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People do not talk about/know of Noor Inayat Khan enough, she is one of only four women to ever receive the George Cross. Of (royal) Indian heritage, born in Russia and raised in France and Britain, she was recruited by the special operations executive organisation (an elite organisation with cabinet approval) and was the first female wireless operator sent to Nazi-occupied France from Britain. She was incredible and soon became the most wanted British agent in Paris. Unfortunately, she was captured and beaten and yet she refused to give any information. She was executed by a single shot to the back of the head in 1944 at Dachau concentration camp. Her last words were “Liberté”

Noor Inayat Khan

James Bond. But a Girl. And Muslim.

1. Her code name was Madeleine (or Nora Baker or Jeanne-Marie Rennier) and she was an enemy of the Reich

2. She was a British secret agent of Indian and American origin (can I get a woot woot for diversity?)

3. As an SOE agent, she became the first female radio operator to be sent from Britain into occupied France to aid the French Resistance

4. But before WWII broke out, she studied child psychology at the Sorbonne and music at the Paris Conservatory under Nadia Boulanger, composing for harp and piano. She began a career writing poetry and children’s stories, and became a regular contributor to children’s magazines and French radio.

5. She wrote Twenty Jataka Tales, inspired by the Jataka tales of Buddhist tradition.

6.  After joining the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, she was recruited to join F (France) Section of the Special Operations Executive. 

7. She was betrayed to the Germans, either by Henri Déricourt or by Renée Garry, and then arrested and interrogated. There is no evidence of her being tortured, but her interrogation lasted over a month. During that time, she attempted escape twice. Hans Kieffer, the former head of the SD in Paris, testified after the war that she did not give the Gestapo a single piece of information, but lied consistently.

8. On November 25, 1943, Inayat Khan escaped from the SD Headquarters, along with fellow SOE Agents, but was captured in the vicinity. She was shackled at hands and feet for ten months and was classified as “highly dangerous.”

9. On September 11, 1944, Inayat Khan and three other SOE agents were moved to the Dachau Concentration Camp and executed 2 days later. Her last words were recorded to be, “Liberté”


Hello Occupy Plymouth! (Day 1)


All this criticism of the protests as being anti-capitalist. As I understand it, in capitalism if your business takes a risk that doesn’t come off, your business is finished, goes bankrupt. The government doesn’t step in to protect you from your losses. That’s anti-capitalism - companies being protected from failure by the state. Any of these banks that are classed as “too big to fail” are too big to exist. If we’re going to have a capitalist system then no company should be too big to fail. All we’re asking is that banks play by the same rules as everyone else.


Billy Bragg will be down at the Occupy Edinburgh site on Monday November 14th, from midday onwards!

Nicholas Winton — the British man who saved more than 650 children from certain death in Holocaust concentration camps by smuggling them out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and into Britain, only to keep his heroism a secret for half a century — died Wednesday at age 106. #BuzzFeedNews

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