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First Nations Group Occupy Lelu Island to Save Flora Banks

Conway Victorian NoCC (500 Follower Gift)

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30 x 20
Lot Price: 155,651 Furnished
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Based on classic Victorian style houses seen on my recent travels through pretty New England, USA, this family home is ready to move into.
Spacious and opulent reception rooms occupy the ground floor with three bedrooms located on the upper floor.
The landscaped garden offers a pool, BBQ, play area and hot tub.

Packs Used:
Perfect Patio Stuff,
Spa Day,
Outdoor Retreat,
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Get To Work.
(NB If you don’t own a pack the game will replace items with something similar)

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SSS - On the Threshold

Yeah, it’s definitely not Sunday. But here’s a little snippet of OtT, with the assurance that it’s not abandoned, I promise.

“You’d better start heading back,” Peeta said, as he wiped the sheen of sweat from his brow. “It‘s getting late.”

Katniss furrowed her brow. “What about you?”

“It would be a waste to extinguish the bonfire before we‘re done,” he said. “I’m going to stay and keep adding bricks and wood to the fire.”

Katniss shifted, looking at the large pile nearby. There were so many that still needed to be fired. It would be well into the night when the current batch occupying the spaces at the edge of the flames were finished baking. And letting the blaze burn down and restarting it would be a huge waste of time, firewood and heat.

“I could stay with you. We could take turns tending the fire, while the other sleeps.”

He shook his head. “Prim and your mother will wonder where you are; I don’t want them to worry.”

“But given the number of bricks to fire still, this will take you well into tomorrow night. You’re just going to stay out here indefinitely?” Katniss demanded, skeptic.

Peeta laughed tiredly, “Why not? No one’s even going to notice I’m gone.”

She was sad to agree. His absence wouldn’t be missed for several days, should he up and disappear into the woods. Except by her, of course.

Katniss thought of the packs of wild dogs that roamed the wilds of Panem. Bears and wolves, though rare, weren’t unheard of either. It was unlikely anything would risk coming close to the fire on the lakeside, and the door to the concrete shack had a bolt, but still…

The idea of Peeta being alone in the forest overnight felt wrong. And it wasn’t even that she thought there was a likelihood of danger, not with the raging bonfire. But thinking of him waiting out the night, with nothing but the unfeeling wilderness to keep him company, bothered her.

It had been another wearying day, and now he couldn‘t even sleep it off. He shouldn’t have to do it alone, she thought fiercely. Not when they could do it together. Even if all she could do was rest her tired head on Peeta’s shoulder and poke him awake every few hours, Katniss wanted to.

But he wouldn’t hear of it. Peeta insisted she pack up her things before it got any darker. He barely waited long enough for her to check that he had a hunting knife with him, or for her to hand over her bow and quiver with a lingering kiss to his brow, before he turned and went into the little shack to stow his game bag with the few provisions he‘d thought to bring. He locked the door behind him at her request, and Katniss could only assume he was settling in for the long wait. Without her.

It was hours after she’d gone to bed, back in the small bedroom in their Seam house, that Katniss realized what was gnawing at her, what had so dissatisfied her as she left him at the lake: They’d missed the opportunity to spend a night in each other’s company without anyone being the wiser.

Q: What would you spend your time doing if you didn’t have social media?

A: I’d be bored probably? Social media occupies my boredom time. I blog in my downtime when my son isn’t putting on his socks.

#Shellno - For #Obama to travel to Alaska for a show and tell on how it’s affected by climate change isn’t real leadership of what we expected for him. We all voted for Obama based on the expectation that he would right decision when it comes to climate change. NOT give the green light to Shell Oil to drill for oil in the Arctic.

Just another example of how Obama is failing us on climate change leadership.

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"(Also, I was disappointed that Bruce shot the lock instead of going Hulk to save Natasha. If Bruce became the Hulk, despite his misgivings, for Natasha’s sake, that would’ve been significant. Instead, Natasha forced him to become the Hulk against his explicitly stated wishes – how’s that for consent in a relationship?)" thoughts?

Hi, Anon! Not sure where this is from, but I’ll take a stab.

I mean, it’s a thought. I prefer what we got for a few reasons.

‘Bruce becomes the Hulk to save Natasha’ would be cute and all, I like it in fic, but the movie would have to be drastically altered for it to make any kind of sense. First of all, Natasha isn’t really being rescued, she’s being “found” (as Cap says). Bruce grabs a gun and scurries through the tunnels without incident because the robots are occupied (which Nat doesn’t know). But if Bruce has to Hulk out to save Natasha, then it would have to be in a scenario where she actually does need rescuing. 

(Having him Hulk out to open a door would be super lame. She would not, however, become a damsel in distress in that or any other scenario, because Natasha Romanoff is allowed to be in distress and retain her badassery. Just like a male character. Just like she does in CA:TWS, wherein Cap saves her multiple times. What’s the difference? Don’t ask me — I’m still scratching my head.)

Now, I would be a-okay with Natasha needing rescuing. I think men and women on teams and in power couples should save each other all the time. Big ol’ heart eyes from me if Hulk saves Natasha, provided Natasha’s saving Bruce’s butt just as often. In AOU, we do get to see Natasha playing bodyguard to Bruce, but everyone likes to ignore that in favor of ‘rescue’ rants.

What we get instead is Bruce keeping himself together in a stressful situation in order to get to Natasha and get her the hell out of dodge. Because “she’s done enough.” In his mind, he is rescuing her — but not from Ultron or bodily harm, he knows she can handle that. He’s rescuing her from a life of kill or be killed and putting himself out there to help her realize her dream of that “something more.” 

Bruce comes to Sokovia explicitly for that aim and no other. He’s trying to be her hero, and that’s incredibly moving. Natasha recognizes that instantly. Her face when he tells her she’s done enough is heartbreaking. It’s subtle, because it’s Natasha and in character, but it’s huge. She adores him for it.


‘Natasha forced him to become the Hulk against his explicitly stated wishes’ — which, yep, can’t argue with that. This is the tragedy of their relationship. The act of forcing Bruce to Hulk out to save Sokovia is a violation of trust, and the emotional impact of Natasha’s choice is something that both of them will carry forward. But, I firmly believe, it’s something they can recover from and forgive each other for.

In the scenario that’s suggested, Bruce Hulks out to save Natasha. He embraces the monster, as he does at the end of TIH. Wouldn’t that be nice? Natasha wants that for him (“You sure you’re not gonna turn green?”), but she knows he’s determined to not trust himself. However, the way he expresses the choice he has made for himself isn’t in a negative (imagine if he’d echoed the “I can’t be around civilians” line) but a positive (“I’ve got a compelling reason not to lose my cool”). That’s character growth.

It’s still not where Natasha is. Natasha wants “something more than a mission” but dreams of being an Avenger. This is a sort of variation on the classic ‘a woman has to choose between personal and professional fulfillment’ cliche. But here both choices are deeply personal for Natasha, because her profession up until this point has been her entire life (not the other way around as in ‘a woman wants to break into the professional sphere but all her life she’s been told she’ll be more suited to the domestic’). She wants a life. She wants to be hero. She deserves both, and I’m crossing my fingers that she gets both eventually. But for now, she wants to be a hero more than she wants to have a life. So she makes a choice for herself — she’s not going with Bruce right this moment, she’s going to finish the job.

Now, the choice she makes for Bruce underscores how much she’s willing to risk in order to be a hero, in order to save lives. She knows and trusts Bruce as the Hulk around civilians, even if Bruce can’t trust himself. She tells him, “Go be a hero” and he listens. Her choice pays off but choices have consequences. In the end, the price of making that choice is losing Bruce (for now). 

That is such an interesting storyline built on choices we actually get to see her struggle with. I honestly don’t understand why so many people can’t see that. It’s the great mystery of tumblr for me.

Basically all that is to say — if we would have gotten the ‘Bruce Hulks out to save Natasha’ bit we would have lost out on the meaty sacrifice and choice aspect that the story presents us with. It would have been a happy ending, sure, but it would have had far lower stakes for the characters and abridged their respective arcs instead of extending and deepening them. 

Eye contact

If you drop a line from the center of the eye through the tip of the nose, that line traces a space within the person’s vision that is actually occupied by the nose itself for that eye. You can easily see it in yourself by closing one eye and looking at your nose, which clearly blocks vision to the opposite side. The same line for the other eye, which clearly can see that space, can’t engage both eyes on it, and as a consequence of binocular vision and processing, doesn’t register stimuli as readily in that space.

Why does this matter? Essentially, if a person doesn’t move their head to get a new vantage on that space, anything coming toward the eye within it won’t trigger a response as readily as something coming in at the eye on a different angle. It has two consequences for the martial artist. The peripheral vision should be used and trained into use more than the center of vision, to avoid a stimuli that merits a response falling into that space and being missed (such as a thrust at the face from a sword or spear). Secondly, shots can be thrown in against the eye of the opponent along that line, thereby less likely to be seen and defended (ie thrusts at the face or slipping in an eye jab along the line).

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Update your Kotoumi stories!


Please don’t rush me, I tend to write when I wake up and go to sleep, that’s when my ideas flourish the most. I’m currently working on the first chapter of my NozoUmi AU so please be patient. I have started work on the KotoUmi Restaurant AU and the Hair Salon AU is going to take a while to finish.

If you want something to occupy your time, I have a NicoMaki, NozoEli and EliUmi fanfic on my fanfiction account.

I’m writing as fast as I can with the guarantee of quality so please look forward to them when they come out.



P.S. – Um dos livros de Sacks que A Casa de Vidro recomenda é “MUSICOPHILIA – TALES OF MUSIC AND THE BRAIN” [eis o ebook, em formato epub, disponível pra baixar via Google Drive:http://bit.ly/1LMxlIM]. Começa assim:

“What an odd thing it is to see an entire species— billions of people— playing with, listening to, meaningless tonal patterns, occupied and preoccupied for much of their time by what they call “music.” This, at least, was one of the things about human beings that puzzled the highly cerebral alien beings, the Overlords, in Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End. Curiosity brings them down to the Earth’s surface to attend a concert, they listen politely, and at the end, congratulate the composer on his “great ingenuity”— while still finding the entire business unintelligible. They cannot think what goes on in human beings when they make or listen to music, because nothing goes on with them. They themselves, as a species, lack music.

We may imagine the Overlords ruminating further, back in their spaceships. This thing called “music,” they would have to concede, is in some way efficacious to humans, central to human life. Yet it has no concepts, makes no propositions; it lacks images, symbols, the stuff of language. It has no power of representation. It has no necessary relation to the world.

There are rare humans who, like the Overlords, may lack the neural apparatus for appreciating tones or melodies. But for virtually all of us, music has great power, whether or not we seek it out or think of ourselves as particularly “musical.” This propensity to music shows itself in infancy, is manifest and central in every culture, and probably goes back to the very beginnings of our species. Such “musicophilia” is a given in human nature. It may be developed or shaped by the cultures we live in, by the circumstances of life, or by the particular gifts or weaknesses we have as individuals— but it lies so deep in human nature that one must think of it as innate, much as E. O. Wilson regards “biophilia,” our feeling for living things. (Perhaps musicophilia is a form of biophilia, since music itself feels almost like a living thing.)”

Oliver Sacks

  • me, tomorrow in therapy:60% of my waking hours have been occupied by harry potter and it is so very good.
  • jen:this is the third session in a row that you've said that... should i be worried?
  • me:harry potter is the best thing i have in my life please for the love of satan let me have this

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Maybe abaddon

You’ve seen me rp my current muse. Now send me what other muse you think I can/would be good at rping.

     BLOOD RED LIPS twisted upwards into a wicked GRIN. She had him exactly where she wanted him ; Abaddon knew that Dean was after her – she KNEW it was only a matter of time before he got to her – but Hell, the timing could not be any more perfectThey were alone; Sam would be occupied with the demons she had sent out to distract him with for quite a while, which gave the redheaded demon PLENTY of time to talk to her favorite little hunter, Dean Winchester. 

                    ❝ You came a long way, LOVER. I’m impressed.
                                   – How’d you know you’d find little old me here, hm? ❞

     Abaddon knew that the elder Winchester was likely COMPLETELY AWARE that she had drawn him here, simply by the tone of her voice and the maliciousness of her smile. Ergo, he ALSO must have known that he wouldn’t be leaving until she got what she wanted. 

                        ❝ Sit. Get COMFORTABLE. We have a lot to talk about. ❞