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Celtic Goddesses and Gods Part 2

Babd (Also Badhbh, Badb Catha)- A Gaelic Goddess of war, wisdom, death, and inspiration, she is the wife and sometimes granddaughter of Net, a war God. As an aspect of Morrigan, she is the Battle Raven, and her name means Scald-crow. She fills warriors with fury and helped defeat the Formorians in Ireland. Her father is Ernmas and her sisters are Macha, the Morrigu, and Anu. Her symbols are the cauldron, ravens, and crows.

Balor- He is a Sun God and king of the Formors, who were early giants, originally occupying Ireland. Son of Net and grandfather to Lugh, he has a baleful eye that, when opened, lays waste to his enemies. At the second Battle of Mag Tuired, Lugh puts out Balor’s evil eye with a sling-stone and kills him. 

Banba- An Irish Earth Goddess representing the sacred land, she is part of the triad of the three Goddesses of sovereignty that also includes Folta and Eriu. She is wife of MacCruill, and thought to be the first settler in Ireland. One of Ireland’s ancient names is “the island of Banba of the Women”. 

Belinus (Also Bel, Belanos, Belenus)- A God of life, truth, war, inspiration, and music. His mother is Corwenna and his brother Brennius. He represents fire of fire, and is said to have been buried in a golden urn in London. An active healing (dry heat) God, he drives away diseases. His symbols are the roadways, sun disc, a golden harp, and a golden curved sword and spear. 

Belisama- The Goddess of Fire and an aspect of Bridget, she is known as the “young Sun” and the “Sun maiden”. Her name means like unto flame or bright and shinning one. Her symbol is the rising Sun. 

Belisana- An aspect of Belisama with a similar appearance, but more earthly, she is a solar Goddess of healing, laughter and the forests. 

Blodenwedd (Also Blodewedd, Blodeuedd)- A sun and moon Goddess associated with the dawn and the May Queen, she is called “Flowerface” or “White Flower”. Created by Math and Gwydion from flowers, blossom, and nine elements, she is the most beautiful and the most treacherous Goddess and is associated with the Arthurian Guenevere. She is turned into a white owl by Gwydion. Her magickal symbols are he white owl, meadowsweet, oak, broom, primrose and cockle.

Borvo (Also Bormo, Bormanus)- A Celtic Apollo and a God of healing, he is also associated with wet heat, such as hot springs and mineral waters. He represents the elements of fire and water, and is God of unseen or concealed truth and inspiration through dreams. His symbols are a flute, a golden harp, a golden sword or spear, hot springs, and the sun disc. 

Brigantia- A powerful Celtic Briton nature Goddess of water and pastoral activities with distinct similarities to the Irish Sun Goddess Bridgit, her name is an ancient name for the rivers and the curves of the countryside. She us a titular Goddess of the Brigantes in Yorkshire.  

(Source: Exploring Celtic Druidism Ancient Magick and Rituals for Personal Empowerment by Sirona Knight)

A wall mural in Belfast, occupied Northern Ireland, dedicated to solidarity between the Black American struggle and the Irish struggle for freedom.

To defeat Trump’s fascist policies, we must unite our struggles. As understood by this solidarity, an injury to one is an injury to all, united we stand divided we fall.

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Derry, Occupied Northern Ireland: Bloody Sunday March for Justice, February 2, 2014.

Photos by Derry Sceal

The overarching theme of the 2014 Bloody Sunday March for Justice is “End Impunity”.

It’s nearly 41 years now since the streets of Derry became a killing ground for the British Army’s 1 Para. While in its contemporary political context it was and remains a human rights atrocity of immense political and legal importance for every citizen of these islands, in the wider context of Irish/British relations historically and the attitudes and actions that underpin them, it was an act of imperial aggression with tactics perfected to lethal effect in their recent ‘work’ in Aidan and that had more recently still been deployed on the streets of Belfast in Ballymurphy.

As Derry nursed its wounds that night and those who were able to slept, Mike Jackson, Adjutant of 1 Para on the day, was busy concocting the ‘shot list’, the basis of the state’s official version of the British Army’s actions on the day.

By X oclock the next morning their story had been circulated to British Embassies around the world to become the official lie that would criminalise the innocent for nearly 40 years until the second inquiry confirmed their innocence.

But what of the guilty? That lowly Adjutant had gone on to become General Sir Mick Jackson, head of the British Army. The inquiry found he had no case to answer even though it knows his piece of fiction formed the basis of the official lie and concludes there was no evidence of a high level cover-up?

Bloody Sunday March Committee


“they dont have much power in gaza. they have a few puny rockets and a network of tunnels, thats what it boils down to. israel gets millions of dollars of military aide from western countries, has a proper army, nuclear arsenal…

some would consider the arming of israel, the constant bombardment and the murder of children to be terrorism, but thats not how israel sees it or how the united states sees it or when britain was occupying india or ireland or any other country, we’re taught "oh thats just alright”…

if youre going to judge violence, and god knows we should, the people committing the greater and more destructive violence surely are creating the greater crime?“