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Herpy Derpy

Hi everyone. First off, sorry for not posting any Occupying ponies lately. I’ve been dealing with some IRL stuff, but I hope to get back to Occupying Equestria soon!

I’m breaking silence because of the whole Derpygate business.

I’m rather disappointed at the fandom right now. I mean,  I don’t blame you guys for getting mad that Derpy was changed. Everyone has a different image of who she is, and the majority of Bronies liked how she was portrayed.

What disappoints and angers me is that minority of people who thought otherwise have been getting threats over this whole–rather minor if you really think about it!–detail.

Thing is, the people who find Derpy offensive or hurtful are entitled to their own opinions. I mean, people who are against Derpy can list a bunch of reasons why they think the character is problematic, just as the people who like Derpy can list their own reasons why they think she is just fine. Both sides have good and bad points in their arguments. As with any sort of art, people’s interpretations will be different, and you can’t say that one person’s interpretation is the correct one. You just can’t.

As someone who has dealt with ableist bullshit in the past, I can understand where the people who think Derpy is problematic are coming from. I don’t necessarily agree with some of the reasons, but they aren’t outright wrong either. Threats of death or rape against the fans that dared to have a different opinion than the majority? Telling those who were hurt by Derpy’s portrayal that they have no right to feel that way? Uh, bronies, where is the love and tolerance?

Seriously, in absence of an official Hasbro/Studio B statement, we shouldn’t go on witch hunts or play the blame game. We don’t know if it was the dissenting fans, Hasbro’s concerns about the copyrights on “derpy”, or even Apple/iTunes, with their draconian censorship policies, who forced the change. And even if the dissenting fans were the ones that caused the change, is it really in the spirit of Friendship to harass and threaten these people?

Dammit Bronies, we can do better than this. Don’t let the bullies among us make a part of our fandom feel unwelcome and threatened. I like the fact that the MLP fandom is, for the most part, very inclusive, but this incident is just… argh. You can disagree with people’s opinions–even vehemently–but by Celestia, this is not an excuse to harass or threaten anyone. Even Sibsy and Kreoss, people who work on the show but ultimately do not have the final say on matters, have been getting harassed over this. No. Just no. This is not how we Bronies should act.

I do love how many other Bronies are calling out the trolls and haters on both sides, and I definitely think we should keep doing that. We should be civil to our fellow fans, even if we don’t agree with what they think, and we should berate those who would cause strife and discord among us. It’s what anypony would do for their friends, and Bronies and fans on both sides of the issue, I consider you all my friends. The people who are calling for respect and understanding restore my faith in this fandom.

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