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A Suitable Mate - Blue Beetle x Reader - Part Three

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Requested by Anon -  Jaime Reyes imagine where he saves you from a villain( you can choose who) and then they make out.

Jaime was flying above El Paso on a nightly patrol. He had just finished leading a mission with the team, and decided to take a flight around the city before heading home. Everything was quiet as Jaime flew past your house, making sure everything was safe and sound. 

‘Your mate is not in the structure,’ Scarab informs Jaime as he gazed at your house.

“What do you mean she’s not there,” Jaime shouts, almost dropping out of the sky. “It’s three in the morning!”

‘I have scanned the building, and your mate is not present.’

Jaime flies down to hover just outside of your bedroom window, peering in to see your empty bed. “She didn’t say she was staying somewhere else,” Jaime mumbles as he mentally runs through your last conversation. 

‘Your mate has been taken by another competitor, Jaime Reyes. You must act quickly.’

“We don’t know that,” Jaime answers doubtfully. It was unusual for you not to be home, you rarely stayed the night elsewhere unless it was at his house. Jaime flew back up to look around your neighborhood. He was several meters above your house when a piercing scream filled the air.

‘The scream matches the vocal pitch of your mate. Your mate is in danger.’

Jaime’s eyes widen as he spun around to zoom towards the source of the scream. He ended up at a convenience store around the corner from your house. Fear clutched his heart as he saw you running out of the store with ice shards striking the ground behind you, missing you by centimeters. 

“No,” Jaime yells as another ice shard shoots out of the store, heading straight for your chest. He drops down to land in front of you, bring up his shield in time to block the shard. It shatters on impact. Jaime glance over his shoulder at you to see if you were aright. You nod at him, shaking from your near-death experience.

“Who said you could interrupt my party,” Killer Frost sneers, strutting out of the convenience store with a bag full of cash over his shoulder. 

Jaime shook his head at her while making sure you were still behind him. “Isn’t El Paso a little too warm for you,” Jaime growls, his fear still leaving him shaken. 

“This is just a pit stop on my road trip to Canada,” she answers menacingly with ice covering the ground around her. “Now get out of my way!”

“I’m taking you in, Frost,” Jaime warned, his arm turning into his sonic cannon. 

‘Your mate is still in danger, Jaime Reyes.’

Jaime narrowed his eyes at Killer Frost before gesturing you to hide behind a nearby car. You carefully and quickly crawled to the car. Luckily, Killer Frost ignored you. 

Killer Frost cocked her head at Jaime before giving him a cold smirk. “There is a reason bugs don’t survive the winter,” she replied smugly before she jumped towards Jaime with ice shards flying everywhere.

You hide behind the car as the sounds from their fighting echoed around you. This was never suppose to happen. You couldn’t sleep, so you decided to make cookies to occupy yourself. They were Jaime’s favorite. However, halfway through baking, you discovered you were out of sugar.

Thinking you could make a quick trip to the convenience store, you slip out of your house and made your way through the quiet streets. Unfortunately for you, the minute you entered the store was the same minute Killer Frost decided to rob the place, leading you to your current situation.

Closing your eyes and holding your hands over your ears, you waited for the battle to be over. You felt tears burn your eyes as you worried each crash was Jaime’s death. Curling up in a ball, you tried to shut out the world.

A few minutes later, Jaime stood over a unconscious Killer Frost. She was easier to take down than usual, probably because of El Paso’s heat. Hearing sirens in the distance, Jaime turned towards the car you were hiding behind. 

‘My scans indicate your mate is suffering from emotional distress.’

Jaime’s eyes widened at Scarab’s words causing him to jog around the car to see you laying on the ground in a ball. Sobs were racking your body while your hands covered your ears. Your eyes were squeezed shut. “(Y/N),” Jaime breathes, relieved at seeing you safe. 

He knelt down beside you, gently placing his arms around you to pull you against him. “(Y/N), you’re safe now. Everything is going to be alright,” Jaime soothes, running his hand through your hair. You stop your sobs for a moment as you realize Jaime was holding you.

“Jaime,” you whisper for reassurance. You open your eyes to rest your gaze on his armored face. “I was so scared,” you cry, burying your face into his chest as his arms tighten around you.

‘Commence with mating ritual.’

Jaime rolled his eyes before scooping you up in his arms as the first police cars began to arrive on the scene. “Let me take you home,” he whispered in your ear. He flew up into the sky, and headed towards your house. 

‘The mating ritual would soothe your mate’s distress.’ 

“Stop it,” Jaime mumbled as you buried your face deeper into his chest. Jaime floated slowly down to your front door step. 

Seeing you were home, you removed your head out of Jaime’s chest to get the key out of your pocket. You attempted to get out of Jaime’s arms, but they just tightened around you. “You can let me down now,” you say, your voice thick from your tears.

“No, I got you,” Jaime states simply, taking the key to open your front door with one hand while the other kept you pressed to his chest.

‘Your inability to put your mate down is a sigh of your willingness to copulate.’

Jaime huffed in response to Scarab before carrying you through your front door, re-locking it securely behind him. He tiptoed up the stairs and passed your parents’ bedroom, entering your bedroom silently. Shutting the door behind him, he gently laid you on the bed.

“I could have walked,” you mutter as he sat down on the edge of the bed. 

“I know,” Jaime answered, looking up and down your body for any sigh of injury. “You scared me to death. I thought I was going to lose you.” 

You catch his chin with your hand, bring his eyes back to your face. “I’m fine,” you say with a fake smile. 

“No, you’re not,” Jaime says, wrapping you back up in his arms as his armor retracted.. He laid down on the bed next to you. “You’re safe now.”

‘Commence with the mating ritual. Your mate is ready to bear your offspring.’

Jaime grunted his refusal to Scarab while tighten his arms around you, turning your face to his. “Jaime, I was so scared,” you whimper, tears falling down your cheeks once again. 

“I’m sorry this had to happen to you, (Y/N),” Jaime soothes before placing his lips onto yours. You stiffened in surprise at Jaime’s kiss, but you relaxed into it. The kiss deepened as you two began to feel the need to be together after almost losing each other. 

Jaime crawled on top of you, careful to keep his weight off of you. Your hands dug deep into his hair, holding his lips to yours. The fear you both felt before now turning into passion.

Your kisses began to become more heated as your hands began to explore one another. It was the first time you two had been this handsy. Actually, you two might have went all the way if it wasn’t for Scarab.

‘Commencing mating ritual now. Your mate should be bearing your offspring by the morning.’

Scarab’s words jolted Jaime out of your passionate make-out session. You had already taken off his shirt and he was in the process of taking off your bra. He scrambled away from you as if you burned him. 

“What’s wrong,” you ask, innocently. Jaime didn’t know how to explain why he had to stop.

“I…,” Jaime began, trying to catch his breath. “It was too heated.” Your eyes widen with understanding.

“Oh,” you say, feeling flushed yourself. “Do you need to take a cold shower?” You gesture to the bathroom.

“Yeah, I think I do,” Jaime agrees, shuffling into the bathroom. Jaime knew that if he went all the way with you, you would end up pregnant.  Neither of you were ready for that yet, no matter what Scarab said.

‘If you continue to prevent the mating ritual, you will never reproduce, Jaime Reyes.’

“Yeah, yeah,” Jaime whispers under his breath as he shuts the bathroom door. 

The scent of vanilla and bergamot wafted through the air. A hot tray filled with fresh cookies is pulled out of the oven increasing the scent. It spread throughout the kitchen, and into the rest of the home. The counters were already covered with various baked goods; pies, cookies, puddings, and cakes. Batches of dough and batter waiting to be cooked.

Etienne grimaced as he realized how little space was left in the kitchen. He can’t remember the last time he had restful sleep. Most of the time was spent baking. It was the only thing that kept his mind and hands occupied. He dumped the cookies into a tin. The neighbors will be pleased to have goodies. Etienne sure wasn’t indulging. When was the last time he had a meal? He knows he lost weight; clothes hanging off his already thin body. Hair far below his shoulders. The blond has really lost track of everything

Drew-For Allison(hunger-hurtsstarving-works)

Greetings earthlings, how’s everyone doing?

So I saw TFIOS on Tuesday, and I kinda hated it(the beginning, I cried at the end, if I cry then its good) cause i was too focused on comparing everything to the book so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, and I have to see it again cause I know its a good movie. 

Anywhoooo, I’m back with another request, I really really like this one for some reason, I’m just really happy with how it came out, 9 pages from word guyssss  😱

I really hope you enjoy it Allison(hunger-hurtsstarving-works) ^_^

And everyone else as well,

-Love, Sarah

‘Hi, my name’s Allison. Could you do a personal one for me where I go to my best friend’s(Jenna) house and she’s not their so I hang out with her step brother(Drew) instead. And he plays me guitar and sings to me and we cuddle and kiss a bunch and stuff please? Sorry if it’s too much😂’

I hummed lowly as I made my way downstairs with my phone in hand. I swung by the kitchen to retrieve my keys before making my way to the entrance where I slipped my shoes on.

‘’Allison honey, where are you off to?’’ My mom appeared on top of the staircase with a book in her hands.

‘’Jenna’s house, see you later-‘’

‘’Did you call her to let her know you were coming?’’ My mom raised her eyebrows at and my hand fell from the doorknob.

‘’No, she’s probably wondering why I’m not there yet, we never call.’’ I let out a small chuckle at the thought.

‘’Its going to backfire one day you know!’’ She yelled over her shoulder as she walked back into her room.

‘’Alright mom, see you later.’’ I grabbed my penny board from under the table before opening the door and closing it as soon as I was outside. I locked it quickly before jumping down from the porch and getting on top of my already rolling penny board.

Jenna’s house was only a ten-minute walk away from mine but riding my board was faster, and I also looked kinda cool on it. I may have been riding it more since Drew said he really liked the wheels.

I shook those thoughts out of my head as I pushed down on the ground and rolled down the street before turning on the left. Jenna’s house came into view and I pushed myself faster, I couldn’t wait to hear about how her date went last night.

I came to an abrupt stop in front of Jenna’s house, which was like a second home to me before grabbing my penny board from the ground. In front of the door, I rang the doorbell, once, twice and a third time before knocking loudly. Weird. Normally, a very excited Jenna would’ve already pulled me inside the house.

I sighed before ringing the doorbell for a fourth time. ‘’Alright, I’m here!’’

The door was flung open and a very exasperated Drew appeared at the doorstep. A small smile lit up his face and he leaned against the doorway.

‘’Allison, trying to break our doorbell?’’ I rolled my eyes at his attempt of a joke and gripped the side of my board nervously.

‘’Nope, just here for Jenna.’’ I smiled brightly up at Drew before walking past him and into the house.

‘’Jenna’s out with her boyfriend, didn’t she tell you?’’ Drew pushed the door close and walked past me and into the living room.

‘’What?’’ My eyes widened as I dropped my penny board to the ground and kicked my shoes off before joining Drew in the living room.

‘’Yeah, she left an hour ago, they’re at the movies I think.’’

I plopped down on the sofa next to Drew and groaned loudly. ‘’So I could still be sleeping right now, I swear this girl.’’

Drew chuckled from next to me and I fought the urge to reach over and punch his shoulder. Wouldn’t wanna injure the guy I like, ya know.

‘’You can go a day without her, and hang out with me instead.’’ Drew smiled up at me from his lying position on the couch as he propped his feet up in my lap. His socks tickled my bare thighs and I squirmed in my seat before pushing his feet away.

‘’So are we gonna spend the day talking about cute boys and those really cute bras I bought the other day-‘’

‘’Enough.’’ Drew clamped a hand over my mouth and raised his eyebrows before taking his hand away.

‘’What?’’ I titled my head to the side as I looked at him with a smirk on my lips.

‘’I don’t need to hear about how cute your bras are, I can see the one you’re wearing perfectly under that white shirt.’’

I gasped as I reached for the closest pillow before clutching it against my chest. ‘’You-you pervet!’’

Drew threw his head back, laughing loudly as I felt the heat creep up my neck and cheeks. ‘’I really like the lace around the-‘’

I kicked his side thinking that I’d just be shutting him up and not pushing him off of the sofa. Drew landed on the floor with a thud, leaving me laughing my ass off on the sofa. He groaned and rolled onto his back, glaring up at me.

‘’You better watch your back, I know you’re ticklish.’’ Drew narrowed his eyes at me and I poked my tongue out at him before throwing the pillow at his head.

‘’Oh my God,’’ Drew yelled as he clutched the pillow to his face. ‘’It touched your boobs! Its like I’m touching them too!’’ The pillow that was currently shoved into his face muffled his voice.

‘’Grow up.’’ I shook my head as I pushed my foot into his side before walking off to the kitchen.

My stomach growled as I raided the fridge for something to eat. I felt fingers dig into my sides and I groaned as my head hit the top of the fridge.

‘’Stop that.’’ I pouted as I rubbed the top of my now sore head. I slapped Drew’s hands away and made my way to the cupboard I knew was filled with boxes of cookies.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ I jumped as I felt Drew rest his chin on my shoulder. His arms sneaked around my waist and he hugged me close to him, my back pressed tightly against the front of his body.

‘’I-I forgive you.’’ My voice was barely above a whisper and I wondered if he’d heard me.

‘’Yay.’’ His breath fanned against the side of my face and my eyes widened when he left a small kiss on my cheek. I stood there, frozen for a few seconds before reaching up for the box of Oreos.

‘’You’re such a child sometimes.’’ I muttered as I climbed on top of the counter to reach for the box.

‘’And I have got a very nice view of your ass right now.’’

‘’Drew!’ I yelled and threw the box of cookies at him as soon as I turned around. He caught it and grinned at me before opening the box.

‘’I’m kidding.’’ A few crumbs fell on his lap as he chewed with his mouth open.

‘’No you’re not.’’ I glared at him before reaching over and grabbing myself a few cookies.

He chuckled and stuffed a whole cookie and his mouth. ‘’Don’t get mad then, I was just complimenting your ass.’’

I shrugged before settling down in my chair and munching quietly on my cookies. I don’t know why I was acting this way, but I was really enjoying his little remarks. Guess I got a nice ass.

We both sat there, eating in silence for a few minutes until Drew perked up. ‘’You have a little something.’’ I frowned and turned to Drew.


‘’There, no the other side.’’ Drew pointed to the right side of his mouth before shaking his head and pointing to the other side. He sighed and reached over, he rubbed my bottom lip and stayed stared at me for a few seconds before pulling back.

‘’Got it.’’ He cleared his throat and grinned sheepishly at me.

I nodded slowly as I turned my body to face him. ‘’So, whatcha got to keep me entertained?’’ I rested my chin in my hand and as I looked up at Drew with raised eyebrows.

‘’Hmm.’’ He mused, tapping his fingers repeatedly on his chin.

‘’Hmm, what.’’ I chuckled and reached for the almost empty cookie box.

Drew got down on his feet and walked over to me before crouching down to my level. I let out a small nervous breath I didn’t know I was holding as I watched him lean in until our lips were just a breath away.

‘’I will be right back.’’ A shiver ran down my spine as I felt his lips brush against my cheek, and then he was gone.

I let my hand fall into my hands and exhaled loudly. This was just too much, I thought I was going to faint. I took a few, deep calming breaths and went back to eating cookies to occupy myself until Drew returned.

‘’Allison, no don’t turn around.’’ A hand settled over my eyes and another on my shoulder. I tried my best to ignore the butterflies in my stomach as Drew turned me around in the chair.

‘’Can I open my eyes?’’ I asked and sighed loudly when Drew put his hand back over my eyes.

‘’No, not yet. When I say so.’’ He grumbled before taking his hand away from my eyes. I heard him clear his throat and then the strum a guitar. ‘’Now you can open your eyes.’’

I opened my eyes and blinked rapidly as I watched Drew take a seat on a chair across from me. ‘’What are you doing?’’ I demanded with a small grin.

‘’Just, hum, I’ve been kind of a jerk lately,’’ He laughed, somewhat nervously and scratched the back of his head, his eyes fixated on the floor.

‘’Drew you don’t have to-‘’

He held his hand up as a sign for me to stop and I sighed. ‘’Let me, I wanna do something for you, alright?’’ He stared into my eyes and smiled before strumming his guitar again.

‘’Okay.’’ I smiled to myself as I settled comfortably into my chair and focused my gaze on Drew.

He strummed the first few chords and I gasped out of excitement as Drew began to sing. ‘’Don’t let me down,’’ His voice echoed through the kitchen and shivers ran down my spine while goose bumps erupted over my arms. I could never get tired of listening to Drew sing. He was just naturally good at singing; his voice was perfect, not too low, not too high, just perfect. I clapped as he strummed the last chords, letting out a small laugh when he bowed in his seat.

‘’Any requests?’’ A breathtaking smile overtook his features and I found myself at a loss for words as I stared back at him.

‘’Surprise me.’’ Drew raised his eyebrows and I smiled in return.

Drew’s voice always got husky when he sang, not as husky as his morning voice, but husky nonetheless, and I found it incredibly sexy. The afternoon went on with Drew playing and singing some of my favourite songs on his guitar, and two large boxes and pizza.

We’d eventually gone upstairs so Drew could put his guitar back in his room, and I somehow found myself cuddle up against him in his queen size bed.

‘’So, won’t your boyfriend mind that you’re all up close and personal with me, in my bed?’’ Drew emphasized the word ‘my’ and I shook my head, laughing loudly as I hit his chest lightly.

‘’Shut up, you know I don’t have anyone.’’ I poked my tongue out at him and he leaned in before biting the air. I pulled back and glared playfully at him before resting my head back on the pillow.

‘’What about that guy at the party, the other day?’’ A small frown settled on his face and I couldn’t help but chuckle because of how adorable he looked.

‘’Why are you laughing?’’ He poked my side and I swatted his hand away before clamping a hand over my mouth.

‘’I’m not-its just, he was just some random guy I was dancing with…’’ I trailed off, suddenly not sure if I should tell him why I was dancing with this guy.

His hands gripped my waist as he pulled me closer to him before swinging his leg over mine. ‘’Why were you dancing with some random guy? What if he’d tried to do something to you-‘’

‘’He wouldn’t have,’’ I cut him off by placing a finger over his lips. ‘’I knew you were watching, I’m sure you would’ve done something if that guy got too comfy.’’ I avoided Drew’s gaze and occupied myself by playing with the collar of his shirt.

‘’You didn’t answer my question,’’ Drew placed a finger under my chin and lifted my head up gently. ‘’Why were you dancing with him?’’ His lips slowly parted open as his eyes flicked down to my lips before going back up to my eyes.

‘’I wanted to-I was trying to…’’ I mumbled the last part so low he obviously hadn’t heard it, making him frown as he pulled me closer to him.

‘’You were trying to what?’’ He urged me on with a raise of his eyebrows and I pouted up at him. ‘’Allison.’’ He was getting impatient, I could tell because of that thing he always did with his eyebrows when he was frustrated.

‘’I was trying to make you jealous.’’ My eyes dropped down to my hands still at the collar of his shirt. I felt his hand slip under my tank top to rest on my skin. My body tensed up before going to normal when he pressed his lips against my forehead, chuckling as he did so.

‘’Angel, look at me,’’ I sighed and my eyes dropped closed for a second. He hadn’t called me angel in so long, I always felt special when he did. I gulped before looking up at him with raised eyebrows.

‘’It worked, I was very, very jealous and I wanted to punch that guy but Jenna held me back.’’ Drew looked down at me with a shy smile and tired eyes.

‘’Oh.’’ Was the only thing I could utter after what I’d just heard.

‘’There’s this other thing I really wanted to do.’’ Drew’s eyes flicked down to my lips and he grinned at me before leaning in and pressing his lips against mine. My eyes dropped closed and I lost myself in the kiss. Drew’s hands under my shirt, gripping my waist tightly as he pulled me on top of him, my hands tangled in his hair, tugging at the end and making him groan as he kissed me harder. My heart’s erratic beating and the butterflies in my stomach. Drew’s heart that I could feel, pounding in his chest, because of how close we were. 

We eventually pulled back, the both of us breathless and I chuckled as I let my head drop down onto his heaving chest.

‘’Wow.’’ I breathed out, my voice muffled by his shirt.

‘’Wow, indeed.’’ Drew mumbled the words sleepily before hugging me close to him. ‘’I’m tired.’’

I couldn’t help but laugh at how childish he sounded. ‘’I’m feeling a little tired too.’’ I admitted and smiled when he pulled the covers over us.

‘’Stay with me then, stay the night please.’’ Drew looked down at me with pleading eyes that he was barely able to keep open.

I nodded slowly before placing a small kiss to his jaw. I was on the verge of passing out when I remembered to text my mom.

Sleeping over at Jenna’s see you tomorrow, love you

‘’Sleeping over at Jenna’s.’’ Drew snorted and I poked his side before putting my phone away on his bedside table.

‘’Shut up, I’m at Jenna’s aren’t I?’’ Drew chuckled in reply and I rolled my eyes before resting my head on his chest.

‘’At Jenna’s house in Drew’s bed while his parents are out of town.’’ I shushed him with a kiss and smiled when he pulled back to kiss my cheek.

‘’I thought you were tired, go to sleep mister.’’ I was too busy laughing at the faces Drew was pulling to notice him taking his pants off, until I heard them hit the ground.

‘’What are you doing?’’ My eyes widened in shock and I reached for his pants on the ground only to be pulled back up onto his chest. He held up his hand and quickly slid his shirt off before throwing it on the floor, just like he’d done with his pants.


‘’I sleep in boxers.’’ He grinned up at me before hugging me close to him once again.

‘’Okay.’’ I laughed and sighed contently as I rested my head on his bare chest.

‘’Are you sure you’re comfortable with all these clothes?’’ Drew’s chest rumbled with laughter as I pinched his side before snuggling up to him. I smiled to myself, my mind flashing back to earlier today when my mom said not calling Jenna would backfire one day, if only she knew how wrong she’d been.

‘’Sleep.’’ I kissed Drew’s chest lightly and let myself be lulled to sleep by the sound of his beating heart.

The End


For real though, I really enjoyed writing this one and I was really happy while reading it over😊

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P.S.: I didn’t know what title to give this so I was like hey why not just call it Drew cause yeah.