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wow!! its a short film that i made!!! it was very difficult to make!!!! its called SCRUMPERS!!!!!!

A Light to Guide Us Home (1/?)

In which Harry is a musician who doesn’t believe in soulmates or destiny or love at first sight, and Niall is an astronomer who might be changing his mind. Read on AO3

Part I: Like Lightning

It’s like getting struck by a bolt of lightning, seeing Niall for the first time.

Maybe it’s because Harry’s been cooped up in his apartment for almost two full days with little to no human contact, that the mere sight of any sentient being, Niall or otherwise, would have hit him so hard. A slap on the back of the head to remind him, no, you’re not the only person in the world, you narcissist.

But he doubts it. Harry thinks it’s because Niall is a bolt of lightning.

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“If you care to tell me anything about your new life, it would interest me. I understand if you don’t care to. Either way, I expect we won’t have much to say to each other past those brief updates, so I will not keep you occupied long.”

I graduated from university.
I’m married.
I just bought a house with my wife.
I’m not nearly the starving artist you thought I’d be.
I still think about you every day, that’s why I can’t let you back into my life. Sorry this is a couple years late.

University College London -  (London, UK)

The school also runs several multi-disciplinary research programs, such as UCL Energy Institute, the UCL Centre for interdisciplinary and intercultural your message, and UCL Cancer Institute.

Moreover, students have achieved in the past and the present school and faculty members 29 Nobel Prizes (40, if you include research fellows and honorary graduates).

UCL occupies third place among schools in the United Kingdom for national funding. As recently it linked with efforts to form a Yale research initiative called the Atlantic Cooperative Yale UCL.

University College London (UCL) is blessed with an elite staff. And its ranks include 53 members of the Royal Society, and 51 of the British Academy, 15 of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and 117 of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

As its name suggests, University College London benefit from its location within the capital and on the British global level that is London.

Two graduates have earned and current faculty member and one coveted Fields Medal in mathematics.