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Wings (casXreader)



warnings: angst, fluff c:

 summary|| You have a day off from hunting and try to occupy yourself with teaching Cas your favorite human things.

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What I love most about DeanCasJimmy is that there’s twice the kisses for everyone involved:

Cas and Jimmy laying Dean out on their bed and both of them trying to catch his mouth while their hands are running up and down his body, pulling up his shirt to put their hands on the warm, soft skin of his belly and caress it.

Dean, Cas and Jimmy sitting pressed close to each other, the mouths of all three of them somehow connected in a mess of lips and tongues and teeth, and the only one who is at least somewhat close to having an overview is Cas, who’s keeping his eyes open, the weirdo.

Dean and Jimmy boxing in Cas on their sofa and alternating who is pressing his lips against Cas’ and who is working his mouth all over Cas body, making him squirm and pant into the mouth that is keeping his own occupied.

Cas and Dean putting on a tease of a show for Jimmy in which they almost devour each other with fervent mouths, and Jimmy – who loves kissing so much more than he is willing to let on – has to watch them make out and moan for him all by himself, until he can’t take it anymore and draws closer and presses little kisses to their shoulders and necks and the corners of their mouths, asking to finally be let in again, to please be kissed, too. To which Cas and Dean always respond with smiles and gentle hands and by letting up on each other and instead devoting all of their attention and all of their kisses to Jimmy.

anonymous asked:

Des*iel has nothing to do with bisexual, doesn't it? It's, Idk, other species love? I saw some destipeople insisted like "Cas occupied his vessel now" many times but it doesn't matter imo. It's still Jimmy's body and more important, Dean thinks so too. He actually said "you are wearing her old man’s meat suit" in 10x09. Btw Cas was so worried about Claire in S10. Do you think he still care about her? I bet he almost forgot her, again.

Yes, my dear anon, as far as Dean is concerned, THAT is still Jimmy’s body. 

**snorts** Well since he is now in Heaven, I doubt she even crosses his mind, which is probably why he isn’t in her episode this season. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Another long gone character taken out of storage to give a current stale character a storyline, only to hang around long past the point of usefulness.