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Hi it’s me again, so i’m not too sure what i got from your reply for the 10 month sober lyric? Was i right about the fact that if it’s about Harry the timing doesn’t add up because he couldn’t have been driving to her house? Or did you say he could have seen her even after May? because if so there was a whole week after he met Paige where he was in LA and Taylor wasn’t touring on them days either

I understand how my reply might have confused you – partly, that’s why I encouraged you to disassociate Clean from Style.

In theory, it is possible, following from my interpretation of the lyric ‘it was months and months of back and forth,’ that the events which figure in Style took place after Taylor had embarked on her journey to sobriety. (I do not happen to believe this was so in actuality – to my mind, Style refers not to a specific series of events with an exact temporal location, but rather to a pattern of behaviour repeated over the course of two years. Taylor and Dianna’s relationship is generally agreed to have been tempestuous. I would suggest that they broke-up on at least four separate occasions.) 

But: (i.) Recognising this as possible, if unlikely, in no way compromises your argument regarding Clean. It remains that Harry cannot be linked to Taylor in April/May 2013 and, thus, could not reasonably have provided the impetus for her commitment to sobriety. (ii.) The fact that Style, on this conception, could be about Harry, does not preclude us from believing that it is not. Finding it difficult to ignore the coincidences discussed in ’Rebel With a Clue?,’ I much prefer Dianna as its subject.  




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