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Falling in love with university student Brian Kang

-The hot bassist of the university’s band

-At first you thought that his personality was gonna be cocky from how confident and wild he looked on stage

-You sometimes see him studying in the library

-That one day when the library was packed with students, you were the lucky ones who came early enough to get a seat

-When you were concentrating on your work with your earphones on, you saw a hand tapping on your textbook

-And you were like “Tf who is it??”

-You look up and see him gently smiling and asking if the seat in front of you is occupied

-You scream internally because BRIAN KANG IS TALKING TO YOU RN

-You stutter so much but still manage to answer his question lol

-And he sits down

-You start to consider going back to your dorm and study because you know that as long as he’s sitting in front of you You’re not gonna be able to concentrate on ANYTHING

-When you were playing with your pen(pretending to study), you saw him slipping a chocolate into his mouth

-And he noticed how you were staring at him

-He offers a piece and you say “We’re not allowed to eat things in he-”

-He just cuts you off by gently pushing the small piece into your mouth

- You just felt his finger on your lips

-He chuckled at your dumbfounded look and put his index finger in front of his lips as to tell you that this is a secret between just the two of you

SYRIA. Quneitra governorate. Golan Heights. 1973. Syrian vehicles destroyed by the Israeli aircraft during the Yom Kippur War. After the end of the conflict, Israel annexed the Golan Heights, already occupied since 1967. The international community does not acknowledge the territories as part of Israel.

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Harry is out here liking pics of a girls pic talking about sucking her fingers dry. Who the fuck knows if it's real but I'm disgusted and so pissed off!!!!

2) this shit is getting ridiculous, evan pls make this stop. i can’t believe ppl think it was “accident”

i wish i could make it stop. it’s never okay. listen, i really hope those who saw that understand that it wasn’t harry. i hope they realize that harry styles would NEVER do that. even if by some miracle he was into women in the slightest bit, that’s demeaning and he’d never favorite something like that. ever. it’s disrespectful. and for those who think otherwise, it’s painfully clear they only like him for sex and nothing else. regardless if he’s into it or not. they just want him. they don’t care about him as a person at all. and this PROVES that harry’s account in addition to the rest of their accounts are all occupied by idiot interns that have NO IDEA who the real harry styles is. and that we can see right through them like they’re bathing in windex. 

i like mercy as reaper76’s long suffering co-parent but also she was like 17 when the original team was together.

so mercy is more like their prodigy teenage daughter who will start bringing back the dead if you don’t keep her occupied and the intern girl at her hospital just broke up with her and she will Never Love Again, Dads, I’m Inconsolable.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day - 27 January 2015 - The Holocaust also known as the Shoah, was a genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. An additional five million non-Jewish victims of Nazi mass murders are included by some historians bringing the total to approximately eleven million. Killings took place throughout Nazi Germany and German-occupied territories.

DAY 2329

Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug-Sept 31/1,  2014            Sun/Mon  12:24 am

Victory quells many an embarrassment .. it silences, it shivers the sword in its quiver .. fingers the curved trigger of the weapon that shoots .. puts its finger on the ‘button’ … 

It is a revival .. a belief in the self .. an adrenalin push in the blood vessels .. a conquest that surpasses all other .. 

But .. it is best registered when it recoils with the elements of restrain. Pulling back from any form of excelled exuberance, is perhaps one of the greatest tests of life and being ..

Many speak euphemistically, of the 'success that went to the head’. Physically it may be a possibility. An adrenalin rush, could occupy the complicated internals of the brain, medically or with some degree of abstract believability. But the brain stores enough of its own material to be overloaded with that extrapolation. Is that why when it desires to get rid of any excess baggage, it diminishes the strains of the chemical drug, and brings one down to earth to search, research, build, restructure and finally give space to that, which once could have remained in that exalted position ?

Ahhh … I have no idea … and never will … such extraneous conversation only prevents that dreaded giver of success, the adrenalin dose, a more perverse definition in my mind and thought ..

It is best to enjoy the menials of advantage - for success is an advantage - than to be looked upon as one that boasts of continuity and realises that it was only short lived, and quite impertinent !!

Time at your hands is a gift from the Almighty almost .. usage of it to its maximum potency is the offering made to the same deity .. the divine shall decide what when and where .. we shall seek to hear that 'voice’ when it comes .. if it comes at all ..

I do believe though that divinity is not so inconsiderate after all. It does perform, and deliver .. 

All it needs is, that one infinitesimal moment of recognition .. the rest shall follow .. wherever and however … !!


Amitabh Bachchan