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Disclaimer: Made purely for lols, not for hate! I guess I’m bored so… fake screenshots! This Civil War scene was funny, but this version would have been badass. Carter ladies don’t take shit from anyone. Stay back Uncle Steve.

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Today, Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, 1,000′s of protesters staged the “Occupy CNN” rally,  outside of the CNN headquarters in Hollywood, California. In an attempt to shed light on the company’s media black out.  The protesters, and the numerous amounts of viewers who could not be present at the rally, believe that CNN’s reporting of the 2016 Presidential Election has been biased, and furthermore; unethical. 

According to OpenSecrets.org, a website that reports campaign finances, Presidential candidate,Hillary Clinton, has received a total of $603,170 from Time Warner. The Time Warner, also known as the multimedia and entertainment conglomerate that broadcasts CNN.  Mysteriously enough, throughout the past months of election reporting on the network, there has been a lot of Hillary Clinton, and very little of her competitor; Senator Bernie Sanders.  

In fact, it doesn’t seem as if it is in CNN’s interest to report the Senator’s progress at all.  Up until his three consecutive victories in Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington state, CNN’s blatant refusal to report on the Senator has been clear. When he had his victory speech for the Michigan primaries, CNN didn’t take the time to air it, instead they continued too talk about Donald Trump. His other speeches and rallies have also not been aired by the network, some of them reaching numbers in the 10,000′s. Last week when the Sanders campaign reached it’s goal of over 43 million dollars in small donations, there was also no reporting from the network.  

CNN has not been reporting the 2016 Presidential Election as they should be. It is clear that the money they’ve invested in the Clinton campaign, has drastically effected their reporting. Yet, CNN isn’t the only media outlet that has failed to properly report the Sanders campaign. This biased can be found in many media corporations, and not only when it pertains to the election. If the media is supposed to represent our best interest in informing us, then why are they allowing outside influences persuade them? It seems as if they only care about one thing; money. We cannot allow the media to corrupt us into believing their ulterior motives. We must remain informed, fact check, and remember that there are many sides to any story. Especially when a network blatantly tries to present only one. 


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I'm sorry I haven't been able to tweet or go on twitter at all recently T___T I have so much school work I haven't had time for that but while I do my school work i play your videos in the background and for some reason it actually helps me 😄

No need to ever apologize for not being around! My videos will always be there for whenever you need them and I stay plenty occupied on social media :)

#occupy - This is the big problem that we have with MSM corporate media. When racist/stupid clowns like Donald Trump is giving far more greater attention which gives him a platform for toxic trash from his mouth. Compare to serious candidate like Bernie Sanders who a serious vision for American isn’t giving enough attention.

Serious candidate that are running for president deserve to be treated with respect.

AIR POLLUTION IN CHINA:  As can be seen in the photograph of smog in Beijing, China has a huge problem with air pollution. Recently, Chinese social media was occupied by a stunning 143-minute documentary titled “Under the Dome” by investigative reporter Chai Jing.

The documentary was viewed more than 100 million times in little over two days. It was viewed 126 million times on Tencent’s popular video site alone and it has completely galvanized the country’s attention. It is now being compared to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring or All Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth as a possible turning point for the environmental movement in China. Segments of the documentary may now be found on You Tube and various news reports from the western press:

  • Under The Dome Documentary on China’s Pollution by Chai Jing - Part 1 (English Subtitles)

“We need some public space and we will have public space necessary to protest.” Occupy London looses battle for space to peaceably assemble. Case to go to the World Court on Human Rights.


Stop looking to social media for approval. Social media is not for everybody and it shouldn’t be your life. Some people got famous through the Internet and some people didn’t and probably never will. Don’t let the likes or amount of followers someone has consume you into thinking they are better than you. Get off social media, stop looking at the followers, stop looking at the likes, and START LIVING. Get a hobby, get a job, get some friends, anything to keep you occupied and off social media for awhile, even it is for a few hours, days, weeks, months etc. Just stop looking for approval on social media and taking it to heart. It is NEVER that serious.