occupy all the streets!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s no coincidence to me that liberals have taken aim at women holding signs about vaginas, uteruses, and specifically female-centered issues during the women’s march, but these very same liberals wouldn’t dare suggest that “black lives matter” activists should include “white lives” or “blue lives” in their signs and slogans too. these very same liberals did not see fit to inform occupy wall street protestors that its “not all rich people.”

women are the ones who have to step aside and make room at the podium for others. women are the ones who have to be reminded that it’s not okay to put ourselves first. women are the ones who need to sacrifice precious time, space, and voice at a public demonstration to make sure others are heard and seen, too. women are the ones who have no specific experience worth naming and discussing, no specific interests worth protecting.

woman does not exist.

Riots in Athens, Greece against the murder of Killah P

Antifascist worker and hip hop artist murdered by Golden Dawn nazis in Piraeus

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“We’re Gonna Need a Plan”

Josh stood outside the building leaning against the bricks smoking a cigarette. He could hear Eva in the back of his head telling him to stop because “it’s bad for your lungs” even though he’s a vampire and his lungs can’t get fucked up if you don’t NEED THEM. Jesus. The world was dying and Josh needed a fucking break.

Which involved him. Standing outside smoking, while he waited for his brother to get through the check points.

He remembered when the street still looked like a city; when all the buildings were occupied, and people walked on the street with their kids and their dogs. Both on leashes. White people were weird.

A white shabby white car pulled up against the curb where there wasn’t a reason not to park like another car, or a meter, or a trash can, or a gaggle of homeless people. He got out of the car and held his arms out, “Hug me Brother!”

Josh rolled his eyes and put out his cigarette with a laugh, “This isn’t a suburb dude. You’re gonna get us shot.” He walked around the car and hugged William, mostly glad he was alive still. “Let’s get your bag, and get inside.”

William pulled his duffle out of his trunk, “The check guards thought I was so shifty, with my one bag in my trunk.”

“Only drug dealers and murderer’s have clean cars.” Josh took the bag from his brother and walked towards the door to the building. He opened the door to the entry hall and the staircase against the left wall. If you looked up from the window of the stairs a human could only see so high up before it vanished into a distant point. If a Vampire tried, they could see just about as far just a titch farther because some Vampires need glasses too yah know.

“Welcome to the Inferno.” Josh grinned.

So, during my day off from writing, I decided to watch The Jane Austen Book Club, because why *not* give myself another obsession *eyeroll* I really only watched it for Hugh, which is basically the only reason I’ve watched any of his films, the poor dear. I did enjoy Grigg quite a lot though, so I’m glad I did. I loved how passionate he was about reading, and how open to new experiences, so of course I’ve added him to my collection.

Because, okay, imagine this…

Nigel has a job, casing out a target, and he spends a lot of time sitting in the coffee shop across the street from where they work. To blend in, he just grabbed some random used paperbacks from the 99 cent stand at the bookstore and pretends to read them while sitting by the window with his tea.

It’s pouring rain–like buckets, impossible to see through–so Grigg runs into the nearest shop, which happens to be that same coffee shop, and of course it’s packed, because everyone had the same idea he did, running in off the streets. So all the tables are occupied, and Grigg is looking around for somewhere to sit and he turns and sees…

This table in the corner by the window, and scattered across the top are some of his favourite books–real sci-fi classics, but the sort he’s never met anyone else who’s read them, other than his father–and what’s more, they’re all worn and clearly well-read and loved.

Nigel is frowning out at the streets over the top of one of the books, lost in thought, and suddenly there’s this guy in a skin-tight biking suit dripping all over his table and absolutely *gushing* about something, and Nigel can only stare for several seconds–at his sodden curls, and those bright blue eyes, and well, frankly everything that cycling suit accentuates–before he realises the kid is going on about the book Nigel is holding.

Of course Nigel invites Grigg to sit with him, and just sits there, bemused, but starting to become smitten, while Grigg talks at him for the next hour about why these books are his favourites, and what does Nigel think? Nigel is a good liar, and he’s been pretending to read these books for a few weeks now, so he’s picked up the names and some details, and he manages to distract Grigg by just asking him more and more questions.

Then the rain stops and Grigg reluctantly has to leave. And suddenly he’s all shy and avoiding eye-contact and hesitantly asking if Nigel comes to the store often, and Nigel actually has to hide his smile behind his hand. Says maybe he’ll see Grigg around.

That night he goes back to his hotel room, and instead of turning on the tv and drinking until he passes out, he cracks open the first of the books, and starts reading, so he’s better prepared the next time they run into one another…

one of my least favourite trends in the left, and it’s one which has existed to some degree for a very long time but it’s REALLY gained momentum in the last 20 years, is this kind of “return to marx” mentality, where all existing socialism is seen as some unrelated distortion, and lenin - or even, sometimes, engels - is the Corrupter of Marx’s Pure Message. usually, the interpretation of the Original Marx ends up concluding one of two things, that either a) he was a pure “libertarian” socialist who was completely averse to any kind of real revolution or conflict or b) he was actually a humanist reformist all along, and if he was alive today he’d been in occupy wall street etc. etc.

i could go into all the theoretical problems of both those positions, but what really annoys me is that people act as if capitalism is the same object it was when marx was writing, when in fact it has evolved greatly. to have a modern analysis of capitalism, you need to take into account monopoly capitalism, the changes in how states manifest themselves in social formations, the changes in how the working class is composed etc. to name just a few things. as great as marx and engels are, you have to build upon that analysis to really understand modern capitalism.

tl;dr, if marxism expresses some truth about the world, it’s not because marx or engels were all-seeing geniuses and prophets, it’s because of the strength of marxism as a methodology and mode of analysis.

Hello, yes. I am the Ultimate Tumblr Anarchist™.

I go around attacking black women on anon for showing the slightest interest in Beyoncé’s music because she is the ultimate and only representation of the bourgeois. Just Beyoncé. Led Zeppelin on the other hand was so innovative. No music like that was around before they hit the scene. They invented blues and were just as important as any civil rights leader, why don’t we have any streets named after them? I’ll start a movement called Led Zeppelin Occupy All Streets.

Good work, comrade. Long live the revolution.

Leaving Feminism

So this is an account of how I came to leave the movement. It’s a long story, and I’m scared that I might be doxed because of this, but if I am more scared of the world I might live in if I don’t at least try to share what I know.

I grew up as a social outcast, I had loving parents but I just wasn’t your typical kid; I had an interest in knowledge and creativity instead of in-group drama, fashion and pop music, so whenever the personality disorders picked up on this I was typically singled out and became the source of cruel entertainment. When I turned 18 I decided that I didn’t want to live in a selfish world where people should needlessly suffer for being weak or for not fitting into societies mold, so I took up activism and eventually found my way into the arms of feminism.

On my own terms I had come to the conclusion that the source of the worlds problems lie within our own human nature, at the time I joined the movement they seemed to have picked up on this notion. I was especially interested in dismantling gender roles, in creating a gender neutral society where the circumstances of your birth do not affect your opportunities or how other people treat you. People in general are more conformist than they’d like to believe, and can unwittingly uphold the status quo through inaction and lack of critical thinking. It’s only because of the ideas, courage and cunning of certain individuals that we make progress.

I used to write my own blog articles about whatever ‘big picture’ stuff was on my mind. I wrote a piece to which a girl the same age as me got in touch and said how she heavily related to my post. We eventually became friends and she put me in touch with other feminist activists she knew who happened to live in the city near me. This lead me to getting involved with a group of activists with varying years of experience, by 2011 we were very organised and beginning to make connections with other groups thanks to the internet.

Then OWS happened. I noticed that our group was becoming a vast majority of students, which I somehow got lumped into despite never going to University, but because of my gender, mixed ethnicity and alternative sexuality I got fast tracked up the progressive stack and met the top dogs.

I was invited to a lot of private and exclusive events and gatherings. Just the idea of it rubbed me in the wrong way, how is this any different from a bunch of old rich bankers meeting in their mansions? I had a lot of chats with much older feminists, who would ask about my blog and beliefs, and would respond with flattering responses about me as a person rather than comment on the merit (or lack of) of my ideas, like: “it’s so good that a young person is doing this, you will go far” and “people will listen to you, you’re unique and have a warm, pretty smile”. Whenever I walked home, I felt strange, like I had stepped into another dimension entirely. I used to get invited to a lot of these peoples houses and sometimes invited to their bed, it was easy to see that they were rich as fuck, and for the most part, white women. 

Everything had some contradictory element to it, we wanted to have more allies, but whenever we went searching for them in other groups we only seemed to make more enemies and once one popular activist took a personal beef with someone, it suddenly became a all-hands-on-deck campaign against the person in question and anyone associated with them. I was always bombarded and queried with the plight of the WOC, yet it only seem to be the problems of 1st world middle-class non-white women that mattered, and while the poor and foreign people suffering got talked about, no one really cared enough to take action.

I got a little too involved with these higher-up activists that I forgot about my friends in my old group, so I went to my old monthly meetup to catch up with everyone, but no one I knew was there. Just a year had passed since I last attended in the summer of 2012, and in that time I had found out that first off, a group of students had decided to make a second meetup for LGBT activists so they could discuss issues “safely”, then they opened it up to allies, which kind of defeats the point because now it’s the exact same meetup but with different leaders. Then when this logical flaw was pointed out they changed it to a “queer” meetup where only non-heteronormal people weren’t allowed; if you were straight, vanilla, monogamous or bisexual but currently dating the opposite sex, you were out. Then it became a “genderqueer” meetup, now cis people weren’t allowed, or in this case just the gay and bi male-identifying men. Then it became a “queer women” meetup, and the trans people were cast out because they were in the uncanny valley for some of the other ladies who still didn’t feel safe, but straight women complained for being excluded so they were let back in, also women who were dominant in the BDSM sense were also booted for reinforcing power structures. By the time I had returned, the original gathering had been long gone and replaced by the queer women meet, who can now invite anyone that’s been vetted, so basically even the abhorrent SAWCMs were fine if they knew the right women. I also couldn’t get a conversation started with anyone, as I was not in anyone’s clique.

Meanwhile in the upper echelons, I was being given lots of monologues on Patriarchy, power, privilege, microagressions and hidden oppression. I made it clear that my beliefs were in making a world where none of these systems existed, and EVERYONE, oppressed or not, will live together in unity. I was told that in order for my vision to come true that feminism’s victory and the dismantling of patriarchy was the only way. I eventually buckled under the pressure and sheer quantity of media supporting this view. I took the view that although I don’t believe all men, straight and white people are bad, there are so many bad people within those groups that made my life hell in the past that well… fuck 'em… none of them were there for me when I was depressed or suicidal, it’s for the greater good. 

I went to what would be my last exclusive house party. It was mostly the older feminist women, who brought along their husbands if they were married, and a surprising amount of them were. I got the invite because I was seeing a married lady, I almost had a heart attack when she introduced me to her husband (I thought she was single and I had unwittingly become a homewrecker). He must have noticed my terror, and mentioned that he knows everything and is cool with it, I tried to calm myself down by making a witty remark, saying “oh, so while she’s out with me do you scan through grindr for some cute boys?!”. They both then laughed and were grossed out at the idea of two men having sex, which I didn’t even react to because it was so left-field coming from these so-called progressives. Later on I was asked what young people were into these days, and I explained to a group how well anime is doing in the west and recommended Attack on Titan to them, then was met with lines such as “eugh I can’t be bothered with subtitles” and “yeah but Japan is too weird for me”, again, why would pro-multiculturalists say this shit? AOT is chock full of white-Germanic characters anyway, you Bourgeois fuckers.

We are coming up to late 2014 now in this story, and I’m working a lot of hours in my shitty retail job, leaving the store at 23:00 on Thursdays and Saturdays. Every late shift one of the warehouse workers finishes at the same time as me and drives by as I walk on the pavement; offering a lift home. I turn him down every time because I live a 20 minute walk away and I’m an independent person, but one stormy night I say yes to escape the wind and rain. In the car he asks why I’m working so much, I tell him about saving up for Christmas presents, and he says likewise and talks about what he’s doing with his wife and kids for Christmas. It became obvious to me that he loves and adores his family, and despite such a low-paid thankless job, he’s just making the best of his situation. I felt horrible for having suspected he had ulterior motives in mind when offering me a lift, I asked him why he offers me lifts so much, and he doesn’t really have an answer, just that it seemed like the right thing to do. 

When I went home for Christmas, a lot of feminist friends on facebook and tumblr wouldn’t stop posting about how horrible gamers are, I didn’t really care for this campaign, I was at home with my family and knew how it was going to pan out so I just silently watched from the side-lines. Then #NotYourShield happened, and I started noticing that we were not fighting a 1v1 battle here, the atheists and libertarians were getting on board, people who used to attend our meetings in 2010/11 were posting IN FAVOUR of the gamers. I had no idea what to do, and started posting online trying as hard as I could to be a voice of moderate feminism, wanting to be on the side of the little guy/consumers but not wanting nerd culture to lose all the social progress it’s made so far. The only people on our side was the mainstream press, those same publishers I blogged against when I started all of this; the establishment.

In the room next to me, my brother was enjoying his new football game, he’s in University, racking up a huge debt so he can pursue the career he wants. We are a working class family, and there I am in league with a bunch of rich, racist and homophobic people sipping port, who want nothing more than to see him suffer and struggle like the warehouse worker barely making ends meet… And for what? He doesn’t hate women, he just wants to write books, play his games and be happy. These feminists, their husbands are lawyers and bankers, their parents own multiple houses and assets. If anyone is an agent of the Patriarchy, it’s these people. If you are a wealthy first world women, then feminism is for you, but if you are not, then all you will do is make a more divided society and we will never be strong enough to take on the real enemy.

THINK about it, we always say the Patriarchy weaves its way into society and has been doing so for centuries, is it not so hard to believe that it would attempt to co-opt our own movements?