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Am I... Evil?? AU

Character A wakes up one day with no memory of who they are. After a quick look around, they find some pretty disturbing items, such as body bags, shovels, and a strange assortment of weapons. Character A quickly comes to the conclusion that they’ve been kidnapped and either drugged or sustained a head injury.

As they continue to search for an exit, Character A comes upon a door that leads them to a basement, the corner of which is occupied by a group of tied up teenagers. To Character A’s surprise and confusion, the teenagers all seem to be terrified of them.

Tease (Jungkook Smut)

*I tried*

“Babe!” You called out to him. You were in your apartment, your boyfriend and his group occupying your living room for your weekly movie night.

“Yeah?” He walked in, and stifled his laughter. You were trying to grab your favourite snack from the top shelf and he knew you couldn’t reach it.

“You couldn’t climb the counter?”

“You can’t just help me?”

“So much sass for a little girl.”

“Shut up, hmph.”

He grabbed it and you snatched it from him, going back to setting up the food. He leaned his elbow against the counter, watching you try to ignore him until he tried to get your attention.

“Baby, are you actually mad? I love how little you are, it’s cute.”

“Kookie go back. I’ll be out in a minute.” You weren’t upset, you just wanted to finish up. He kissed your head before going back to the, now loud boys. You come out with all the food, filling more of your coffee table.


“Wait until the movie starts, hungry child.”

“But, hyung-”

“Did I stutter?” Suga silenced him and Jin started the movie. Jungkook covered you both with a blanket and you stayed silent, watching the movie attentively. His hand was rubbing against your thigh but you didn’t mind it.

You hear a munch and Tae started eating already. It was only 5 minutes in, and you went back to what was happening on the screen.

Jungkook’s hand reached between your legs, his hands inside your pants already. He played with your panties, making it rub against your clit. You absentmindedly slip out a moan and Jimin looked at you.

He stayed silent but his eyes silently asked you what was going on. You gave him a small smile, trying to convince him it was nothing. He seemed to hesitate before turning back to the movie.

Jungkook, on the other hand , continued to tease you more. He rubbed his cock against your ass, you feeling him get hard.

“J-Jungkook.” You whispered.

“Yes, baby?” His finger started to stroke against your clit and you bit your lip. He kissed behind your ear, while his fingers continued to play with you.

His free hand reached into your shirt, grabbing your breast. He twisted and squeezed your nipple, making you bite down on your lip harder.

“You like knowing they can see you like this?”

“Look at you, enjoying getting teased like this.”

His finger entered your clit and you almost moaned. He kissed you, muffling your moan. Jimin took notice again, only to see you kissing Jungkook and refocusing on the movie.

You pulled away and moved his hand away from you, not wanting to cum like this, especially in the eyes of others that could notice. Jungkook takes your hand and drags you into the bathroom. He propped you up on the counter, spreading your legs.

“J-Jungkook, they’re in the other room. We can’t d-do this.” He kissed your neck, knowing it was your weakness.


“Do you really want me to stop? Your clit is starting to wet the counter.”

“But we can’t,”

“You’re getting turned on by knowing they can hear me fuck you, aren’t you?”

You bit your lip, him continuing to kiss against your neck and you gave it up. His lips trailed down your neck, stopping to removed your shirt and detached underneath your collarbone. His hand unhooked your bra before grabbing your right breast.

His other hand played with your wet clit again, your moans uncontainable. His finger slid into you once again, this time he pumped into you ruthlessly.

“Oh my god, J-Jungkook!”

“Your clit is so tight around my finger, do you want more, baby?”


His fingers multiplied, feeling your clout getting stretched out by his fingers. You leaned back, your hands resting on each side of the sink behind you. He pulled out as your body began to get hot.

“Not until I say so.”

He kissed you, biting and pulling your bottom lip teasingly before he slipped off his pants and boxers.

“Do you want me, baby?”

“Please fuck me, Jungkook. I can’t hold back anymore.”

He rammed into you rapidly, immediately feeling all of him around you. You held onto him, his muscles relaxing to your touch but his pace was vicious.

“Feels so fucking good.”


He watched you, seeing you not denying all the pleasure he was giving you. His hips never rested for a second, wanting to pound every inch inside you.



He pinched against your clit, targeting the little nub that never failed to make you scream out his name. You felt yourself getting closer with every squeeze against your little nub.


You squirt, your juices dripping from the counter. The sudden tightness around him while he thrusted into you made him cum after you and you blushed.

“Can I stay the night?”


“I won’t hear the end of it when I get home. ”

“Just don’t try anything on me.”

“No promises, baby.”

The collage for ‘Believe in Me, Believe in You’.

The fic isn’t anywhere near finished yet, but here’s a snippet.

“Bloody took you long enough.” Zayn smirks when Niall takes his seat at the table their group is occupying.

“Shut up and give me my god-daughter.” Niall scoffs, making grabby hands at the squirming baby in Zayn’s arms. “Come here, Li-Li.”

“Not until you stop calling her that.” Zayn says sternly.

“Fine.” Niall huffs. “Come here, Alia. Your daddy is so grumpy before he gets his coffee.”

“I’ve had two cups while we were all waiting for you two to finish going at it like bunnies.” Zayn snorts, handing Alia off.

“Bunnies don’t use their mouths.” Harry chuckles, plopping down next to Niall with a plate full of food for them to share.

“Therapy!” Oliver hisses from across the table. “Lots of therapy!”

“Oh hush it.” Harry waves him off. “You’re almost seventeen. That’s old enough to know that adults sometimes have sex.”

“What’s sex?” Noah asks, looking up from his Mickey Mouse pancakes for the first time since Niall arrived.

“Carpet.” Harry snorts.

“Shut up.” Niall sighs. “It’s grownup playtime, bubba. Don’t worry about it.”

“What’s the thing about the carpet?” Liam asks, blinking at Niall with sleepy eyes. He must have been the one to wake up for Alia’s feeding this morning. He doesn’t look like he regrets it though. Niall’s never seen him happier than he’s been in the six months since Alia was born. Zayn either.

“Me fixing one of Harry’s little outbursts.” Niall sighs, looking down at where Alia is trying to eat one of her own hands. “They’re so much easier at this age. They haven’t learned to talk yet, which means they can’t repeat the naughty words their fathers say.”

“Like ‘fuck’?” Noah asks, making Harry choke on his bagel.


To all police, military, judges, people who work for the state in coercive roles, now is the time. Quit your jobs, join society peacefully.

Stop suckling at the teat of authoritarianism. There will come a day, as history has shown time and time again, where the population of the areas you are violently occupying will take no more.

No more abuse by the police.

No more murder for the state by the military.

No more theft and incarceration by the one sided arbitrary court system.

Look around you. Are you free? Do you feel good about what you’re doing? Are your neighbors free? Are your actions truly beneficial or are they at base malevolent.

You may say “not all police are bad.”
You’d be right. As individuals there’s plenty of police that believe that they are doing what is right.

They remain part of an occupying group of thugs by choice. Is that something a good person does?

The police do not protect people. They extort them. They force people into compliance. They enforce arbitrary and nonsensical dictates from those in power.

What free person isn’t allowed to travel unmolested?

What free person is required to ask permission before purchasing plants or pieces of metal or arranging structures on land they keep?

You are not free. The only ones you serve are those that keep you and your fellow man in chains.

The military. Need i expand on the reason they are an affront to humanity?

They stunt young minds in to meaningless automatons, willing to commit senseless acts of violence on people they don’t know and can’t understand. They make them believe the “enemy” is trying to take their freedom. We know what wrenched our freedom from us.

Those you fight are closer kin to you than any you truly serve. We are all people.

Race, imaginary borders, false national identities, religion. These are all meaningless tools to divide people, in order to control them.

The military serves those who control.

The rest of the states apparatus, congresses, parliaments courts, constitutions, are a veil to give a false legitimacy to the boots stamping down on human faces around the world.

Edicts that punish those who have harmed none, punishments for things any civil person wouldn’t bat an eye at.

Police, military, the “justice” system.

You are tools of the state. Nothing more. Having read this you can’t claim ignorance. You know what you do is wrong.

You’ve known all along that you were a thug for the state, but the mental gymnastics can’t keep up.

No longer can you make excuses.
Not all are bad. It’s for freedom. Just following orders.

You have two options.

1. Quit your job and stop your complicit, active role in the subjugation of humanity.
2. Continue your current position as a rabid, unthinking, feral dog that licks the hand of it’s master that feeds it speciously gained loot

To those close to any of these wayward individuals, it is your duty, not to country, or some vague collective, but to your self, to point out they’re actions for what they are, and let them choose their path.

If it is to remain the boot, let shame be their only friend, their shadow their only companion. Let them feel the isolation of being a mad dog.


Brown Lemur (Eulemur fulvus)

Consistent with its large range, the common brown lemur occupies a variety of forest types, including lowland rainforests, montane rainforests, moist evergreen forests and dry deciduous forests. They spend about 95% of their time in upper layers of the forest and less than 2% of their time on the ground. They normally live in groups of 5 to 12, but group size can be larger, especially on Mayotte. Groups occupy home ranges of 1 to 9 hectares in the west, but more than 20 hectares in the east. Groups include members of both sexes, including juveniles, and there are no discernible dominance hierarchies. They are primarily active during the day, but can exhibit cathemeral activity and continue into the night, especially during full moons and during the dry season. In the western part of its range, the common brown lemur overlaps that of the mongoose lemur, and the two species sometimes travel together. In the areas of overlap, the two species also adapt their activity patterns to avoid conflict. For example, the Mongoose Lemur can become primarily nocturnal during the dry season in the areas of overlap. wikipedia

source-calphoto database

I think....

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Pairing: Quicksilver x Reader.

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some swearing, I’m not sure.

Summary: A day off is a very rare thing at the X-mansion, so when it does happen to occur, Peter will use it to his advantage to try and hang out with Y/N. The two of them decide to spend the time playing a little game that just might reveal how they truly feel about each other…


The sun beamed luminously onto the freshly cut lawn of the X-mansion, casting a warm orange glow over the entire perimeter that was occupied with groups of students splayed over and across the green patch of grass. Some were conversing avidly, while a few others—the minority—were engrossed in their books, carrying out what you could only assume were study groups.

Today was one of the few—and rare—days off for you and the X-men. A warm tranquil Sunday afternoon, with the entire school—staff and teachers included—spending the day indulging in mindless self-pampering and relaxation.

You particularly had decided that the afternoon would be spent out here—in the sun, on the freshly cut grass, basking the serendipity of it all. Of course, once the news reached Jean—whom you had invited to join you (she turned you down for Scott)—it also somehow managed to reach Peter, who had insisted on taking her place.

And so you let him.

The two of you were good friends from day one, and so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to instigate such offers. But that was the problem. That was all you were. Friends; nothing more.

You lay on your back with your hands folded over your stomach, and your head rested on your backpack acting as a pillow, when you felt it crawl upon your face, and into your y/e/c eyes, causing you to stir slightly.  You shut your eyes, and pulled the visor on your cap lower onto your face, trying to return to your state of relaxation as you sighed contented. Your hand returned to its place on the mid of your belly when you heard Peter speak up.

“Is the sun bothering you?” he asked, concern present in his tone.

You lifted your head of your backpack slightly to turn to him, lifting the visor to reveal your attentive eyes. He was laying but a few inches away from you, his hands tucked under his head of silver, and feet propped up on a ball of both your jackets that he had crumpled together. He had on a pair of boxy silver sunglasses that you had teased him numerous times to throw out, but from the way his head was tilted towards you, you could tell he was looking at you.

You shook your head, shrugging nonchalantly. “Not really. I’ve got this bad boy.”

You pinched the tip of your visor, wiggling it slightly just for enough show.

Peter nodded.

“Alright.” He replied simply, head still craned towards you, but silent. You too remained looking at him, and were about to say something, already parting your lips.

But as soon as you opened your mouth to speak, only a gasp of breath coming out, Peter’s head flopped back so that he was face up.

You shut your mouth, and then mirrored the silver-haired boy, letting your head loll back onto your backpack. You were once again flat on your back, and were about to shut your eyes when—

“You look nice today.” Came Peter’s voice, resonant but yet ever so casual like it always was. It was sort of a trademark of his, his nonchalance, and it fascinated you. For a guy who traveled faster than time itself, the ability to be so suave and laid back was definitely something to appreciate.

“What?” you asked, taken back slightly, then turned your head again so that you were looking at Peter.

He was still looking up at the sky when he replied.

“I said you look nice.” He repeated.

He then let his head mirror yours, and turned it so that he was looking at you. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a tight-lipped smile, and one of his hands shifted from under his head to remove his glasses. You watched as he folded them, and then tucked them away in the front pocket of his jeans, your eyes following his movements. Your gaze shifted back up to his.

You licked your lips and nodded slowly. “Thanks.”

Peter merely nodded in affirmation, and it took a second before he rolled onto his back, his hand going to rest on his stomach instead of under his head. He shut his eyes, and you heard a quiet breath escape his lips.

You were silent for a moment, but decided to speak up.

“It’s not just today, is it?”

Peter’s eyes peered open at the sound of your voice, and he craned his neck towards you, only to catch you already on your back, your gaze fixed on the blue sky above you. He could see the uncertainty that came with your admittedly bold statement. You were practically sweating. The silver-haired boy, however, didn’t try to make much of a scene out of it. In the end, he thought you looked even more adorable when you were nervous.

A brief chuckle fell from the brown-eyed boy’s lips as he replied. “Not even the slightest.”

You turned to look back at him.

“You look nice too.”

“I always do.”

You let a hearty chuckle slip from your lips as you tucked some hair behind your ear. “You’re not wrong about that.”

“I know, I know.” Peter grinned at the beaming sun. “It’s one of my trademarks.”

“Alongside being an absolute ass.” You snorted as you sat up, looking around for you visor to keep the sun at bay.

“You’re too kind.”  Peter’s body rumbled with laughter as he rolled onto his side. He spotted the discarded hat a few feet away, and pointed a finger at it when he realized it’s what you were looking for. “There.”

“Thanks,” You muttered, fixing it onto your y/h/c head.

“So, what else do you think of me, if I may ask?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me.”  Peter smirked coolly, his entire causual bravado ever present.

You eyed him incredulously before your face split into a grin.

“You want me to tell you what I think of you? Peter, we’ve known each other for weeks I think you al—“

“C’mon, it will be like a fun game. We can both do it. Here, I’ll go first.” Peter replied, pushing himself up to sit. He crossed his legs Indian style, and turned to you, still wearing a lopsided grin.

“I think you sneeze the loudest among the people I know.”

“Screw you.” You laughed, your face contorting in an incredulous manner.  Peter’s laugh echoed onto you. It was warm, encapsulating, and vibrated all the way into your bones.

“Your turn.” He jerked his chin at you, still smiling.

Your eyes widened, simper fading from your mouth.

“Wait, you’re serious?” You asked. Peter merely nodded solemnly.

You were hesitant, but decided to go along with his antics, nodding your head and trying to think. It took a second or two of silence, Peter’s eyes fixed on you profusely, before you came up with what to say.

“Alright,” you affirmed, gaze fixed on his.

“I think you are one of the most self-absorbed people I know.” You declared, raising your chin in triumph. At that, Peter’s teeth peered from behind his pink lips as he nodded.

“Can’t say you’re wrong.” He chuckled, and you mirrored him.

“Okay, go.” You gestured a lazy hand towards the brown-eyed boy. He nodded.

“I think,..” He bit his lip, mischief twirling in his eyes, “…that you are a complete dork.”

Peter laughed, self amused, as he fired finger-guns at you.

You couldn’t help but shake your head and chuckle.

“Well,” you cocked your head to the side, and looked Peter in the eye, smirking devilishly.

“ I think you’re not as fast as you think you are.” You stated.

Peter let out a gasp, and his hand immediately flew to his chest.

“I think you’re wrong.” He said, his hand still fixed over his heart. A throttling laugh broke through you, sending you falling back slightly, only to catch yourself on your palms as you giggled.

“I think your hair makes you look like an old man.” You supplemented, feeling the prick of the grass blades in your skin.

“Well, I, on the other hand, think it makes me look wiser beyond my years.”

“I think you’re an idiot.”

“I think you’re on to something, honestly…” peter grinned widely, and the both of you burst out into howls of laughter that you’d been suppressing.

Peter tilted forward, his shoulder shaking with each breath that left him as you mirrored him.

A second, two seconds, three, passed, and the two of you were somewhat back to normal. Remnants of your smile remained on your lips as you looked up from the patch of green grass and into Peter’s eyes. They were already set on you, and by now, he had stopped laughing. He was instead staring at you as you giggled mindlesly, the corner of his mouth twitched up in an almost smirk, and his tongue lightly resting on his bottom lip. If you’d looked just a little higher, you’d find that his pupils were dilated.

You remained with shoulders shaking over so slightly, and furrowed your brow at him.

“What?” you asked, eyes squinted ever so slightly.

Ever so slowly, a soft warm smile began to spread onto  the silver haired boy’s face.

He nodded his head at you.

“I think you look really cute when you smile like that.”


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Willow Creek Pastel Project ❤  Lovely Gardens

I wanted this neighborhood to have a suburban vibe *-*. The homes were found in the gallery and remodeled + edited to fit in. So far only the individual houses are occupied, and the grouped houses are still vacant. I need cute townies ;–;

Pink/Yellow Garden: Silver Family

Pink/Purple Garden: Pia + Blake Family

Green Garden: Starfield Family (My ice-cream girl townie + her roommate) 


“Passing a Woolworth’s, she gripped my arm: "Let’s steal something,” she said, pulling me into the store, where at once there seemed a pressure of eyes, as though we were already under suspicion. “Come on. Don’t be chicken.” She scouted a counter piled with paper pumpkins and Halloween masks. The saleslady was occupied with a group of nuns who were trying on masks. Holly picked up a mask and slipped it over her face; she chose another and put it on mine; then she took my hand and we walked away. It was as simple as that. Outside, we ran a few blocks, I think to make it more dramatic; but also because, as I’d discovered, successful theft exhilarates. I wondered if she’d often stolen. “I used to,” she said. “I mean I had to. If I wanted anything. But I still do it every now and then, sort of to keep my hand in.” We wore the masks all the way home.“

- Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I can stand
atop my tiny shard of glass,
the gravitational pull
of my planetary resolve
holding me in place, and I can watch
all the other shards whirling past,
all the other people
waving at me, hello,
as they go by, and I can see
a shower of shimmers, like water,
like photons, like light, and each fragment
glimmers ghostly-bright, the hue
of some strange, enchanting star –
I see a nebula born
of a thousand thousand unlikely reflections,
and I know
that my breath
is my own, and
that it’s not.
—  My world these days is an ever-more-shattered mirror. – s.s.
Just what I need, part 2

Harry Styles - 1195 words

And so Harry gets introduced. Liam might not seem like such a nice guy, but it is a Harry short story and someone has to be the dick. This time it is Liam.

Part one can be found here.


“Ah there she is, damn girl it’s been forever. Have you lost weight?” Naomi pinches the skin near my hip and I wince before slapping her hand away harshly, a growl leaving my lips.
“Nice to see you as well, Naomi. And yes I did, wasn’t able to eat properly for weeks.” I roll my eyes as I recall the fever and stomach aches and the overall ‘let’s just sleep all fucking day’ mood I experienced in the last week and a half. I walk with her past the dancing or animatedly talking teenagers to our friend group occupying one of the booths in the back.

“Y/n, risen from the dead!” Niall chimes as he stands to his feet to haul me into one of his warm bear hugs and I chuckle as I awkwardly pat his shoulder blade. “Hi Niall, missed you too.”
“Where is lover boy?” He raises his eyebrows multiple times but when I reciprocate with just a simple eye roll, his face contorts into something that resembles pity.
“Again?” “Again.”

“Annie, how are you?” I smile at Niall’s girlfriend, Annie, pressing my lips to her cheek as I let my nimble fingers squeeze her shoulder briefly in acknowledgement. I always enjoyed Annie’s presence, even though she was quite a shy one and took forever to open up to either of us. Although I think that was Naomi and her big mouth’s fault because she could scare any person away, even if she didn’t want to.
“Lovely to see you again, Y/n. I’ve missed you, Naomi was mean.” Annie smirks before winking at Naomi who holds her hands up in protest and I send my other friend a small glare before bursting into chuckles and standing to my full height again. I didn’t realize how much I have missed each and every single one of them until now, that I have them all together again. Some, like Annie, didn’t have finals in the last month and were able to just enjoy the company of other people like Niall, who only had two exams. I almost think about hugging Annie again for good measure but I’m sure they’ll think I am completely and utterly insane. Maybe I am a little. You go completely mental when you’re cooped up in your flat, all by yourself, for almost two months straight. I would know.

“Y/n, I don’t think you’ve met Harry Styles already.” Niall states as he steps aside and my eyes meet with the most dazzling eyes I had ever had the privilege to experience.
“Y/F/N   Y/L/N.” I hold out my hand with a small smile gracing my lips, and by now I was thankful for the dim lighting of Louis’s bar so Harry couldn’t see the deep, dark blush I was sporting just now.

“Harry. I’ve heard so much about you already, finally I can pinpoint a face to it.” Harry smiles and when his hand touches mine for the briefest of seconds, I think I am already drowning in his eyes.
“I can say the same for you. Only good of course.” I let my hand drop to my side once more and awkwardly turn to take a seat across from Harry, next to Annie.

“Y/n, your usual?” Naomi asks and it takes me a while to register her presence as I catch myself staring at Harry. I swiftly turn my head and Naomi winks at me before impatiently starting to tap her heel against the old, battered up wood. “Uh, yeah, ‘s fine.”
“So don’t tell me Liam is already on a date with that beloved Mr. Richards? He might as well kiss up miss Alma’s butt as well.” Niall groans and glares in my direction, although I know it is meant for his one of his best friends.

“I’m always getting the same excuse. You know how important it is to me, babe.” I over exaggerate on the ‘babe’ and Annie snorts beside me, holding her hand in front of her mouth to muffle whatever noise might come through. “Allow me to speak freely,” Niall starts but waits until I nod my head at him to continue, “If he keeps this up, there might not be a relationship to come home to?” You would think that I’d put on a filter if I were a night out with our mutual friends. But they had seen the way Liam acted, how he acted around pretty girls and even better – the way he did when he was drunk. It wasn’t like he overly aggressive or anything. But I had the tendency to not keep my big mouth shout, ending in a screaming match between us both, in the middle of my hallway, or Niall’s, every single time he had a drink. Which was often. Niall knew how much effort this relationship sometimes cost me.

“You’re hitting the nail right on the head. I am thrilled for him to grasp such opportunities, but I’m not some desperate housewife that is going to wait around until he has lived his life. As much as I love Liam, fuck no.” I feel Harry’s eyes burn into the side of my skull and let my gaze wander over his, seeing his eyebrows furrowed as if he were in deep thought.

“Liam has changed. And not for the better.” Niall nods his head along with me and Naomi appears in sight again, a platter filled with our favorite drinks balancing on her right hand. “Liam will come around, don’t worry Y/n.” “I’m not worried about anything.” I counteract immediately. I don’t want these people, my friends, to think I couldn’t survive without Liam. When we first started college, well Liam a year earlier than me, I was already his girlfriend and by his side. These people have never known any different and sometimes I believe they think I cannot exist without Liam. There was a time I believed that same statement was true. But during the last two years, having to take classes alone, try to find a job as a waitress and doing an internship at Mr. B, I had traded my caterpillar look for my butterfly wings and I had never been this steady in life as I were now.

“Great to hear,” Naomi states chirpily and she throws a wink my way and I know she did that on purpose to drop the subject all together for the night. “So Harry, did you find a new flat by now?”
My ears perk up in interest when I hear Harry mumble  no as he brings the beer bottle to his lips.
“Kind of getting desperate now, I have to be out by the end of the month.”

My fingers curl around Annie’s thin wrist and I squeeze it to gather her attention. A hum leaves her lips and she stares at Harry for a second more before her eyes flick to me and I lean in.
“He was an okay guy? Right? Not complete insane or anything?” Annie nods her head and her eyes widen, her hands clapping together as if she were a retarded seal, gathering everyone’s attention.
“Y/n has a room for rent.”

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the types as important pieces of an Event that took place today
  • ExFJ: The Pre-Calculus classroom, divided into three clusters of desks, each occupied by a separate group of acquaintances--some of them close, some of them distant, all of them miserable. The air is warm with shared sympathies and The Lack Of Air Conditioning. No one knows what domain and range is.
  • ISxJ: The Pre-Calculus teacher who somehow exists in the state of being both The Most Normal person on the face of the planet and The Strangest person on the face of the planet. His voice is so monotone that I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually 5000 bees disguised as a human. Looks lost 1000% percent of the time,,, I hope he finds a map sometime soon.
  • ESxP: The 3/4 full liter jug of Arizona Iced Tea sitting 3 desks in front of me in the Pre-Calculus classroom. It seems out of place for some reason. Take note of this. The 3/4 full liter jug of Arizona Ice Tea is important.
  • ENxP: The short, chaotic stretch of time between the build up and the action-- the flurry of students, the cracking sound, General Confusion--the tragedy about to take place in the Pre-Calculus classroom.
  • ExTJ: The Antagonist of This story--their anger towards pre-calculus and iced beverages, their dedication to this hatred, the angle, height and force of their kick--Not unlike that of a Can-Can dancer's.
  • IxTP: The hollow cracking sound of a 3/4 full jug of Arizona Iced Tea being punted like a football out of the owner's unknowing grasp.
  • IxFP: ''Ryan what the fuck''
  • INxJ: the slow and painful death of a 3/4 full jug of Arizona Iced Tea, cracked down the side, and bleeding out in the Pre-Calculus classroom-- all of this going unnoticed by the Pre-Calculus teacher.
Here's How The Nation Responded When A Black Militia Group Occupied A Government Building
Nearly 50 years ago, a group of armed Black Panthers entered the California state Capitol to protest a gun control bill.

When armed militants seized a government building in Burns, Oregon, on Saturday, stating their willingness to “kill and be killed” and promising to stay for “years,” the official response was cautious and restrained. Many onlookers wondered whether this would still be the case if the militants were people of color instead of white people. If you’re not familiar with the history of protest in the U.S., you might not know that the armed occupation of government buildings hasn’t always been just for white guys. In fact, on May 2, 1967, a group of 30 Black Panthers walked into the California state Capitol building, toting rifles and shotguns and quickly garnering national headlines.

Just to be clear, there are a world of differences between the Black Panthers’ demonstration and what’s happening in Oregon now (although it is noteworthy that you have to go back to 1967 to find an example of something even remotely analogous). The two groups employed different tactics, fought for different causes and – predictably – elicited different reactions in vastly different places and times. But the 1967 incident serves as one example of the way Americans tend to respond to black protest – which some say is always likely to be vastly different from the way Americans react when it’s white people doing the protesting.


A Sunny Day in November


Not betaread!

The Mangy Dog wasn’t the most popular bar near the university campus. It wasn’t even in the top twenty. But it was in walking distance of the building where the demonology classes were held, and they had a decent selection of fried snacks.

Two television screens hung on the walls, a third above the bar itself. They showed clips of music videos interspersed with commercials. The music droning from the speakers didn’t match at all with the view from the screens.

The couple of tables closest to the windows were occupied by a group of students playing boardgames. Every once in a while they would erupt in noise and laughter. At another table a few students from the Cryptozoology major were comparing pictures they’d snapped on some field trip.

Fifty percent of the whole Demonology graduating class was sitting at the corner table. All five of them.

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A New Documentary About the Time Philadelphia Dropped a Bomb—Yes, a Bomb—on a House Full of Black Radicals
Let the Fire Burn, Jason Osder’s powerful debut documentary, opens with period footage of a soft-spoken boy with two names: Michael Moses Ward and Birdie Africa.

Michael was known as Birdie as a child—he was one of several kids raised by a small black liberation group that occupied a Philadelphia row house on Osage Avenue. They called themselves MOVE, and they wanted to live without technology and without government interference. But the group and the city were constantly at odds.


One Direction Fans Refuse To Let Drama Outshine The Positives

It’s pretty obvious that 2015 has been kind of a tough year for One Direction fans - from Zayn Malik sensationally quitting to rumours that Louis Tomlinson is expecting a baby, there has been drama after drama after drama to keep the fandom occupied.

However, one group of fans refuse to let the negativity and scandals outshine all of the fab things that the remaining four boys do, and are instead focusing all of their energy on the band’s new political campaign Action 1D.

Action1DProject are a group of voluntary fans who have taken it upon themselves to promote the goals of #Action1D .

In an official statement, the group explain: “By instigating this campaign as part of Action 2015, One Direction and their team have provided the opportunity for new voices to be heard.

“What are we concerned about in our communities? How can we make the world a better place? Over 50,000 actions have already been recorded by One Direction fans online on equality, education and sustainable development.

“Action1DProject believes this is a great start, but we can do more. We are launching 100k for Action/1D to boost fan participation through videos, photos, and other media to help Action/1D reach 100k actions and beyond! To do this, we will be:

“Organising a Thunderclap on 12 August 2015, encouraging the sharing of ideas and actions through our social media channels at action1dproject.tumblr.com and action1DProjct on Twitter, providing background information on Action 2015 and Action/1D, establishing a dialogue on sustainable development and climate change which will continue after Action/1D ends.

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“We want to give the fans a voice hear their thoughts and validate their concerns with the aim of providing a support network and platform to help fans take action.”

Something which we reckon all four of the boys would be seriously proud of.

For more info on the project, and of course how to get involved, find Action1DProject on https://twitter.com/action1DProjct and http://action1dproject.tumblr.com

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Good luck, guys - it really is time to make the world a better place. 

Ivan sat in the back of the trailer, trying to sleep as they moved. His circus was headed to a new town, one that was already occupied by another group who had been happy to work with them.
He picked at his blanket, wondering if he’d have a chance to meet anyone.
He was The Beast. It’s what they called him, and treated him as. He was big, intimidating, and had been made to behave almost animal like for his times on stage.
He wanted out. @thelostlorien

Group occupies building at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

A group of armed anti-government activists remained encamped at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon on Sunday evening, vowing to occupy the outpost for years to protest the federal government’s treatment of a pair of local ranchers set to report to prison Monday.

The occupation of a portion of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, about 30 miles southeast of Burns, Ore., began a day earlier, after a small group of men broke off from a much larger march and rally held on Saturday evening.

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i ran across some “the new star war is oppressing white men” discourse this evening which was hilarious but it kind of got me thinking bc like, there are still several prominent white men in the force awakens. han and luke are in it and like three of the bad guys are played by white dudes. so it’s not like, a universe mysteriously barren of white men or anything they’re just not the people the story is about and irl white dudes are mad about that

you could say so much about the irony of how white men being regulated to antagonist and mentor roles is now “oppression” when people have been arguing those are perfectly fine roles for marginalized groups to occupy in fiction since like the dawn of time, but like. tbh i’m still stuck on processing the sheer entitlement of these guys? that they’re so secure in their assumption that every story should be about them? that when one story they’re invested in isn’t about them they feel wronged? not even like, they’re not in the story. not even they’re not signifigant parts of the story. just that the story doesn’t revolve around them. just the idea that any world doesn’t revolve around them