occupy finland

June 22, 1944

Russia demands unconditional surrender from me! At least it sounded like that, what the…

I´m not going to sign anything like that!!!

(I shouldn´t have asked for peace when this crazy attack is still going on! That sounded weak!)

Sve insist that I should sign. He says it´s probably not as bad as it sounds like, and the attack is too huge for me to handle. Haha, silly Sve, I´m sure it´s even worse than it sounds like…


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 Denmark: In his old age, this guy would still be as energetic as in his youth. He’d be stubborn, refusing to admit that some things aren’t easy for him to do anymore. A reckless old man with himself, Den would be beyond careful with you, making sure that you were as happy and comfortable as ever. You’d frequent places you visited when you two were younger, as well as scouting out were the young ones went on dates now. You two would probably keep a garden of some sort to occupy your time.

Finland: Poor Fin would spend the vast majority of the time fussing over you! He’d treat you like a baby, and you’d have to remind him that he needed to be taken care of too. However, if in the situation that any one of you two would get hurt, he’d keep a cool head and get things fixed extremely quick. You would often find yourself dragged to the sauna, Fin insisting that it would do wonders for you, especially now. He’d also enjoy going through town, window shopping, and occasionally buying you some odd trinket neither of you would ever use.

Iceland: After a youth of not being taken seriously, Ice would be one of those old men to bombard anyone with wise tales from back in the day. He’d try to convince you to live in a house set apart from others, not wanting to depend on others to care for himself. He’d often scold you to take better care of yourself, but get upset when you insinuated that he better take it easy too. He’d love to go nature watching with you, taking in winter scenes, and then going home to an evening by the fire.

Norway: He’d be a major whiner, complaining that things weren’t the same as they used to be. Norway would attempt to maintain the same lifestyle he always had, regardless of his age, and would encourage you to do the same. Due to his deep interest in magic, the various creatures he befriended when he was younger would go around doing small jobs for you two to ensure some level of comfort. You two would often find yourself in the kitchen baking some treat, or investigating some new fad that caught your eyes.

Sweden: In his old age, Sve’s main mission was to make sure your welfare came before all else. He’d try to find things to do you’d both enjoy, whether you’d done it years ago or never before. He’d get embarrassed if you worried over him, but he’d get over it eventually. Making crafts of all sorts would become a bit of an obsession for him, what with making you gifts and giving things away to the neighborhood kids. You’d have to remind him to take a break every now and then, but he’d indulge you with a surprising amount of warm to reassure you.

- Mod Rico