Glensheen Historic Estate is a large mansion located in Duluth, Minnesota. It was constructed to be the family home for Chester Adgate Congdon in 1908. In 1968, the mansion was given to the University of Minnesota Duluth. While the university owned the home, Elisabeth Congdon, Chester’s youngest daughter, was given a life estate while allowed her to occupy the mansion until her death. Without a doubt, the house is an absolute beauty, however, it’s more commonly known for its brutal 1977 murder.

On 26 June, 1977, somebody snuck into the Glensheen Mansion. Inside, they came across Elisabeth’s nurse, Velma Pietila, who they threw down the stairs before bludgeoning her with a candlestick. Following her murder, the intruder then crept into 83-year-old Elisabeth’s bedroom and suffocated her with her own pillow.

Roger Caldwell, the husband of Elisabeth’s adopted daughter, Marjorie, was eventually apprehended for the shocking murders. Initially, he denied the crime and was acquitted, but years later he eventually confessed that he killed them because Marjorie was to inherit the Congdon fortune when Elisabeth passed away. Following Roger’s confession, he committed suicide.

About the ban

The media are hyping like crazy here in Russia and it’s just sad. I’m half Russian and half Ukrainian, and it hurts me to look at all that rivalry. Now the hostility between our countries is going to grow even bigger. Just… what the hell are we all doing?

This show was created to unite Europe after the war and now we’re fighting because of it. Well, not exactly, the problem is about the laws against the people who visited the Crimea which is an occupied territory. Still, the contestant was banned. I can’t stop thinking about Julia and how upset she’s going to be. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of her song I’d like to support her.

It’s rather sad to think about it. Politics aside, let us people simply enjoy the music without looking for someone’s throat to cut.

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So...I've been binging like 3 weeks or so (roughly that time, when you also started binging), but I don't seem to get back on track! After the school my first meal would be a apple and after a hour I'm like "huh, I have some calories left, why not eat" I don't wan't to fuck up my metabolism, but I always end up binging...Do you have any tips or followers maybe?

I am fasting today and what has kept me from binging / eating is saying to myself “Why ruin my calorie intake?” instead of “Why not eat?”, if you are about to eat something imagine it is moldy and worms are all over it (or it contains meat if you are vegan/vegetarian), stay out of the kitchen as much as possible, occupy yourself, and have fun doing lots of other things instead of eating! I am surprised that I have made it far in my fast because of these tips, also drink tea! Good luck!!

So, the past few weeks have been crazy, especially for my introverted self. I have a big project at work I’m responsible for, which excited me at first but is currently causing a lot of stress and anguish coupled with busy evenings, I have wanted nothing more than moments to myself doing absolutely nothing which will allow myself to recharge.
“Go away, I’m introverting” has never had a bigger fan than me right now.

So today I said, I had free time over lunch so I’ll bring my workout clothes and go, since I have something occupying my time this evening. This way I can’t make the excuse of, I’ll work through lunch and just leave early to have some peace and quiet. But then work happened and I haven’t had my introvert time to recharge and I’m just exhausted. But frankly, I wanted to be at work less than I didn’t want to go to the gym. So I went to the gym and told myself, just walk. Even if it’s a crawl, you’re moving. You don’t even have to try. Just show up.

But as you know, when you show up and start moving, your body thinks “I’ve done this before. This is fun. This feels great. Let’s do more.” So I walked, picked up the speed and ended with a run. It also helped listening to the -#aliontherun podcast, which I LOVE. I have followed her blog for awhile and love her podcast even more. I always find myself wanting to do more, push harder, etc when listening to her podcasts and hearing from her guests. Which reminded me that my race is coming up in just 2ish weeks. Eep.

I’m in a better mood. I got alone time. I moved my body. I moved weight.

For this, I am happy.


Brennan: “I know I’ve been a little occupied lately with planning our move here, and then securing everything and making sure you’re safe and alright. So I hope that I have correctly conveyed my happiness over us having a baby.”

Sevella: “You have been busy, but I know you’re happy. I am, too.”

Brennan: “I really am. I am beyond excited to meet him in a few months.”

Sevella: “Me, too. I can’t wait to finally see him and hold him in my arms.”

Brennan: “And now that we decided on a name, all that’s left is to wait.”

Sevella: “It seems so close and yet so far away.”

Brennan: “I agree. But you just wait, we will be meeting our little boy before we know it.”

Cookies. Cookies everywhere

Look at me! I deserve a cookie!  Look at the smart boy not touching THAT.  I definitely deserve a cookie here! I can’t believe myself that I keep my mouth closed. To keep doing it I need occupying my mouth with cookies. *sobbing in the corner*

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Hi! I love your blog <3 So a mafia au I'm following (Kintsugi) is supposed to update on Mondays/Tuesdays but it hasn't updated yet! I've been a fan ever since chapter one and it hurts so bad waiting for the next chapter ;-; Your fic recs help take my mind off the withdrawal symptoms xD

I’m glad I could help you find some fics to keep you occupied until the that fic updates! :D


This episode for me really highlighted and then in its dramatic finale brought to an extreme the use of perspective that Rebecca Sugar has often talked about during panels. In her rare appearances, we are almost always looking up at Rose Quartz, or she is leaning down and over our POV - be it Pearl kneeling before her hologram in Rose’s Scabbard

or Greg on a number of occasions during the early days of their relationship (We Need To Talk is a really interesting watch with regards to camera angles and how they change - Greg literally climbs a stack of crates during his attempt at communication and, well, seeing eye to eye)

or Garnet after her fateful fall in The Answer

or, hey, Buddy Buddwick collapsed in the desert in Buddy’s Book

She even has magical floating powers. It all fits, of course, with the entire running theme of the (unattainable/unmaintainable) pedestal. And even when she is not directly present, and even when it’s not the focus of the shot, her portrait can be seen overlooking the familiar setting of the beach house.