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A Series of Accidents

Happy belated birthday, @fangirling-airi-style!!!

Based on my own gifset, because well - that’s how my brain works. 

In Which Dean and Cas (accidentally) adopt Satan Jr. Enjoy!

It’s an accident, really.

Well, adopting Lucifer’s kid is.

Taking him to the bunker is a given.

What else are they going to do? Chuck the kid into the streets and hope some non-satanist finds him? Take him to child services when every demon on the planet will be eagerly looking for him?

So, yeah, they take Satan Jr. to the bunker with them, because that’s the only thing they can do. Kelly died, just breathing long enough to see her son and whisper “I love you”, the failure to save yet another life on their shoulders.

At least they got rid of Dagon, or Crowley did.

Hey, he saw Lucifer’s kid and didn’t immediately try to kill it, so that’s a plus too.

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averagetaynara  asked:

Hi! So @tinkdw said you also believe that s13 may be the last season of spn. Was just wondering, maybe you wrote some post about it somewhere? I'll be very interested in reading it ☺️

Hello, my lovely - and I am so very sorry for the late reply! I have actually not written a post about my brewing conviction that SPN is ready to move into Wrapping It Up territory. So here are my thoughts! :)

Tink is indeed right: I have believed for quite some time now that S13 will most likely be the final season. I’ve thought this because of how the narrative is beginning to tie back to the beginning, through callbacks and a very clear push towards - what I firmly believe - will be a positive endgame.

Narratively there are three acts - or parts - to a story. There can be five, or seven, or however many goddamn acts the writer deems fit for the story they want to tell, but the Alpha and the Omega - Aristotle - divided his story structure into three distinctive parts: the Beginning, the Middle, the End

Simple enough. 

So here are my personally cobbled together Acts Specifics:

  • Act One sets up all the story elements that will be integral to the narrative.
  • Act Two takes these story elements to further explore, deepen and evolve the narrative.
  • Act Three reveals the hidden truths of the chosen story elements and delivers on the promise of the premise by answering the thematic question posed in Act One and picked up on with every new Story Beat throughout the narrative.

So, Act Three gives us the juicy bits:

  • it’s where the bigger picture is finally beginning to reveal itself
  • it’s where the good storyteller will avoid bringing in any new elements that will sincerely jar with what has come before, and instead use all the foreshadowing set up in Act One and furthered in Act Two to provide a Twist that feels unexpected, and yet unavoidable 
  • The Twist is what sets off the narrative’s movement into Act Three and pushes the momentum of the Plot and Character Arcs towards Climax. (yes, that’s what it’s called) (don’t look at me like that) (or do) (I kinda like it) (*flirty*) (moving on)

To my mind, Act Three of the SPN narrative began with 11x01, because S11 focused so entirely on our Protagonist - that would be Dean - taking huge, huge steps towards his endgame by realising he’s in love with Cas.

This undeniable love is what has facilitated Dean’s character growth since S4, so for him to actually understand his own emotions and being forced to admit them to himself is monumentally important for him reaching his endgame.

Reaching his endgame - self-worth through self-acceptance - will reward him with a long and happy life with the man he loves. Just to be clear.

And, to my mind, admitting his emotions to himself has informed his attitude and actions throughout S12, so the growth spurt of S11 was not for nothing and they kept building on it, giving us tension and confusion and a mixtape.

The Twist that S11 offered us, then, was introducing Amara into the narrative. 

Originally posted by casclaire

  • Amara is not something new thrown in last minute
  • She is an Act Three Standard as she is in fact a Callback
  • She is a Callback to all the women who came before her
  • She is what Dean before Cas might actually have been seduced by
  • She is everything Dean has always convinced himself he should want, everything any average viewer would assume he does want
  • But Dean’s love for Cas is true love and it blocks every last attempt from Amara to control Dean’s heart

Amara’s first purpose in the narrative is to underline Dean’s love for Cas for the sake of us, the audience.

  • She is continually a Mirror Opposite for Cas throughout the season
  • This places her firmly in the Not What Dean Wants At All Ever Box 
  • As Cas occupies his Everything I Could Ever Want and Need Box
  • Amara is placed in her box in every single scene she shares with Dean 
  • Yes, even that kiss between them, because it is so very clearly not what Dean wants, which is put in dialogue twice: with Casifer and with Sam

Amara’s second purpose in the narrative is to highlight Dean’s love for Cas in order for Dean to admit to himself how he feels.

  • Amara tells Dean they are bonded, tying herself inexorably to Cas’ statement of how he and Dean share a profound bond 
  • Amara states that she and Dean were meant for each other, intruding on his Free Will as she tries to make him understand there’s nothing he can do and he should just give in
  • But Dean’s heart is completely filled up with Cas, and Amara’s Mirror Opposite is only working to make him more and more aware of this
  • Because Cas is all Dean cares about, worries about, truly wants
  • Amara’s statements are true, just not when applied to her: they can only be applied to Cas
  • With one significant difference: Dean would choose Cas in a heart beat, of his own Free Will, no coercion, no tricks, no power plays needed
  • And Dean slowly comes to realise this during the seasonal narrative

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

(Chuck’s face. Chuck’s face. Chuck’s goddamn face! *shipper*)

Dean realising he’s actually in love with Cas is a Big Push Forward for our Protagonist, and as our Protagonist’s Journey moves forward, so does the narrative itself, because without the Journey, the narrative flounders.

So then, that’s my reason for believing we’re in the final stretch here: the journey for every main character is coming to its head. It’s also my reason for not believing they’ll want to drag this narrative out for a whole lotta more seasons.

I find it hard to believe they’d even want to drag it out for two more whole seasons, especially after how S12 ended with every character leaping and bounding forward in their character growth:

  • Dean’s walls torn down (or blown to rubble via grenade launcher)
  • The brodependency crumbling
  • Sam stepping into his shiny Leader of MoL boots
  • Cas’ death, that simply must be setting him up for a much needed rebirth

All of the main character arcs aren’t moving at glacier pace anymore, they are fucking snowballing towards endgame.

Originally posted by princesscas

I can understand that they’d want to go for that 300th episode, however.

After JiB8 and the J2 panel, where both Jared and Jensen spoke positively about, possibly, doing a shorter season (though airily and not really in reference to a final season at all) I’m musing over whether this might be what they’re planning. That episode 300 will be their last. 

Jensen mentioned during an on-set interview that they don’t know how long they’ll go for, that they have the studio and network fully behind them, and that, as long as there is a good story to tell, they’re all willing to stay with it. This comment made me feel, more than ever, that they are all invested in this narrative and they know that it’s coming full circle.

They are closing the narrative, they are bringing it home, they are pushing it towards that climactic moment, when the characters have learned all their lessons, when the plot line is ready to reflect this, and the narrative can be tied up in a satisfactory and emotionally fulfilling way.

So even if S13 isn’t the absolute last, I do wonder if we’ll actually get a full S14.

But, hey, these writers are brilliant at what they do. I am in jaw-drop awe of how they have built the Destiel love story for going on 10 seasons now, so I am absolutely certain that if they wanted to go for longer than episode 300, they are all more than capable of delivering something fucking amazing. 

And let’s not despair if SPN is actually ending!! Not only will there be Wayward Daughters, I’ve no doubt! The SPN Family will continue and it will flourish! And we’ll have over a decade’s worth of glorious television to watch and watch again and then watch with friends and coerced family and slowly we can brainwash our work colleagues into our obsession until, finally - world domination. All the domination, peeps.

And rainbows. Always rainbows.

anonymous asked:

Do you think they descibed the mixtape for this episode? I feel it would've worked even better if we actually had a scene of Dean giving Cas the mixtape and now I'm thinking did they only think if it rn and it was to late for the gifting scene or did they maybe cut it out and its gonna be a deleted scene?

No, it all happened too quickly unless there was going to be a ridiculous romantic flashback of it, because Cas comes back, Dean storms off, Cas follows and gives it to him, so he had to have already had it on him when he came through the door, which means he has to have had it since at LEAST 12x12 when we last saw Dean and Cas in the same space. I’m pretty sure it was meant to imply that at some point off screen since Dean n Cas knew each other (although likely in the last year) Dean had given Cas the mixtape, and it was the change in circumstances that made Cas give it back, and that was the first time we were supposed to know about it. Like, with the shock that this was something that HAD happened.

In a way it’s kind of forced character development if this WASN’T Dean and Cas would be a bit empty and a dick move to make us think they care - it’s the kind of shit Doctor Who pulled all the time that annoyed me where characters would pull out whole backstories they’d apparently known all along and SHARED or whatever but we only found out about them belatedly, often as emotional manipulation to make us more invested in whatever was going on, the kind of things where a casual viewer has to double check with the fan in the room if that was ever mentioned before or if it’s new or they’re filling in years of character history which necessarily has to change the dynamics but we never saw how it happened, they just tell us what’s new. I was always annoyed when they just pulled out stuff like oh yeah such and such happened in our past and we know all about it but we’re just telling you the audience about it in passing so you believe these characters care about each other now without us having to do work. (I’m sorry I can’t think of examples but bad writing tends not to stick for the very reason it’s trite and not deep enough to make me care because in this case it’s exactly where “show don’t tell” is an actually important mantra… I guess River Song’s intro is the most egregious example but it’s really not limited to her even if she was the embodiment of just telling us a character cared without needing to develop it, which no matter how deep it’s professed, is totally empty without OUR experience of it… As a writer I personally always want to focus on the moments that change and grow and bring people together or break them apart and the gaps in between are when things are normal, not when anything dramatic happens.) 

BUT in this case Dean n Cas have a deep complicated relationship and this is a good example of using a random artefact from their past to suddenly pull us in - even if that “past” is something that’s blatantly happened not just since we knew them but like, probably since Cas got that truck or whatever. Dean probably looked it over for him some other time at the start of the season and was like, cool, you have a tape deck, brb need to be a love fool, and went to make him the tape. It implies extra depth that they can’t show on screen and we already know, in AGONISING detail how much Dean and Cas love each other. 

The fact Dean made Cas a mixtape is surprising that Dean did it but doesn’t actually tell us anything new about Dean’s FEELINGS because basically at least half the length of the show now Dean has been clearly in love with Cas via the subtext and narrative stuff, so this is just telling us about how he’s been expressing these feelings lately and in this way the sudden introduction of something that already happened, retracting it before we even knew it had been offered in the first place, says so much in one moment it’s ridiculous. 

And it’s important it’s a small detail that changes nothing outwardly in the big plot episodes and how they act and that we can’t guess when Dean might have given it to Cas exactly except for “not any time this week”. 

It’s microscopic in the grand scheme of things - it’s no crypt scene or formal gesture that needs to have a grand stage to show us how it happened. It was just something cute Dean did for Cas which actually tells US all his feelings as burning away as usual but this is how he showed them at some point recently, and it shows Cas misses this cue that we’d even find out about the tape, because he didn’t understand the significance and tried to return it. If he knew what it meant he’d have played it until it was too scratchy and weird to listen to any more, but even knowing how much Dean cares about this stuff, I don’t think Cas gets that Dean gave him a bit of his heart when he did it. If Cas KNEW it was a bigger gesture that deserved a stage to be introduced, we’d have either seen that or they would have been leading a totally secret off-screen Destiel relationship that we know nothing about. Which is not, as Jensen says, how they act it. Dean had to give Cas that tape within the perameters of their existing awkward but caring relationship and for it NOT to change anything secretly behind the scenes, and yet we’re at a point where it’s plausible (if thrillingly exciting to discover) that Dean would give Cas a mixtape away from our eyes, just as part of the general day to day of how they live and how Dean cares about Cas, and telling us that probably Dean does other things on the small level of giving mixtapes that people do when they care for someone.

And so because it’s SO small fry that Cas doesn’t even understand that it was the hugest gesture Dean’s ever made in a turning up on his doorstep with flowers way like the subtext about it implies, and that means it’s easier to tell us he did it and betray Dean’s feelings to the audience via Cas’s misunderstanding, to drop it in as an aside of this is how Dean and Cas have been developing away from the camera. This is showing us there’s small cute moments, tender exchanges that probably have all the fan fic tropes we imagine of Dean, idk, gruffly shoving the tape at Cas? Shyly pushing it across the table one day pretending he didn’t? And is Cas baffled or immediately touched? Does he play it right away, or pocket it and forget until he’s on the road with Crowley and want something to drown out his endless talking? Did Dean give it to him TO help him drown out Crowley’s endless talking? Who knows? It’s never going to be answered, because in the grand scheme of things it’s a tiny little gesture. But between Dean and Cas it’s enormous, and for us to see how Dean feels… 

But yeah, the power is in that we don’t know how it happened, but it betrays and shows how things are between Dean and Cas away from the drama and the fighting demons and angels and panicking about end of the world situations and so on. In the quiet moments between episodes stuff like this happens. I mean, like, in 5x22 Chuck casually betrayed that Sam and Dean actually have downtime between episodes and do stuff like go to concerts and other normal human activities brothers do when they’re not hunting ghosts? And Cas especially has this massive disconnect from a normal life sort of feeling because he only drops by for plot episodes, he’s been in like 3 episodes where we see him doing anything even, like, human or hunter-y rather than dramatic angel-y. Cas doesn’t GET downtime on screen, in the way many episodes start and/or end on giving us a moment of Sam and Dean’s day-to-day life and how they occupy themselves between hunts. 

Cas doesn’t get that luxury, but we do know that OCCASIONALLY he can spend time with Sam and Dean off-camera, and especially this season, he HAS been. Maybe not much, but at the very least, we’ve had gaps and time skips and times when Cas has had the option to at least drop in, if not being taken home or following them back, and when Sam and Dean were gone in 12x09 he used their space without them in it, which I think was a first for Cas being alone in the Bunker. His inner domestic world is growing and we don’t know a LOT about it and they’re often adverse to showing it being connected to Dean, like how Cas was in Sam’s room in 12x07… But we know that Dean and Cas are close and WOULD be closer when they’re alone together… So this fills in a gap that has always existed, to imply that Dean and Cas are, well, gross and in love, even when we don’t see them, in those times when they’re alone together and things are quieter. 

I guess this is also a symbol of the off-screen Destiel we have never been able to definitively say happens and often felt like was deliberately not being shown or avoided being implied?

fanficsquad’s DESTIEL fic recs:

My favourite DESTIEL fics can be found here. COCKLES, too, but mainly DESTIEL. List is in no particular order, most are found on AO3. ENJOY!

(PS: My own commentary will be like 99% be positive, since they’re my fave fics on here, but you can trust my judgement. I’ve read a lot of fic.)

  • Title: A Canticle for Dr. Sexy
    Author: tikistitch
    Words: 53,560 (6/6 chapters)
    Summary: The Croatoan virus has brought down civilization as we know it.  Dean Winchester, leader of a motley group of survivors, is searching for volume 25 the Video Safari limited edition box set of Dr. Sexy MD when he stumbles into Cas, an amnesiac grubbing for a can of beans at an abandoned Piggly Wiggly.  Together with his brother, Sam, who may be a prophet of the Lord, and some friends they meet along the way, they embark on a cross-country road trip to find a cure for the virus and save humanity.  But the journey takes our heroes straight into the middle of an angelic feud.
    Own Thoughts: I always love me some End!Verse. Very well written, I loved it! Amazing read!

  • Title: Does He Run On Batteries?
    Author: flibblesd
    Words: 14,353 (1/1)
    Summary: Mechanic Dean gets his hands on some expensive tech in the form of a full fledged android. He knows it’ll be perfect to tear down and sell so they can finally afford the hardware Sam desperately needs. However, when it’s splayed out on his worktable he can’t help but notice something odd.“Does it- does it look like its breathing?”AI software CAS occupies a human body and takes a liking to Sam. Dean is displeased with basically every turn of these events.
    Own Thoughts: I greatly enjoy AUs like this one, with androids etc. Loved it! I honestly need more from this ‘verse, it’s so good! Must read!

  • Title: A Song of Wind and Wings
    Author: triedunture
    Words: 10,734 (1/1)
    Summary: The Angelborn have not been seen in Westeros in hundreds of years. Lord Dean Winchester and his brother Ser Sam arrive in Lady Ellen’s Highroad Keep after receiving word that one has been taken captive.
    Own Thoughts: Fantasy AUs are my life. Must read this one, as well. It’s GoT inspired, by the way. God, I really love this fic, it’s so amazing. Couldn’t stop reading, I swear.

  • Title: The King’s Angel
    Author: brimac0518
    Words: 6,850 (1/1)
    Summary: Long has Castiel, the Angel of Azare, stood by his king’s side. Yet in the face of a possible arranged marriage, can Dean, the king of Azare, let his knight go?
    Own Thoughts: Fantasy/Medieval AU. My ultimate weakness. This one was way too short in my opinion. Still great, though, I love jealous!Dean. 

  • Title: The Academy of Absent Fathers (COCKLES!) (Jensen/Misha)
    Author: kriari, qthelights
    Words: 84,754 (14/14)
    Summary: As one of the premiere boarding schools on the east coast, Ellis Academy plays host to the preeminent financiers, businessmen, and politicians of tomorrow. The very dirt stinks of privilege and as a long-time foster child, Misha Collins has no idea how he ended up here. To make matters worse, he’s stuck rooming with the equivalent of Ellis royalty. Jensen Ackles is a lifer - captain of the lacrosse team, do-gooder and textbook overachiever. And they hate each other. Mostly. But as they move from hate to something more, secrets from their unknown yet inextricably linked pasts threaten to destroy everything they’ve built. And the worst part? They have no idea what’s coming…
    Own Thoughts: All in all a great read, I enjoyed it. Somewhat cliched, though, but it’s a High School AU, so that was to be expected, I guess. Still liked the characterisations and it’s very well written.

  • Title: Things Dean Winchester Loves
    Author: tuesday
    Words: 3,623 (1/1)
    Summary: Castiel makes a list, Sam gives good advice, and Dean takes a while to catch on.
    Own Thoughts: Extremely cute. Cas makes a list and it’s just so adorable.

  • Title: Between a Wall and a Hard Place (COCKLES!)
    Author: qthelights
    Words: 4,423 (1/1)
    Summary: Jensen lets Misha pick where they’re drinking. Misha picks a gay bar. It doesn’t go to plan.
    Own Thoughts: One of my fav Cockles fics, definitely worth your while!

  • Title: Ghost Dance
    Author: omphalos
    Words: 51,194 (9/9)
    Summary: In post-apocalyptic isolation, Castiel nurses Dean back to something like his former self, but will a time come when Dean’s recovered –and rediscovered– too much?
    Own Thoughts: Awesome. Amazing. Literally so dang good. Oh my good, you definitely have to read this one! It’s angsty but sooo worth it! SO WORTH IT!

  • Title: Your Dirty Secret
    Author: bellacatbee
    Words: 5,428 (1/1)
    Summary: “Your yard looks like crap. I’ll come round after school and sort it for you if you pay me ten bucks.” Those were the first words Dean ever said to Castiel. How was Castiel supposed to know then that he was going to fall in love with Dean? AU.
    Own Thoughts: Yes, there is a big Age Difference, but I still enjoyed it a lot. It’s good!

  • Title: Baggage
    Author: Mikey (mikes_grrl)
    Words: 19,413 (1/1)
    Summary: Dean is a lonely cab driver trying to straighten out his life since his brother left for college, and Castiel is the strange and otherworldly “escort” who snares his heart. Are daddy issues the only thing they have in common? Or is there something more to what is happening between them?
    Own Thoughts: A slightly different AU, very readable. I can recommend this one very much.

  • Title: Brother Lover
    Author: twentysomething
    Words: 4,234 (1/1)
    Summary: “However- and it doesn’t happen a lot- they have to invoke ‘I saw her first’.”
    Own Thoughts: Great fic with great humour. It’s great and Dean’s being a little jealous. A little bit. Go read!

  • Title: The One Thing You Can’t Lose
    Author: MajorEnglishEsquire
    Words: 4,955 (1/1)
    Summary: You know what I like a lot? The thought that Dean can just tug Cas anywhere at any time and Cas, who can lift tons without effort, who can demolish things with the light of his grace, who has battled and gone to war, has defended and broken, will just let Dean do it.
    Own Thoughts: The most cute. So cute. Adorable. Loved this one dearly, it’s amazing fluff.

  • Title: Through The Dark
    Author: endversed
    Words: 43,196 (18/18)
    Summary: Castiel Novak is a low level reporter for the New York Post, up until he gets his big break: ASL star Dean Winchester has broken a goal scoring record and Castiel has been assigned to his personal story, meaning two weeks of close proximities. Except, the thing is; they’ve kind of got history.
    Own Thoughts: Amazing, truly amazing! Great plot and it’s very interesting to follow! Awesome fic.

  • Title: Broadway Musical
    Author: Griftings
    Words: 12,453 (1/1)
    Summary:  This is the day that marked the Holy and Blessed Union of Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle.  The merging of prominent bloodlines is always a grand occurrence, but breeding pedigree hunter families like Winchester and Harvelle is something to be rejoiced. It is also something to be meticulously planned, which thankfully the Host is very good at.Or, the romantic comedy where Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle are destined to get married, Castiel is given the task of playing matchmaker and fails terribly, the entire Heavenly Host becomes a sitcom audience, God warns against male pregnancy, and Jimmy Novak is incredibly unimpressed with angels in general.
    Own Thoughts: This ist probably the funniest thing ever. So much humour, I couldn’t stop laughing. Obviously a must read!

  • Title: grip them tight and raise them from pernicion
    Author: Flux
    Words: 20,122 (1/1)
    Summary: Dean and Cas have been at each other’s throats for years, but Anna and Sam are determined to change that for the better.  With a well-placed love letter and some careful direction, they manage to get the two into a semi-antagonistic, fiercely competitive, and emotionally confusing game of relationship chicken.  Now they just need to get to prom.
    Own Thoughts: High School AU alert! Very amusing, I highly recommend it. I love when it starts out antagonistic but then they fall in deep, deep love.

  • Title: Professional Couple Only
    Author: saltyfeathers
    Words: 37,153 (1/1)
    Summary: There’s a haunted apartment building in Vermont, and the ad says “Professional couple only”. Dean and Cas rise to the occasion.
    Own Thoughts: Yes! Yes, love it! Fake/Pretend relationships… you know how it is. You know you love it. I know you do.

  • Title: Ain’t A One Of Us Perfect (And That’s Okay)
    Author: peppermint_wow
    Words: 14,285 (1/1)
    Summary: Fantasy AU.  Every kingdom demands order.  Michael’s kingdom demands perfection.  He finds such perfection in the creations cleverly crafted by a metalsmith named Castiel.  But will Castiel’s greatest invention live up to all of Michael’s high expectations?
    Own Thoughts: It’s wow. Wow. Just wow. It’s so great and so different and I’m in love???? I think I remember it kinda breaking my heart at some point, though? Must read.

  • DESTIEL fic rec… to be continued…
About A Girl: Part 3

Previous Parts

Pairing(s): Charlie x Reader, Dean x Reader, Sam x Castiel

Summary: Y/N’s a cheerleader, Sam’s best friend, and in need of a tutor; Charlie is the obvious option. Sam and Cas are the cutest gay couple ever, and Dean’s the hot jock (and Sam’s older brother) who is irresistible to everyone.

Tags: AU: High School, Nerd!Charlie, Cheerleader!Reader, Cheerleader!Cas, Jock!Dean, Gay!Sam, Gay!Cas, Sastiel, fluff

Words: 2996

Note: Please let me know what you think!! S/O to Hayley Kiyoko 

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Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

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Honey & Home

They buy him beehives.

It’s a gift, because Cas has been living in the bunker for a year now.

On May 2nd, he made Sam a big chocolate cake (even though Dean bitched it wasn’t pie) and a salad full of strawberries and blueberries and spicy chicken with a sweet vignette that Sam talked about for weeks (Dean bitched about that too).
On January 24th, he made a pie and a cheeseburgers and crawled into the back of the Impala for a drive to absolutely nowhere. (Dean didn’t bitch about that at all.)
But neither of them knew when Cas’s birthday was. They didn’t even know if he had a birthday.
So when the year mark rolls up, Sam mentions it. We should do something. Get something he’d like but wouldn’t ever get himself.
And that opened up a whole world of possiblities. But Dean knew exactly what to get.
We’re gonna get him some fucking bees.
So they get him two hives and Castiel stares at them like they’re the second coming and he smiles so big and gummy that both brothers are a little flustered.
He comes in from beekeeping in a big suit, smelling like smoke and sweat and grinning, and Dean laughs his ass off. Even Sam fights a smile.
But the hives change something.

Some of the tension that Dean didn’t realize was there is gone now. He finds Cas occupying the bunker, in a way he wasn’t before. He makes more noise, when he walks and when he cooks, like he’s home, and not a polite guest. His shoes are kicked off under the table in the library. His trenchcoat on the map in the warroom. Books he’s reading in the kitchen and the table in front of the TV, and even Dean’s bedside table because sometimes Dean wants company and Cas reads or watches Netflix, propped against the headboard while Dean falls asleep.
Castiel is living there now.
Like he finally knows he’s staying and he can relax. And Dean relaxes, too.

Sam notices it before Dean. The tiny way that Dean changes.
He actually touches Castiel now. When he’s brushing past him in the hallway, or watching a movie in the evening. A light hand to the elbow when they’re cleaning the dishes or an arm wrapped around his shoulder when they stagger in from sparring.
When they’re next to each other in Dean’s bed.
In the Impala, when Sam is sleeping in the back seat.

One afternoon, Castiel comes in from the beehives. His cheeks are pink and flushed and he’s grinning at Dean whose pouring a cup of coffee.
Taste this.
Cas holds up a piece of honeycomb, and without thinking, Dean licks it free of his fingertips.
For a heartbeat, everything stills, Cas stares at him like he did, that first night in the barn, and he can’t breathe and then Dean grins, licks his lips.
And Cas leans in and licks the taste of honey from Dean’s lips.
Kissing Cas feels like heaven.
He tastes like smoke and honey and home.
Kissing Dean feels like peace.
He tastes like sunlight and peace and home.
Sam finds them there thirty minutes later and he smiles when Cas blinks at him, dazed, lips kiss bitten, voice raspy. Still shiny and bright when he polite asks.
Would you like some honey?

Dean and Cas were a cuddly couple. In private. In public they’d maybe discreetly hold hands under the table at a diner, or hug each other after they finish a hunt. They’re pretty conservative when other people can see them, other than Sam. Not because they’re ashamed, just because neither of them are super into PDA. But when they’re alone, it’s a rarity that they’re not touching each other. Snuggled into each other on the couch or Dean’s bed with an old movie playing on the tv, legs weaved together in the early morning when they’re still asleep and Sam walks in to see if they’re awake, an arm slung around shoulders or hips while standing in the kitchen making breakfast. Sam sees how different Dean acts around Cas than his previous partners. He’s more open. He’s always been reserved in his emotions and expressions, but Cas brings out the raw feeling in him. The tears that Cas wipes away with his thumb after a hunt that hit a bit too close to home. The wet anger in their fights when Cas puts himself in a risky situation and barely makes it out alive. The sound of pure joy in his voice while he talks to Sam about a conversation he and Cas had the previous day. The belly laugh when Cas tells a particularly good joke, followed by his head being nestled in the crook of Cas’ neck. And the most subtle physically, but most drastically different than from before Cas, the permanent little smile on he has on his lips while Cas is talking or performing a small task and isn’t looking at him. He watches him with pure awe. Like he can’t believe he’s real, or can’t believe he’s his. Dean has always taken the time when no one was looking at him to show what he was really feeling. So when Sam comes across them hanging out in the library or the kitchen, Cas occupied with something other than Dean, and Dean with genuine happiness on his face, he knows that Cas is the best thing that has ever happened to his brother, and appreciates the gentle touches and small smiles towards the floor that he gets to witness. Dean is finally happy.

Just Following the Arrows

submitted by anonymous:

A/N: Inspired by those shirts and that anon post about them! The idea was just too cute to pass up!

Dean stirred a little in bed, cracking an eye open as he heard the door open and close. A small smile curved his lips as he recognized the soft footsteps that could only belong to Castiel, who was clearly trying his best not to wake him. It didn’t work, but Dean was relieved anyways.

Cas had been busy with his own stuff lately and it had been a long time since they spent the night together. Dean hadn’t been expecting him tonight, but he could feel something tense in his chest unwind as he heard the angel root through his belongings on the floor. It was nearly pitch black in the room, so finding what he wanted was taking longer than usual. Cas had a tendency to grab a t-shirt and sweatpants of Dean’s to wear into bed. It was endearing, even if telling Cas as much usually just earned him a frown.

Castiel must have found what he was looking for, because the footsteps were suddenly getting closer to the bed. Dean hummed softly to himself as he felt the mattress behind him dip down under the weight of a knee. Cas settled next to him in a flutter of cloth and a whoosh of breath. Dean didn’t turn around, opting to pretend he was still sleeping so neither had to stumble through greetings or explanations. There was a moment of quiet with no movement, and then an arm was curling heavy around Dean’s waist from behind and the warmth of a chest pressed against his back. The hunter smiled and then let sleep overtake him once again.

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Shy nerdy Cas being best friends with an equally nerdy Sam. It’s their final Spring Break as high school students and their parents let them use the Novak’s cabin by the lake. Sam is excited because this means he can invite Jess, but it’s only under the condition that Sam’s older brother Dean, who is in his senior year at the University of Kansas, has to supervise.

Sam loves his older brother so it’s a bonus that he gets to spend some time with him since he’s so busy with his classes. But Sam doesn’t know that his best friend Cas has had feelings for the older Winchester. When Cas hears the conditions set upon by their parents, he both loathes and loves the prospect of spending the week with him. Until he hears that Dean is bringing along his friends Charlie and Lisa.

After getting to the cabin they divide the many rooms amongst themselves: Sam and Jess in Gabriel’s room, Charlie in Lucifer’s, Lisa in Anna’s room, Dean using Michael’s, and finally Cas uses his own bedroom for the week. No one felt comfortable using the master bedroom, because that would be too weird. Luckily each room came with their own en-suite bathroom. When the Novak clan decides to do something they go all in.

The first couple of days are spent lounging around the lake. Lisa spends most of her time tanning in a small white two piece, watching Dean, Charlie, Sam, and Jess in the water or on her phone rapidly texting someone. The Winchester brothers, Charlie, and Jess use the various jet skis and kayaks that were stored in the shed. While Sam and Jess try to persuade Cas into joining the fun, he would rather spend his time under the tree that his mother planted when it was just his parents and Michael, reading some books he picked from his father’s study.

Castiel does most of the cooking with Jess and Charlie, as they wouldn’t eat anything edible if they left it to the boys, who are assigned clean up as a result. Lisa is almost as bad as the guys, only being able to cook breakfast, so that was her designated job. Luckily the kitchen was stocked with everything you could think of.

On the last night before their break is over the gang decided to have a camp fire in the pit that was installed after all of the Novak children were above a certain age. The whole shebang, with chocolate, grahams, and marshmallows. Sam and Jess are sharing the love seat, whispering into each others ears and sharing s'mores, being all types of adorable. Lisa was laying on the lounge chair and was on the phone again, with Tony, who turns out to be her long term boyfriend who got stuck spending time with family for the break. After discovering that, she and Cas got along much better, even if he didn’t have a claim on Dean to even be angry in the first place. Cas was seated in another love seat from the outdoor furniture, with a book in his hand, reading the same line for the eighth time. He was trying not to pay attention as Charlie, who was going through a nasty split with her ex-girlfriend Gilda, spilled her frustrations on Dean. She had her head in his lap, taking most of the seating, while Dean was sitting upright.

Cas couldn’t help but flick his eyes towards the elder Winchester, the sun sprouting more freckles on his nose and cheeks. His skin was slightly tanner from when they had arrived. He was so beautiful that Cas felt his chest hurt, he shouldn’t even be thinking of Dean in that form, he didn’t even stand a chance. Cas was an decent looking guy, with his blue eyes and black hair, but compared to Dean he was average.

Cas lost in his train of thought and didn’t notice that Dean was looking back at him, having been caught staring, Cas felt his cheeks flush and he immediately turned his eyes back to the book in front of him. But there was no way he was going to be able to get into it now. Cas chanced a look at Dean over his book and he saw that Dean was still looking at him, while Charlie kept going on with her rant, Cas didn’t move his eyes from Dean. After a few tense seconds that no one else seemed to notice, Dean turned his attention back to the now upset and angry Charlie, but not before Cas caught a hint of a smirk.

Cas stayed in his seat for a few more minutes, finally turning the page, even though he hadn’t read what it said. With Lisa on the phone and the rest of them in conversations that Cas didn’t want to intrude in, he closed his book before standing and walking back to the cabin to go to his room, not noticing that green eyes followed his movements until he couldn’t be seen anymore.

After spending twenty minutes in his room Cas determined that he was equally bored and distracted as he was outside, it seemed as if he couldn’t think of anything besides Dean. He never regretted not putting a television in his room as much as he has at this moment. But with everyone occupied outside, this gave Cas a prime opportunity. While spending time at the cabin has been great, a memory he will enjoy in the future, it didn’t leave as much personal time as he would like. Even though he wasn’t much for going out and having sex, since he was a virgin, Cas wasn’t adverse to using toys to stimuli himself on his own.

Even though Cas didn’t have any toys in his room in the cabin, he hadn’t brought any either, he kept some spare lube under his sink in his en-suite, his fingers would have to make do. With a quick glance outside the window near his bed, he saw everyone was still where he left them.

Cas started to strip off his clothes and threw them into the hamper near his closet, he would have to do laundry before they leave tomorrow. Walking into the bathroom, Cas looked towards the huge mirrors that lined the wall where the long double sink counter was located. The counter was long, extending from one end of the room to the other, rounding to about six feet of marble. Cas reached towards the cabinets under the sinks and grabbed his lube from behind the mountain of spare toilet paper.

Closing the cabinet door shut, Cas turned back to his room to make sure the door to his room was closed. But he didn’t move to lock it, he wasn’t worried about anyone coming into his room, he could hear everyone’s laughter from his window. Turning back to the white bathroom, he walked in pushing the door to close, but he didn’t put much force behind it as it was still open about a gap.

Turning back to the mirror, Cas looked at his reflection, olive-toned skin covering lean muscles that he gained when Sam made him go on his runs with him. He didn’t have defined abs, but stomach was toned and flat. The running left him with strong thighs and calves. As he said, he was decent looking guy. While Cas didn’t shave, he certainly trimmed his curls above his cock, but besides his armpits, he didn’t grow much hair.

Cas imagined slightly freckled hands running up the length of his arms, he could practically see Dean standing behind him, stroking his skin. Almost feeling the calloused hands reach his shoulder before following the path down his back towards the dip above the dimples he had on his back. Cas felt his cock twitch at the fantasy running through his mind.

Dean’s soft pink lips dragging along his neck, up and down, releasing little breaths by his ears. Cas could almost taste the chocolate on his breath. Dean in his fantasy, dipped his hands lower, along the curve of Cas’ ass. His own hands followed the movements, letting his fingertips drag over his soft skin. Reaching with his right hand to feel his small puckered hole. Glad he took a shower and thoroughly cleaned himself before the campfire had started. He let his finger circle the rim, before grabbing the lube in front of him with his left hand and pouring some onto his right hand’s fingers. He quickly warmed his fingers before placing them back, with his left hand braced against the white marble, he leaned forward so he can get into a better position.

Cas imagined Dean’s thicker fingers, teasing his rim, as his own fingers copied the movements. Spreading the lube around, he slowly began to toy with himself. His cock growing harder between his legs, a decent six inches in length and average in width, Cas left it to focus on his fingers movements.

Cas let his finger trail his rim once more, before pressing his pointer finger into himself. It had been a long time, being distracted with school and then Spring Break with his friends took up most of his time, Cas felt the slight burn at the intrusion, but he embraced the pain. With his finger fully inside him, he began to wiggle his finger to open himself up a bit so he could insert another finger. Cas pulled his finger out slightly before pushing is back in. His muscles clenching around the finger, he fucked himself on his finger before pulling it out and pouring a bit more lube onto his other fingers.

He reached back around himself, making sure the lube was warm before spreading some around the outside once more, before trying to push in his pointer and middle finger, it burned once again. But it felt much better with two. Cas let himself adjust for a few seconds before moving them slightly, pulling his fingers back and inserting them once again. The Dean in his fantasy, moving his thicker fingers inside of Cas, brushing his fingers over his prostate. Cas’ own fingers doing the same.

“Dean.” Cas moaned out softly into the quiet room. His muscles accommodating his two fingers now, he pushed and pulled his fingers in and out faster, brushing against his prostate every few times. With his body thrumming with heat and arousal, Cas pressed in his index finger with the other two. The pain mingling with the pleasure. Cas didn’t hear the knock on his bedroom door. To caught up on his own pleasure, he didn’t hear his name being called. Cas’ third finger helping him hit his prostate easier. He moaned out louder. “Dean, Dean, fuck, Dean.”

His bathroom door opened but with his eyes closed, Cas didn’t see it, but he did hear the quick draw a breath from the door that wasn’t his own. He opened his eyes, the mirror showing a shocked Dean standing at his bathroom door. Cas froze, he felt humiliation and dread fill him, even with his fingers still inside of him, he didn’t move.

He closed his eyes shut for a few seconds, before opening them and looking towards Dean, he started to pull his fingers out, straightening his body until he standing upright.  But Dean was quicker than him, he began striding over to Cas. The black haired teen closed his eyes thinking he was going to punched in the face by his best friend’s brother, because he was caught finger fucking himself to his name, that was going to be an awful thing to explain to Sam. But he didn’t feel the hit he was expecting, he heard the clicking of a cap being flicked open a closed.

He opened his eyes to see Dean standing in front of him, without a shirt, lube slicked fingers rubbing together. Dean leaned forward and pressed his front against Cas’. The rough denim dragging along his still hard cock, Cas felt the hard length pressed against his own. He let out a gasp, looking up into Dean’s eyes, his eyes shining with arousal and happiness.

“Cas, fuck, do you know how fucking sexy you are?” Dean whispered into his ear, pulling the smaller body into his larger frame. He let his lubed fingers trail lightly over Cas’ spine, before reaching towards his hole. Pressing two of his fingers in, feeling the smooth and warm inside, compared to Cas’ this was so much better. “I’ve fucking wanted you forever, and to come up here to see you fuck yourself with your fingers, moaning my name. God, baby, you don’t even know what you do to me.”

Cas let out a moan, his mind trying to process everything Dean was saying, but with his fingers inside of him it was hard to think. How could he have known that Dean felt the same way? He didn’t even know that could have been a possibility, but here he is, in his family’s cabin, with Dean’s fingers inside of him, with Dean admitting to wanting him for as much time as Cas wanted him.

Dean pressed his third finger in, Cas almost didn’t feel the slight burn, the pleasure overriding most of his senses. Cas felt his mouth drop open slightly, he let out a whimper as Dean’s fingers brushed his prostate. Dean couldn’t resist pulling Cas’ plump bottom lip between his own, biting slightly, before licking it. Cas moaned louder at the feeling, pressing his lips firmly against Dean’s before opening his mouth and letting Dean’s tounge meet his own. He tasted like he thought, chocolate, with a hint of something he couldn’t decipher.

Dean his own length press into the zipper of his jeans, Cas’ lips were sweet, and were everything he imagined, slightly chapped but still soft. Cas’ arms reach up to Dean’s hair, letting his fingers pull at the strands somewhat roughly, Dean let out a groan of his own. Cas dragged his fingers from his hair, down the sides of his neck, down the length of his chest, fingers brushing the sensitive nipples. Dean stroked his tounge along Cas’, his fingers still moving in and out, before pulling his mouth away, sucking on his bottom lip.

Cas opened his eyes, his eyes locking with Dean’s before he looked towards his hands, they trailed lower, where there hips were rocking softly together. Cas’ finger lowered to the button of Dean’s jeans, pulling it open, and unzipping his pants. He reached inside of Dean’s boxer briefs, pulling out his hard cock. It was bigger and thicker than his own, but not by much. Cas licked his lips, before looking back up at Dean. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure baby?” Dean asked in response, he cock throbbing now, he couldn’t wait to feel Cas around him.

“Yes, I’ve wanted you for so long. Are you going to deny me now?” Cas whispered into his ear, moving his hand along his length. He didn’t know how he sounded so confident, but he was grateful he did.

“You got any condoms? I didn’t bring any with me. I wasn’t expecting to need for the trip.” Dean fingers pulling out of Cas, who groaned at the lost. Cas turned and bent toward the cabinet which he grabbed his lube from to grab his condoms, luckily they were close in size. He heard Dean groan behind him, then his jeans and underwear fall to the floor. Cas stood upright, condom in hand, but before he could turn around, he felt Dean’s hands stop him. “Oh baby, I wish I had a camera, I wish you could see how amazing you look right now.”

Cas leaned back down, and braced himself against the marble, arching his back, so his ass would stick out more towards Dean. “You are going to be the death of me, do you know that?” Dean muttered, sounding breathless. “Wait, I have to ask, have you done this before?”

Cas took a deep breath before responding, “No I haven’t, but I still want your cock inside me,  so are you going to fuck me or not, Dean?”

Dean didn’t answer but he grabbed the condom out of Cas’ hand and opened it, rolling the condom onto his cock he grabbed some more lube to spread along the length and around Cas’ hole just for extra measure. He lined himself up, the head of his cock catching at Cas’ rim. He leaned over Cas and pressed a kiss in the center of his back for reassurance. Cas tried to relax and he felt Dean’s cock, the freckled hands grabbing at his hips, before pushing forward. Cas felt the sting more than ever before, he tried to relax his body, letting his eyes fall shut. Finally Dean bottomed out, his hands moving from his hips to run down his spine, he didn’t move, just trailed his back and arms.

Cas let his eyes open once he felt ready to move. Dean was watching him through the reflection of the mirror. He felt his muscles clench around Dean, emphasizing how big he felt inside of him, he took another deep breath before nodding his head. Dean pulled out slowly, until only his tip was left, then pushing back in at the same pace. It still burned a bit, but it was better. He repeated this action again, and again, and again. It felt better each time, Cas’ hands reached to grip at Dean’s wrists on his hips, before he felt a moan bubble up.

That sound was like music to Dean’s ears, he increased his speed slightly but not by much, he didn’t want to hurt Cas. But the tight, wet, warmth that was Cas was addictive. He had never felt anything better.

“Fa-Faster Dean…Fas-ter” Cas breath hitched, Dean’s cock reached placed he hadn’t felt before, he didn’t use toys that were much bigger than a certain size. Dean felt himself throb, Cas moaning his name has to be the best sound he has ever heard in his life. He followed through, increasing in speed once again. “Harder, please, ha-rder”

Dean’s thrust were gaining momentum, driving into Cas harder and deeper, Dean letting out grunts of his own. He looked down towards his cock, seeing Cas’ pink puffy rim clenching down on his cock, he reached with his right hand to stroke along it. It clenched around him again, he looked up towards the mirror, only to see Cas looking at him though it, his cheeks flushed and his hair disheveled. His lips raw and red from kissing and him biting them. When their eyes met, he felt Cas spasm around him, Dean’s grin grew. “You like that baby? You like watching me fuck you?”

Cas moaned louder, his fingers clawing at the grip they had on Dean’s wrists. His eyes falling shut, too overwhelmed by the onslaught of pleasure spiking his body.

“C'mon baby, don’t close your eyes. I want to see ‘em baby. Show me those blues.” Dean groaned out, his thrusts almost a maddening pace, driving in and out. Cas’ eyes opened and they looked dazed before they settled on Dean, Cas whimpers growing in volume.

“Dean, Dean. Fuck, stop, stop.” Cas said, trying to catch his breath. Dean stopped almost immediately, though it was torture, he would stop if Cas needed him too. “I want to see you. I want to see.”

Dean pulled out of Cas, and they both groaned at the loss, before Cas turned around towards Dean. Dean grabbed Cas by the hips and sat him onto the slightly warmed counter top. Cas opened his legs and pulled Dean forward, grabbing onto his cock, he lined him up to his hole, before Dean pushed back inside that wonderful heat. Cas mewled at the change of angle, Dean grabbing onto the backs of Cas’ knees, pushing his legs further back, Cas moved his hands towards Dean’s hair, pulling his face closer for a kiss. Dean started to get back into rhythm, pounding into Cas, whose lips were a breathe away from his own, but was too caught up in pleasure to reach out and kiss him fully. The hands in his hair pulling roughly, adding to his pleasure.

“Dean, oh my…fuck, Dean, I’m going- going to cum.” Cas moaned loudly, it echoing off the walls, Dean felt his own climax , but he wanted Cas to cum first. Cas feeling his climax, began to move his hips along with Dean’s his body naturally moving in tune. Like this, every time Dean thrusted in, it hit his prostate, and after a few more jabs at it, Cas cums on his stomach. His moan and the clench of his muscles dragging Dean’s own climax out of him and his  own moan of Cas’ name echoed loudly. Cas’ gripping Dean’s cock spastically, and he pumped a few more times to ride out his orgasm, Cas milking his cock.

After a few moments, Dean pulled out, them both letting out a sigh, Cas felt the loss immediately. Dean pulled off the condom and tied it off before throwing it into the waste bin. Cas looked up at Dean, and didn’t know what would happen next. The blonde leaned towards Cas and placed a sweet kiss on his lips. “Just so you know, you’ll never get rid of me now.” He teased.

“Who said I was planning too?” Cas responded, smiling cheekily, before kissing him again.

“How about a shower?” Dean suggested, and Cas nodded his affirmative. “Let me just get some underwear from my bag.” He left the room after pulling on his jeans to cover his nudity. Cas hopped off the counter to turn on the water before Dean walked back in with his underwear and a note.


“Round two?” Cas suggested.

- I swear this wasn’t supposed to be this long sorry. I only planned for a couple of paragraphs, no judging, this was written in a sleepy haze and posted at 5:30 in the morning.

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So they didn't address any prayers from Dean and Sam to Cas at all? Really? What are your thoughts on this? It wasn't a warded prison? When Dean's calling him and he doesn't answer he could just pray like hey buddy answer your phone!

This has been a thing all season long, frankly. Since 12.01, when Cas had no idea that Dean was alive until he returned to the bunker and found him there.

Prayer had been a major thing for Dean in the past (I prayed to you, Cas! Every night!), and we know that Cas is able to pick up on a longing, since that’s how he found Claire that one time… BUT THERE WAS ONE KEY DIFFERENCE HERE!


So, prayer apparently doesn’t work as an automatic angel GPS locator beacon. Yes, Cas used Claire’s “longing” to find her in the past, BUT CLAIRE KNEW WHERE SHE WAS. She could see things like road signs and landmarks and the like. All Dean knew (or Sam, for that matter) was that they’d been taken somewhere and locked in a concrete box. All the prayer and longing (or even dreamwalking) in the world couldn’t have given Cas any more information than he objectively and textually admitted to having.

I think the fanon idea of what prayer and dreamwalking are capable of has been muddled up with what is actually canon about these abilities.

Basically, prayer doesn’t solve all their problems, has NEVER solved all their problems, and cannot solve them all.

(I agree that it would’ve been nice to know that Dean actually WAS praying to Cas, even if it was just a hopeless “I’m still here but I’m going crazy, man” kind of prayer, but UGH WITH THE POOR ABANDONED CAS FEELS, of him sitting alone in the dark in the bunker feeling ultimately useless in the face of his loss of the Winchesters, and the blame for their absence weighing on him like never before… THE HORROR OF BEING ABLE TO HEAR DEAN’S HELPLESS PRAYERS YET DO NOTHING TO HELP HIM?! Would’ve been so much more painful…

*sits here for 10 minutes staring at the wall like a gelatinized lump of sads*

*I’m watching 5.17 right now, so all of this feels about 10 times worse than it should*

*oh god Cas’s voice mail message has evolved over the years hasn’t it?*

*where was I? what was this about? RIGHT. PRAYER.*

S12 was promising a return to early seasons Badass Castiel Angel of the Lord on a mission, and we’ve seen that… but in a very different way… because CAS HIMSELF IS HAVING A CRISIS OF IDENTITY. Physically and mentally and emotionally, Cas is hovering over a precipice. He’s got a foot in heaven and a foot on earth. He’s still got some of his angel nature and powers, but he’s also grown decidedly more human. He’s lost his wings, yet he’s still an angel… sort of. He’s experiencing emotions very much like a human would, but without the lifetime of experience that a human has dealing with emotions. And he’s not always coping well with them.

Rather than shrugging this off, we’ve watched him struggle mightily under the combined weight of his depression and guilt, and the fundamental disconnect he’s experiencing because he still has his grace and should still technically be an angel who isn’t subject to the burden of these human emotions.

Cas fans have been wondering when Cas is going to get his Big Emotional Importance in the story, and THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. This is how they’re having Cas’s Big Story unfold.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to imagine that Dean has prayed to Cas this season, but he hasn’t actually had any information to pray AT Cas that could’ve helped his situation, you know? And even once they’d escaped, just praying the information they had once they’d sort of figured out where they were being held at Cas wouldn’t have been enough to serve their needs.

They needed to know that Cas was coming for them. Dean NEEDED confirmation that Cas had heard, and understood, and was on the way. Because they were “on the clock.” They only had until midnight, and he needed to see Cas one last time. THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT OF GETTING THAT VERBAL CONFIRMATION THAT CAS UNDERSTOOD AND WAS ON THE WAY, rather than just praying and hoping Cas heard it.

I’m also wondering if prayer is even functioning the same way it has in the past. We know that Angel Radio is still operational after the Nephilim Announcement of Screaming and Smashed Coffee Cups, but aside from that, we haven’t seen any confirmation that Cas’s ability to receive prayers is functioning with the intensity that it always had in the past. Which also adds to the “between two worlds” sort of limbo that Cas is occupying, feeling like he has no idea where he belongs, or even who he is anymore.

Which it ends up being remains to be seen, but I trust Dabb not to have fucked up canon so badly that whoopsie he just forgot that prayer existed…

Because the last time we really saw Dean pray to Cas? 9.01, when Cas was entirely incapable of answering, because he was effectively human and cut off from all his angelic powers. Before that? Was at the end of 8.16, when Dean’s prayers were again going unanswered, because Cas was being mind-controlled by Naomi. And what broke the connection?

Cas claimed he didn’t know… ouch…

Another part of this is the fact that we’ve been shown over and over again that Dean doesn’t entirely think of Cas as an angel anymore. 

“He’s not an it. He’s Cas!”

He’s family. He’s Dean’s best friend. He’s not a hammer or a tool. Dean thinks of him as a person first, and now cue Dean’s self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy. Who is he to pray to angels? I mean, I don’t think this is the major reasoning at work here, but it’s certainly at least a small part of it.

But it’s not the fucking plot hole that I keep seeing people screaming about. It’s sort of beside the point when we look at the bigger themes at work here.

Wings (casXreader)



warnings: angst, fluff c:

 summary|| You have a day off from hunting and try to occupy yourself with teaching Cas your favorite human things.

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Dean Winchester-Fallen angel

Title: Fallen angel

Pairings: Demon Dean x Angel reader, Sam Winchester x angel reader, Castiel x angel reader

Word count:1102

Request:I have a Demon!Dean/Reader request where the reader is a fallen angel who is dating Dean before he turned. When Sam and her capture him he tells her that: he never really loved her and that he only pretend to out of pity for her. When she hears this she flys off and does something absolutely crazy (Maybe a demon murder rampage?) and she refuses to come back to the bunker so TFW have find her and he Begs her forgiveness and that he didn’t mean what he said. Wether she forgives him is up too you.

‘’(Y/n).. are you sure you want to do this?’’Cas asked, concern lacing his soft delicate features and twisting them into crinkled worries. You smiled just as softly, nodding your head as you smoothed out the furrows between his brows and glanced towards the room. 

The old metallic door that looked to old for you to guess, hid the love of your life that suffered a tragic trauma and was now chained to a chair. You didn’t  think you would ever see the day that Dean Winchester was chained to a chair with a devils trap circling his presence. 

Castiel nodded, brotherly instinct fighting against him but he shook it off and placed his hand on the small of your back in comfort before motioning you towards the door. 

Your heart pounded against your battered ribcage and you wasn’t sure you had experience this human feeling in quite a while. Cas looked at you once more, asking the question silently but you took a deep breath, composed your slouched posture and nodded towards your brother. 

Cas sighed in concern but open the door anyway. You gulped thickly, heart now stopping it’s mad beating pace and dropping at the sight of Dean breathing harshly, chest falling and rising with every hard concreted breath, fists curled up to keep himself together as he glared holes through the floor. 

His head was facing the floor so you were unable to see his expression but when he looked up; brows draw together so tightly they almost fused into one, lips curled into a snarl that didn’t look right on his beautiful face, you almost died. (Again)

He stopped tensing his body and clenching his jaw as he smirked, throwing back his head as he laughed. This one wasn’t the normal laugh that made you laugh too or sent loving shivers down your spine but sent the wrong type of shivers down your spine and made your stomach twirl horridly. 

‘’Awh, how cute. They brought in the angel’’Dean snickered, eyes turning pitch black as you stepped back in fear. You had never been scared of Dean until now. Sam stared at you with a sympathetic look. He held a bloody knife in his hand as he too panted.

Cas was standing by the door, a mad expression crossing his delicate features as he glared at Dean. 

‘’I never loved you’’Dean growled, face scrunching up back into anger. ‘’I only stayed with you because I felt sorry for you1 you’re pathetic!’’Dean snapped, teeth gritting. 

You were still silent stepping back as you almost tripped if Sam wouldn’t have caught you. 

‘’Awh. Poor baby’’Dean provoked before laughing manically. Cas reached out to stop you but with a flutter and a blink, you were gone. 


‘’What. You’re sad your boyfriend is one of us now’’The demon laughed, ignoring the fact that he was covered in his own blood. The crimson made it hard for anyone to see his features as he scooted away from you and marking the floor with his streaks of blood. 

‘’Dean will never be one of you’’You spat, face twisting as you kneeled down and pressed your palm to the demon’s forehead. He screamed, eyes and mouth lighting up a bright light that barely effected you. 

You stood up, slinging him over your shoulder as you carried him to the back of the warehouse and threw him on the pile of the other demons which consisted off a lot!.

‘’Next’’You growled, body tense as you flickered the angle blade between your fingers and turned to the quivering demon. 


Sam and Dean sat nervously in the bunker. Sam couldn’t stop pacing and Dean couldn’t stop his leg bouncing up and down in concern and guilt as they both awaited for Castiel’s return.

There was a flutter or wings and once again, Dean jumped up thinking it was you. He stepped back, face frowning when he realised it as Cas but then reformed himself as he blurted a million questions at the poor angel. 

Cas held his palm up to signal Dean to be quiet as Sam stopped pacing and patted Dean’s shoulder in reassurance. 

‘’I know where she is’’Cas spoke slowly. Both Winchester laughed out in relief, sighing gently. 

‘’Wait Cas…’’Sam trailed off as he grabbed his jacket. ‘’How did you know where to find her?’’He asked confused. Both Winchester stopped when they noticed Cas stop and look away from the boys, avoiding eye contact. 

‘’Cas’’Dean warned voice serious mixed with nerves as he shook slightly, tired and just wanting to go to bed with you safely nestled in his arms. 

‘’It seemed she occupied herself’’Cas hinted, glancing towards the brothers. 

‘’Cas, what did she do?’’Sam asked worrisomely. 

‘’She went on a demon murder rampage’’Cas added. 

‘’How many?’’Dean breathed out, taking in the information. ‘’How many Cas?!’’Dean demanded when Castiel fell silent. 

‘’Over a hundred’’Cas whispered. Both brothers shared a look before rushing out to the Impala. 


You lifted your palm, watching as the demon fell to the floor. You bent down to pick him up and sling him over the shoulder but something stopped you. 

Or more likely someone. 

‘’Don’t, (Y’n)’’.

You froze at the voice before turning around to see your brother Cas, Sam and Dean. Dean…

‘’He’s okay, (Y/n)’’Sam breathed out in relief but showed the concern flooding his eyes. 

‘’He’s not a demon?’’You whispered, eyes tearing up. Dean shook his head looking at you and glancing towards the pile of demons that created a bloody mess. 

‘’Dean’’You choked out, dropping the blade which Cas rushed out to snatch up. Dean rushed forward, yanking you into his arms as he closed his eyes and sighed out in relief.

‘’I didn’t mean any of that. You know that. I love you and because of your heart, not because I ‘’felt’’ sorry for you. I love you I swear’’Dean grumbled. 

‘’I love you too’’You whispered, sniffing slightly sa Dean grabbed your hand and you all left to the Impala. 


You sighed in content as you said your goodnights to the boys and shut the door gently. You turned around to see a tired Dean as you walked towards him and pressed a kiss to his lips that you craved and missed so much. 

Dean hummed in delight before scrambling under the covers and pulling you closer to his arms. 

‘’Get some sleep, Dean’’You ordered softly. Dean smiled as he nodded happily but you could still see the creases of pain marking his face that you knew scarred his mind. 

‘’I love you’’He repeated, scared you were leaving. 

‘’I love you too Dean’’

Three people requested Dean & Cas fighting. Thanks to castielUK and @ripuptheending for suggesting the reason! 

They’ve fought since the moment they met, but it’s when Cas stands abruptly from their side of the booth, mutters “Excuse me” and storms out of the restaurant, that Dean is really, truly afraid he’s lost him.

They’ve fought as a human and angel; they’ve fought as friends, as brothers; but they’ve never fought as two people in love, and he’s not sure he can stand it. His instinct is to seek out the closest bar and drink until he doesn’t care anymore, but Cas would still be pissed at him in the morning, and he’d have a hangover to boot.

Sam looks uncertain whether he should say something, though it’s clear some platitude is on the tip of his tongue. But he keeps quiet, shovels the rest of his food in his mouth and busies himself with his phone. Dean ignores him. He balls up the napkin bearing their server’s unsolicited number and pitches it on the floor.

So he took his ring off when he showered. Big deal. He had blood on his hands. He didn’t mean to forget it on the sink, and it’s not his fault the server mistook his friendliness for flirtation. Cas is overreacting. Rings symbolize a holy sacrament, he said, but as Dean pointed out, it’s just a piece of fucking metal. What matters is what they do and don’t do, and in this case, Dean isn’t going to cheat on his husband.

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(Candy) Hearts in Your Eyes

Cas finds a way to communicate that doesn’t actually involve speaking, Dean follows suit. A gratuitous amount of sugar is spread around the bunker. Sam observes, armed with confetti. A Valentine’s Day fic. AO3




“What, Cas?”

Dean looked where Cas was poking him in the arm. A small chalky heart was sitting on the table next to his elbow. In fact, now that he bothered to look around, there were tiny pastel hearts scattered all across the table, a couple on the floor, and a small pile on one of the far bookcases.

“Cas, you can’t just leave candy all over the place. We’re gonna get ants. Jeez you’re becoming a regular Gabriel.”

Cas shook his head. “A fondness for sweets doesn’t make me an archangel. I’d actually need grace, for one thing,” he said sardonically.

He ambled away leaving Dean feeling guilty again.

Cas had seen better days.

Dean had a propensity for blurting out whatever was on his mind, and Cas was too touchy to not get offended. They were trying to pretend everything was normal and it wasn’t really working. Something always stuck between them, wedged in the front of Dean’s chest, insistent and ignored. He felt like there was something he was supposed to do, in the silence after Cas talked, when they sat quietly together. And time passed faster than ever these days. Another damn Valentine’s Day spent inside. He’d briefly mulled over going out, ultimately deciding it wasn’t even worth the cost of gas to drive there.

The idea of someone holding him, just for the sake of it, was alien. Years ago, he would let someone wrap their arms around him. Even if only for a night, the comfort of soft embraces fueled him on the road. But he’s older now, false attachments fall away like a lizard’s shed skin.

The heart by his elbow read Hey You.

The next time Cas came into the room, Dean was ready. Cas clearly wasn’t expecting the green heart that hit him in the neck. He jumped and the chalky candy fell down the opening of his shirt. He hopped on the spot, trying to get the candy out, while Dean laughed. With a soft clink and a small ring of candy dust, the heart hit the floor. Cas leaned to pick it up, and glancing down, raised an eyebrow. By the time he looked up, Dean was gone. Dean had gone with the most innocuous one he could find. No Way. He hoped Cas didn’t see it as a shut down. When he was alone he wanted Cas there, but when Cas was in the room, they were either awkwardly quiet or fighting. And for once, he and Cas were communicating again. And maybe it was weird, the candy dust was bothering Dean’s neat sensibilities, and Sam was judging them, but it was something. 

The next morning there was a Get Real at the bottom of his coffee mug.

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jackfrostjensen’s 25 Days of Destiel Christmas: Day 1 (which is a few days late oops)

Read the others here (x)

Sam’s plan was foolproof.

His brother Dean was coming home for Christmas with his best friend, and college roommate, Cas.

Cas had stayed with the Winchesters over the summer because he wasn’t close to his own family. Sam didn’t know why and whenever he asked Dean he was met with an awkward silence and Dean changing the subject.

The entire summer had Sam rolling his eyes every time Dean and Cas so much as looked at each other. They had each clearly fallen for the other while living together and neither of them had noticed. It was both sweet and irritating.

So, as soon as Dean told him that Cas would be joining them for Christmas, Sam began to formulate a plan to get the two ‘lovebirds’ to realise and admit their feelings for one another. 

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Imagine Cas

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Imagine making Castiel blush when you sit on his lap.

Light streamed through a small crack in the curtains and landed right over your face, causing you to stir. You opened your eyes gingerly as you began to gain consciousnesses. As soon as you were fully awake you sat up in the bed, stretched and got up, being careful not to wake Sam whom you had shared the bed with. You glanced around the room only to find that Dean and Cas were occupying the small couch, talking about the hunt you had just finished up.

You came up behind Dean and leaned over to give him a quick hug, “Morning, Dean.” You then moved over to Castiel, giving him a hug as well, “morning, Cas.”

Dean smiled back at you, “Morning, (Y/N). How’d ya sleep?”

“Just fine,” You replied, “Did you sit here all night?” You directed the question at Castiel who had been in the same exact position when you had gone to bed last night.

Castiel looked up to you, “Yes I have.”

“No sleep at all?” You said as you walked around and sat on top of him, your legs thrown over the arm of the couch.

Cas’ cheeks flared and his eyes grew slightly wider, “N-no.”

Dean stifled a low laugh at Castiel’s reaction, “Well I suppose that’s one good thing about being an angel, no sleep deprivation.” He said after he composed himself.

You nodded in agreement then turned your attention back to Cas as he asked you a question, “Um, (Y/N)? Why are you sitting on me?” He asked.

You smirked to yourself at the sight of Castiel blushing, “Because there’s no other place to sit, Cas. Unless you wanted me to sit on Dean’s lap.”

At that Cas wrapped an arm around you, “No, you can stay here.”

April Fools
Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1, 891
Warnings: Cheesiness. An excessive amount of prank pulling. 

Just something I wrote for fun to get this blog up and running. Major props to my co-blogger for the prank ideas (you basically made this girl). The length of this got a bit out of control but I hope you enjoy reading! 

(re-uploaded from an old blog. I’m Fran, one of the new co-owners :D)


The life of a hunter was not known for its high moments but let it not be said that you were one to pass up a good time. Although you had been busy with your up-and-go lifestyle, being the carefree spirit you were, you still had time to plan a few jokes to celebrate the beginning of April.

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Dean nearly jumped in his seat when Castiel unexpectedly elbowed him in the ribs.

“What?” Dean hissed, glancing sideways at his friend.

“Gabriel is looking at us. He seems suspicious, I think we need to look more couple-y.” Cas replied, sounding anxious.

It took Dean one swift look at the dance floor to find out that Cas was indeed right; Castiel’s brother was keeping an eye on their table, even while he was animatedly dancing with his now-wife Kali.

Some days, Dean Winchester was convinced that he was not simply God’s personal joke, but more like God’s entire freaking one man show. Today was one of those days. How else could he have ended up at the wedding of his best friend’s brother, pretending to be said best friend’s date.

Alright, so maybe Dean just cared a lot about Cas, and he wanted to save his friend from the horror-date with Meg Masters that Gabriel had threatened Castiel with if he didn’t bring a date of his own. According to Gabriel, it was about time that Cas found someone to settle down with, and if Cas didn’t make it happen, his older brother was determined to play matchmaker. This is why Castiel had begged Dean to come with him to that wedding, and pretend that they were together. Dean just wanted to help his friend out, so sue him.

Since most of Castiel’s brothers and sisters didn’t exactly live nearby, Dean and Cas even had to suffer through a two hour flight to attend. Considering that Dean was terrified of flying, this pretty much was solid proof of how gone Dean was on his best friend.

The two of them had been friends for nearly three years now, and during those years, Dean’s opinion on Cas had slowly shifted from ‘this is the kind of guy that I’d like to have a beer with after work’ to ‘this is the kind of guy that I’d like to get naked with’. And now he had to act  like he was attracted to the guy, while at the same time trying not to let it show that he was in fact attracted to the guy for real. Dean’s life was not an easy one.

“Dean?” Cas said again, voice unsure.

“Uh yeah, couple-y.” Dean repeated in a gruff voice. “Okay… So should I like… hold your hand?”

Dean swore he saw Cas blush, but maybe it was just the bad lighting; the party was taking place in the back yard of the giant mansion that Gabriel and Kali had recently moved into, and it was starting to get dark outside.

Castiel coughed to clear his throat. “Yes, I think holding hands will suffice.”

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anonymous asked:

Is there any way to spin the story so that Cas is alright now?? I need ridiculous stories to cheer myself up after 11x11 but I can't think of possible angst free scenario.

Somewhere deep inside the over-occupied Jimmy vessel, Cas is cheerfully sitting on a porch with a cat on his lap, blissfully unaware of the world passing beyond his eyes while he’s stuck in a life size version of the Neko Atsume yard, content and forgetting that he ever was anything other than a guy with 30 cats to play with.