occupy garden

She had let the day pass, her time spent occupied on the gardens of the grounds. A job, which was a weird thin to admit having, but it put her soul at ease. It allowed her to dig her fingers into the soil, to perfect and practice skills long since forgotten. Besides, she couldn’t imagine the lives of this mansion’s vegetation in the hands of anyone other than her. It was on the third day she found herself among the cells once more, passing cage after cage in her leisurely pace. Each face she found inside was taken in, but none belonged to the boy she was specifically looking for. For a moment, she assumed him gone. Taken in by the hands of someone else in this house - and then.. there he was. Tucked away in the corner of his cell. Her feet slowed as she looked him over.

“ Feeling better? “


Brown-throated Wattle-eye (Platysteria cyanea)

…also known as the Common Wattle-eye or Scarlet-spectacled Wattle-eye, the brown-throated wattle-eye is a species of wattle-eye (Platysteiridae) that is known to breed in west central and northeast tropical Africa. Brown-throated wattle-eyes are typically encountered in secondary forest and other wooded areas. They are even known to occupy gardens. Like other members of the family Platysteiridae, P. cyanea is insectivorous, foraging in small groups for a variety of insects and other invertebrates. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Platysteiridae-Platysteria-P. cyanea

Image: Tom Tarrant