occupy dc eviction


Photos: OccupyDC removed from McPherson Square

Went to McPherson Square today. Got a selection of photos from both before and after the OccupyDC group was evicted from the camp. Craziest Occupy-type-thing I’ve ever witnessed in person. Was able to get surprisingly close and got some interesting photos and videos, including a six-minute video from right when the Occupiers were kicked out of the park, which we’ll have up soon. (Side note: To the guy sitting outside of the Cosi around 6 p.m. talking on your phone about how much of a kick you were getting watching the “hippies” get kicked out of the camp: Consider yourself officially called out.) Anyway, enjoy these photos. We’ll have more stuff later.


Here’s some video I shot of a six-minute period around and immediately after the moment the OccupyDC crowd got pushed out of McPherson Square by a group of cops on horses. The craziest part for me was when the police barricade got knocked over within a foot of where I was standing. Hope the video isn’t too shaky. — Ernie @ SFB