got his from falling.

He had broken his arms quite a few times from that.

The unmistakable sound of flapping wings took his attention, causing Lance to look up at Keith, who was gently landing in the nest in front of him. His wings looked cleaner than normal, softer and neater, and his lips weren’t scowling as darkly as usual. “You missed the group preening session again.” Ah. That explained it.

Lance didn’t say anything, paying more attention to the piece of straw in his hand instead of Keith’s calm face, the little smile on his lips, the concerned glint in his eye. Keith’s skin always looked so clear after grooming, Lance grumbled internally, like he had just stepped out of a hot shower. He fiddled with the straw more, ignoring the sharp pricks the ends gave his fingers. Keith seemed to sigh internally, a little slipping out of his mind and nose, before kneeling down to Lance’s height. “You never come. You know you can if you want to, right?”

Ha. As if he could. (They wouldn’t want him then.)

“Yeah.” He says, tucking a lock of hair behind his ear and shifting to push his back into the nest subconciously. He blinks up at Keith, whose hand is hanging over the bend of knee with his weight. It’s turned down, but ready to be outstreched and taken in Lance’s if he grabs it. He notes the way Keith’s slim fingers seem to cup themselves. He wants to grab it.

He doesn’t.

Keith’s gaze is level and steady, an almost uncharacteristic look from impulsive, crazy Keith. It holds patience, and focus, and makes Lance want to give him a sign, let him know he isn’t staring at a blurry board, he’s looking at the notes taped to it. His wings are held up and arch out, raised to fly while he crouches. Lance’s hands itch to reach out and run his fingers through the burgundy feathers.

He doesn’t. Just waits for Keith to pull back and stand up.

He does, but not without clapping and rubbing his hand on Lance’s shoulder. “Okay then. His wings lower a little to catch an imaginary draft. "I’m going to go talk to Shiro about battle formations. You can come to me if you need it.” Lance lets his smile pull back, knowing inside it was a bright, sadistic, white streak against a midnight canvas. He hopes it’s convincing to Keith. “I will.” He says, then Keith is flying away with another small smile, though this one is a little sadder, a little more resolved.

Act Natural

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,033

Summary: You and Cassian find yourself in a predicament: an Imperial officer is questioning why the two of you are hanging around in an empty alley. Time to act natural.

Prompt: “Heyy could you write a some Cassian Andor x reader fluff?”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess, @ly–canthrope

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s notes: Anyone want some fake relationship fluff? I got u, fam. I hope you are feeling much better, anon!! I really wanted a fluff fic done by Valentine’s pero candy is half off today so I mean, technically the 15th is better than Valentine’s Day.

Reconnaissance missions suck.

You run on a gamble of either getting what you need or leaving the planet empty handed. The mission called for gathering intel on the possible Imperial occupation of an Outer Rim planet.

“In and out,” Cassian tells you once you enter the city.

“Whatever you say, captain,” you snort.

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Lance cringed when Shiro patted him on the back. A large proud smile stretched across the leaders face.
He was so caught up in their victory over the Galra occupied planet that he didn’t notice how Lance was on the verge of a panic attack.
When Lance was four his dad died and his mom remarried a man who she thought was good and kind.
And to her and his older siblings he was.
But not to Lance.
Lance was too much like his dad, he only one with dark skin and the one that stuck out.
It started with Lance being left out of family events.
They got the Christmas picture without him because his step dad told his mom Lance didn’t want to be part of it.
Then he would start locking Lance out at night.
Then refusing him food until Lance was far too skinny.
Then he got physical.
Never doing anything too noticeable, only leaving small bruises and cuts. One time even tripping Lance up so he fell down the stairs and broke his arm.
Lance tried to tell his mom but she didn’t believe him.
She became distant.
Now as Lance watched the others hug and laugh he felt his skin crawl.
His step dad would pretend to hug him only to squeeze so hard he felt his lugs scream in pain.
Lance wanted to be part of the team, to be able to join in with the others and enjoy their victory…
But he just can’t…
Because how does he know that they won’t hurt him too?
And even if they don’t the what if he gets too used to the hugs? The attention? The love?
That like his Mom they would start ignoring him because it wasn’t always convenient for them.

Chart Shapes

When reading someones chart it is important to look at the general shape of their chart to see their basic nature.

Balanced chart: A balanced chart has an even distribution of planets through the houses. All aspects of this person’s life will be stimulated and while this holds great potential, the energies may be spread too thinly when many goals are pursued at once.

Self-oriented chart: The majority if not all of the planets in a self-oriented chart are in the vertical half of the chart towards the Ascendant. These people usually have a self-directed personality and their energies are focused on self expression and individuality.

Other-oriented chart: This chart is the opposite of the self-oriented chart, the planets will be in the half of the chart towards the Descendant. This chart shape is usually a suggestion that there is a lot of emphasis on the persons relationships in life and that they feel others are more important than the self.

Inward-oriented chart: This is when most of the planets are in the bottom half of the chart, this person’s energies are introverted and focused inwardly.

Outward-oriented chart: Most of the planets are in the top half of the chart and the person’s energy flow is focused towards the world however this person may live in a sort of identity crisis, looking towards an empty centre.

Bowl chart: When all of the planets occupy one half of the chart, it is ideal that if you have a bowl, it is at a slight angle allowing constant replenishment.

Bucket chart: A bowl shaped chart with a planet opposite of the bowl as a handle, seen as a conduit between the sector of the bowl and itself.

Bundle chart: All planets reside in four signs or 120 degrees. Bundles indicate specialists who focuses primarily on those areas in which the planets fall.

See-saw chart: When the planets are in two opposing groups, this indicates that the person may feel pulled in two directions and needs to find a balance.

Locomotive chart: Planets spread evenly across eight signs or 240 degrees, this shape leaves one sector or area of life empty and unexpressed.

Splay chart: Tight bunches of planets in several signs or houses creating a choices for which area of life the person wants to focus on.

Split chart: When the planets are positioned in two unconnected area, the energy flow swings between the two and creates a dual personality.

How the 8th House shows an interest toward Astrology, the Metaphysics and Hidden Tantric Sciences of the world

The 8th House in astrology rules the Hidden Tantric Sciences of the world like Astrology, Metaphysics and the Occult.  The sign on the cusp of the 8th house can show details of our tendency toward including these means into our life and core personality.  If there is interest in the Hidden Sciences the sign on the 8th house show how we use these Hidden Tantric Sciences in life.  Planets in the 8th house as well give details of how Hidden Tantric Sciences impact our lives.  A combination of a Sign and Planets can also give a more profound draw towards the depths of how the metaphysical nature of the 8th house works through someone.

When Aries rules the 8th House (Virgo Ascendant) / Mars is in the 8th House

Aries in the 8th house tends to be a person that may have a limited interest in the hidden tantric side of life unless a planet occupies the 8th house.  If the interest does manifest itself during the life this can be someone who likes to explore and put a lot of energy into discovering the hidden tantric sciences of the world.  Astrology, the occult, metaphysics and learning about life and death matters tend to come second nature.  

Since Aries is an independent and youthful energy we can see a person who likes to investigate these sciences on their own.  This can be especially true of the cases where the more introverted Virgo is rising at the time of Birth.  The person may like to read books or material on these subjects in private or their interest in this area may be kept rather personal and low key.  

Since Mars energy in either case (planet or rising) is influencing the 8th house there can be periods of ups and downs with interest in the hidden sciences of life.  There may also be a tendency to get impatient or bored if the person doesn’t seek the answers to what they seek through astrology.  If this occurs they may take a break from it or switch to another science to seek what they find.  Mars energy does burn out and go through ups and down periods but more than likely this ensures the person will eventually return interest to what they depart from.

The main use of astrology or tantric sciences can be to learn about the world; after all Aries is a youthful energy that likes to explore.   They may be interested in using Astrology to find ways to grow themselves and their influences in the world.  So it’s not too uncommon they can want to find out about career or anything pertaining to ways to grow their presence in the world.  This is especially pronounced in Virgo Rising because they work oriented and care about the services they offer.  

Astrology may be used to find out about their sexuality, potential sex partners or their life sex life in general.  Astrology or hidden tantric sciences may be used to discover the qualities of their enemies and how to overcome adversaries they face in their life as well for examples.  Alas since Aries is a restless energy the main use of tantric sciences can be generally summed up as “what to do next.”

When Taurus rules the 8th House (Libra Ascendant) / Venus is in the 8th House

Often a Libra Rising or someone with Taurus in the 8th house will not be much into the realms of the underworld the 8th house presents.  This is because Taurus being on the 8th house cusp is blanketed by the down to earth nature of Taurus itself.  However this of course can be modified if Libra Ascendants ruler specially, Venus, is placed in the 8th house.  Any other personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn) may trigger an interest in the underworld and 8th house matters as well.  The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can as well, but perhaps to a lesser degree.

If the conditions in the chart make someone with Taurus on the 8th house cusp interested in astrology one main focal point can be financial security.  They may use arts like astrology or hidden Tantric Sciences to fulfill their survival means.  This can manifest in several ways.  They may use something like predictive astrology to see when financial stability can come to them.  There can also be an interest in using astrology charts to find out where they can make money.  

Since Taurus is also a very possession oriented sign since it’s ruled by Venus the person may be interested in using the Hidden sciences of the world to uncover potential assets.  For instance Astrology or Tarot can be done in a way to see what items they may be interested in owning, the possibility of increasing their possessions and assets, and foresee what periods of life can bring with it gains or windfalls.  Finding stability tends to be very important for Taurus energy so anywhere they can find comfort can tend to be a place of interest with hidden Tantric Sciences.

Taurus also rules the comfortable and sensual side of sexuality so it would not be a stretch to see someone use Hidden Tantric sciences to discover the working of their sex life.  They may use an interest in this area to find a good lover or a partner for themselves.  Especially for the Libra ascendant that is socially oriented the person may use Astrology in general to find social contacts (also ruled by Venus.)  An interest in 8th house matters may show this person may like to own possessions showcasing an interest in astrology or hidden Tantric Sciences.  They may like to own Astrology Jewelry, Tarot Cards or themed Fashion items.

Taurus is also the sign of personal self-worth in its own merit. So this individual can perhaps turn to astrology to help fortify their values or even understand where they come from.  Taurus is ruled by Venus so sensuality and art tend to come naturally to the 8th house.  Astrology and hidden Tantric Sciences may be used to uncover the personal artistic talent a person may be possessive.  There may be interest in finding out if artistic talent can be applied to matters of career as well.

When Gemini rules the 8th House (Scorpio Ascendant) / Mercury is in the 8th House

With Gemini ruling the 8th house cusp tends to show a person becomes a natural fit for pursing 8th house matters.  This is quite frankly because Scorpio is rising in almost all cases (unless the house system used has interceptions.)  Scorpio Rising has a natural affinity and need to discover the underworld and this may very well be tied into the curious nature of Gemini Energy.  Even having Mercury in the 8th house brings these conditions since it brings the lower mind into the 8th house.  This will produce someone who loves to learn, talk about and meet people interested in the hidden tantric sciences.

Gemini in the 8th brings mutable energy into the 8th house which shows this person is naturally open to accepting more below the surface.  Reading, learning and diving into the occult, astrology, metaphysics and Tantric sciences is a burning need.  Since Gemini is restless there can be a need to keep finding the mind and seeing below the surface.  

This is often seen as a position of someone who is a deep investigator due to Scorpio Rising.  They can use astrology or Hidden Sciences to understand almost anything and everything.  One very important area it can be used for is understanding people.  Scorpio rising and the 8th house love psychology; and placing Gemini in 8 show someone who can astrology to understand people.  This can be friends, a potential lover and even themselves.  Thy may use Tarot or Astrology to understand events, where to move, learn about their parents; the possibility are really endless.  

Gemini itself is a very sexual sign, especially in the case of Scorpio rising.  So the energy in the 8th house can be used to satisfy their sexual needs through investigation with the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world.  If Mercury is in the 8th (as well as Gemini in 8) you can bet this person probably loves to communicate about these matters.  This can be a position of a whistleblower and someone who loves to or write about truths they uncover through the hidden sciences of the world.  They may also love to bring to light and teach everything they come to know about metaphysical matters.

When Cancer rules the 8th House (Sagittarius Ascendant) / Moon is in the 8th House

Cancer or the moon being placed in the 8th house is a very auspicious placement for an interest in the occult sciences.  The reason is simple, you are bringing a water sign into a house naturally ruled by water (Scorpio.)  As with all that is water in life things go deeper than that. Cancer in 8 in is placement for a Sagittarius Ascendant.  Sagittarius Ascendant loves to expand their horizons and Cancer (or the moon) brings instinct, higher mind thinking and emotional attachment towards 8th house matters.

An interest in the Hidden Tantric sciences may actually come from the early life, family and perhaps even from the person’s moon or more nurturing parent.  These is an inclination here the 8th house matters may of been a part of the persons upbringing.  This of course from the very start can make the person exposed and interested in the hidden sciences of the world.  This can even produce a person whose natural instinct (Moon rules instinct) is to turn to astrology or metaphysics as a means to get whatever they want out of life.

Using the hidden sciences of the world can be for anything that really interests the person on an inner level.  They may astrology to understand themselves on an emotional level.  It could possibly be used to discover their lineage, things about their mother, about their family traditions or even their early life or home.  Anything that really strikes a chord emotionally in the person can draw them to use any of the hidden sciences; especially when it comes to starting a family of their own.  

This can be a person who uses astrology to find out what can bring them emotional security.  They may use it also to discover details about a family of their own, or even maybe their own home life.  Since moon also shows private life any kind of occult science may be used to satisfy their interest in this area.  They may even use mediums, astrologers, tarot readers or occult practices to actually connect with the past.  For instance they may use a medium to connect with a passed on loved ones.  

If it is Moon in the 8th house a big difference can be that the individual uses the hidden tantric sciences to find more intimacy in their life.  They may also seek out their transformative side and use the metaphysics to understand more about the cycle of life and death.  The connection with the 8th house is stronger with Moon because it part of the person’s consciousness placed here.  This can cause a person’s moods to possibly fluctuate and draw them towards astrology to understand what makes them have ups and downs in life.

When Leo rules the 8th House (Capricorn Ascendant) / Sun is in the 8th House

Leo ruling the 8th house does not promise by any mean someone interested in the occult matters.  This is especially true because Capricorn is usually rising and is a down to earth sign. Usually it will take someone with planets in the 8th house or an aspected ascendant, sun or moon to Pluto to bring the 8th house interests to them. One primary way the 8th house can come out is through having Leo risings chart ruler placed in the 8th house itself.  This brings with an ego interest in 8th house matters and a strong flavor of Scorpio to the person.

When the Occult and Hidden Sciences of the world are sparked in this person it can manifest numerous ways.  Essentially you can see a person who uses these sciences as a way to make themselves shine.  This individual can take an interest in using astrology as a way to become an authority or be king-like in some area of life.  Leo itself is “king” but since Capricorn is rising with Leo in 8 this person can be heavily interested in using the hidden Tantric Sciences in bolstering their authoritative nature in life.  In summary they usually want to find a way to lead, and this can be done in numerous ways through the 8th house.

Astrology may be used to find out how to creatively express themselves and draw attention to themselves.  It’s not uncommon to use astrology to find out their talents or ways they use a career as a means to bolster a need for authoritative status in the world.  Leo energy is about more than just authority though.  There can be an interest in finding out ways to have fun and uncover their hobbies.  Maybe they even use Astrology to find out how to make their hobbies work best for them.

The occult Hidden Science interest can even be used in the area of children. Leo is a childlike energy so you’re bringing an interest in children to the 8th house with Sun or Leo’s presence in this area.  The results tend to be very broad.  This person may use astrology or Occult Sciences to find out about their own children.  When they will have children, if they will have children or the nature of their children can be examples of this in application.  One really distinct possibly is these sciences are used how to uncover the persons own “hidden child.”  Especially if Capricorn is rising as interest in astrology may be used to find out simply how to perhaps be the child they were never allowed to be.

Since Leo energy is so dynamic about self it can an interest in the persons own romantic life.  Occult sciences can be used to find out when the romantic partner they long for comes into their life.  When they do meet romantic partners they may be interested in doing romantic synastry through astrology to see how compatible they are with their partner.  Leo also rules over risk taking and speculating so the 8th house matters of occult sciences can aid them greatly here.  They may use Tarot to ask questions about risks they can take.  Since Capricorn rising is status minded this person may use astrology as a means to find out where to invest money and what risks may be worth taking or avoiding.

When Virgo rules the 8th House (Aquarius Ascendant) / Mercury is in the 8th House

Virgo on the 8th house cusp can be a bit of a conundrum on it’s own.  At initial glance it would seem like an earth sign that is practical should not draw attention to 8th house matters.  This is hardly the case however due to two unique circumstances.  The first is Virgo is ruled by Mercury drawing an intellectual interest toward matters of the 8th house.  The other major contributor is Virgo in the 8th is an Aquarius Ascendant.  Aquarius energy is influencing the person giving them a strong interest in esoteric sciences.

Virgo itself is analytical energy so a person with Virgo in 8 can take a strong interest in the analytical side of Astrology.  Wanting to learn about, read about and understand astrology can be a strong part of their nature easy.  They may like to learn about and detail peoples natal charts.   Virgo loves to perform service so this can be a position to show an astrologer due to the knowledge they will gain of the subjects.  Another manifestation is simply using astrology as a means to find out about their work.  Maybe they want to find out what work is right for them so they use hidden Tantric Sciences of the 8th house to uncover this.

Virgo is also an energy that likes routine so incorporating metaphysics into the daily life can be a no-brainer.  This might be someone who likes to check transit charts every day in astrology.  At a lower level of interest maybe they may even like to casually read their horoscope every day, month or even year to see how esoteric interests impact their life.  Virgo itself loves organization so anyway the person can help organize their life better may have its place in using occult sciences.

Virgo is also the sign of Health matters.  Occult sciences can be instinctually used to find out about their own health.  They may use medical astrology to discover why they have chronic diseases.  This is especially possibly if Mercury is in 8.  Virgo is a restless and worrisome energy so Astrology can be used to find what disease or condition may bring harm to the individual.  Not all is negative though because the person may find out what diseases and chronic conditions they can be susceptible too.  With that information they can have a leg up in the future and use preventive medicine.

Another area to consider with Virgo in 8 is animals and small pets.  While a bit outside the box (probably normal for an Aquarius Ascending) this person may be drawn towards pet metaphysics.  They may use astrology to help understand their own pets.   Small animals and pets have influences of the sun they were born under and this person may like to find a pet born under a sign compatible with them.

When Libra rules the 8th House (Pisces Ascendant) / Venus is in the 8th House

With Libra ruling the 8th house cusp a person can either naturally have an interest in Hidden Tantric sciences or altogether by pass it. This can be attributed to the effect of Pisces Rising when Libra is in the 8th house.  Pisces is a mutable sign and it tends either go two directions.  On one hand Pisces Ascendants can be very spiritual people and look toward esoteric sciences and the greater collective.  This can include metaphysics, astrology, dream study and things of that nature that can tie into 8th house matters.  

The other side of Pisces however can lead them away from the metaphysics. If the influences around the person are poor the person may be more interested in escaping reality through entertainment of self-detrimental behavior.  A Pisces Ascendant is a tricky Phenom; It tends to go with the flow of what is presented around it.  Since the sign of Pisces is so mutable it all comes down to the nature of the environment and relationships the person has around them.  That said other factors can play in whether this person can take involvement in the occult.

The Libra in 8 person’s natural inclination to have an interest in metaphysics can be seen from Neptune (and classical ruler Jupiter) in their own birth chart. The location of those two planets in signs or houses in the birth chart can point towards a higher individual interest in metaphysical matters.  If Venus in the 8th house interest in the Hidden Tantric sciences is pronounced.  However other planets in the 8th house, 9th house, 11th or 12th house may be needed to draw Libra in the 8th towards occult interests.  Aspects of the Sun, Moon or Ascendant to Pluto may be considered as well to bring Libra and focus towards 8th house sciences.  

If the person on their own merit does have an individual interest in the hidden Tantric sciences of the world they may use it in an effort to bring balance to their lives.  They may practice meditation or things like reiki healing as a way to restore order in their well-being.  There may also be an interest in astrology for them to seek partnerships as Libra rules this area of life.  A person may use astrology seeking the perfect marriage partner.  The same may be said for being on the prowl for business partners.  

Libra also rules contracts and negotiations so astrology may be used to look at transits to find out if negotiations may be more favorable at a certain time in their life.  Another possibility may lie in the Venusian side of Libra; the person may like to seek out their artistic talents through astrology or other metaphysical arts.  Since Libra energy is sensual in nature the person may also be interest in the aesthetic side of astrology through the 8th house.  This may include an interest in astrology influencing the person’s appearance or how they decide to dress themselves.

Libra is the sign of partnerships a person’s interest in the metaphysics may be heightened due to their significant partnerships.  For instance if they marry someone who is into the occult or astrology the person will be likely to tag along and engage in it with them.  This can be true as well if they make any kind of significant partnership where the partner displays an open interest in the hidden tantric sciences.  Pisces ascendants are mutable and like to go with the flow; so if the partners are into it the person will be into it too.

When Scorpio rules the 8th House (Aries Ascendant)/ Pluto is in the 8th House

Scorpio ruling the 8th house cusp is the home placement for Scorpio as it naturally rules the 8th house.  In many cases having Scorpio on the 8th house shows someone who has a natural strong draw to 8th house occult and Tantric Sciences.  This is also true of having Pluto in the 8th house as Pluto is in the house it naturally rules over.  Pluto and Scorpio in the 8th makes someone a truth seeker and someone who wants to uncover hidden motivations.  This tends to be done through looking into metaphysics, occult and the hidden side of life.  

This can be a person who likes to investigate secrets, sex, death, taxes and psychology as topics of interest.  That said when Aries is rising in the chart with Scorpio in the 8th this person can be independent and private about their interest in metaphysical matters.  This is because Scorpio is a private sign and does not like to reveal its true motivations openly; so more times than not the interest in the hidden Tantric sciences may be kept under wraps.

When it comes to what this person may use astrology and the Hidden sciences for are quite broad.  Astrology or the occult may be used to understand the process of life or death.  There may be an interest in using metaphysics to understand their place in the world in general.  Sexuality is big part of Aries and Scorpio energy, so When Aries rises and Scorpio is in the 8th the person may use astrology to discover their sexuality or learn about how sex works in life.  This may mean they use astrology to find a sex partner or maybe this use to find out how to be a better sex partner for example.

Often Scorpio in the 8th can also include someone who uses the hidden sciences to understand psychology.  For an Aries ascendant who likes to overcome adversaries and prove their worth in the world astrology can be used through the 8th house to understand their enemies.  They may also plot their moves in like by consulting Tarot Cards.  The 8th house areas of life and death may influence the person to consult a medium perhaps to talk they cared about who passed on.  The person may find in general the hidden Tantric Sciences are a way to cope with the process of death and Rebirth and transforming themselves as they move forward in life.

When Sagittarius rules the 8th House (Taurus Ascendant) / Jupiter is in the 8th House

Sagittarius ruling the 8th house cusp brings the energy of higher abstract thinking into the 8th house of metaphysics and hidden Tantric Sciences.  This tends to make someone who finds adventure in life when they look below the surface and seek what is hidden in the shadows.  Jupiter occupying the 8th house tends to bring the same results perhaps in higher quantities.  When the planet of expansion or Sagittarius occupies the 8th house a person’s philosophy’s and beliefs tend to be shaped or built around metaphysics or hidden Tantric Sciences.

Sagittarius and Jupiter rule the area of higher education and learning in life. Bringing them into the 8th house makes a person who can persistently look into to the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world.  This is especially true if Taurus is rising as the behavior tends to be persistent and stubborn.  Once this person forms a belief about occult or metaphysical matters they may be unwavering.  In some cases there interest in these matters may be shared with a dogmatic fire as their beliefs are deeply entwined in the deeper and hidden side of life.

With Sagittarius energy occupying the 8th house we can see a person who uses the hidden Tantric Sciences to understand the greater meaning of life. For instance Astrology may be used to find a soul mission or tarot readings can find a similar link to the meaning of life through a spread.  An interest in the occult may help the person understand matters of religion which is seen through Sagittarius.  Astrology or tarot may also be used to help the person understand what or when to publish articles if they so like to write.  Sagittarius also rules teaching so as this person learns about matters of Occult sciences they may like to teach about them naturally.  Astrology may also be used to find out when the best time to marry is since Jupiter and Sagittarius rule Religious ceremony.  

Sagittarius rules a natural inclination towards all things foreign like foreign travel and foreign people as well as cultures.  Astrology or Tarot may be used to discover the details or possible timing of a long distance trip.  Having Sagittarius in the 8th may also show a person who finds interest in 8th house matters come through their long distance travels.  They may travel to a foreign land and in their journey stumble across meeting people who bring an interest in occult sciences into their life.  It can certainly be probable that this person takes serious interest in other forms of metaphysics or tantric sciences that are not native to their home land. For instance this may be someone who finds interest in Vedic Astrology if they are born outside India.

When Capricorn rules the 8th House (Gemini Ascendant) / Saturn is in the 8th House

Capricorn ruling the 8th house cusp can produce a person who may lack the natural pull towards metaphysics and 8th house matters.  This can be born from the practical and down to Earth nature of Capricorn energy.  However this is not to be said the person may not find an interest in their life from learning about 8th house matters and sciences.  There are several ways the person can be introduced to the hidden tantric side of life.

The first can be seen in the case of Capricorn occupying the 8th often Gemini is rising.  Gemini is naturally mutable and can be influenced based on their social interactions.  If they meet the rite person Gemini’s natural desire to learn can be motivated to take interest in the hidden Tantric sciences of the world. Planets in the 8th house, and especially Saturn in the 8th, can show the pull someone towards hidden Tantric Sciences as well.  Sometimes Capricorn or Saturn in 8 can even show a father or authority figure influences an interest in 8th house matters for the person.

It is to be said however that Capricorn and Saturn represents limitations and delays in life.  If this is the case the person may be delayed the first 30 years in life from having deep or fulfilling access to the Tantric sciences of the world. Often if the person tries to dive into these areas of their own accord things tend to restrict them from pursuing the interest further.  However once Saturn lifts its restrictions later in life (after Saturn return) often these 8th house matters integrate into the structure of the person’s life.  The person can at that point can pursue the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world and incorporate them as they see fit.  

When this person is able or takes interest in the hidden Sciences it may very well be used for many things.  Since Capricorn is the energy that represents status in the world sciences like Astrology or Tarot can be sought for ways to boost personal status.  Astrology may be a key tool as the person can see ways in which to increase their reputation and find ways to bolster their standing in their communities they participate in.  Capricorn is also a very serious and career oriented sign so the hidden Tantric Sciences can be used to bolster their career.  If the person struggles in life Astrology may be used to find possible career paths for themselves for example.

Other possibilities lie in Capricorn seeking recognition where it lies.  Capricorn itself loves to become authority so seeking out the hidden Sciences can be used for the person to bring power to themselves.  Astrology, Tarot or metaphysics can be sought to help the person seek recognition for their efforts.  Sciences like Tarot can be sought so the person can find out whether they are do a promotion.  Vedic astrology can be another way the person looks to find out if they are due recognition in certain areas through researching maha dasha periods.  Capricorn also represents the father so the person may use the Hidden Sciences to find out things about their father.  It may not be far-fetched either they like to use these sciences to find out when they become a father themselves.

When Aquarius rules the 8th House (Cancer Ascendant) / Uranus is in the 8th House

Aquarius ruling the 8th house cusp can be an auspicious placement for an interest in matters of metaphysic and Tantric sciences.  The reason is simple as Aquarius energy itself rules over esoteric sciences and occupying the 8th house brings the person a natural interest in these areas usually.  Having Uranus in the 8th house is a natural fit as well as it is planet that rules astrology in the modern version of astrology.  Any planets in the 8th house or contacts of Pluto to the persons ascendant, sun or moon only bolster the draw to the Hidden Sciences of the world; but usually more times than not Astrology is the main draw of their interest.

An interest in astrology can be used to allow the person to understand the greater elements of mankind.  They may like to use astrology understand their friends, groups they belong to, teams they are interested in, corporations around them or society in general.  The person may like to use astrology to help find friends, groups or ways that they can reach out and be a part of something greater then themselves.  An interest in the metaphysical sciences can also lead them to either understand or in some cases as a humanitarian effort to aid the underprivileged in society.

Uranus and Aquarius on their own merit rule over technology.  So an interest in astrology may find that this person uses technology like computers to further their interest in this area.  They may read online articles, use social networking websites or even buy e-books as a means to investigate the hidden Tantric sciences of the world.  Astrology tarot or metaphysics may also be used as a way for a person to discover or bolster their innovative nature.

An interest in these sciences may even be used to help them pursue their own hopes and wishes in life as these areas of life are ruled by Aquarius energy. Astrology may in general also be used to help them look toward their future. Them may be interested in things like transits and chart progressions as a means to forecast what’s ahead.  It’s not too uncommon to see that Tarot spreads may be used to “ask about what’s to come.”  

Once the person comes to understand and get engrossed in the hidden Tantric sciences this person may like to talk about the hidden Tantric sciences with their friends, or join groups that share their common interests.  There is a possibility that the sudden upheaval and reversal nature of Uranus or Aquarius may cause the person to have an inconsistent relationship with the Hidden Tantric sciences of the world.

When Pisces rules the 8th House (Leo Ascendant) / Neptune is in the 8th House

Pisces ruling over the 8th house is a natural fit to bring the interest of metaphysics into a person’s life.  Pisces energy is intuitive and here intuition can inspire someone to seek something greater at work in the universe. Metaphysical interest tends to come natural here especially if it has a spiritual flavor to it.  An interest in the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world can be specially garnered to help understand the spiritual side of themselves.

Since Leo is usually rising in the case of Pisces in the 8th the person can have a distinct interest in finding where they fit in the greater whole of the universe. The person may find themselves naturally pulled to wanting to learn about the hidden tantric sciences to support their personal ambitions in life but also to understand all of life and how things fit together.  A major general want here can be to use metaphysics, astrology, tarot or the occult to help the greater good of mankind.  There may be interest in holistic healing specially as a means to help themselves or others.

Astrology can be an interest with Pisces on the 8th that comes quite natural to them.  The person can use astrology to help improve their life as well as others.  An interest in astrology can help the person understand the greater collective that makes up the universe.  They may specifically be interested in using astrology as a means to see that everything is connected and influences each other.  

In a sense Pisces is about letting go and merging into something greater then self.  Astrology can be a means to an end as this person may enjoy learning about the soul and the greater workings of the universe at large.  A sense of where the physical incarnation ends on Earth and where the soul and spirit differ can be understood through an interest in astrology.  There can be a strong pull toward merging the idea of reincarnation along with astrology. Pisces in 8 can take a strong interest in how the soul is seen through astrology charts and really like to search the moon nodes as a means to learn about the greater workings of the universe.

Dream interpretation can be another metaphysical area of life that draws interest from Pisces in 8.  The person may also like learning about energy and how the universal energies available to a person can influence their physical everyday life.  They may like to take a an interest in reiki healing, Chakra cleansing or any metaphysical science that influences energy levels.  Learning how to work with energy can be something Pisces in 8 can be motivated to do as a means to heal others who suffer in life.

All hidden Tantric sciences of the world can be used by Pisces in the 8th to help them through chaotic times.  Pisces rules over grief, sorrow and loss.  The hidden sciences like astrology or tarot may be used to help the person come to term with personal suffering and pain.  The person may be interest in using spiritual mediums as a way to talk to departed loved ones that caused them heartache as an example.

In some instances having Neptune or Pisces in the 8th can show a malefic nature.  Since Leo is often rising the person may be self-absorbed and turn away from the “higher spiritual calling” of Pisces energy.  In this case it is not to uncommon the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world are of no interest to the person.  This can be especially possible if Neptune itself is in the 8th house. Neptune can very well dissolve what it touches in the most malefic of cases and in this case dissolve a person’s interest in 8th house matters.

anonymous asked:

I'm definitely in agreement with you about the whole "Galra are evil and Alteans are good" bullshit. Because the show has not even pitched that idea at all? I'm so confused by it, because the showrunners have given us a rather large handful of good guys who are Galra and an Altean who is definitely one of the bad guys. Not to mention the fact that it's maybe a little hinted that Alfor did some questionable things that led to Zarkon becoming what he is now.

I mean, that all said, I do hesitate to lump suspicions on Alfor, mostly because almost everything we see of the Paladins of Old suggests that Zarkon and Alfor were incredibly close.

Consider that Alfor was the original architect of the Lions. Now, consider the Black Lion- her terrifying capabilities, her integral position to Voltron. All of the Lions are formidable but the Black Lion- she’s the leader of the pack in every conceivable way.

And Zarkon was who Alfor had in mind as paladin the entire time. This was the Lion he built out of the meteorite that struck Zarkon’s planet, working with the galra.

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Jupiter & Saturn In a House

The “older” one will typically interact with the “younger” one. By this, I mean that the one posited earlier in the Zodiac will have a more solid prevalence, and this impacts the one posited later, often in a positive way. For example, if Jupiter is in the sign before Saturn’s, it provides the native with the resources and disposition to handle the lessons brought by Saturn; and if vice versa, Saturn provides the foundation for Jupiter’s gifts to flourish upon. It is essentially the same dynamic with the more dominant energy (if Saturn’s placement is stronger than Jupiter’s or the other way around). If both are equally powerful, it’s neutral ground.

Jupiter’s influence may be “despite” Saturn’s, in the sense of being a silver lining. This is especially true if Saturn is underdeveloped / before its 1st return. Saturn is often the crux of the house, in general; it’s the hurdle to jump before one may completely achieve Jupiter. In that case, Jupiter motivates growth (or should) by representing what can be experienced if one develops & learns through the difficulties and struggles Saturn presents.

If they aren’t conjunct (particularly if they’re in different decans of a sign or different signs altogether), they may not share the same territory. Houses cover a wide variety of themes, and just because it is occupied by two planets does not mean that both planets will have an influence on every single one of those themes; in many cases, since Jupiter & Saturn are so different, they simply affect separate parts of the native’s life (within the perimeters of the house). For example, with Jupiter and Saturn both residing in the 10th house, the native may experience Jupiter’s expansiveness & abundance in terms of fame, but Saturn’s cold restrictions & life lessons in terms of self-image or direction. They will certainly impact each other, but indirectly, and without contradiction.

If they are conjunct or share very similar conditions (sign/aspects/etc), there may be a vacillation between manifestations, going back & forth between Jupiter and Saturn but never settling on the influence of either for very long.

Above all, having Jupiter and Saturn in the same house does not have to be a contradiction at all. It’s an unfortunate myth that planets which are different from each other cannot coexist; in reality, sometimes Jupiter and Saturn benefit and elevate each other. Saturn’s discipline allows the fruits of Jupiter to bloom and be harvested in a healthy way; it tempers the gluttony of Jupiter so that its positivity isn’t spoiled and sucked dry before it can be of any use; it structures Jupiter’s expansion to prevent chaos. Jupiter’s wisdom aligns with Saturn’s and creates a wealth of intellectual and spiritual strength which guides the native so that the house becomes a palace fit for a self-improved, highly evolved king; Jupiter eases the pressure of Saturn and fills the inside of its limitations with benefits necessary for survival of those lessons; it challenges control so that it remains balanced and never turns to tyranny. They complement each other, and this can create the most wonderful pool of energies within the house, making it the most fertile & rewarding area of the native’s life.

The house they share can become the center of the native’s life, as well, due to the overwhelming intensity and importance of the experiences Jupiter & Saturn create together. Other needs and interests can often be overshadowed by their power and influence, which can be very unhealthy & actually undermine the potential benefits of having them balance each other out. In their loud, consuming battle for balance, they can imbalance the chart. It’s important to avoid that by channeling their energy elsewhere every once in a while to get a break, & simply taking care not to neglect other placements.

Reckless in Red [Keith x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Would you be willing to combine two prompts together like 17 and 20 with Jason or Keith or Damian. I’m fine with any of them.”

Prompt 17: “You’ll die and I can’t watch the person I love die.”
Prompt 20: “For once, stop pretending you’re okay! Just talk to me!”

A/n: Keith!!!! Yay! Angst requests are poppin. lol


Ever since Keith learned of his heritage, he’s changed. He’s been reckless and empty. Since then he has ignored you, your feelings. It’s scary. He’s already in hell of a lot of danger out there and because of his recklessness he has had too many close calls. Your heart couldn’t take much more of it. His latest mission was the last straw for you. You can’t do this anymore.

The Paladins were taking down a squadron of Galra occupying a planet and Keith just couldn’t stop putting himself in danger. He intentionally was going after the largest and most heavily armed ships. The other Paladins kept trying to get him to stop, but he wasn’t listening. Not even to Shiro.

“Allura what do we do? He’s going to get himself killed!” Your voice shook while you spoke. “I don’t know he’s not listening to anyone of us, not even you.” Her eyes stayed glued on the battle at hand. “We have to hope that maybe the others can get through to him or keep him safe.”

You nodded, listening to the chatter of the coms. What is he doing? This is the worst he’s ever been. “Keith, I’m begging you, STOP!” Hoping that the desperation in your tone would get through to him. It seemed to help a bit as he began to back away but he never answered over coms. Breathing a sigh of relief you decided that you had to talk to him. Having been avoiding bringing up his galra heritage, it always making him agitated and irritable. But you can’t take this anymore. The worry is eating you alive.

Eventually they had defeated the squadron and made their way back to the castle. Though the inhabitants of the planet demanded to throw the Paladins a celebration in thanks. They tried to humbly refuse but the creatures insisted. The celebration made it even harder for you to talk to him. Whenever you went to say something, one of the creatures stepped up to thank him.

This went on most of the night, until you saw him walk over to grab something to drink. Taking a deep breath you walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. His armor keeping your hand from touching his skin. It being a cold unforgiving shell. An all too familiar feeling as of late.

“Keith, can we talk?” He looked over his shoulder at you, grey-blue eyes meeting your [e/c] eyes. Seeing the desperation you were feeling. Sighing he set his glass down and nodded, following you to a more quiet spot.

Having had your back to him, you faced him, “Keith, what’s wrong?” He was taken aback by your question. What did you mean by that? “Excuse me?”

“I know something is wrong. Ever since you found out about your true heritage, you’ve been reckless and emotionless even. Why?” Asking while taking a step closer to him. He averted his eyes from yours, noticing his jaw tightening. “Nothing [F/n], I’m fine. I promise.”

Keith turned his back on you and began to walk back toward the celebration. Feeling a burst of anger and desperation you caught up and yelled after him, “FOR ONCE, STOP PRETENDING YOU’RE OKAY! JUST TALK TO ME!” Your outburst drew the attention of everyone but at this point you couldn’t care less. Keith had turned to you wide eyed and jaw slacked, shocked at your yelling. But you got what you wanted, his attention.

Feeling tears sting at your eyes you began, “You keep pretending you’re alright, but you’re not. I know you’re not! You-you’ve changed Keith, and not for the better. You aren’t yourself and it’s terrifying! If you keep pushing me and everyone away, you’ll never come to terms with anything! If you keep being reckless and injudicious then-then you’ll die and I can’t watch the person I love die.” Finishing your eruption while realizing the truth behind your words. You couldn’t, you love him and you can’t watch him kill himself.

Keith’s wide gaze was locked on you. Looking around you realized everyone was staring at you both. Just now feeling the tears that trailed down your cheeks and were continuing to fall. Bowing your head you mumbled “I’m sorry” before turning your back and running away from the gathering.

“[F/n] WAIT!” Hearing Keith yell behind you but keeping your course set, your pace quickening. Not stopping until your legs couldn’t run any farther. They gave out as you found yourself at the edge of a river bank, lost, but not that you cared. Pulling your knees to your chest you hid your face in them, allowing the sobs to escape your throat.

You had never really thought about how close he had come to dying and how hurt your heart was. How numb you had become.

Keith had chased after you the entire way, stopping when he found you. His heart broke seeing the state you were in. Did he do this to you?

He walked over cautiously and sat next to you, “[F/n]?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” Not removing your face from your knees.

“No, don’t apologize. You’re right. [F/n] look at me.” Keith placed a hand on your shoulder. Looking up to meet his eyes, he reached up and wiped the tears away from your face. “I’m sorry, I know I’ve been distant. I’m just going through a lot.”

“I know, and that’s why you need to talk to me Keith. That’s why I’m here. I love you, your burdens are my burdens.” Swiping his bangs out of his face. “I just, I’ve never been good at opening up. I’m just confused and scared, I don’t know what to do.”

Your expression softened while taking his hand, “I know. I am too, not of you but of what might happen to you. We’ll get through this, if we stay together and you trust me…” His eyes shot to yours, cutting you off “I do trust you, more than anyone in the universe.” Allowing a small smile you continued, “But I need you to promise me you won’t be so reckless Keith. My heart can’t take anymore of it.”

He shifted to be facing you completely. Pushing a strand of hair out of your face he placed a soft kiss on your hairline, leaning his forehead against yours.

“I promise.”

Astrological Terms (A Short Dictionary)
  • Active: fire and air; inharmonious and extroverted energies
  • Afflicted: poorly aspected; unharmonious energy towards a planet
  • Ascendant: An Angular (Cardinal) House appearing on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth; 1st House
  • Aspect: relations between planets depending on degrees; planets may have multiple or no aspects
  • Astrology: Astronomy + Mythology; the science/religion of the stars' influence on humanity and individuals
  • Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; 1st House, 4th House, 7th House, 10th House; East, North, West, South
  • Chart: a circular sheet of information, showing the positions of the celestial bodies and signs at the time of birth
  • Cusp: the separation of one sign or House from another; the "slice" of a House or sign which planets may inhabit
  • Descendant: opposite of the Ascendant; 7th House, appearing on the Western horizon
  • Detriment: a sign opposite of the planet's ruler; weakness
  • Epheremis: a calendar which keeps track of the positions of the celestial bodies annually
  • Exaltation: a sign similar to a planet's ruler; strength
  • Feminine: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces; introverted and passive
  • Fruitful: Water signs, considered very likely to bare children; the moon, and the 5th House
  • Geocentric: the earth as the center
  • Grand Trine: three planets trining one another, creating a triangle in the chart
  • Heliocentric: the sun as the center
  • Horoscope: "the hour"; map of the signs' and planets' location for a specific time
  • Houses: 12 imaginary cusps based off of the positions of the zodiac; unlike the zodiac, Houses move based on the hour
  • House Ruler: a planet occupying the House; a sign on the cusp of one Houses' ruling planet which may occupy another House (ex. Scorpio in an empty 3rd Houses' ruler is still Pluto, even if it is in another House.)
  • Lunar: in relation to the moon
  • Masculine: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius; active, extroverted
  • Medical Astrology: a subject of astrology, dealing with the planetary subject of disease prediction
  • Midheaven: Medium Coeli; 10th House
  • Nativity: the second that the native is born
  • Passive: introversion, described by lack of active energies; gentle; water and earth
  • Retrograde: backwards motion of a planet; occurs when the earth passes a slower-moving planet
  • Rising: Ascendant; 1st House
  • Ruler: association between a planet and a sign when they share similar energies
  • Transits: the position of the planets currently and how they influence one's natal chart
Heir to a Kingdom [2]

Lotor x Reader pt. 2

Well, here’s the long awaited Part Two! And the plot thickens…~

I dragged this on and rushed it at the same time, how do you do that?? I’m sorry if this is terrible, I’ll edit this as soon as I get back to America.

– Ryan

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6

The Galran stronghold ran like clockwork; It wasn’t hard for him to command an entire fleet. What was frightening, though, was how smoothly he played the part, how he fit into place. Lotor barked orders for the next attack, and everyone followed along accordingly. His sound demands made no room for error, should anyone wish to lose their life. But everyone had their doubts, especially for an attack on Voltron.

“Station the units, I need no more than the fighters I requested.” The Galran officer gave a curt nod. Before he can leave, Lotor speaks without so much as a glance to him, “only the units I requested. Any more, and I will think you’ve sabotaged my plan.” Lotor turns with a look that finishes his threat, and the officer swallows.

“Understood.” He excuses himself, recounting the soldiers requested for the attack.

Lotor’s plan was elaborate and calculated. He smirks, watching as everything falls into place, just how he needs it.

“You always were the inferior strategist, Father. And that’s why I will have Voltron.”


Completely stumped, everyone stands around the center console of the control room in a sort of strategy meeting. It had been weeks since the incident with Zarkon, and there has been no activity from the other side. Without Shiro, the team couldn’t yet fight the Galran Empire. So any rescue missions and distress signals were reluctantly put off – but not ignored. It had pained you and the Paladins greatly to know you couldn’t do, well, anything.

“How about allies?” You suggest, breaking the solemnity hanging in the air, and all sets of eyes fall on you. You take a deep breath, and speak again to clarify. “How about recruiting allies? We already have the Blades of Marmora, not to mention the Balmerans and the Olkari. If we want to strengthen ourselves, we’re going to need help.”

You can see the mixed reactions on all the faces looking at you, and you sigh. You shared the exact sentiment. To drag innocents into a war? Innocents that you meant to protect? Had Shiro been in this situation, would he have made this decision?

How many times a day have you asked yourself this question? No, no more.

“It doesn’t mean soldiers.”

The group has pulled through the weeks with endless training and strategies for the next encounter with Zarkon, but there was no recon mission. No attempts to leave the castle and search.

“Anyone that believes in our cause, who’s not afraid to stand against the oppression of the Galran Empire. For resources, or intel.”

Not even for a clue.

“We can’t just sit here and do nothing. It’s not like Shiro’s going to pop out of nowhere and land in our laps.” Lance speaks up after your words. Something had ignited in him, as well. Perhaps he was sick of feeling useless and vulnerable, too. “We can do with another resource run, but I think it’s about time we’ve spread our influence through the galaxy.” The Paladins all nod in agreement, and you smile, knowing you’ve made the right decision.

“If we go to Galran-occupied planets, it is possible they might contact Zarkon. Splitting up on top of that would spell for disaster. You can’t even form Voltron.” Allura says, her conviction clear in her words, though they came across as a scolding.

“They know how to fight. They won’t be alone, either.” Kolivan steps up, placing a hand on Allura’s shoulder. “With a sound plan, this ‘recruitment’ might just work. We need all the help we can get.” 

And the plan was set. Kolivan would take you, Lance, and Hunk to a planet just bordering Galran occupation. There, you would convince their leader to join forces with Voltron, and resist the Galran Empire.

Keith, Pidge, and Coran would make for an expedition of reclaiming resources, and requesting any information regarding the Galran Empire’s next course of action.

The plans have been checked and double checked, fool proofed, and backed up from A, B, all the way to numerals. Allura was reluctant to approve this, but Kolivan and the Paladins had reassured her that this was the only course of action.

Of course, it was a slight cover – that only Coran was aware of – to look for Shiro. But everyone had their missions in mind.

Allura only allowed this on the condition everyone brought their lions. Which was fine, but it was difficult to convince a neutral power that you meant no harm when you came practically fully loaded at their doorstep.

“No, your majesty. Though they act on their own as you see now, they will not attack you.” The lions move to sit, but despite playing the ‘threatened’ card, the King’s soldiers don’t waver.

“I can tell you’re strong, your majesty. Your army is trained well, and you’re respected by all, even the Nature on your planet.” You gesture to the lush vegetation, and the healthy wildlife you know that inhabits it. “We are not asking you to sit back, and let us protect your planet for you. We ask that you lend us your strength to fight for, and to protect, your freedom.” 

Amazed by your words, Lance and Hunk are left completely speechless, and the King seemed to contemplate your offer.

“Very well. Since we fight for the same interests, I do not see why we cannot aid in your cause.”

Over dinner, you discuss the finer details of the negotiation, and it all works out well. Without giving away too much, You, Lance, and Hunk tried to pick for information regarding Shiro’s whereabouts, but come up empty. It was discouraging, but you continue through the night without falter.

That is, until the comm link went off.

“Yes, Allura?” You excuse yourself from the table, and make your way to the hall.

“Those Lions, they look like they’d be hard to pilot..” The King’s daughter, who had joined you all for the feast, speaks up after your departure, trying to keep up the conversation.

Lance leans over the table, resting his chin in the palm of his hand, in one fluid motion. “Princess, I’ll have you know in my trainee days, I was known as the ‘Tailor’…” Hunk groans as he’s already heard this number quite a few times, and Kolivan coughs awkwardly at the attempt to flirt.

The one thing to save everyone from the torture was your alarming reappearance, your eyes blown wide and a look of terror on your face.

“The Galrans are attacking the castle.” 

That was all you needed to say to have the three bolt from the table and after you to the lions. 


What started as a chuckle now rings out as full-on laughter, and Lotor leans forward on the armrest of his father’s throne. How marvelous, they saved him the trouble of going to them, by coming to him.

It was almost like she was begging him to capture her.

She should be defenseless, and they’ve spread out their forces.

“How foolish.” He grins wickedly. With all the excitement, he almost forgot his plan.


Now, the girl. He thinks carefully; would she have gone on the front lines, with the Lion? Or would she take the liberty to evacuate the citizens?

Taking a look at the records of her previous encounters with the Galrans, she was never on the front lines. Sure, she fought alongside them, but she hadn’t the same strength the Lions had. And almost every single time she’d stay a line of defense behind, to protect the inhabitants.

It was almost laughable how predictable her position would be.

“Prepare my fighter.” He hands the holo-tablet to the guard on his right before standing, making his way to the exit of the command center. A wicked smirk spreads across his face, and he walks with purpose to the hangar.

“This’ll be over quick.”


An ambush. You chide yourself as you shout over your shoulder to the King and his daughter to find shelter. From there you urge Hunk and Lance to go to their lions, and begin fighting.

Hopefully Keith and Pidge can make it to the castle in time.

You look to Kolivan who gives a nod, seemingly reading your mind. You rush with him to the pods you’d descended from the Yellow Lion, and him the Blue Lion. Within them were the weapons you’d stored in case of times like this.

“Hurry..!” You curse to yourself as you fumble with the holster and belt of your weapons, and yank out the Naginata you’re so familiar fighting with. Kolivan had already taken a head start, but the sounds of battle were already settled as if the fight had started hours ago. You clench your fists around the spear, and you gauge your enemies.

The King’s army had already taken the lead in the fight, discharging fighters against Galran fighters, and targeting those that had landed on foot.

You were thrust, suddenly, by a strike from behind. Skidding across the ground only a meter or so, you bring a hand around to your shoulder to feel the tender wound. You grimace, and wipe the blood off your hand to gain a secure grip on your weapon. A Galran with a blaster stood over you, but before he could register what to do next, you had whisked the gun from his hands with your Naginata, and used the momentum to kick under his legs. Easily, you flip yourself up from the ground, and drive your blade’s head into his chest. You didn’t have the time to catch your breath, though, before the next wave of foot soldiers made their way over. Six, you count, and you look up to see the Lions dealing with their own wave of fighters.

“Kolivan!” You look for the Blade’s leader, knowing you can’t fight all on your own.

“[y/n]!” you turn as you hear your name, followed by a grunt and the sound of metal clashing. Kolivan seemed to have his hands full with his own fight, taking on three Galrans at once. You grit your teeth, and leave the wave coming at you, hopefully, in the hands of the army lending its strength.

Something isn’t right. The feeling churns in your stomach like a bad meal, and you can’t sit right. It’s almost as if the Galrans are tying to separate you from Kolivan. Like they had a plan. What was even more unsettling, they weren’t striking with the intent to kill.

Your shoulder was still sore from the earlier impact you took from that blaster’s ammunition, and it was weakening your blows from your Naginata.

You curse your shaking hands, knowing you won’t be able to be a straight shot with a blaster. You stick to your blade, and hold your stance as the circle of Galrans seem to close in on you.

As if to accentuate this climax, there’s a strong gust of wind as a Galran fighter swoops low to the ground. You shield your face from the gust of dirt that whips up, but through the cloud shrouding the pod, you can see a lithe figure jump from the cockpit. You bring your weapon before you, the blade pointed down to the ground, but facing out, ready to attack. The Galrans nearby fighting Kolivan seem to know who it is, and they all falter, which was their mistake as Kolivan skewers the one closest to him. But, he can’t help but share that feeling of dread. Something was off.

“You’re a lot smaller than you look in the records.” His voice rings out; a low baritone that reverberates through your chest. “I have to say I wasn’t expecting that.” Your eyes narrow at the figure, as it emerges from the cloud blocking your vision.

[y/n]!” Kolivan shouts, recognizing the figure, and the sound of a blade through flesh follows twice more as the man before you smirks. Your eyes widen, and your guard falters as you study him a bit more.

“You.. are you.. Altean?” You could swear he holds the characteristics of an Altean, from his body structure, and his ears. Kolivan continues to struggle behind you, calling out to you, but his voice is drowned out in the background. The barrier of Galrans surrounding you and this stranger tighten, and you’re faintly aware of the fight Kolivan is putting up with.

“Who are you?” You ask, again on the defensive as you tighten your grip on your Naginata with a stronger spirit. This only elicits a chuckle, and you’re left frustrated.

“You can call me Prince Lotor.” His voice is void of emotion, and his face is almost impossible to read. You can feel your skin crawl from the raw tension, and you ready your weapon. “But we’re not here for me, little ‘nova… we’re here for you.” As he speaks, he pulls back his sword, his hair flowing over his shoulder, then quickly, and gracefully, strikes. Luckily you had expected an attack, and you bring your Naginata up to guard the attack, parrying his move. You spin your Naginata over your arm, blade out, and he pulls back as if knowing what your next move was. You click your tongue, and shout as you charge another attack.

The both of you continue in a waltz accompanied by the sound of metal on metal, and dirt shifting beneath your feet. Your stamina has almost completely depleted, and your wound’s pain is starting to spread throughout your body. It takes just one moment of carelessness on your part, and Lotor has your Naginata’s blade cut from the staff. With one swift, fluid motion, he takes the hilt of his blade, and strikes you in the back, knocking you to the ground.

“What do you.. want?” You look up at him, griping the remainder of your trusty weapon, and he just sneers.

“So many questions,” Lotor circles you, bringing the back of his blade across your torso as he does so, “I’ve had enough of this toying around.” Eying your bloodied shoulder, he sheaths his sword. His action had confused you, that is until there was a searing pain that shoots all the way down your spine. You scream from the pain, and the sound has Lotor smirking wide.

“That’s it.. succumb to the pain.” As your consciousness slips, you can feel Lotor’s arm hook under you, lifting you against his body.

It’s warm.. Your last coherent thought rings through you mind as you fall to oblivion.


“[y/n]?!” Kolivan continues to ram against the barricade the Galran droids have made. He breaches through a shield, and dismembers the mechanical soldier, before he’s met with the scene before him. Lotor has your limp, bloodstained body cradled to his own. “Lotor. You won’t get away with this.” Amused, Lotor simply turns around, and makes his way to the pod he arrived in.

“We’ve gotten what we came for. No need to overstay our welcome.” He speaks simply, and in one gesture, calls the droids to action. “Activate the cloaking shield.” He orders, directing Haggar from his position on the planet. The droids attack Kolivan, all stalling for time as Lotor boards the carrier with you in hold.

Occupied with the attack dealt to him, Kolivan couldn’t make a breakthrough to get to you in time. Lotor proceeds to do as he planned, and activates his own cloaking shield in the pod before firing it up. All Kolivan is left with is the sight of the aircraft leaving the atmosphere. The droids retreat on their own, escaping into any fighter they can get close enough to, but not before Kolivan takes out a handful of them from anger alone.


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For @squidspawn, happy birthday! I hope it’s been fabulous for you! 💕

Picking up passengers on Persephone was clearly a massive mistake.

Very massive. So massive. Incredibly massive, and Madara has made some damned serious mistakes in his time so he knows them when he sees them.

This particular mistake looks like red eyes and white hair and a smirk that makes Madara’s blood boil, and the fact that it comes attached to the most moon-brained bastard of an escaped science experiment Madara has ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on just makes things worse.

“This,” Madara says waspishly, hurling himself into the copilot’s chair, “is entirely your fault.”

Tōka, of course, doesn’t even blink where she’s seated on Izuna’s lap, his arms wrapped around her waist and one of her arms curled around his neck. They’re incredibly cute, and it’s absolutely disgusting. “You do know that my family occupies an entire planet,” she says dryly, because of course she knows exactly what he means. “I’m not responsible for everyone who shares a last name with me, or your decision to accept them as passengers because of it.”

Madara hates it when she takes that reasonable tone with him. Harrumphing, he crosses his arms over his chest and slumps back in his chair.

“Is the doctor settled in?” Izuna asks cheerfully, like he can’t see Madara’s scowl. Like he doesn’t remember how Hashirama smuggled a fugitive science experiment on board their ship while the idiot was being followed by the Alliance. Which has, predictably, resulted in the grievous wounding of their mechanic (well, kind of; Madara’s pretty sure an entire Alliance cruiser couldn’t put Mito down for long), the unintentional kidnapping of a bounty hunter, outrunning the Alliance, and more bullshit than Madara has had to deal with since the war ended.

Really, Madara worries about his little brother sometimes.

“Settled in and trying to find something to fix that hing-wah tsao duh liou mahng,” Madara huffs, but despite himself he finds his eyes closing, his head tipping back against the headrest. He can’t help but remember the way Hashirama clung to the thin, shaking form that tumbled out of the box, the way Tobirama curled into his brother’s touch and new him instantly, even though there hasn’t been a single coherent sentence out of the pretty bastard since.

Tōka hums, though Madara can’t tell if the sound is amused, skeptical, or just noncommittal. “Come on, husband,” she says instead of answering, and Madara opens his eyes in time to see her rise to her feet, taking Izuna’s hands and pulling him with her.

“Coming!” Izuna agrees cheerfully. “Well, I mean not yet I’m not but—”

Tōka kisses him to shut him up. Madara takes back all the nasty thing he’s ever said about her.

“Good night, Captain,” she says amusedly, and leaves the bridge with Izuna trailing behind her like a smitten puppy.

Madara snorts softly to himself, eyes fixed out Serenity’s wide window at the stars beyond. A few moments of peace is a welcome reprieve from the stupidity of the last few days, and with most of the crew asleep, he’s more than happy to—

“All the brains are quiet now.”

Madara absolutely does not shriek and almost fall out of his chair. Though if he did that would be an entirely appropriate reaction to a ghost-pale figure suddenly appearing out of nowhere right beside him.

Wuh de ma! What in the gorram hells do you think you’re doing?” He scrambles to his feet, turning to face the unimpressed stare of their newest burden. “Where’s your brother?”

“Back on Osiris,” Tobirama says, moving past Madara to lean forward and stare out the window.

“That is absolute gos se,” Madara informs him, because there’s no way an idiot like Hashirama managed to go anywhere on Serenity without someone holding his hand, let alone all the way back to whatever planet spawned the Senju as a whole. “Did you sneak out without him noticing?”

Tobirama ghosts a hand across the console, not looking at Madara, and his expression is faintly sad. “Hashirama likes it when things work,” he offers, like that’s any sort of answer at all. “He goes back there when his brain goes quiet.”

Moon-brained, Madara reminds himself, searching for patience. Moon-brained and the product of Alliance experiments and—

Long fingers cup his jaw, making Madara startle, and Tobirama is right in front of him, peering into his face like there are secrets written there.

“You don’t need to search for it,” Tobirama tells him, and those red eyes are crazy, maybe, but in a way Madara knows all too well. “It’s all you have left, isn’t it?”

“What?” Madara manages to get out.

Tobirama casts him a glance through white lashes, even as he pulls away. “You brought the battlefield with you,” he says. “It made you patient, carrying it around all the time.”

Serenity Valley, Madara thinks, because there isn’t anything else Tobirama could mean, but there’s no way he could know. He curls his hands into fists to hide the way they shake and takes a breath, ready to yell—

Tobirama presses a finger over his lips. “All the brains are quiet. Yours should be too. Hashirama went back to Osiris, but you don’t have to go anywhere.”

Carefully, Madara wraps his fingers around one thin wrist and pulls Tobirama’s hand away. “Are you going to start making some gorram sense any time soon?” he demands, willfully ignoring how Tobirama is making far too much sense for comfort.

It gets him a smirk, quick and fleeting. “She’s a good ship,” Tobirama says, and then is gone, slipping out of Madara’s grasp and vanishing like he was never there at all.

Wuh de tyen, ah,” Madara mutters to himself, raking a hand through his hair. He shakes his head, then laughs a little, helpless and amused, and curls his fingers over the back of the chair for just a moment. “A good ship indeed.”

Trust Me: Part 2

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Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Poe Dameron x Reader (eventually), Female Reader, fluff

Author’s Note:  Sorry, this part was giving me a surprising amount of trouble.  Hopefully I’ll have the next part up a lot faster.  This will probably end up being a three parter, unless people want me to write into the events of Force Awakens. 

Word Count: 3.3 K

          It had been six months since you left D’Qar and Poe still couldn’t get the final image of you out of his mind. 

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Another way the 2nd house is connected to the 3rd house is that Gemini rules the hands and Taurus lives for touch. The 2nd house describes how you experience the tactile world, the caress of a lover, wearing a cozy fabric, petting a purring kitty, grasping your purse full of money, these are all 2nd house/Taurean things, and they are dependent on the hands. Moving into the 3rd house, you use your hands to be a writer, to flip thru pages at a library. Taurus/2nd house uses hands for the physical feeling, whereas Gemini/3rd house is detached from the bodily sensation of their hands, rather using them as an extension of the mind.

It’s interesting how in transits, one planet moves thru your 2nd house before the 3rd but in progressions, one planet occupies your 3rd before moving into the 2nd house, so you get to experience them in an opposite way. Your personal development has layers of depth as your natal chart, progressions, and transits come together to make you who you are, supporting your human journey.

The Mirror of Self (appearance)

Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld. - Martha Beck 

Appearance in the Natal Chart 

These are little indicators and things to look at in your or another’s natal chart that affect physical appearance:

- Obvious one but the sign ruling your ascendant/first house, a.k.a you’re rising sign. Keep in mind that your rising sign can express your appearance but more your attitude too, it’s the house that the planetary ruler of that sign is in. For example- If someone has a cancer rising but their moon is in the 3rd house, Gemini attributes affects their appearance. 

-The sign occupying the 1st lord (planet ruling your 1st house ruler) can affect your apperance as well as the decan of your rising sign. 

-The sign tenanting a stellium. 

-If you have any planets stationary (no not a retrograde in your chart) can affect your appearance as well. 

-The zodiac sign that occupies two or more personal planets. 

- Planets in your first house or conjunct your ascendant. 

- Any aspects made to your ascendants (major ones: Opposition, Trine, Square. Sextile counts too). 

- Aspects made to your Venus sign and even the sign it’s in. After all it’s the planet of Beauty and Charm. 

- Your sun sign plays a role as well, including your moon sign which is more evident in females. This might see a little more about your eyes, after all it’s the door to your soul (moon). 

- The decan of your sun sign does play a little role, but very little and often gets overpowered by the other indicators. 

- If you’re born at sunrise or sunset, you may tend to look and give off vibes of your sister/opposite sign. 

- Your IC!!! The sign ruling your fourth house is a big one! Why? Thats the house of family, giving a spice of of your DNA. So the sign ruling your Immum coeli can say a lot about your appearance. 


When word of the second Death Star reaches the Alliance, Jyn has a somewhat violent reaction and Cassian does what he can to bring her back from her anger.

When Jyn was stirred from her sleep by the sound of her door opening, she reached for the vibroknife beneath her pillow. It wasn’t until she sat up and oriented herself that she recognize figure shrouded in darkness.

“Sorry,” Cassian said softly, regret in his voice.

Jyn thought that it was because he tried to be quiet and not wake her until he crossed the room to her and sat down. He’d been on a mission for eight days, deep cover on an Imperial-occupied planet. She reached for him without hesitation, stroking his cheek and tangling her fingers in his hair.

“I’m a light sleeper,” she told him, as if he didn’t know.

Cassian simply nodded, glancing away from her. She recognize the look on his face. He looked tired, and not just physically. Like it was emotionally taxing not to tell her whatever was on his mind.

“What is it?” Jyn asked, dread settling in her chest.

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I’ve never loved someone (as much as I love you)

aka First Platonic “I Love You”

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Cassian x Reader

Words: 1932

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 7 months

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Chapter: 5/20

Author’s notes: Always say I LOVE YOU to your friends. My best friend and I say it everyday :D Hope you enjoy!!!!

It had been rough since your return. You had severe flashbacks from your past mission that caused you to constantly feel on edge. Though your time with the rebellion’s psychiatrist helped you were still skittish around others. Because of this your first few weeks back were spent avoiding others. You’d camp out in your room during busy times. You’d eat in the mess hall after hours (thanks Alfi for the food). And you’d immediately turn on heel when you saw someone walking toward you.

Loud noises would startle you and you didn’t like people near you. A gentle brush against your arm would send you hurtling into a defensive position against the wall.

The only person you were okay around was Cassian. He would be a comfort next to you.

He would sit with you in your room when you didn’t feel comfortable leaving. When you walked through the hallway you would feel his warm hand on your back, anchoring you to the ground. He would consciously place himself between you and other people and glare at anyone who was coming too close. He became your shadow in more than one way.

As the weeks passed you were surprised that you didn’t get called for any missions. You were beginning to get antsy. You would ask your supervisor over and over when your next mission was; however, you were always sent away. General Draven finally informed you that you were grounded for the foreseeable future.

To say you took that badly would be an understatement. General Draven still hadn’t regained full hearing in his right ear.

It wasn’t till a week after being grounded (1 month after you had returned) that the rebellion realized they had no one like you. You had somehow become their only bounty hunter. You were one of a kind. The rebellion had never had an issue finding stranded and missing rebels, because you were always there. But now that you were grounded, they had no body. Because of this Draven decided that the new recruits that had just landed would be trained. By you

After the first day of training you were ready to give up.

“They’re incompetent, Cassian. Positively incompetent” You groaned falling back dramatically onto his bed.

“They have no idea how anything works. Marcus couldn’t even hit the target from five feet away, Liana took an hour to pick a lock, and don’t even get me started on Tibbeo, I swear that boy couldn’t replace a light bulb if I asked.”

You looked over to the silent Cassian, bent over his desk scrubbing away on his data pad.

Casssssssian. Stop ignoring me.” You whined.

Cassian snorted, “Now I know how you feel dealing with those bratty children.”

“You shit.” You gasped, taking off your shoe and lobbing it at his head. 

Without even looking he dodged it and looked back at you over his shoulder giving you a loving smirk.

After two months of torture with the thoroughly incompetent children, okay maybe some of them weren’t


bad, you were finally assigned on your next mission. Draven ordered you to take along one of your trainees. You took your top student obviously (though that didn’t mean much). She was decent at fighting and flirting. However, her skills at interrogation and stealth were pretty much non-existent. Her voice squeaked when she would try to yell and one time she knocked over four trashcans, two racks of equipment, and smashed a chair when trying to be “stealthy”.

To say that you were nervous would be an understatement. It wasn’t just that you would have to keep an eye on another living breathing person, but you were worried about getting back out there. Though you had been begging to go back on missions, now you weren’t sure you were ready. Cassian promised that you would be fine and that he would check in on you. And if anything went wrong he would be there in a heartbeat, rules be damned.

After you landed the tension flowed out of your body. You were back in your element. You had nothing to worry about.

The mission began relatively normal. It wasn’t meant to be a difficult one. You just had to locate a stranded rebellion and bring him home. He wasn’t even on an imperial occupied planet. The probability something would happen was slim to none.

What happened next was a freak occurrence. You swear that even if there had been a sign you wouldn’t have seen it.

You’re not really sure what happened, but long story short you got shot. 

It was a scratch.

“That is so not a scratch!” Mila screeched yanking you up off the ground.

After taking care of the problem (yes Mila sometimes you have to “take” care of imperial agents) and finding your rebel, who thankfully was being held by those exact imperial agents, you were able to stumble back to your ship.

After giving Mila directions to fly back to Yavin 4 and making sure your rescued rebel was alright, you went to collapse on the bed in the back of your ship.

Just as you closed your eyes, your comlink rang. Pulling it out you let out a long groan just thinking about the dreaded conversation you were about to have.

“Hey! Fierabrás, how did your mission go? Hopefully Mila is still alive. You didn’t leave her behind, right?”

You took a deep breath, “Before you freak out, just know I’m alright and it’s barely a scratch.”

What happened?”

“I may or may not have gotten myself a little bit shot? 

Cassian cursed.

“I’m fi-“ You started, but Cassian cut you off.

The next ten minutes were full of reprimands, questions, and curses.

When you were finally able to squeeze a word in there, you told him that you had to go.

He grumbled in reply telling you that you had better be in one piece when you get back.

“Hey. Listen, I really need to go check on Mila. Poor kid is probably freaking out. I’ll see you tonight, alright? Love you. See you soon.”

“Love you too,” Cassian said without missing a beat and then the call cut off.

It didn’t take long before you realized what you had said. And then you proceeded to stare at your comlink for the next hour wondering what the fuck had just happened. Little did you know, Cassian was doing the exact same thing.

Had that really just happened?

You should have assumed that this would’ve happened sooner or later. It wasn’t a rare sight to see the affection you two showed each other. From long hugs to kisses on foreheads, pet terms of affections, and lounging together on each other’s beds.  You guessed that this was just like the physical affection, but finally vocalized. However, figuring out what this meant wasn’t exactly coming easy.

You and Cassian had both grown up without family. The rebellion was all you knew for most of your life. Just because the other rebels had become a sort of family didn’t mean that you received the same love and affection you would receive from true family.

However, that had all had changed when you met Cassian. He had become your family. Truthfully, you had been saying “I love you” in many different ways for a long time.

The next few hours of your flight went by too quickly for your liking. As you were landing you were tense. Usually Cassian was waiting on the tarmac for you. But what if he wasn’t this time. What if what you had said caused a rift between you two?

But there he was. You quickly let out a sigh of relief before you hobbled down the ramp. Cassian quickly walked up to meet you, taking off his jacket and draping it around your shoulders.

As he reached up to place his arm around your waist, you flinched away and began to stagger off to the med bay. Cassian fell in step beside you and you both remained tensely quiet for the next few minutes. You weren’t sure what to say and you were still freaking out in your head.

Cassian on the other hand wasn’t as freaked out. After his initial freak-out he had realized that there was nothing wrong with saying “I love you”. He had memories of his sisters and parents saying it. It had been a normal tradition he had missed over the years. A tradition that he planned to keep going with you.

“I can hear you thoughts from over here. Listen… I love you.” Your head snapped up and you backed away from him a little. He put his hands up, “I love you. You’re my best friend. You’re my family. That’s a normal thing to say to family isn’t it?”

You nodded your head.

“Good. Then I’m going to continue saying it. If that’s alright.”

You smiled slightly, your racing thoughts finally slowing down, “I love you too.”

And thus began the tradition of saying, “I love you”.  

 Cassian was usually the one to say it first. Usually it was said in privacy, but as the weeks passed, it grew so comfortable that you would say it wherever you were.

You would say it in the packed hallways when you went your separate ways. He would leave you a note on your workshop’s door. You would scream it across the hangar as you went off on a mission. He would tell you every night before you went to bed.

Like everything else, it soon became a competition on who could outdo each other.

Cassian had a 15 foot banner printed and hung it on your ship.

You made the chef’s and rebellion jazz band sing and play him a love song in the mess hall.

Cassian convinced Draven that if went up to you and said, “Cassian loves you” that he would turn in all his future reports on time for the next four months.

That was not something Draven was going to pass up. So he did it.

Of course, like it usually did, the competition went a little bit too far when you set up 500 candles in the intelligence center. And right there in the middle, red flames spelled out  “I love you”.

It was impossible to move an inch into the room. Let’s just say that seeing the best intelligence agents play “the ground is literally lava” is way more entertaining than you would think.

You were then prohibited from huge spectacles of your love.

However, that didn’t stop the tradition and you said, “I love you” every day.

To the both of you, “I love you,” meant many different things. Stay safe. I’ll see you when I get back. I hope you sleep without nightmares tonight. I picked you up a book from this obscure bookshop on Tatooine. But most of all, it meant I love you, even if you weren’t ready to admit it yet.

I love you became something easy to say for you. However, the lingering uncertainty cowering in the back of your head grew more and more each day. Did you mean more by it? Did Cassian mean more by it? Did you love each other more than family?

Then one day all those feelings you had repressed all those months ago came flooding back. And they were stronger than ever. However, instead of pushing them back this time you let them flow throughout you. And you realized…

You loved Cassian.

Fuck. That was going to come back to bite you in the ass.

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when will ur fave

sneak out of a supersecret important rebel alliance meeting to gather a small army of rebels to surprise the girl he loves because he knows the politicians won’t believe her but he does and that’s what counts

then proceed to go and steal and impounded imperial ship, head to an imperial-occupied planet to steal the death star plans and finally die on a beach w the love of his life,