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The erroneous ruling of the supreme court, where millionaires, billionaires, can put in unlimited amounts of money, give legal bribery the chance to prevail, because all the candidates, whether they are honest or not, or whether they are Democratic or Republican, depend on these massive infusions of money from very rich people in order to have money to campaign.

As the rich people finance the campaigns, when candidates get in office they do what the rich people want. And that’s to let the rich people get richer and richer and the middle class get left out. All the statistics show that the middle class are stagnant or going down in their income for the work that they do.

When I ran against Gerald Ford, or later Ronald Reagan, we didn’t raise a single penny to finance our campaign against each other … nowadays you have to have hundreds of millions of dollars to prevail.

Aldilà [sic] del messaggio, che è divertente e raffinato, guardate tutti gli elementi che la compongono: il ragazzino uscito dalla famiglia Bradford, Lola corre, un tizio di Lost che, dalla quinta stagione, si ritrova sbalzato nella nostra epoca e ne è stupito, il suo gemello siamese malvagio che gli spunta dalla schiena, la tizia preoccupata che, invece del sistema, le abbia crashato il cellulare e la guardia svizzera in borghese alle sue spalle.

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(a mostly photographic account of the #occupy demonstration in Rome, 15 October 2011, with Italian language text)

It seems that the Democratic Party is no different than the Republican Party when they’re “quietly” reversing a restriction banned on campaign contributions from both lobbyist and political action committes. The only explanation would be Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants to insure that Hillary Clinton wins by rigging the process while keeping up with Bernie’s people funded campaign.

This is why it’s important to vote to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t get the Democratic nomination.

The spirit inside of the activists in the Occupy Movement didn’t dampen just because the snow fell. That fire is still there; it just takes a different form and it’s going to bounce back really in the next few weeks and months in a very very powerful way. That democratic awakening around poor people, working people, critics [of] capitalism, imperialism, sexism, racism, homophobia, antisemitism, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bigotry–it’s going to live. It’s going to live.
—  –Cornell West, on the resurgence of the Occupy Movement, RT News