occupy internet


This is serious people, first it’s our jobs, now it’s our internet and it’s already been our human rights, the next thing you know is they will rewrite the fucking constitution. I’m so disgusted with this world.

IF anyone’s confused about what this means it’s basically there will be a cap on the internet and they will inevitably blacklist us. Anything ILLEGAL, LOSS OF OWNERSHIP, COPYRIGHTED, PORNOGRAPHIC, UNLAWFUL TO MINORS, ETC. 

And they will surveillance EVERYTHING that we do online if they’re not secretly doing it now, they will be soon. 

Land of the liberty my ass….

tigull replied to your postbecause tumblr hosts unoriginal user content, the bill would allow for the copyright holders to shut it down. Same with websites like youtube and reddit, and search engines. Essentially, this bill is censoring the internet.

It’s… pretty chilling. America’s always been looked at other countries as an example of free speech… if they censor the internet, then other governments… I don’t know. It’s just a scary thought. :T

Wow, that is really true. America is just being a hypocrite. They (the government) obviously need to review the laws/ Declaration.  I’m just worried in the direction America is going in lately… :/

It is a scary thought!

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