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A Cleveland police officer allows a protester to sit on his bike and even takes a picture for him.

The relationship between the protesters in Cleveland and the Cleveland police is simply inspiring. Everyone was very polite and it is clear that officers not only want trouble as little as we do, but they want to help us with our cause. Had a lot of fun talking with some of them and walking alongside their cruisers during the march. I am very proud of course PD!

Ohio bridge bomb suspects were "active" #occupy members

Remember when Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz blamed the Tuscon Arizona shooting on the Tea Party, even though shooter Jared Loughner had no involvement with conservative groups?   Remember when she said that she “admires” the #occupy movement?  

Well, as far as I know the Tea Party never tried to blow up a bridge.

from Cleveland.com:

After months of low visibility, leaders of the protest organization formed during last fall’s anti-Wall Street movement hoped to recapture the public’s attention with a peaceful weekend festival leading up to a May Day demonstration.

By noon, they were back in the spotlight – but not for the reasons they intended.

Five men involved in Occupy Cleveland stand accused of plotting to blow up a bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Sagamore Hills. The organization itself has not been implicated, but the arrests prompted organizers to cancel their May Day protest and instead spend the day distancing themselves from what they characterized as a fringe element.

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Paging Debbie Wasserman Shultz!  Paging Debbie Wasserman Shultz!  

It seems she not interested in holding a press conference leveling any blame this time.  


53 cents/ $1.00



Just a glimpse from a financial guru & Dow trader… he knows how bad this is & openly tells it how it is!

Five anarchists accused of conspiring to blow up bridge in the Cleveland area.

After lurking their facebook pages at least 3 of them are involved (or claim to be) with Occupy Cleveland.  Apparently, these assholes think that sticking it to the man means blowing up a bridge.  The only people that you are sticking it to are the tax payers and anyone who is injured or dies as a result.  You can make a difference in the world by going through the proper channels.  Volunteer with a local non profit that works for social justice (there’s a ton of them in Cleveland).  In conclusion, blowing up a bridge doesn’t further your cause unless you are against bridges.

Because our land is barren,
we stand for the brittle and frail
When our voices are coarse
our words will still prevail
We are the pillars of this country,
the wind that kindles the flame
We have been robbed on every level
the money-hungry are to blame
Our dreams are only realized
when we’re fast asleep
It’s time to wake up, America
wander far from the media sheep

The picture is from Cleveland’s General Assembly (10/1/2011).