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Am I... Evil?? AU

Character A wakes up one day with no memory of who they are. After a quick look around, they find some pretty disturbing items, such as body bags, shovels, and a strange assortment of weapons. Character A quickly comes to the conclusion that they’ve been kidnapped and either drugged or sustained a head injury.

As they continue to search for an exit, Character A comes upon a door that leads them to a basement, the corner of which is occupied by a group of tied up teenagers. To Character A’s surprise and confusion, the teenagers all seem to be terrified of them.

Home away from home.

Fandom: Harry Potter 
Pairing: Muggle!James x Lily

Lily almost didn’t notice the small cafe, tucked away on a busy London street. The rain had come as a surprise on her way back from university, and she was caught in the middle of it with no umbrella. Hurriedly, she sloshed through the puddles, pulling her hood further down to shield her face. Then she saw it from the corner of her eye. Turning around, she stood in front of the cafe, admiring it in all its glory. Its teal painted, wooden exterior was completed with a large divided window with decorative potted plants clustered below it, thriving in the recent change of weather. Reaching for the door knob, she twisted it and stepped inside to be greeted by a wave of warmth. Wiping her soggy feet on the doormat, she slipped off her hood revealing her deep red hair. Inside the exposed brick walls were adorned with shelves holding books of all genres and colours. Mismatched armchairs were littered around the room in small groups, occupied by friends huddling together over warm beverages, having conversations lit by fairy lights dangled from the ceiling.

 Lily stepped onto the wood floor, wet shoes leaving footprints behind them, and ambled her way towards the back of the cafe where a tall boy with noticeably messy, black hair stood behind a counter. Within a closer proximity, lily could see that he managed a deadpan expression with every word he spoke. While she was examining the chalkboard menu that hung behind him, he grumbled something that sounded along the lines of a ‘how can I help you?’ and lily wondered if he was breaking records for just how reluctant to actually follow through with that offer he looked. Skimming over the wide variety of beverages, her eyes came to a stop at a drink she was delighted to see. 
“Can I have a salted caramel tea, please?”
Gaining his attention, the boy looked up and for a moment lily was sure his eyes softened at the sight of her, but then he quickly casted his gaze back down and proceeded to make her order. Subconsciously, she tapped her foot along to the beat of a quietly played song, coming from a record player which had been dismissed into a corner. Lily recognised it as not something up and coming, but from the memories of her childhood instead. This, and the fact that she could hear someone humming along brought a nostalgic feeling and a happy smile to her face.  But when she turned her attention back to the bedraggled boy making her tea, she discovered that it was infact him humming over the bubbling of the kettle. How could such a miserable git have such good music taste? Lily found it infuriating so she ceased her foot tapping and furrowed her brow, fighting her sudden desire to like him. He placed her steamy drink on the counter, an absent-minded look in his eyes hidden behind fogged glassed as she slid him her money and took her drink in search for a chair.

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The collage for ‘Believe in Me, Believe in You’.

The fic isn’t anywhere near finished yet, but here’s a snippet.

“Bloody took you long enough.” Zayn smirks when Niall takes his seat at the table their group is occupying.

“Shut up and give me my god-daughter.” Niall scoffs, making grabby hands at the squirming baby in Zayn’s arms. “Come here, Li-Li.”

“Not until you stop calling her that.” Zayn says sternly.

“Fine.” Niall huffs. “Come here, Alia. Your daddy is so grumpy before he gets his coffee.”

“I’ve had two cups while we were all waiting for you two to finish going at it like bunnies.” Zayn snorts, handing Alia off.

“Bunnies don’t use their mouths.” Harry chuckles, plopping down next to Niall with a plate full of food for them to share.

“Therapy!” Oliver hisses from across the table. “Lots of therapy!”

“Oh hush it.” Harry waves him off. “You’re almost seventeen. That’s old enough to know that adults sometimes have sex.”

“What’s sex?” Noah asks, looking up from his Mickey Mouse pancakes for the first time since Niall arrived.

“Carpet.” Harry snorts.

“Shut up.” Niall sighs. “It’s grownup playtime, bubba. Don’t worry about it.”

“What’s the thing about the carpet?” Liam asks, blinking at Niall with sleepy eyes. He must have been the one to wake up for Alia’s feeding this morning. He doesn’t look like he regrets it though. Niall’s never seen him happier than he’s been in the six months since Alia was born. Zayn either.

“Me fixing one of Harry’s little outbursts.” Niall sighs, looking down at where Alia is trying to eat one of her own hands. “They’re so much easier at this age. They haven’t learned to talk yet, which means they can’t repeat the naughty words their fathers say.”

“Like ‘fuck’?” Noah asks, making Harry choke on his bagel.


Intro: Okie dokie here is the entire story from beginning to end.  It is very long.

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 9,018 (I warned you)

Triggers: sexual assault attempt, bullying, mild swearing, rude name calling. 

Summary:  Reader is a botanist on the Enterprise who is bullied often and has low self esteem, and happens to run into Bones one day and develops a crush instantly (who wouldn’t, really?).  Reader works with Bones to save Spock from an injury from an away-mission.  The bullying gets worse as the story goes on and eventually leads to an attempt at sexual assault.  Reader gets away and doesn’t know who to turn to (maybe a certain friendly yet grumpy space doctor?).

ALSO: I did split this story up into 4 parts so if you want to read them in smaller chunks just click the link below.  

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““It’s so easy, to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love, But it’s not always easy to recognize love, even when we hold it in our hands.”

 You read the last line of your book and set it down.  Light was beginning to stream in from the hallway and you realized what time it was.   If you fell asleep right now you would have 2 hours before your alarm went off.  You groaned and fell back into the soft pillows on the bed.  Rubbing your eyes you decided it would be easier to get an early start to your day rather than getting half-assed sleep.   

Swinging your legs over the bed you got up, showered, and put your blue Starfleet uniform on.  

You decided to head down to the mess hall to get some breakfast before getting to work.  

Passing the medbay on the way, you decided to go in and ask one of the nurses for a headache-reliever to stop the one forming around your temples.  

All the patient rooms were dark, as the medbay hadn’t been too busy lately save for a bump or bruise here or there.  

The only light on was coming from Dr. McCoy’s office.  Everyone knew the stern, grumpy, intelligent doctor, as he was best friends with the Captain and always seemed to be on the bridge and involved in away-missions.  

The door to his office was open and you peered into the dimly lit room.  Dr. McCoy was asleep at his desk, his head resting on his forearms, and his mouth slightly open, a small spindle of drool dripping onto the desktop.  

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Tease (Jungkook Smut)

*I tried*

“Babe!” You called out to him. You were in your apartment, your boyfriend and his group occupying your living room for your weekly movie night.

“Yeah?” He walked in, and stifled his laughter. You were trying to grab your favourite snack from the top shelf and he knew you couldn’t reach it.

“You couldn’t climb the counter?”

“You can’t just help me?”

“So much sass for a little girl.”

“Shut up, hmph.”

He grabbed it and you snatched it from him, going back to setting up the food. He leaned his elbow against the counter, watching you try to ignore him until he tried to get your attention.

“Baby, are you actually mad? I love how little you are, it’s cute.”

“Kookie go back. I’ll be out in a minute.” You weren’t upset, you just wanted to finish up. He kissed your head before going back to the, now loud boys. You come out with all the food, filling more of your coffee table.


“Wait until the movie starts, hungry child.”

“But, hyung-”

“Did I stutter?” Suga silenced him and Jin started the movie. Jungkook covered you both with a blanket and you stayed silent, watching the movie attentively. His hand was rubbing against your thigh but you didn’t mind it.

You hear a munch and Tae started eating already. It was only 5 minutes in, and you went back to what was happening on the screen.

Jungkook’s hand reached between your legs, his hands inside your pants already. He played with your panties, making it rub against your clit. You absentmindedly slip out a moan and Jimin looked at you.

He stayed silent but his eyes silently asked you what was going on. You gave him a small smile, trying to convince him it was nothing. He seemed to hesitate before turning back to the movie.

Jungkook, on the other hand , continued to tease you more. He rubbed his cock against your ass, you feeling him get hard.

“J-Jungkook.” You whispered.

“Yes, baby?” His finger started to stroke against your clit and you bit your lip. He kissed behind your ear, while his fingers continued to play with you.

His free hand reached into your shirt, grabbing your breast. He twisted and squeezed your nipple, making you bite down on your lip harder.

“You like knowing they can see you like this?”

“Look at you, enjoying getting teased like this.”

His finger entered your clit and you almost moaned. He kissed you, muffling your moan. Jimin took notice again, only to see you kissing Jungkook and refocusing on the movie.

You pulled away and moved his hand away from you, not wanting to cum like this, especially in the eyes of others that could notice. Jungkook takes your hand and drags you into the bathroom. He propped you up on the counter, spreading your legs.

“J-Jungkook, they’re in the other room. We can’t d-do this.” He kissed your neck, knowing it was your weakness.


“Do you really want me to stop? Your clit is starting to wet the counter.”

“But we can’t,”

“You’re getting turned on by knowing they can hear me fuck you, aren’t you?”

You bit your lip, him continuing to kiss against your neck and you gave it up. His lips trailed down your neck, stopping to removed your shirt and detached underneath your collarbone. His hand unhooked your bra before grabbing your right breast.

His other hand played with your wet clit again, your moans uncontainable. His finger slid into you once again, this time he pumped into you ruthlessly.

“Oh my god, J-Jungkook!”

“Your clit is so tight around my finger, do you want more, baby?”


His fingers multiplied, feeling your clout getting stretched out by his fingers. You leaned back, your hands resting on each side of the sink behind you. He pulled out as your body began to get hot.

“Not until I say so.”

He kissed you, biting and pulling your bottom lip teasingly before he slipped off his pants and boxers.

“Do you want me, baby?”

“Please fuck me, Jungkook. I can’t hold back anymore.”

He rammed into you rapidly, immediately feeling all of him around you. You held onto him, his muscles relaxing to your touch but his pace was vicious.

“Feels so fucking good.”


He watched you, seeing you not denying all the pleasure he was giving you. His hips never rested for a second, wanting to pound every inch inside you.



He pinched against your clit, targeting the little nub that never failed to make you scream out his name. You felt yourself getting closer with every squeeze against your little nub.


You squirt, your juices dripping from the counter. The sudden tightness around him while he thrusted into you made him cum after you and you blushed.

“Can I stay the night?”


“I won’t hear the end of it when I get home. ”

“Just don’t try anything on me.”

“No promises, baby.”

Embarrassment - Part 2

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  A drunken game of truth or dare reveals what Y/N didn’t want anyone to know. She’d been perfectly and contentedly miserable before her slip up, but the confrontation over her little secret, which she avoids at all costs, quickly catches up.

Words: 1,378

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, the rest of the fam

Warning: Maybe a curse? Reference to alcohol consumption

Author’s Note: There’s still no Steve in this… Honestly, this one is just about making the Reader part of the Avengers Family. It makes me happy, hope you guys like it too. Next part you’ll get lots of Steve, promise.

Part 1

That was how you spent the morning, actually the whole day, in the tower. First, you retreated to the gym, not working out but playing on your phone and wallowing in self-loathing until Sam came in for a run on the treadmill mid-morning. “Ah, so this is where you’ve been hiding?” He asked, his mouth quirking up into a smirk as he selected the right speed for him.

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Hogwarts Library // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Hogwarts AU (feat. mentions of original HP characters)

Requested by: Anonymous

Spencer debated whether to go to the library that afternoon. He had already finished studying for his classes so there was no real reason to go. But his best friend Derek was off in Quidditch practice with the Gryffindor team and he didn’t feel like moping around all day. 

It was chilly outside as winter threatened to be upon them at any moment. It was good reading weather, he decided. So instead of staying locked up in his dormitory he threw on a sweater and his Ravenclaw scarf before making his way to the library for a bit of light reading.

“Do you want to come down to the library and study for our Herbology exam?” You asked JJ as you gathered your things. She shook her head, pointing toward the broomstick that leaned against the wall.

“Can’t. Quidditch practice,” she replied as she tied her hair up. You rolled your eyes at the fact she prioritized the sport over her grades and yet somehow still managed to be a good student. You had a sneaking suspicion that it had to do with the fact that she was almost literally a ray of light that all the professors seemed to adore.

“Alright. But I’m not staying up until ungodly hours to help you study again,” you replied with a frown. She chuckled.

“That’s what you always say,” she sang with a smile.

“Yup,” you replied as you left the dormitories, closing the door behind you. “And yet I always do it.”

Your cat scurried along the hallway, weaving in between other students’ feet as she followed you to the library. You tightened your red and gold scarf around your neck in an effort to keep the winter chill at bay. A happy hum filled your throat as you stepped foot into the vast room, it’s roaring fires instantly warming your insides. The fluff of fur departed your side and made her way to a pillow that laid next to the burning fireplace.

You scanned the room looking for an empty seat where you could set up your study station. Most tables were occupied with groups who had also decided to take the afternoon to study. You were about to give up when your eyes caught sight of a familiar brown haired boy in the corner who seemed to have his nose stuck in a book.

“Hey Spencer,” you greeted with a smile as you stood by the table he sat at. He looked up, startled as he heard his name after hours of being lost in his own mind.

“Hey Y/N,” he greeted with a shy smile as he realized you were the one who had spoken to him. You grinned as he set his book down and fidgeted with his blue and bronze scarf.

“Mind if I sit? I have an exam to study for.”

“Oh, no. Go right ahead,” he replied as he moved the pile of books he had set out to make room for you. You smiled as you set your things down, opening your own book and taking out a piece of parchment and a quill to write your notes with.

The both of you sat in comfortable silence, as you almost always did whenever the two of you ended up in the same place. Spencer was a bright Ravenclaw who spent most of his days in the library while you were a friendly Gryffindor who enjoyed spending her afternoons soaking up the sun in the courtyard. The two of you had met when you sat next to each other in Potions that year and had formed a small acquaintance as Spencer seemed too shy to speak most days. You always just assumed he was the type to pay close attention during lectures and didn’t take much offense to the lack of speaking.

“What are you studying for?” Spencer asked after a few minutes. He had been unable to concentrate on his reading the minute you sat down, instead sneaking glances at you the entire time. He thought it was adorable the way you bit your lip as you read, the look of concentration evident on your face. He even startled himself when he spoke, unsure of what had overcome him to do so.

You looked up at him in surprise that he was actually taking initiative to start a conversation but smiled as you met his eyes.

“Herbology,” you replied with a small grin. Spencer nodded, his lack of social skills becoming apparent as he panicked and looked back to his book when he couldn’t think of anything else to say. You sighed softly as you returned to your reading.

“How did you do on your last Potions essay?” Spencer asked after several minutes as he attempted to make conversation once again. It was now or never, he decided. He would find his bravery, his small spark of Gryffindor despite his overwhelming Ravenclaw tendencies, and finally talk to you for more than just a few words.

Unbeknownst to you, Spencer had formed quite the crush on you. He liked that you never pressured him to speak more and that you seemed genuinely impressed when he finally did and it was just random facts about whatever potion you were studying that day. You were kind and patient, and he liked that.

“I could’ve done better. I don’t think Professor Snape likes me very much,” you replied with a frown.

“Yeah well, he doesn’t really like Gryffindors in general,” he replied with a small grin. You nodded in agreement.

“You have a point there, my friend.”

Spencer smiled and opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted as a group of second year Slytherins passed by that he instantly recognized. They were the same kids who had heard him confess his crush on you to his friend Penelope, a sweet Hufflepuff who almost everyone cared for. They pointed at the two of you, making kissing noises as they mocked Spencer and leaving you confused as to what exactly was happening. He immediately turned red and hung his head in embarrassment.

“Hey!” A strong female voice called out. “What do you think you’re doing? Are you that bloody stupid?”

You grinned as Emily appeared behind the group of kids, their faces whitening as they realized who stood behind them.

“We’re sorry, Emily,” one of them stuttered as he attempted to win the slytherin princess’s approval again. “Please don’t tell Draco.” She narrowed her eyes at the group.

“You leave Y/N alone. And that means anyone she associates with too. Got it?”

The group of kids nodded furiously with wide eyes before racing off, desperate to get away from the older girl’s wrath. Emily rolled her eyes at their childishness before taking a seat next to you.

“Hey Em,” you greeted your childhood friend with a smile. She grinned as she stretched back into the chair.

“Hey Y/N. And…” She trailed off as she looked at Spencer questioningly.  He blushed, flustered after what just happened.

“Spencer,” he introduced himself with a small nod. She smiled at the boy.

“Yeah, I think you’re in my divination class. You’re the kid who knows all the answers,” she replied with a laugh. Spencer looked down at his book in embarrassment. “Hey, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Maybe I should be smart like Y/N and make friends with you so you could help me out with the O.W.L.S.”

“Emily Prentiss, did you come to steal my study partner?” You teased as you playfully slapped her arm. She gave a dramatic gasp before throwing her arm around you with a laugh. Spencer smiled at the small exchange, wondering how a Slytherin and a Gryffindor could possibly be so close.

“No actually. I came to see if you were available Friday night,” she replied with a mischievous smile. You instantly threw your guard up, knowing how her ideas tended to end.

“For what?” You asked warily.

“A date. With the Weasley boys. George invited me out and I said I’d find the perfect girl for Fred,” she replied with a grin. Spencer frowned as he attempted to bury himself back into his books in an effort to seem disinterested in their conversation. He was finally getting his nerve up to form a friendship with you in hopes of it leading to more but he had forgotten that other boys found you pretty as well.

Of course other boys found you attractive. You might as well have been an angel the way you seemed to just float through the corridors with a gentle smile on your face. Spencer shook his head at his naivety.

“Those jokesters? No thanks,” you laughed with a shake of your head.

“What? Why not? Are you already dating someone?” She asked in disbelief. You had never said no to double dating with her before even if it never led to an actual relationship. You smiled as you looked at Spencer, meeting his eyes for a moment with a gleam of amusement.

“No,” you replied with a smile. Emily looked between the both of you and realized what she was seeing. This was the boy she had caught you daydreaming about during your Charms class.

Spencer let out a sigh of relief when you had admitted that you weren’t dating anyone. He had momentarily thought that he was too late, that his chance with you was over before it had begun. Emily smirked as she caught the small sigh, looking at the two of you suggestively.

“Alright. I’ll just ask JJ then,” she replied as she bounced out of the room with a grin. You rolled your eyes at her energy and returned to your work.

Spencer’s fingers drummed nervously against the table as he pondered over what to do next. Should he tell you he liked you? No. That would be too straightforward. Maybe he could offer you help for your upcoming Potions exam. No, no. You would only see him as a tutor then.

“Something wrong?” You asked as you looked up at him. His hand had been drumming against the table for minutes now and his face was portraying some emotion that was a mix of concern and confusion.

“I’m fine,” Spencer assured as he clapped his hands together and rested them on his lap. “Actually, I was uh- I was wondering if maybe you would want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?”

You raised an eyebrow in surprise but smiled brightly. He felt a sense of relief wash over him as he noticed your positive attitude. He had expected immediate rejection.

“Sure. I could go for a butterbeer,” you replied with a grin.

“Okay. Butterbeer. Yes. Good,” he replied with a small smile as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. You smiled encouragingly and turned back to your work after the millionth distraction that day. Spencer grinned as he picked up his own book, stealing glances of you for the next hours as you sat across from him in your ethereal glory.

Today hadn’t been a bad day for the library after all.

Okay gnome story time

@tracirearden @humbleegomania

Okay so this probably isnt super crazy to anyone who has heard other gnome stories before but for me it changed my life. 

This story needs a little bit of background

A friend of my parents used to be a kind of care-taker for people’s out of the way shacks and log cabins. Simple living deep in the new england woods, wood stoves, compost toilets, etc. He lived in quite a few over the years and one of the first ones he lived in had previously been occupied by a group of people who couldn’t keep up with taking care of the cabin or the surrounding area so my parent’s friend was asked to move in upon their departure and fix the place up. 

he had been living there for a few months, had sorted out the issues with the place, and was siting in front of the fire one evening with his cat fiddling around on his guitar. he noticed his cat, who was previously relaxed, suddenly perk up and stare intensely at the window so he looked over as well and saw a gnome peeking through the window. All he could see where red eyes so it was just peering over the window sill. He and his cat stared at it until it went away. he shook his head and looked at his cat like “yeah I saw it too. wtf.” that night he tried to tell himself he was just seeing things bc he’d been out in the woods too long.

The NEXT DAY he was at work at a local bar and one of the people who had lived in the cabin before he moved in sat down and asked him how he liked the place. He grumbled something about how it was a great place and it was a shame her lot kind of let it fall apart. Then, completely unprompted, she said “So have you seen the gnomes yet?” And he was so shocked he couldn’t respond for a minute so she just said “Yeah man, there are gnomes out there, be careful”

thats the gnome story and now i believe in gnomes 



Pairing: Lafayette x Reader, slight Aaron Burr x Reader

Prompt: Reader is replaced in friendship, angst for anon

Words:1753 (My longest one yet!)


You and the Hamilsquad had been friends ever since preschool. Every Friday night would be another movie night, which included junk foods, homemade pizzas and bonfires.

There were bad days where things happened in families and people were upset. There were relationships and broken hearts. Stress levels would go high and moodiness would be a problem.

But through everything you all stuck together. And now the five of you were starting the next phase of your life.


All of you ended up going to the same college. The four of them were rooming together, and you were rooming with the Schuyler sisters.

The first semester was going great. Friday nights still happened, and everyone went out to lunch together at least once a week.

Junior year was when everything started to change. It was a very slow progression, so you didn’t take notice of it until it was too late.


“So Y/N when are you finally going to tell Lafayette that you’re in love with him?” John asked you, as the two of you were walking to lunch after class.

“I don’t know. That’s not really how I work,” you told him, walking ahead to the cafe everyone was meeting at. He sighed and shook his head as the two of you walked into the cafe.

You saw everyone sitting at your regular table. Except there was someone new sitting next to Lafayette and Angelica.

A new girl that you had never seen before.

You sat down next to John as the two of you crammed into the booth. You barely fit into the booth. You were half on the seat and half off.

“Oh sorry Y/N. I guess there’s to many of us. Why don’t you slide a chair over to the table,” Lafayette told you before turning back to the girl sitting next to him.

You felt slightly hurt but brushed it off.

“Okay now that everyone is here, I want you all to meet Johanna. We have Chem together,” Laf stated.

“Thank you for letting me come and join you. You can call me Jo. I already know all your names, Laf told them to me on our way here,” She told you all, putting her hand on Lafayette’s arm.

Everyone started to chatter excitedly asking her questions, even asking if the two of them were dating. Jo denied it, but you could tell that she wanted him. You couldn’t tell what Lafayette was thinking, which hurt your poor heart.

That was the first time you noticed a small change. But you brushed it off, not really thinking anything of it.


The second time you noticed the change is when there was a movie night.

It was supposed to be at your place that night, but the had all decided, without your input, to have it at Jo’s place.

You were a little upset, you had spent the entire day cleaning and baking treats for tonight.

Nevertheless you made your way over to Jo’s place.

They all greeted you quickly before putting in a movie.

“What are we watching?” you asked tentatively.

“Horror films!” Jo replied, settling her way right next to Laf and John, the spot that you would usually occupy.

The group never watched horror movies. You hated them, so they never watched them. They’d promised you.

“Oh I’m sorry Y/N. I forgot that you hated horror movies. We’ve already picked out all of the horror ones we wanted to watch. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” Laf told you. You swore that you saw a smirk on Jo’s face, as if she was taunting you.

“Yeah. I guess I’ll go home.”

You picked yourself up over everything that was laying in your way, and quietly left the house.

The tears started flowing as soon as you turned the corner.

They were your best friends! How could they just all of the sudden forget something like that.

As you were walking home, you bumped into Aaron Burr.

“Are you alright Miss Y/N?” He asked stopping you. He looked concerned, and it almost made you cry again.

“Yeah, I’m just h-having a bad d-day,” You hiccuped, drying your tears as best you could.  

“Are you sure? Can I do anything for you? A soda or coffee?” He asked you, handing you a tissue.

“A coffee actually sounds great. Thank you so much Aaron.” He nodded and guided you into a small coffee shop. Both of you got coffees and sat at a booth together. A comfortable silence fell over the two of you, and you were thankful that he didn’t push you.

“Thank you for the coffee Aaron. I really needed that,” You told him, throwing your coffee cup away.

“Of course. Would you like me to walk you home?”

You nodded and the two of you set off not talking. When you arrived home you thanked Aaron once more before making your way to bed.


The third time that you noticed the changes was when Alex went off at you.

Having coffee with Aaron had become a regular thing. Your friends were ignoring you right now, so Aaron was the only person that you could hang out with.

The two of you would sit in the small coffee shop, checking each other’s homework assignments, comparing answers, and recommending books.

You had been together when Alexander went off at you. He had seen you through the window of the shop and came barging in, asking you what the two of you were doing together.

“Why are you with him Y/N?” Alex asked you angrily.

“We’re just having coffee and going over some school work Alex. Stop making it such a big deal,” you told him firmly.

“You’ve betrayed my friendship Y/N. I can’t believe that you would even speak to him!”

That was it. You were furious.

“Okay listen up Alexander. You have no right to come in here and tell me who I can and cannot be friends with. You and I were supposed to be best friends, but you don’t seem to care. You have been ignoring me and my texts everyday and you look at me like I don’t even exist anymore. You’ve got Jo now so why should you think about me!” You shouted at him.

“Okay Y/N do you want to know something? You’re just a jealous brat and now I know why no one is talking to you anymore. You’re so weak and pathetic. Why were we ever friends in the first place?” He shouted back before shaking his head and storming out of the shop.

You couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think.

Aaron grabbed all of your stuff and took you home. He put all of your stuff away and laid you in bed. He covered you with the blanket and brought you some calming tea, sitting with you while you drank.

He didn’t leave you once that night, just sat there with you, neither of you speaking.


You finally accepted that they had replaced you three days after Alex’s outbreak.  

You had been walking through campus, going to meet Aaron for lunch, when you had seen them all sitting at a table in the middle of the courtyard.

They were all sitting there, laughing, joking, and having fun.

Without you.

The worst part about it was Jo.

She was sitting on Lafayette’s lap. He didn’t seem to care either.

You needed to get out of here. You could see Aaron walking towards you, looking confused, but then realization crossed his face when he saw what you were looking at.

“Alright, we need to get you out of here. And I don’t mean out of this area. I mean out of this school,” he told you dragging you to your apartment.

“Aaron what are you talking about? I can’t leave.”

“Yes you can. You can’t stay here, one day it’s all going to be too much and I’m afraid that you would do something drastic. You need a fresh start.”

You thought for a minute. You knew that you were in a really bad position right now, and a new start would be good for you.

“Okay but where and how. The term is almost over yes, but?”

Aaron sighed and sat you down on the couch.

“You know Spanish right? Sign up to be a foreign exchange student to Spain. You know the language and culture so it shouldn’t be too hard for you. And you can come back second semester of senior year or stay the whole year. That way you wouldn’t have to see all of them everyday,” He told you, watching for your reaction.

You thought about it for a second. Not seeing them everyday now sounded like a blessing. Your heart couldn’t take it anymore. You looked at Aaron.

“Where do I sign up?”


You finished your junior year and got ready to leave for Spain. You were going to a small town outside of Barcelona. You were really excited.

The packing was what killed you. You packed away all of your memories of everyone. It hurt really bad. You weren’t ready to throw them out so Aaron took them for you and stored them in his attic.

He drove you to the airport the day you left, waiting with you until it was time for you to board.

“Go on and make some new memories. You’ll be just fine Y/N. I’m proud of you,” Aaron told you.

You felt as though you were going to cry again.

“Thank you so much Aaron. For everything,” You told him giving him a hug.

He returned the embrace and gave you a small kiss on the head. You heard your flight being called so you broke away and grabbed all of your stuff, your eyes teary.

“Remember you can call me anytime. Even if it’s the middle of the night here. Okay?” He told you, handing you your last bag.

“Thank you Aaron. Goodbye.”



“Hey Y/N!” Your friend John was calling to you. You picked yourself up from the sandbox and made your way over to the table where everyone was sitting.  

“Whats going on guys?” You asked, your small arms pulling you up to sit on the table. You sat next to Laf and looked at all of their smiling faces.

“We’re going to make a pack! We want to be best friends forever!” Laf exclaimed.

“So, best friends forever?” They asked you.



“Yeah. Forever.”

Backwards (pt. 1)

Intro: Okay so I was going to postpone posting this story until later but it was one of the first ones I wrote and I do love it a lot.  It is just reallllly long (like 8,600 words - I just went crazy with it).  So I decided to break it up into 4 sections which will also allow me time to work on new fics so I can post those too!  

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 1,990

Triggers: eventual attempt at sexual assault (that will be in part 4), bullying. 

Summary: Reader is a botanist on the Enterprise who is bullied often and has low self esteem, and happens to run into Bones one day and develops a crush instantly (who wouldn’t, really?).  Reader works with Bones to save Spock from an injury from an away-mission.  The bullying gets worse as the story goes on and eventually leads to an attempt at sexual assault.  Reader gets away and doesn’t know who to turn to (maybe a certain friendly yet grumpy space doctor?) 


““It’s so easy, to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love, But it’s not always easy to recognize love, even when we hold it in our hands.”

 You read the last line of your book and set it down.  Light was beginning to stream in from the hallway and you realized what time it was.   If you fell asleep right now you would have 2 hours before your alarm went off.  You groaned and fell back into the soft pillows on the bed.  Rubbing your eyes you decided it would be easier to get an early start to your day rather than getting half-assed sleep.   

Swinging your legs over the bed you got up, showered, and put your blue Starfleet uniform on.  

You decided to head down to the mess hall to get some breakfast before getting to work.  

Passing the medbay on the way, you decided to go in and ask one of the nurses for a headache-reliever to stop the one forming around your temples.  

All the patient rooms were dark, as the medbay hadn’t been too busy lately save for a bump or bruise here or there.  

The only light on was coming from Dr. McCoy’s office.  Everyone knew the stern, grumpy, intelligent doctor, as he was best friends with the Captain and always seemed to be on the bridge and involved in away-missions.  

The door to his office was open and you peered into the dimly lit room.  Dr. McCoy was asleep at his desk, his head resting on his forearms, and his mouth slightly open, a small spindle of drool dripping onto the desktop.  

You decided not to bother the sleeping doctor for a measly headache-reliever and turned to leave, but as you did you skimmed your elbow over a stack of papers on the shelf, knocking them to the ground with a rustle.  

"Shit.” You whispered and bent to quickly pick them up.  

“Can I help you?” Dr. McCoy’s voice sounded groggy and tired, and you looked up into extremely drowsy brown eyes.  

His hair was sticking up at a weird angle and you almost giggled at his un-groomed appearance, as he was usually pristine in his looks.   You quickly repressed your laugh and turned your eyes back to the fallen papers, scrambling to pick them up as you rambled, 

“Sorry, doctor, I was just passing by and I thought I’d ask the nurses for a headache-reliever, but there was no-one out there, and then I saw your light on and… I’m really sorry, I will be going now.”

You turned to dash out of the room, your cheeks burning from the embarrassment of disturbing the doctor but you were stopped by the sound of his voice. 

“I can get you a headache-reliever.” He said kindly and you looked up to see him getting out of his chair, his hands smoothing his uniform, but he was still unaware of the state of his hair.  

“No, doctor… I don’t want to be a bother; you can just go back to sleeping… or working… or whatever you were doing.” You almost laughed at how idiotic you sounded, but stopped as he continued moving towards you.  

“Relax, darlin’, it’s just in the med room, it’s no trouble.” He said as he passed you and went through the door into the medbay. 

You felt your cheeks warm unintentionally at the nickname and followed him into the dark medbay.  

He easily found the cupboard where they were kept and pulled one of the hypos out, loading it with the medication.  He made eye contact with you and for a brief moment neither of you said anything, just locked eyes.  

“Your neck?” Dr. McCoy said amusingly. 

Your hand instinctively reached up and brushed your neck, “what about it? Is there something on it?”

Dr. McCoy smiled at you (the first time you had seen this smile outside Kirk saying something to make him laugh), probably laughing at the grimace of confusion that was evident on your face.  

“For the hypo.” He said, lifting the small cylindrical object into your line of sight.  

“Oh!  Haha!” You laughed uncomfortably, embarrassed at your own stupidity, and pulled your hair off your neck to expose it.  

He injected the hypo easily, as you were sure he had done a thousand times before, and you felt your headache start to melt away instantly.  

Your face must have shown your relief as you opened your eyes to Dr. McCoy’s amused smile again.  It really was a nice smile.  

“Feel better?” He asked as he threw the hypo away. 

“Much.” You responded and started to back away towards the exit, “thank you so much, I really didn’t mean to bother you, so sorry again.”

His face was full of amusement, but not the amusement you were used to, which was hurtful and mocking.  No, this was kind and gentle, like he enjoyed your bantering and clumsiness.  

Speaking of clumsiness, as you backed away from him you rammed your back into a med cart with a crash, and if not for Dr. McCoy’s steadying hand on your arm, you would have fallen to the ground.  

Why did you have to be so clumsy and awkward?  You thought to yourself as you looked up at the doctor, his hand still wrapped around your upper arm.  

“Thank you,” you said quickly, pulling away from his grasp, “I am just going to get some breakfast now, and walk forwards, not backwards from now on.”

You laughed in spite of yourself and saluted with two fingers to him as you spun around.  You heard him chuckling behind you and wished you hadn’t spun around so fast so you could see his kind smile again.  

You were almost at the medbay doors when Dr. McCoy suddenly reappeared beside you. 

“Mind if I join you?  I could use some waffles and a cup of coffee.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand and meeting your eyes.  

You stopped and smiled, your heart soaring, “Sure!” You said, probably too excitedly, “I could use some company.”

He smiled back at you and he started walking, but stopped once he realized that you weren’t walking with him.  He turned back and looked at you quizzically, and before he could ask if you were coming, you spoke, 

“You probably want to fix your hair first.” You teased and laughed at his facial expressions as he reached up and felt his hair that was still sticking up on its end.  

“Was it like that the whole time?” He asked, mocking desperation and checking his reflection in the reflective window of the patient’s room.  

You nodded and giggled as he scurried back into his office. 
“Why didn’t you tell me before?” He said, reappearing, combing his hair which he must have dampened in the sink.  

“I thought it looked cute.” You blurted, smiling up at him, instantly feeling your cheeks blush as you realized that you probably shouldn’t have said that. 

“Well thanks, darlin’, but I looked like a right idiot the whole time.” He drawled, his southern accent becoming apparent, “Well, now that I look like a proper human let’s go get some breakfast.”

You nodded and walked beside him out the door and into the bright hallway lights, a flame of something deeper than happiness igniting inside of you. 


Breakfast was excellent and you left the now empty mess hall feeling giddy and cheerful from your encounter with the doctor.  

The two of you had talked non-stop for an hour and a half about your work as the ship’s only botanist, and he told many interesting stories about dire patients that he saved and dangerous situations that he had been in.  Most of his stories involved Captain Kirk and 1st Officer Spock battling aliens and saving planets and you loved seeing the way his eyes light up as he told them, even if he pretended to be annoyed at Kirk’s antics and Spock’s never-ending logic.  But he also wanted to hear about your life and what made you want to become a botanist, and you had a few interesting stories up your sleeve, but none compared to his.  Even so, he listened intently and asked questions, stating that you two should collaborate and figure out some herbal supplements and treatments for patients.  He even asked you to call him Leonard.  You knew you were going to be replaying the conversation in your head all day, but still forced yourself to go to your lab and start on your day’s work.  

There were many plant species that were picked up on the last away-mission that needed to be classified and documented, and you did your work happily and without complaint.  Yes it was tedious work but you enjoyed every second of it.  

At lunch time you looked for the Leonard but he wasn’t in the mess hall.  Probably working or hanging out with Captain Kirk on the bridge.  You picked up your lunch tray and went to travel to your normal spot in the hall, only to find it occupied by a group of people from your year in the Academy.  You quickly tried to retreat but they had seen you and it was too late. 

“Hey Y/N!” One boy in a red engineering shirt shouted.  

You turned around slowly and offered him a polite smile and nod.  

“Did I hear correctly that you were having a breakfast date with Dr. McCoy this morning?” The boy sneered, an evil amused grin on his face. 

Leonard’s kind amused smile flashed in your memory and you wish it was him instead of this idiot that you were dealing with.  

“Yes we had breakfast together, as colleagues.” You informed him, your smile now fading. 

“Sure, sure.  So has he nailed you yet?  I was told that he sleeps with every nurse and science officer that he finds attractive, and by the look of those smoking legs, sweetheart, that is what he is after.” The boy snickered, looking to his friends for acknowledgement of his insult and they all smiled and laughed with him, their eyes now flicking back to you for a response. 

You know you probably should be at least a little flattered that he thought you had nice legs, but it made you want to pull down the hem of your dress lower to cover more skin.  During breakfast with Leonard you had been glad you hadn’t put on leggings, but now you regretted it.  

Your cheeks flamed, anger flushing through your veins at his remarks about Leonard, and you tilted your chin up and looked down at the group, hoping your facial expression was ice-cold and mean. 

“That’s not what I’ve heard, and he is very kind for your information.” You snapped at the entire jeering group, “And you, douche-nozzle, you should take some pointers from him, so you can actually keep a girlfriend for longer than a week.” You don’t know why you said it (or where you came up with the term “douche-nozzle”) but the words just fell from your lips.  

The boy’s gaze had turned from amused to a dark glare and with an evil grin he smirked, “you’ll regret this, plant freak, you’ll regret this.”

You started backing away, glad that this encounter was over but you rammed right into a garbage disposal unit and your entire tray of food tipped out onto your uniform dress.  Tears pricked your eyes as you heard cackling from not only the table of your classmates, but also other tables scattered around the hall.  Looking up you saw through tear-stained eyes that all eyes were on you.  Some held looks of pity or sympathy, some looked as if they might die of laughter, and a few looked like they might come and help you.  

But instead you turned and ran out of the mess hall.  This day that had started off perfect had ended up terrible.  


-That’s it for part 1!  I hope you liked it!  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow! Night!-

Title: Napping in the Garden
Pairing: N/A
Au: Lil Monster
Word Count: 1,159
Rating: K
Gardening can be fun, and the fruits and vegetables of your labor make a great meal that might leave you drowsy when you eat too much of it.

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November 20th 1969: Occupation of Alcatraz begins

On this day in 1969, the occupation of Alcatraz in San Francisco by the Indians of All Tribes movement began. The occupation lasted for nineteen months, ending on June 11th 1971. Inspired by wider civil rights efforts in the 1960s, the Red Power movement advocated the cause of American Indians. Activists argued that Alcatraz island, site of a disused penitentiary, belonged to indigenous Americans by an 1868 treaty between the US government and Sioux. A small group first occupied the island, for only four hours, on March 8th 1964; they offered to pay the government the same as was offered the Sioux - just under $10 for the whole island. However, the long-term occupation did not begin until November 20th 1969 when fourteen activists (79 tried to get to the island but were blocked by the Coast Guard) took the island. They intended to reclaim the island and establish Native American museums and research centres. Supporters brought food and supplies to the occupiers and some joined the group, with 400 protestors at the occupation’s height. Public support for the occupation eventually dwindled and protestors began to leave, allowing the government to come in and remove the remaining fifteen protestors. While immediately unsuccessful, the occupation of Alcatraz helped draw international attention to the situation of American Indians and promoted the rise of indigenous activism. Between 1970 and 1971, the Nixon administration increased funding for Indian health care and scholarships. The occupation of Alcatraz is commemorated today with the island’s ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ which celebrates the rights of indigenous Americans.

I think....

A/N: I’m so terrible for not proofreading this it’s just that my internet is running out in 5 minutes and I need to quickly upload this. Part 2/the continuation will be up soon, I promise.

For now, just enjoy this

Pairing: Quicksilver x Reader.

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some swearing, I’m not sure.

Summary: A day off is a very rare thing at the X-mansion, so when it does happen to occur, Peter will use it to his advantage to try and hang out with Y/N. The two of them decide to spend the time playing a little game that just might reveal how they truly feel about each other…


The sun beamed luminously onto the freshly cut lawn of the X-mansion, casting a warm orange glow over the entire perimeter that was occupied with groups of students splayed over and across the green patch of grass. Some were conversing avidly, while a few others—the minority—were engrossed in their books, carrying out what you could only assume were study groups.

Today was one of the few—and rare—days off for you and the X-men. A warm tranquil Sunday afternoon, with the entire school—staff and teachers included—spending the day indulging in mindless self-pampering and relaxation.

You particularly had decided that the afternoon would be spent out here—in the sun, on the freshly cut grass, basking the serendipity of it all. Of course, once the news reached Jean—whom you had invited to join you (she turned you down for Scott)—it also somehow managed to reach Peter, who had insisted on taking her place.

And so you let him.

The two of you were good friends from day one, and so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to instigate such offers. But that was the problem. That was all you were. Friends; nothing more.

You lay on your back with your hands folded over your stomach, and your head rested on your backpack acting as a pillow, when you felt it crawl upon your face, and into your y/e/c eyes, causing you to stir slightly.  You shut your eyes, and pulled the visor on your cap lower onto your face, trying to return to your state of relaxation as you sighed contented. Your hand returned to its place on the mid of your belly when you heard Peter speak up.

“Is the sun bothering you?” he asked, concern present in his tone.

You lifted your head of your backpack slightly to turn to him, lifting the visor to reveal your attentive eyes. He was laying but a few inches away from you, his hands tucked under his head of silver, and feet propped up on a ball of both your jackets that he had crumpled together. He had on a pair of boxy silver sunglasses that you had teased him numerous times to throw out, but from the way his head was tilted towards you, you could tell he was looking at you.

You shook your head, shrugging nonchalantly. “Not really. I’ve got this bad boy.”

You pinched the tip of your visor, wiggling it slightly just for enough show.

Peter nodded.

“Alright.” He replied simply, head still craned towards you, but silent. You too remained looking at him, and were about to say something, already parting your lips.

But as soon as you opened your mouth to speak, only a gasp of breath coming out, Peter’s head flopped back so that he was face up.

You shut your mouth, and then mirrored the silver-haired boy, letting your head loll back onto your backpack. You were once again flat on your back, and were about to shut your eyes when—

“You look nice today.” Came Peter’s voice, resonant but yet ever so casual like it always was. It was sort of a trademark of his, his nonchalance, and it fascinated you. For a guy who traveled faster than time itself, the ability to be so suave and laid back was definitely something to appreciate.

“What?” you asked, taken back slightly, then turned your head again so that you were looking at Peter.

He was still looking up at the sky when he replied.

“I said you look nice.” He repeated.

He then let his head mirror yours, and turned it so that he was looking at you. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a tight-lipped smile, and one of his hands shifted from under his head to remove his glasses. You watched as he folded them, and then tucked them away in the front pocket of his jeans, your eyes following his movements. Your gaze shifted back up to his.

You licked your lips and nodded slowly. “Thanks.”

Peter merely nodded in affirmation, and it took a second before he rolled onto his back, his hand going to rest on his stomach instead of under his head. He shut his eyes, and you heard a quiet breath escape his lips.

You were silent for a moment, but decided to speak up.

“It’s not just today, is it?”

Peter’s eyes peered open at the sound of your voice, and he craned his neck towards you, only to catch you already on your back, your gaze fixed on the blue sky above you. He could see the uncertainty that came with your admittedly bold statement. You were practically sweating. The silver-haired boy, however, didn’t try to make much of a scene out of it. In the end, he thought you looked even more adorable when you were nervous.

A brief chuckle fell from the brown-eyed boy’s lips as he replied. “Not even the slightest.”

You turned to look back at him.

“You look nice too.”

“I always do.”

You let a hearty chuckle slip from your lips as you tucked some hair behind your ear. “You’re not wrong about that.”

“I know, I know.” Peter grinned at the beaming sun. “It’s one of my trademarks.”

“Alongside being an absolute ass.” You snorted as you sat up, looking around for you visor to keep the sun at bay.

“You’re too kind.”  Peter’s body rumbled with laughter as he rolled onto his side. He spotted the discarded hat a few feet away, and pointed a finger at it when he realized it’s what you were looking for. “There.”

“Thanks,” You muttered, fixing it onto your y/h/c head.

“So, what else do you think of me, if I may ask?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me.”  Peter smirked coolly, his entire causual bravado ever present.

You eyed him incredulously before your face split into a grin.

“You want me to tell you what I think of you? Peter, we’ve known each other for weeks I think you al—“

“C’mon, it will be like a fun game. We can both do it. Here, I’ll go first.” Peter replied, pushing himself up to sit. He crossed his legs Indian style, and turned to you, still wearing a lopsided grin.

“I think you sneeze the loudest among the people I know.”

“Screw you.” You laughed, your face contorting in an incredulous manner.  Peter’s laugh echoed onto you. It was warm, encapsulating, and vibrated all the way into your bones.

“Your turn.” He jerked his chin at you, still smiling.

Your eyes widened, simper fading from your mouth.

“Wait, you’re serious?” You asked. Peter merely nodded solemnly.

You were hesitant, but decided to go along with his antics, nodding your head and trying to think. It took a second or two of silence, Peter’s eyes fixed on you profusely, before you came up with what to say.

“Alright,” you affirmed, gaze fixed on his.

“I think you are one of the most self-absorbed people I know.” You declared, raising your chin in triumph. At that, Peter’s teeth peered from behind his pink lips as he nodded.

“Can’t say you’re wrong.” He chuckled, and you mirrored him.

“Okay, go.” You gestured a lazy hand towards the brown-eyed boy. He nodded.

“I think,..” He bit his lip, mischief twirling in his eyes, “…that you are a complete dork.”

Peter laughed, self amused, as he fired finger-guns at you.

You couldn’t help but shake your head and chuckle.

“Well,” you cocked your head to the side, and looked Peter in the eye, smirking devilishly.

“ I think you’re not as fast as you think you are.” You stated.

Peter let out a gasp, and his hand immediately flew to his chest.

“I think you’re wrong.” He said, his hand still fixed over his heart. A throttling laugh broke through you, sending you falling back slightly, only to catch yourself on your palms as you giggled.

“I think your hair makes you look like an old man.” You supplemented, feeling the prick of the grass blades in your skin.

“Well, I, on the other hand, think it makes me look wiser beyond my years.”

“I think you’re an idiot.”

“I think you’re on to something, honestly…” peter grinned widely, and the both of you burst out into howls of laughter that you’d been suppressing.

Peter tilted forward, his shoulder shaking with each breath that left him as you mirrored him.

A second, two seconds, three, passed, and the two of you were somewhat back to normal. Remnants of your smile remained on your lips as you looked up from the patch of green grass and into Peter’s eyes. They were already set on you, and by now, he had stopped laughing. He was instead staring at you as you giggled mindlesly, the corner of his mouth twitched up in an almost smirk, and his tongue lightly resting on his bottom lip. If you’d looked just a little higher, you’d find that his pupils were dilated.

You remained with shoulders shaking over so slightly, and furrowed your brow at him.

“What?” you asked, eyes squinted ever so slightly.

Ever so slowly, a soft warm smile began to spread onto  the silver haired boy’s face.

He nodded his head at you.

“I think you look really cute when you smile like that.”


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“Connecting Link” (ft. iKON’s Bobby) Ch. 3

너와 나의 연결고리
You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.

You groaned in annoyance and gritted his name through your teeth, “Wang Jackson… You…”

You stared blankly at the ceiling and wondered if you should ditch him since the only reason he’s bothering you is because your BFF wasn’t there, but you were hungry anyway and he was paying. Why in the world would you refuse free food?

You jumped out of bed and looked at your attire. You were wearing black sweatpants and a loose worn out t-shirt from university. Good enough, you had thought. You put on a bra, searched for your favorite hoodie and tied your hair in a ponytail, before heading towards the door. You saw a black baseball cap lying around in the living room, which was probably owned by Jackson and stolen by your friend, and decided to wear it. You opened the apartment door only to close it again because it had gotten quite chilly. You went back to your room to get another jacket over your shoulder. You stuffed your phone, card and keys into your pockets, grabbed your lip balm belatedly, and locked the apartment behind you to meet Jackson ‘troublemaker’ Wang.

You were halfway down the stairs when you heard Jackson’s impatient scream.

“Yah! I know you’re there, hurry up! It’s freezing out here!” he was shuffling in front of the apartment trying to keep himself warm. He was basically the same outfit as yours, but in a darker color scheme, trying to appear inconspicuous even when he was screaming like a kid having a tantrum.

“Christ, keep it down, you babo! Do you want to let the whole neighborhood know that you’re here?” you hissed at him and flicked his forehead over the cap.

“Ah! You violent woman!” he defended and started walking with you following closely behind. He handed you a pocket warmer and grumbled, “After all the trouble I had gone through to get you that warmer.”

You snorted. “Knowing you, you probably picked up one for yourself and just remembered me at the counter.”

He shot you an incredulous look, before gasping dramatically, “How did you know? Are you one of those people who have some kind of blood and has powers?”

“It’s called ‘white blood’ and no, I don’t have powers, but why did you bring that up? Have you met someone like that? They say it’s really rare for someone to even have residual white blood.” You questioned, squinting your eyes at him to catch his lies before he even tried playing them.

He opened his mouth to bluff, but decided to tell you the truth. “Nah,” he shook his head instead. “…we both don’t know enough people here to meet someone like that.”

You nodded along, “True.”

“Have you heard from my soulmate?” he beamed at you and acted as if he was swooning.

You rolled your eyes at him. “You mean, Eunmin? I’m not sure why you’re asking me when you probably harass her with countless texts a day.”

“You make it sound like a bad thing.” He accused pointing a finger at you.

“It is a bad thing, Jackson. It’s also bad that you call someone who has a normal life to eat sampgyupsal with you at 12 AM when you can call one of your many celebrity friends or your members!” you exclaimed as you put on lip balm on your chapped lips.

“Exactly, Y/N. Why would I call busy people like them when I can call you?” he teased and you slapped his arm.

You weren’t very far from the samgyupsal place and though it was pretty cold in the early morning, you two were walking quite leisurely.

Then suddenly, like lightning striking from the skies, you heard the call faintly. Your feet moved before your thoughts could follow. Jackson tried to keep up with you and asked, “Yah, why are you suddenly walking so fast? Are you that hungry?”

You heard him, but tuned him out to focus on the call. It was getting louder as you continued nearing the samgyupsal place. You stood in front of the restaurant, its dim lighting and no nonsense menu not anymore an unfamiliar sight to you. Jackson kept calling after you, but you already had your hand hooked on the sliding door. You slid it with a loud clatter and the small group that occupied a table looked up at you, but they weren’t even relevant then because he was there, looking quite out of place in the small eatery with his tall and bony structure.

Jiwon was already standing up and the moment you met his eyes, the loud call stopped ringing in your ears.

Jackson finally caught up with you and slung an arm over your shoulder before any one of the restaurant occupants could comprehend. “Yah, I didn’t know you were that hungry, you practically ran all the way here.”

When Jiwon’s companions saw and recognized Jackson, they bolted upright and bowed respectfully. You saw that Jackson was obviously flustered, but he tried to maintain a solid expression as he greeted back cheerfully. Jiwon also bowed, but his eyes were trained on you.

Jackson urged you forward, he whispered, “They’re celebrities and I’m guessing you don’t know any of them because you’re an ahjumma.” He teased again and you pinched his arm, stealing a glance at Jiwon who was still looking at you, his mouth slightly agape.

Jackson greeted them again before pushing you towards your usual table.

“Ahjummeoni, 4 servings of samgyupsal and two bowls of rice, please.” He ordered immediately when the owner greeted the both of you pleasantly, recognizing you, especially Jackson, as regulars. “Did you want something else?”

“Jackson, 4 servings? Are you out of your mind, how many servings are you planning to eat?” You laughed at him.

“Well, depends on how hungry you are, I can eat your portion too if that’s what you’re worried about.” He shrugged and nodded to the owner, requesting for generous servings. “But weren’t you hungry? You even rushed all the way here.”

You looked at him blankly, before catching Jiwon’s eyes again behind him.

“Do you know those guys?” you asked, gesturing to the other table.

“We’re not that close, but some of them are idols too.” Jackson remarked, picking at the side dishes. “Why? One of them is your style?”

You shook your head violently.

“You liar. Just because you haven’t met your soul mate yet, you can just play around.” Jackson clicked his tongue, shaking his head in disbelief at your ‘behavior’.

“From what group are they?” you tried to change the topic to stop Jackson from saying any more embarrassing things.

“Even if I told you, you won’t know them. I still have trauma from our first meeting.” Jackson feigned a headache, being the drama queen that he is. “I still can’t believe that the only JYP group you know is Wonder Girls.”

“Hey, at least I know you now.” You laughed just in time for the food to arrive.

The conversation flowed freely between you and Jackson, maybe this is why you get along with him well; he managed to eat 2 and a half servings whilst talking and before you knew it, it was almost 2 AM.

His phone rang loudly as you two were finishing up with a few pieces of meat were still sizzling on the grill.

He looked at the screen with horror in his eyes. “Oh my g—Hyung! Yes, I’m done. I was just about to head over there. Yeah, yeah… I’m hanging up.” Jackson groaned and slumped in his seat. “Mark-hyung caught me. I have to head back now or else he’ll tell on me.”

“What?” you exclaimed with a wrap stuffed in your mouth. “What about me?”

“Huh? I can’t understand.” He played dumb and began to rise from his seat. “I’ll just go settle the bill, stay here and finish up, I’ll be back.”

You chewed on the wrap thoughtfully, trying your best not to look at Jiwon’s table. After a few minutes, Jackson hasn’t returned and that was when you received a text message from him saying that he already left and told you to enjoy the food.

You wanted to shout, but gathered your fingers into a fist instead. You gritted his name for the second time that morning, “Wang Jackson… You…”

You heard excessive coughing and boisterous laughter from the other table as they loudly said goodbye to Jiwon who was trying to shut them up and stop them from leaving.

“We’re going first, hyung! We know you’re still hungry, eat more! We don’t have a schedule tomorrow anyway.” They all said simultaneously that it was difficult to pick out who was speaking. They all tapped his shoulder a bit too forcefully and nodded to you as they filed out the small restaurant.

When all the ruckus subsided and the two of you were left inside, you tried to avert his gaze as you gulped down a glass of water. You wanted to slap yourself for going out in your pajamas and not having a single speck of make-up on your face except for the tinted lip balm that you picked up.

You met his eyes again from under the shadow of your cap and he answered with a toothy grin.

“Hi.” He remarked, quite amused at the situation.

A smile quivered at your lips at how cute he was acting. “Hi.”

“This feels really awkward now.” He said shyly, tugging at his bonnet.

You let out a huff before shooting out of your seat. “How are you with soju?”

He looked stunned at first, but he smirked and said, “Probably better than you.”

You let out a short laugh of disbelief at his show of fake arrogance. “Let’s go then.”

You walked around looking for a tteokbokki tent. The streets were practically empty and you two were able to stroll comfortably.

“So…” he began after he took a look at your expression. “…you know Jackson, huh?”

You laughed at his obvious question. “Before you get ideas, I’m going to stop you right there. He’s my bestfriend’s soulmate and he spends an awful amount of time with us. You saw that he dragged me out at 12 am to eat, right? So I know him all too well, but we don’t have that kind of relationship.”

“Oh, oh I see…” he nodded, secretly glad that you cleared it well.

“But you… are you an idol as well? Jackson did tell me that he knows the guys from your table.” The warmer Jackson gave you was already cold, so you tried to bury yourself further into your jacket.

Bobby wanted to get to know you better before he revealed his true identity, but he thought that when you entered earlier, Jackson had already told you everything you needed to know. “No! I’m just… just a back-up dancer. We’re around the same age, so we hang out a lot.” There, he said it and he beat himself up for lying. “Sorry about them earlier, I was so surprised when I heard the call that I blurted out everything to them. They seem to have acquired the habit of teasing their hyungs any chance they get.”

You shook your head again and laughed, suddenly remembering the ruckus that his friends caused earlier. “No, it’s okay, trust me. Just having Jackson as a friend is already a handful.“ you remarked as you entered the small tent.

You got yourself some fishcake and soup and he ordered soondae and kimchi pancakes for the both of you. He also poured you a shot of soju and you answered in the same manner.

"Cheers.” You both said before gulping down the alcohol. You realize belatedly that this was actually a good idea because you were close to shivering to death and the alcohol really warmed you up inside.

He suddenly stood up and bowed to you. “안녕하세요, 김지원 임니닷.”

You got what he was trying to do here, so you got up, introduced yourself and shook his extended hand.

“Kim Jiwon, huh?” You murmured as you took bite off your fishcake. “I didn’t get your full name last time.”

“Me too, Y/F/N-ssi. You have a really pretty name.” He replied nonchalantly, but his deep, rough voice made it sound so charming.

There was an awkward silence and the air around you suddenly got tense. Was it sexual? Maybe. Did it make you feel weird? Definitely. It got too stuffy that you eventually shrugged your jacket off and placed it on your lap instead. He, on the other hand, almost choked on his soondae when you did that and a million, little, thoughts went through his head.

You realized that you were still wearing the cap, so you removed it along with your hair tie. Bobby was able to pick up his jaw by the time you spared him a glance, so you didn’t see how surprised he was when he finally saw your face in the low light. To say that you were his type was pushing it a bit, but he definitely thought that you were beautiful, sexy and cute at the same time.

He nervously chugged down his drink and felt himself slowly loosen up. “So what do you do?”

You were caught off guard by his question, but you were glad that the conversation picked up again. “I’m an intern at JJ&M, I’m under the HR Department.”

“Wow, you must be smart.”

You shrugged and jokingly said, “I do what I can.”

You laughed and he snickered to himself as you both took shots. “If you don’t mind me asking,” you began while nibbling on a piece of the pancake. “…how old are you?”

Bobby tried to dodge the question by leaning over and smirking, “You should probably call me 오빠.”

You were unfazed and imitated him with the same teasing expression. “Why? Do you like it when girls call you 오빠?”

He leaned back against the chair, acting like he was not just flustered by having you lean in so close. “If a guy told you that he doesn’t like it when girls call him 오빠, you run. He’s lying.”

“So you do like it! Jiwon-oppa?” You smirked and internally, you wondered where this newfound confidence was coming from.

He covered his smile with his hand and insisted, “Why don’t we stick with an American style?”

“Like what? No honorifics whatsoever?” You felt the alcohol hit you and all the nerves you might have had disappeared. “Just Jiwon is weird.”

“I have an English name if that helps. It’s Bobby.” He began munching on the kimchi pancakes as if he hadn’t stuffed himself with samgyupsal.

“Bobby… Hmmm, pretty cute name.” You drawled on, looking innocently at his face. “Why do you have an English name? Did you live in the States?”

“Yeah, my whole family’s there actually.” You caught the brief look of longing that passed and softened his features. “How about you? I do remember hearing the call during one of our family’s rare outings…”

“I was there on vacation, but I live in (country/state). I also heard that and now, look at us sitting in front of each other in Seoul, drinking soju at…” You pulled out your phone and looked at the time. “…4:40 AM. Don’t we have an awful amount of free time?”

He laughed with you as you poured each other another glass to celebrate your fateful meeting. “Cheers to… What are we drinking to?”

“To our soul being mates?” You supplied and he shrugged. 

“To our soul being mates, then.” Your glasses clunk together.

“Bobby…” You suddenly groaned out. “…it came.”

“What?” He laughed, taking in your beet red face and slightly disheveled hair. His elbow was on the tabletop, his cheeks slumped against his palm.

You ran a hand through your hair and put on the black cap backwards. You were slightly swaying as you sat on the plastic chair and Bobby managed to get to your side before you fell off.

“Whoops…” You grinned as he kept you upright with his hands on your shoulders. “I can stand and walk home, but you have to help me.”

Bobby was equally amazed and amused by you. On one hand, you were drunk, but you weren’t even stuttering and yet you were basically asking him to take you home. Times like these that Bobby really admires his self-control. He helped you up by offering his arms as leverage, before teasing, “That’s good news then because I wasn’t planning on carrying you all the way back.”

“I never asked you to, Mr. Bobby Kim.” You tripped on your step and he kept you in place. Though you hated to admit it, you liked skinship like this.

He retrieved your jacket which fell on the floor and dusted it off. You easily slid your arms through, before saying, in a really cute voice, which Bobby will use to tease you whenever, “Can I borrow your arm instead?”

Like a true a gentleman, which he was more often than not, he allowed you to link arms with him as he paid for the early morning drinking session. With you safely tucked next to him, you started on the long way back.

“Aaah…” You sighed as a subtle breeze hit your face. “Aaaair.”

You were still wobbly and giddy, but Bobby kept his steps firm to keep you from diving face first onto the sidewalk.

“Hey, I have a crazy idea.” You suddenly blurted out when your thoughts stopped being hazy. “But promise that you won’t think of me differently because I usually don’t do this on first dates, but…”

He chuckled and tried to meet your eyes. “Don’t worry, this is hardly a first date for me. I promise I’ll treat you to something better.”

“Nah.” You waved your hand as you shook your head. “No worries, this is probably the most interesting date story I can tell. Anyway, I want to invite you to my apartment…” You trailed off and he hung on every word. “I mean, sorry, that sounded too forward… to my apartment’s rooftop, to watch the sunrise.”

He snorted at your antics and followed with, “Sure! It wouldn’t hurt to end this date on a romantic note, right?”

“Psh, romantic… Don’t try to kid with me.” You smirked and raised your face to meet his eyes. “By the way, have I mentioned that you’re so tall?”

Bobby laughed harder and pinched one of your cheeks, falling for your natural aegyo by the second.

a/n: this is soooo long to make up for the short chapter last time and guuurl… you invited Bobby to your apartment, like whut? I wonder what happens in the apartment hmm… especially now that your roommate is away.

her men had spoken to her about this place, and it had taken very little time for them to gather up and make their way over to the place. harley had joined her men, leaving behind the most vulnerable people so they would be safe until she knew what expected them. jesus had told her about the leader of the group that occupied the bunker, and she had wanted to go to negotiate.

once they arrived, slowly she made her way to the lider, feeling everyone’s eyes on her. that made no change in her demeanor; she was confident and swung her bat slowly, smile on her lips. “hello there sugar.”


Not So Innocent [Suga]

Originally posted by jjks

Summary: In which you, an innocent idol is set to perform a sexy performance at the MAMA awards and your best friends, the Bangtan boys have doubts you can pull it off.

Word count: 2 821

Type: Slight smut (suggestive?)/slight fluff

!!Warning!! I used swear words in this, sorry *covers eyes*

Member: Suga (Yoongi) from BTS

A/N: This scenario was requested by a gorgeous anonnie! I hope the anonnie who requested this and you precious baby stars enjoy this scenario! I hope that I can put out more scenarios or just updates really before I leave for my vacation to Korea (which I am sosososososo excited for!) Have a great day! x

Happy reading! x


The MAMA awards?!” Jungkook accidentally yelled out in shock, eyes wide with disbelief as his enlarged orbs stared down at the phone with a shattered screen in his hand.

“Yeah, I’m performing there this year,” You confirmed to all the boys who sat nearby Jungkook in their dance practice room, listening intently to your gentle and warm voice. “I’m a bit nervous though.”

“It’s normal to be nervous, (Y/N). But don’t worry, you’ll do amazing as usual.” Jimin was quick to reply, the cheesiness in his response making Yoongi, who silently sat by on his own phone roll his eyes in annoyance and mumble something along the lines of ‘whipped’ underneath his breath.

“Thank you, Jimin,” The boys could honestly hear the bashful smile spreading across your face when you said that, Yoongi rolling his eyes yet again. “But that’s not why I’m nervous. I’m nervous because…because they asked me to do a…”

“A what?” Hoseok curiously questioned, confusion falling upon all the seven boys who glistened with sweat from their long hours of dancing to a choreography that had to master just in time for their performance at the MAMA awards this year.

You blushed. “A sexy performance.”

Once those words left your shimmering pink lips, you immediately felt an immense amount of heat store itself within the confinement of your cheeks, resulting in your cheeks turning a dark crimson colour.

A sexy performance?” Jin spoke up for the first time, asking this to confirm what he heard was indeed true and not some joke that he knew all the boys including himself would have a laugh about after the phone call ended.

The thing is, all the boys as well as the public knew that you were as innocent as anyone could get in this corrupt world. There was not a single thing about you or whatever you did that led people on to believe that there more to you than your childlike innocence. Therefore, the reality of you performing something that was meant to be risqué and be all kinds of wrong in all the right ways was something everyone would take very lightly and think of as some joke.

“Yeah, a s-I can’t even say the word.” You couldn’t even say the word, how were you going to perform in a sensual and seductive way?

“Well (Y/N), we wish you the best with your performance! We have to go now! Bye bye!” Before you could even say goodbye yourself, the call ended and you could only pout adorably, wondering why they hung up so soon.

Miles away, at the BigHit building, the boys laughs echoed throughout the entire floor, disturbing the peace within other rooms that were occupied by other groups or workers at the company.

A sexy performance?” Taehyung managed to squeak out without dying because of the lack of air he used up as he laughed along with his closest friends.

“Although I’m pretty rational, I can’t help but laugh at this.” Namjoon mentioned to the boys in the room, eyes shut tightly as his shoulders shook repeatedly while his own manly chuckles rang in his ears.

“Even Namjoon-hyung is laughing. Guys, this is too much.” Hoseok pointed out, sparkling eyes shaped exactly like a protractor as he used his hand to muffle the loudness of his thunderous laugh.

“I’m sorry to say this, especially since she’s our closest friend outside of this group, but she’s just too pure,” Yoongi made the mistake of saying out loud, for all his best friends to hear and agree with, “I just…this just can’t be possible.”

Oh, but little did he know, you stood with your phone in your hands, listening in on their conversation with an deadly look spread across your angelic features, anger pumping through your now visibly veins that showed just how frustrated you truly were.

You ended the call that was unintentionally made when the boys began laugh about you, tossing your phone down to the couch nearby with a loud thud as you crossed your arms and stared off into the distance, the sound of their bitter laughter replaying in your head like a broken record.

  I’ll show them what sexy really is.

After a gruelling week spent preparing everything for the wildly famous awards show, everything was well-organised and ready to go for the event being held that night. You could sense the mixture of shaky nerves and breath-taking excitement as you entered the place where the spectacular ceremony would be taking place.

You ran through the last of your performance, lips pressed against the microphone as you panted, your lungs proving to anyone that could hear you panting that this performance took a lot out of you. You looked upwards by chance, your gaze instantly set on the seven figures that just entered the establishment, all their eyes catching you standing on the set-up stage and it took so much self-control not to leap off the stage and punch each and every one of them for believing you were this pure saint genuinely sent from the heavens above that didn’t know a damn thing about the evil and sinful sensation that came with being sexy or any other emotion that didn’t showcase any trance of innocence.

They all approached you, not even dressed to prove that they were stepping outside their dormitory but already reeking of sex appeal. Oh, how you envied them and how effortless it seemed for them to have others collapse to their knees and submissively obey their orders, whatever they could be.

“Wow (Y/N), you sure do look sexy.” Taehyung commented with a lip bite and flirtatious wink, sarcasm oozing from every world he spelled out without bursting out laughing.

You looked down at your appearance, feeling the burning sensation of anger ignite itself in the space of your chest that appeared to be lumpy and bulky with the oversized and stained t-shirt you wore. You gazed further downwards, unwillingly agreeing with Taehyung’s sarcastic statement. Belt bottom jeans that didn’t even hug your curves in the right places, luminous green crocs covering your smooth feet and messy hair that was lazily placed in a halfhearted bun didn’t even remotely appear as presentable, let alone sexy.

You couldn’t help but sigh, shaking your head at how careless your fashion sense was today, of all days, and looked back at the seven boys that stood in the pit where most of the fans would stand, clicking your tongue when you witnessed a few of them snickering with one another as they obviously gossiped about you.

You rolled your eyes at their childishness, clearing your throat as you mentioned to them, “So I hear you’re performing here too?”

“Yeah, we’re performing our latest comeback songs which are Run & I Need U.”

You allowed yourself suck in a breath in front of the boys, your supposedly plain innocent mind already envisioning the uproar that would be caused when the boys would get down on their one knee and body roll their ways into fangirl’s hearts as I Need U played or how fangirls would be so close, so close to losing their minds when they witnessed the boys with their tight leather pants hugging their thick thighs as they slightly took off their jackets to expose their bare skin in singlets while Run played in the background.

Shit, they came prepared, you thought to yourself. But you came more prepared, more tricks up your sleeves that nobody outside your group of dancers who were performing with you knew. Even though it seemed as if male groups had more of fanbase within the Kpop world, you were more than ready to shove that idea out the way and make people realise that hey, women can do it too.

“Nice choices,” You suddenly felt your throat grow extremely dry when your thoughts had wondered off into a place they should only wonder to when you’re alone. “I wish you the best.”

“Same here,” Jungkook, the youngest of them answered you, daring to send you a wink that would make anyone witness it lose any kind of stability in their body. “See you later, (Y/N).”

You were going to kill Jeon Jungkook.

The MAMA awards were currently in progress, fans packed into the venue as they all gathered and mingled, screaming beyond their control when their eyes caught a glimpse, just a glimpse of their favourite Kpop idol. Awards were dished out and performances took place, some performances more enjoyable than others but overall, something that you would tweet about whenever you had free time.

As expected, the BTS boys basically were after every soul in that damn venue. From Taehyung’s explicit tongue action, Jimin’s constantly habit of feeling the need to run his fingers through his tanned orange hair, Jungkook’s shimmering mildly thick thighs in those unbearably constricted and unholy leather pants, Yoongi’s sinful stare into the camera and totally unnecessary hip thrusts and so forth. Everyone there was a wreak after that performance, including you who was laying on the couch in your dressing room in the skimpiest yet classiest outfit known to mankind screaming curse words at the top of your lungs at the flat screen TV in the room that broadcasted the whole thing.

You calmed yourself quickly, coming back to your senses when you heard a knock at the door and a voice tell you that you were on in fifteen minutes. You gasped lightly when hearing this, surprised at the fact that your time to perform had already come. Just as nerves began to invade your stomach, you stared yourself in the mirror, flabbergasted to see such a sight and realise that this was your reflection.

You can do this. Show them what you got.

And show them you did.

From the moment your thigh high leather boots hit the stage, all heads turned in your direction and were left with their jaws dropping to the depths of hell, simply thinking to themselves that their eyes were deceiving them. Especially the Bangtan boys, who sat so close to the front of the performance stage.

Yoongi found his mouth going dry at your appearance, his tongue having to run over his chapped lips to refrain from showing any other signs of being lightly turned on. He, as well as the many people that jam packed the establishment stared with curious and hungry eyes as they witnessed you move so sensually that even Yoongi could hear the boys complaining about how fucking illegal that should be or how you should be thrown in jail for being that damn sexy. It was not until when Yoongi noticed you making your way towards where him and the boys sat when he started to suspect there was more trouble coming.

He watched with dark and lust-filled eyes as you rapped aggressively, you sprinkling a few cuss words here and there, eyes widening when he saw you approach Jungkook, the weakest out of the boys, your hands grasping onto his and placing them firmly on your magical hips as you moved your hips too skilfully all too close to the maknae.

Some laughed at the maknae’s reaction to the erotic scene he was forced into, some gasped at how provocative you were being, some screamed in both surprise and delight and some cursed vulgarly as their minds led them to the most dirtiest places their minds could even come up with. Yoongi cursed.

As the sensual music started up again after the the beat dropped and your hips started moving too close to Jungkook’s so called 'no no zone’, you walked away from them as if nothing happened, as if you didn’t just give Jungkook the most painful and biggest boner of his entire existence and made your way back to the main stage, ripping the long sleeved shirt off your upper body to expose something nobody would even consider a crop top with how much skin was being shown and danced slowly with your experienced dancers that some thought were really just flashy and experienced strippers, microphone to your bright and inviting red lips as you sang in an alluring voice.

Yoongi felt a hand being placed on his thigh, the boy’s immediate reaction to this being that he slapped the hand harshly so it wouldn’t encourage any inappropriate scene from showing and turned his head to see the boys next to him, all of them flustered messes, mostly Jungkook who looked like he was on the verge of death with the way he was hyperventilating.

Yoongi looked at Taehyung, the sandy brown haired boy rubbing his now red tinted hand before he leaned close to Yoongi’s ear, whispering to him, “Hyung…I wish I was that microphone though.”

Yoongi’s eyes quickly found you, watching the way your lips brushed against your microphone again and again, leaving traces of your expensive lipstick on it.

He wished he was your microphone too.

It was after the award ceremony, after almost everyone in attendance received awards for their hard work and achievements that year, after the performances that nobody on any social media working site could stop talking about, after you caused an utter fiasco in the matter of only five minutes. Every star attending the famous event had already made their way to the after party that was held for stars and stars only. Well, every star except for the Bangtan Boys and you.

“Where is he?” Jimin asked tirelessly, running his fingers through his hair in a stressful manner as the rest of the boys around him had to watch how concerned he got when they all discovered that Jungkook had suddenly disappeared.

“I’m sure he’ll be back soon, don’t worry about it, Jimin.” Jin tried to soothe the boy who looked like he was about to have a panic attack if Jungkook didn’t show up in the next ten seconds.

“Yeah, he’s probably just jerk-” Namjoon was about to answer jokingly, but when he saw the vicious and deadly glare that shot through him from Jin, he was quick to shut his mouth and obediently wait quietly with the other boys.

A few seconds before Jimin would appear to have his panic attack, the boys eyes straightaway landed on both you and Jungkook. The two of walked alongside each other with the biggest and brightest smiles spread across your faces, only making some of the members guess what happened to the two of you while Jimin just ran into Jungkook’s arms, almost breaking down in his arms as he scolded the younger boy for disappearing like that.

Yoongi looked at you, smiling ever so slightly when he saw that you weren’t dressed like you were on that stage that has been burned into his memory and finally admitted to himself shit, I actually do have feelings for her.

You happened to glance in Yoongi’s, your eyes staring into each other’s for what felt like an eternity - a blissful eternity- and you made the first move, walking over to the boy with your arms crossed over your chest as you first said to him, “We didn’t do anything, if you’re wondering.”

“Oh, thank god.” Yoongi let out a heavy sigh of relief, hand over where his heart should be on his chest while you chuckled briefly towards his adorableness, spending most of your time smiling fondly at the boy you had caught feelings for long ago and admiring his mere existence.

You felt daring, which didn’t come off as a surprise after your performance earlier that night as you mentioned to Yoongi. “Besides, I have feelings for someone else.”

Yoongi noticed the fond smile on your face when you stared at him a few seconds ago and knew that this someone you have feelings for just had to be him, so he decided to play along. “I’m guessing it’s someone you’ll be collaborating with soon.”

“Maybe,” You smirked devilish, and it took so much strength, so much self-control, so much of everything for Yoongi not to just make out with you right then and there. “If he begs for it.”

Oh jagiya,” Yoongi darkly chuckled and you couldn’t help but swallow a nervous lump that developed in your throat out of nowhere. He placed his fairly large hand against your bare cheek, his warmth causing a hum of satisfaction to sound from your nude lips. “I don’t do the begging in this relationship.”

Two could play at that game, you thought. You smirked in a way that you could see Yoongi would tense at, a small and almost non-existent snicker leaving your lips as you stepped closer to him, lips so close to his that they brushed against his as you replied with, “Let’s see about that.”


I don’t know why, but I really liked writing this (probably because I dared to watch videos of all of the members of BTS sexy moments and writing this released all my emotions, I’m hoping, lol)

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