occupy intelligence

Libra Sun - Gemini Moon - Leo Rising

Naturally curious, open-minded and kind, you approach the world around you with a smile and glistening eyes. You are incredibly intelligent and occupy your mind with everything that seems worth your time which gifts you with broad common knowledge and makes you a living “interesting facts” machine. Your mind is often running without a concrete finish line ahead, so you are likely someone who changes the direction in the middle of the race. Others may be annoyed by your everchanging boosts of energy and your interest in all sorts of things but it is actually very helpful when it comes to reassuring you of your talents and career goals. Although you always seem to be on the move, you can be one of the laziest people there are. You can not control when a new high of creativity will hit and there are always also some unmotivated, colorless times when you would rather sleep the days through until the spark of adventure strikes again. Other things you possess in abundance, are wit and humour. You manage to laugh the darkest times away and do not take yourself or life too seriously which makes you the perfect companion for every adventure. But it also means that you value freedom and indepence far too much to be made into something you do not want to be for the sake of love. 
You carry an air of warmth and energy that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who crosses paths with you. Negative energy rarely gets to you and you often infect others with your glaring optimism even in the most hopeless times. The world is your stage and you intend to entertain your audience until the curtain has fallen. You give genrously, speak loudly, react dramatically and live for the applause you receive.