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I OCCUPY EDUCATION, because I want to be a part of education transformation.

I occupy education because I know there are better ways to learn and live.

I occupy education because there is nothing I rather be doing.

I occupy education because I believe every child and adult deserves to be part of learning communities that are designed as if they matter!

I occupy education because education is a human right.

I occupy education because I want to help more children and adults have access to quality education and have the ability to be life long learners without mountains of debt. 


-adventures in learning

I’m 7.  I’m in 5th grade in Language Arts, 4th in math, and in middle school books for science and history.  I’m lucky I’m in an Independent Study Program.

I believe kids should have the freedom to have time to learn the way they need to.  Most kids don’t get enough time to play which is not fair.  They need to be able to get their wiggles out so they can focus.  Once a kid knows something they should be allowed to move on.

I OCCUPY Education.

(P.S. These are 100% his own words on the subject and it is a topic that has concerned him for awhile.)

I am  a big picture visionary person, and one who strives to make this world a better place.I see education as a place to foster learning about the world, and about relationships.

The corporate influence in the educational environment via the testing companies, have made it increasingly difficult for teachers to be creative, and to allow for children to discover their passions and to work cooperatively together.

The public school system is yet another environment that divides us. We must transform this system if we are to prepare the younger generations for the challenges we face. Competition and testing are not the answers.

We must teach the kids how to be human, to work together for the common good. The notion of individual achievement excludes the fact that we are interdependent. Nobody truly achieves independently of anybody else. Learning can take place anywhere every day, but if we want to salvage our public schools, we need to rethink completely what education really is for a child.

Occupy education for the sake of our children.

My daily mission is to advocate for my students within a Title I school and make sure that my students are not colonized by non-equitable assessments. I ensure, for those students who have difficult lives at home, a place where they can come 5 days a week and value every moment of it. I am a teacher and educational crusader. I OCCUPY EDUCATION (and preoccupied with my students).

I am the out-of-work educator, who holds a Master of Arts in Education Degree, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, 3 volunteer jobs, $40,000 in debt, 5 resumes, 10 cover letters, and several years of youth experience.  

I occupy education, everyday, by holding out hope that the opportunity to educate our youth will happen soon, so I can facilitate them in the learning of not repeating the same mistakes others have made in our financial sector. 

I am the Progressive Educator;  I am the 99% 

I Occupy Education by helping to bring communities together through helping us understand our similarities rather than only focusing on our differences!  I work in an environment where not all of my ideals mesh with the standards of the company, but I see HOPE and I SPEAK POWER to that HOPE, and I BELIEVE I am transforming community education every day!!!


I Occupy Education by not forgetting those INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the system, both educators and students, praying for their freedom, so that their own thoughts, their own voice, might reclaim what their heart is already telling them what they already know.    


I Occupy Education by PROMOTING Progressive Learning to future educators. I do this by speaking its voice, writing its narrative, and by living its truth.  I believe in its necessity, for the betterment of America and the betterment of the world.  


I will always Occupy Education by standing up for the type of learning that transforms people and not capitalist agendas.  I will always Occupy Education if it means working to improve how we all learn and will learn and who we can learn from, both in the present, the past and the future. 


I Occupy Education.  I am the Holistic Education.  The Progressive Educator.  The Community Educator.  The 99% Educator.  I am ME!


Scholarslip: A documentary about the student debt crisis (by JAT3productions)

Many Occupy Education followers make cameos in this film! Share with your networks! Important film!