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A Cleveland police officer allows a protester to sit on his bike and even takes a picture for him.

The relationship between the protesters in Cleveland and the Cleveland police is simply inspiring. Everyone was very polite and it is clear that officers not only want trouble as little as we do, but they want to help us with our cause. Had a lot of fun talking with some of them and walking alongside their cruisers during the march. I am very proud of course PD!

Ohio bridge bomb suspects were "active" #occupy members

Remember when Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz blamed the Tuscon Arizona shooting on the Tea Party, even though shooter Jared Loughner had no involvement with conservative groups?   Remember when she said that she “admires” the #occupy movement?  

Well, as far as I know the Tea Party never tried to blow up a bridge.

from Cleveland.com:

After months of low visibility, leaders of the protest organization formed during last fall’s anti-Wall Street movement hoped to recapture the public’s attention with a peaceful weekend festival leading up to a May Day demonstration.

By noon, they were back in the spotlight – but not for the reasons they intended.

Five men involved in Occupy Cleveland stand accused of plotting to blow up a bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Sagamore Hills. The organization itself has not been implicated, but the arrests prompted organizers to cancel their May Day protest and instead spend the day distancing themselves from what they characterized as a fringe element.

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Paging Debbie Wasserman Shultz!  Paging Debbie Wasserman Shultz!  

It seems she not interested in holding a press conference leveling any blame this time.  


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Daily Digest – Tuesday, Oct. 25 – Today’s Theme is Theater

#OccupyCleveland receives new permit for Public Square. Big tent up! * The emancipation of ___kind * Meetings / WAGs * Educating ourselves * Upcoming events of note * Current haves and needs * A PA System & laptop charger temporarily missing * Help finding Leland

#OccupyCleveland receives new permit for Public Square. Big tent up!

The City of Cleveland issued a new permit that enables us to continuously occupy an area next to Public Square legally throughout Oct. 31 with a canopy to protect us from weather. Regular activities with #OccupyCleveland are continuing as normal with the daily weekday noon educational session, organized marches at 3 PM, general assembly at 6 PM and arts/entertainment/artistic outreach from 8-10PM. (The weekend GAs are at 3PM.)

Activities are taking place around the clock in this area and we are constantly engaging in public education. Volunteers can sign up by emailing info (_at sym_) occupycleveland.com. We dare to imagine and help implement the new sociopolitical and economic scene, offering greater possibilities and actualities of equality.

We took this opportunity right away, erecting a big tent, which is consistent with other similar and interesting acts of language. *

10/24/2011 Press Release

The emancipation of ___kind

The Death of Free Speech died. At first we thought it tragic. But then we thought it… magic.

We are cordially invited to participate in the emancipation of… ___kind.

This will be a theatrical production with people of many difffffffferent yet compatible skillsets from theater, the arts community, poet people, et cetera et cetera. Theater production includes procession, set, coffin, tombstones, ululating, silence, advance guard avant-garde audience participation, weird aural stuff, experimental noise, perhaps some drumming. It all takes place on a very special night. We have at least a month to prepare.

There will be many theater working group meetings, and the next one is today at 1 PM by Senior “Don” Tom Johnson’s statuette in the NW Quadrant of Public Square. Current contact email: occupyclevelandtheater (_at sym_) gmail.com. Other such events are happening so there are more opportunities for participation and it is good to be involved. This, however, is a main event for November!

Yesterday’s 6PM GA

“I think today’s GA went quite well. The facilitators, and especially the stack-keeper, kept to the process much more that at most GAs that I’ve attended, to good effect,” says one person.

On another note, we are seeking more active reinforcement of the “request to refrain” by beginning each GA with an announcement asking all of us who happen to be smokers to move downwind. Being exposed to smoke can be an immediately serious situation for some of us, especially those who experience certain respiratory conditions.

Meetings / WAGs

Using the acronym “WAG” for “Working/Affinity Group” as metaphorically the thought of these working groups being the tail of the big happy puppy dog of this movement makes me happy! But whatever this morphs into is fine by me!

WAGS are located in the northwest quadrant of Public Square by the Tom Johnson statue unless otherwise noted:

Direct Action Foreclosure Issue WAG * Today (Tuesday) 1PM
RE concern about Chase Bank and Foreclosures.

Theater WAG * Today (Tuesday) 1PM
November theater event(s) and other creative actions

Tech WAG * Tonight (Tuesday) 8PM
Resolving the post caching issue on the .Com site * managing social media inventory * subscription service * equipment handling procedures

Permanent Occupation WAG * Wednesday 8PM

Outreach WAG * Saturday 1PM

Check the forums for more info on working groups. There are probably working group meetings that are happening that are not on the above list. Here are some known working groups: Outreach * Phone & Q&A * Spirituality * Food * Mission/Vision * Legal * Peacekeeping * Entertainment * First Aid * Sanitation * Nightwatch * Direct Action * Facilitators * Finance * Tech * Logistics * Transportation * Permanent Occupation Base

Educating ourselves

Cleveland is a smaller city, which translates into fewer full-time occupiers per se so things are a little bit more hectic for us. Process has been a bit challenging due to the constraints of local variables, and right now we are focusing on creative ways to reach out so that we can get more people involved and alleviate this situation. Our sincere, kind people are very committed, but tired, so please bear with us!

Here are some organically grown thoughts from Occupy Movement groups in other cities about how to proceed in educating and liberating ourselves. I know I definitely want to read these!

Thank you to the person who posted these in a forum, and to all people who are making information available!

Upcoming events of note

Wed., Oct 26
Musical and Senior Solidarity March

A senior retiree group and musicians group is marching in solidarity with #OccupyCleveland. The march starts at 3 PM from the Northwest Quadrant of Public Square by the statue of Tom Johnson. A large contingent will be from from the Local 4 Musicians Union, about fifty people, so this can be a real musical happening!

Sun., Oct 30 Noon-9PM
Occupy The Hood Cleveland Presents Village Soup!

We are gathering to address specific issues related to unemployment, poverty, wage disparities, and more. Please come join and help us bring forth viable solutions and enjoy delicious soup while sharing community! 11239 Superior Ave, Cleveland. (Concensus reached that OC members are encouraged to attend this as long as there is also a presence in the NW Quad of Public Square.) Contact and event info.

November Date-time Continuum Slot/Event Name TBD
Theater production(s) RE pertinent topics

Current haves and needs

Creativity, persistence, patience, lots of love, pride, humbleness, listening skills, focus, following up, kindness, reaching out.

Practically speaking: more computer equipment, hot pre-prepared food made as ethically as you can conveniently or inconveniently muster, hot water, cocoa, teas (both herbal and caffeinated) and instant coffee.Donations!

A PA System & laptop charger temporarily missing

One of our microphones has gone missing since Friday night. Can the person who has them please return them to the Northwest Quadrant of Public Square during one of our regularly scheduled meetings (noon and 6PM)? Thank you!

Also, our Dell laptop charger is missing. Donations of any computer equipment welcome.

Help finding Leland

A working profile of Leland was posted Oct. 19. As far as I know, he still has not yet been found. Leland is the name of the person alleged to have committed a rape of another person Saturday night in the area where some overnight occupiers sleep. Please read the profile and see how and if you can help. It is ethical for people who identify with the Occupy movement to be as ethical and apolitical as we ask everyone to be!

* Reclaiming some metaphors such as big tent, umbrella, theater, the “American” flag, hope and the term “Occupation” are interesting acts of language to think about as are the use of the words “we” and “I.”

For Immediate Release: Occupy Cleveland Victim of Latest "Eviction" by Huntington Bank pls REBLOG



Yesterday, after jumping through every procedural hoop placed before us by working through city channels, #OccupyCleveland was informed to contact the mayor’s office this morning to speak directly with Mr. Jackson. Upon arriving at the mayor’s office, a spokesperson for #OccupyCleveland was yet again denied access to Jackson. Instead, we had to settle once more for his Chief of Staff, Ken Silliman, who has been almost confrontational since the beginning of the occupation. As far as Silliman is concerned, there would be no issue if the occupiers stayed awake all night. He also would not take issue with them marching all night. Perhaps Mr. Silliman’s batteries hold an endless charge, but the occupiers need rest for the good of their health.

Sometime between 10 PM this evening and 6 AM tomorrow morning, our tents and possessions will likely be forcibly removed and confiscated. Dozens of occupiers will likely be arrested. Like so many Clevelanders’, #OccupyCleveland will be rendered homeless because of Huntington Bank and a mayor’s office that seems hellbent on silencing the speech of its citizens. We need our neighbors’ help!

That being said, #OccupyCleveland will work with local attorneys throughout the day in the hopes of securing a court injunction ordering the city to halt all movement against the occupiers. It is rumored the local ACLU has begun a letter campaign, urging Clevelanders’ to email Mr. Jackson at mayorsactioncenter@city.cleveland.oh.us to let him know they support #OccupyCleveland. #OccupyCleveland implores ALL Clevelanders to call Jackson’s action line at 216-664-3990 and let him know they think Huntington Bank should share the square.


Just a glimpse from a financial guru & Dow trader… he knows how bad this is & openly tells it how it is!