occupy anniversary


Jesus guys. I come unsuspectingly to tumblr only to find out that Bakushima’s anniversary was like 2 days ago. How could I miss that?!?!

Well here’s one hell of a rush job (It’s amazing that I accomplished anything productive today considering I did this lol) to throw in my bit of celebration!



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Title : Amaranthine (Endless)

Pairing : Im Jaebum x reader

Genre : ANGST 

Words : 1221

Summary : You, Jaebum and forever. It is everything you need, and you give it to him for your anniversary.

Part of the Series Paradise Lost 

It’s an amazing feeling.

You feel great. The moment you were done, it was blissful. It’s not like any other day. You’re lying next to your most precious person. Jaebum is right next to you. You try turning to the right where you can see his head resting peacefully.

He looks like an angel.

Today is your anniversary. You had prepared a great diner for both of you and Jaebum had been incredibly late.

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NYPD erecting walls around Zucotti Park ten days before the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

Via Rising Tide North America’s Facebook (I would link it, but you have to be friends with them cos it’s a page & Facebook won’t allow them to add anymore friends)

We’ll be at the anniversary, so if you’re interested in meeting up with us in New York, let us know!

CHINA, HONG KONG : A recently married couple get ready to take a picture outside the government headquarters building to mark one year since the start of mass pro-democracy rallies calling for fully free leadership elections in the semi-autonomous city, in Hong Kong on September 28, 2015. The 2014 Occupy protests began after China’s central government claimed it was offering a compromise of sorts by allowing a popular vote for the Hong Kong leader in 2017 but insisted candidates were vetted. AFP PHOTO / Philippe Lopez                        


I planned to kill myself at age 18. I was young and dramatic and alone and sad and so very alone. That can be a dangerous combination.

I did not kill myself, obviously. I’m in Washington Square Park putting pen on paper—my friend, Rachel, does the same next to me—listening to street performers, a violinist, and the Occupy Wall St anniversary protests. It gets cold as the sun starts to set behind the trees past the fountain. Still some yellow slices of sunlight down by the water’s edge, though. It’s good.

Life is not perfect—I am not going to wrap my story in a an inspiring moral, a pretty bow, and a bowl of chicken soup—but this moment right here is really, really good. Sometimes I feel lonely but sometimes I bake chocolate-almond cake (I learned how to beat egg whites into stiff peaks for that recipe when I was 23). That should be a small thing, a “no, duh,” I guess—that some moments are lonely and some are chocolate cake—but it feels big. Really big.