occupy fresno

sorry for being so incredibly inactive. things have been kind of hectic here.

we’re in the middle of a federal lawsuit. the fresno city council is set to vote on new ordinances, to be added to the old ones, stating the park hours are now 10pm-7am(as opposed to the midnight to 6am it previously was). and they’ve explicitly stated that their efforts are aimed at thwarting occupy fresno.

and i was recently at occupy ventura, occupy long beach and occupy oakland. i’m a bit out of it from driving all over california, so i’m losing track of days. sleep deprivation = not good.

we’re starting to focus more energy on home foreclosures. i believe we already have one home, set to possibly occupy. i’m in the process of setting up a date to meet with the home owners and i’m continuing to look into groups in the area that are similar to ACCE (alliance of californians for community empowerment).

also kent and jonny are back! they were our occupiers that traveled to OWS to check it out. they were there 5 weeks. they’re here for two, and they’re planning on going to occupy congress is january.

the arrest update is at 99. 99 arrests, for the 99%.

we’re still planning more actions, but we’ve been a bit sidetracked with the courts, unfortunately. hopefully soon we can get back on course. every saturday at have occufest, from 2pm to 5pm, followed by our general assembly at 6. at occufest, there’s food, art, music, and fun for everyone. :D pleeeease come out and join us!

i’ll try to refrain from neglecting the occupy fresno tumblr. ;( sorry!

love and solidarity from central california ♥