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Name: John Watson

Nickname: Johnny (my sister), My Love (Sherlock on rare and blessed occasions).

Star sign: Aries

Gender: male

Height: 5′7"

Sexual orientation: bisexual

Romantic orientation: not 100% clear, biromantic, possibly?  Though, I think I lean a bit more toward the homoromantic side.  I hate having to solidify these things with labels.  It’s difficult when I feel I’m still sort of figuring it all out, you know…

Favourite color: burgundy

Time right now:  2:58 am

Average hours of sleep: Lately?!  About 4.  Normally I try to get 6 - 8.

Lucky number(s): 29

Last thing I googled: mens velvet blazers

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1

Favourite fictional character: James Bond

Favourite famous people: Sherlock Holmes

Favourite book: Oh, this is difficult…  I’ve had a well-thumbed copy of E.M. Forster’s “Maurice” since uni, so perhaps that?  I actually have a bit of a soft spot for Dickens as well.

Favourite bands/artists: To difficult to choose.  Lately I’ve been listening to The Smiths a lot (Sherlock likes them), and also The Irrespressibles, occasionally I’ll be in the mood for some Zeppelin.  I don’t know.  I lost interest in music for awhile, and I’m just sort of regaining it, so I’m still trying to feel out how my tastes have changed.

Dream trip: Canada (the Rocky Mountains).  I was just talking about this before Sherlock went into hospital.  A little holiday would be nice, and I’ve never been to Canada.

Dream job: I’m living it.  What Sherlock and I do together, the cases and such, is my favourite thing.  I just quit at the clinic for good yesterday, and I don’t miss it a bit.

I think you’re supposed to tag several other people, but poechild already tagged everyone I know personally.  If you would like to do it, go right ahead!  I would love to learn more about the people following me.

I have always been among the small faction of people who believe that Flemeth took over Solas’ body in the post-credits scene, and not vice-versa.

I just played the end-game again getting ready for Trespasser (because apparently I never made a post-final-battle save on my canon Inquisitor) and in watching that scene again I was struck all over again by the subtle cues that support that theory.

In this interview about the new DLC, Mike Laidlaw says:

What does the name “Trespasser” refer to?
In the course of the story, the Inquisitor is going to be involving the Eluvians – the mirrors that can be used to travel between spaces. In a way, the idea of Trespasser is that you’re entering into some places that no one has gone for thousands of years, so you are “trespassing” in that space. There are some other meanings to it as well, but I will leave those for people to mull over and uncover on their own.

And it just hit me: what if the ‘other meanings’ he mentions is referring to Flemeth trespassing in Solas’ body?

What if Flemeth is the Trespasser??

eternally-pre-occupied asked:

"Dad, no," "Dad, yes". I kinda saw that coming and that person, no" "pERSON, YeS-" meme is always hilarious. XDDD But like holy crap I kinda had feels due to canon when Eren and Carla hugged and everything and I got rlly happy when I saw that you didn't portray Grisha as abusive, insensitive, or just plain asshole-ish! ( ゚д゚) On a sidenote, since Carla is alive AND Grisha seems rlly nice, I'm shipping them now because they need more love. Can't wait for the next update!

I really do love that meme and I actually say it in real life as well. ;D

I can’t do mean… this fic is intended to be super fluffy and happy. ^^ (And also frustrating because the TWO NEED TO GET TOGETHER ASAP!)

Grisha and Carla are lovely and I’m glad the recent manga chapters have cleared up any misconceptions about Grisha’s character. :’D And yes, the two definitely need more love! ♥

#GazaUnderAttack | Lawyer: Palestine can still sue Israel at ICC

#GazaUnderAttack | Lawyer: Palestine can still sue Israel at ICC

PressTV | Aug 13, 2014

A French lawyer says there are still legal channels to prosecute Israel for its war crimes in Gaza at the International Criminal Court (ICC) after Palestine’s initial case was rejected last week, Press TV reports.

Gilles Devers had filed a case at the ICC on behalf of Palestine in late July following Israel’s attacks on Gaza, but the case has been rejected.


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Shizuka Yokomizo. A genius with serious balls. Such an original idea. He would anonymously post a note asking/directing occupiers of houses to stand facing a specific window of the house at a specific time for a photograph. The idea here being that the occupier would pose in anticipation of the photograph being taken as the window would serve as a mirror. Consentual voyeurism? Strangers

#feelthebern - The definition of a democratic socialist (by the standards of Bernie Sanders).