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KINTPUASH (kint-posh) - Strikes the water brashly, better known as Captain Jack. In 1864, the Modoc originated near Tule Lake, presently occupied by the California-Oregon border. Colonial forced relocation programs pushed the tribe onto established Klamath Reservation in southwestern Oregon, home of their traditional rivals. As the Klamath outnumbered the newcomers, and the reservation was on traditional Klamath land, the Modoc were poorly treated.

In 1865, Kintpuash, a Modoc leader better known as Captain Jack, led the Modoc people from the reservation back to their home. In 1869, the Modoc were imprisoned by the United States Army and returned to the Klamath Reservation, but conditions had not improved, and Captain Jack led a band of about 180 Modoc to the Tule Lake area in April, 1870.

The Modoc warriors had plotted before the meeting to kill General Canby and the other commissioners, as they believed peace was not possible. He shot Canby twice in the head and cut his throat. The Modoc also killed Reverend Eleazar Thomas, a peace commissioner, and wounded others in the party. Canby was the only general to be killed during the Indian Wars.

Over the next several months, various groups of Modoc continued to fight the army, while others began to surrender. Captain Jack successfully avoided the Army until a number of Modoc agreed to hunt him down. Captain Jack surrendered, ceremonially laying down his rifle. He was taken to Fort Klamath, Hanged on October 3, 1873


Amy Goodman from Democracy Now to CNN’s Brian Stelter: “The media is so commercial, so driven by corporate interests…” Ironically enough they then go to great lengths to prove her right.


Mass arrest attempted at 19th St. in Oakland #J28 (1080p) (by ryanjarvinen)

Occupy LA's Upcoming Raid

Earlier this week the city proposed to Occupy LA to abandon our occupation of the park in exchange for a small underground office building. Of course we laughed in their face. Such an exchange would be a defeat as it would remove the occupation from the sights and minds of the people of Los Angeles.

A few minutes ago the police dropped off the sign for the new “park hours” to City Hall. We have an open warning that a raid could happen as early as the wee hours of Monday morning and are fully expecting and preparing for a raid then. Names are being taken of those who intend to resist this terrible corruption of our rights, Our emergency drills are being worked out with the caretakers at “Kid’s Village” and the elderly, disabled, or asthma prone to take shelter with our medical team. Photographers and news crew have been phoned and informed of the likely raid time to ensure we have both a mainstream and underground media presence available to us.

All across this nation the oppressive powers have crushed one Occupation after another. Fences have been erected, permanent police guards have been set up, the militarization of our public spaces grows in the face of the movement. And yet we grow. Occupy LA will be the next on their list and we will surely be crushed beneath the heel of the government, but we will survive. We will Occupy not just city hall, but all of LA as OWS has done.

Fight oppression!

Fight the government!

The time of the second American revolution is soon upon us.


Police Violence at UC Riverside Regents’ Meeting (by alborz101)


The Occupy LA med team stands by with gas masks, helmets, and medical gear in preparation for the Los Angeles Police Department’s announced eviction. Should the police resort to violence the brave med team will charge through rubber bullets and tear gas to administer to the needs of the assembled Occupiers and supporters.

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Occupy Oakland January 28, 2012 - Police Brutality (by brettnchls)


Berkeley police beating Cal students before retreating….

Police state.