When you need someone to talk to, it’s not going to be me.
When you need someone to hold you, it won’t be me.
When you want a pair of lips to meet yours, it won’t be mine.
When you look at the stars in the sky they’ll no longer make you think of me.
But when I need someone to talk to I’ll hesitate finding your name in my phone.
And when I need someone to hold me through the night, I’ll have to fill the void you once occupied.
And when I see your lips that once could fit perfectly with mine, they won’t be mine to graze.
Frankly, I’m not sure what to do about that.
—  slothinpjs
We may have a small problem - Headcanons & Minific [RFA]

The entirety of them were stunned into silence, Zen less so than the others. They’d all been occupied, flitting between groups of guests and making light conversation- however, when an announcement calling for all RFA members to gather in one of the wings of the building all topics turned to even more polite apologies, each member of the group trickling in. They were confused, some irritated until met with a panic-stricken Zen kneeling beside what seemed to be just a little girl.

“How did she end up with you?” Jaehee asked, brows furrowed. To say she looked confused was saying the least of it, not understanding one bit why Zen had called them all together to see a lost child. Before she could go on to ask the logic of it, Jumin was cutting in.

“Yes, and why didn’t you call over the PA asking if anybody had been separated from their daughter?” He interrupted, gesturing to the girl who did little more than grip more tightly on to Zen’s sleeve.

“This is her,” Zen said abruptly, exasperated, and glances were exchanged between each member of the RFA. “I was walking with her and then the next minute she’s not there, I look down and she’s like this! I don’t understand!”

Yoosung’s eyes had grown wide, Jaehee was beyond baffled and Jumin was entirely unamused. Rolling his eyes, he sighed.

“Now, Zen, I know you’re not the most mature here but surely you understand that we aren’t all as gullible as Yoosung.” That rewarded him with a narrow-eyed glare. “Bringing us all away from the party for the sake of a joke won’t do.”

“I’ve got something to say!” Seven raised a hand, Jumin shooting him a glance but saying no more. “The kid looks kinda like her. Same bangs and everything- and look, why would somebody bring their kid, lose them and then not raise an alarm?” Nobody responded, and he grinned with the satisfaction of not being told the concept was stupid. “Look, some weird voodoo stuff’s happening here. We need to get back to the party. Let’s take turns looking after her.”

The entire group was in disbelief and Jumin was more skeptical than everybody else. 

Nobody had a better idea and nobody claimed their child when she was mentioned, and so…


  • He’d lead her away to a table where he’d sit her down, grab two slices of cake (once for each of them ofc) and sit with her
  • Yoosung totally carries a DS with him and he’d pull it out, scooting his chair closer and cutting her little sections of cake that she can eat with a spoon
  • The DS would be held just below table-level and he’d lean over so she could watch him play 
  • Before his shift of watching Kid!MC was over he’d quickly grab a napkin and wipe her face clean then his because he probably shouldn’t have been feeding the lil kiddo sugar for days
  • But hey even if she got her lil grubby hands all over the DS it’s all cool because she looked all happy when he was showing her the cute monsters in the game


  • Okay so he totally has to maintain his professional image with guests at the party maintaining an image and stuff but he’d either be carrying her around all the time or stooping to hold onto her hand
  • ‘No she isn’t my daughter but isn’t she sweet? Look at her’
  • Let’s be honest Zen has such a smooth voice that she’d probably fall asleep against his shoulder at some point just loosely holding onto him
  • She’s pulled his rat tail at least twice but that’s okay he can deal with it when she’s adorable


  • I really feel like Jumin wouldn’t really know what to do with a child MC but he’d try anyway
  • He’s got to go around the party toting this child around either in his arms or he has her like grip onto his fingers
  • She finds him a teeny bit intimidating but she earns one of the elusive Jumin Smiles ™ and Zen vaguely wonders who kidnapped captain business and replaced him with an unconvincing doppelganger 
  • Tells her off every so often because he just instantly assumes the role of father figure 


  • Baehee is the mom friend anyway I will literally kick ur ass if you disagree
  • She’d take little breaks from talking to people with little MC so that the kiddo can have a break and Jaehee would totally take the time to sit and braid her hair all nice or something because fundraising parties probably aren’t fun for kids

  • She has such a kind face honestly little mc would just be so enthralled and want to pat her cheeks bc we ALL want to pat Jaehee’s cheeks she is so darn PRECIOUS

  • She’s probably the only one who’d remember to take lil MC for a bathroom break since she’s the only gal anyway 

  • Would sit with lil MC on her lap just jigging her a little bit bc kids are easy to amuse most of the time
  • Seven would have the most fun with lil MC
  • You can bet he’d take her out to the main floor and would dance with her standing on her feet so they could just have a little boogie together
  • She’d be giggling constantly none of the rest of the RFA knows what he’s doing but he’s cracking silly jokes

  • They’ve raided the buffet and have stolen all of the chips and Luciel is teaching little MC how to make duck lips with them

  • They’ve hidden under tables and spooked random guests

  • Basically they’ve had the most fun ever until whatever witchcraft made MC a small child is undone

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i wanna punch lao. but also kiss him. but then also punch him again.

I understand these feelings completely, anon. with this hot piece of ass around, it’s hard to keep your feelings straight

wait one side note: have you ever noticed how good lao’s legs are??? he has REALLY GOOD legs. like god DAMN those are some legs. what the fuck were the devs thinking like “yeah here’s the traitor. we gave him fucking amazing legs” and they were just like “cool okay” like? what is up withthis shit man that leg is so good you could sell it for 50 bucks a gram in a back alley

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Hey, don't know if you've already said this- but in your opinion who is the mole? I'm really interested in different people's theories :)

Hello! Well, I don’t think the mole is Director Pellington (if sandstorm had the director of the fbi in their pocket, then they wouldn’t need to send in jane) and I don’t think it’s Nas (i think she has her own agenda and will use the team and then possibly betray them, but i don’t think she’s working for sandstorm). I don’t think it will be Kurt because that would completely assassinate his character. Reade also doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate since last season he had to be blackmailed by sandstorm, and this season the situation with coach jones was introduced so i think that’s probably going to occupy his character. I don’t think making him the mole will add anything to his storyline this season. 

So that leaves Zapata, Patterson, and Borden. I think it could be any of them. Zapata though doesn’t seem likely due to her storyline last season because it could be a little redundant. The reason I’m putting her in the ‘maybe they’re the mole’ pile is due to the pilot script. Martin said that the actor has known that they are the mole since the beginning and in the pilot script, Zapata is shown to be working as a mole for sandstorm. In the part where Chao was going down into the subway, and Kurt and Reade were going down there after him, Chao gets a text on his phone that says “you’re being followed.” In the pilot that aired, I think we’re supposed to assume that Marcos sent him that text, but in the original script, it shows that Oslo (the character that would later become Zapata) had sent the text. A lot of things have been altered since the pilot was written, but who knows, maybe that story aspect didn’t change.

Personally, I’m leaning more towards either Patterson or Borden, favoring Borden. Besides Kurt, Patterson would probably be the most shocking, so if they were going only for shock-value I think it would be her. She’s also really good at solving the tattoos and has a lot of access to things that Jane wouldn’t have (so they send in Jane to get close to Kurt and to help in the field, and then they have Patterson to get into the computers and keep tabs on everyone). But Patterson just seems so open? She just doesn’t seem like the devious type. 

Then we have Dr. Borden. He joined the team after Jane was found (remember he was introduced to Kurt in the pilot), and he has the perfect job to watch everyone and he can influence everyone. We know sandstorm wants Jane and Kurt to be close so then sandstorm can influence Jane, who then can influence Kurt’s decisions as the assistant director of the fbi. Borden in the last episode seemed to be trying to guide them back towards each other. Now it could have been just an innocent suggestion, or he could be furthering sandstorms agenda. We also don’t really know a lot about him and he hasn’t had an actual storyline/ character arc or anything, so making him the mole gives his character something to do.

So right now I think it’s Dr. Borden.

It sometimes seems as if revolutionaries are compelled to constitute themselves on the same model as what they’re fighting. Thus, as a member of the International Workingmen's Association summarised in 1871, the bosses being organised worldwide around their interests as a class, the proletariat must likewise organise itself worldwide, as a working class and around its interests. As a member of the young Bolshevik Party explained it, the tsarist regime was organised into a disciplined and hierarchical politico-military machine, so the Party must also organise itself into a disciplined and hierarchical politico-military machine. One can multiply the historical cases, all equally tragic, of this curse of symmetry. Take the Algerian FLN, which in its methods came to closely resemble the colonial occupiers well before its victory. Or the Red Brigades, who imagined that by taking out the fifty men who were thought to constitute the “core of the State” they would be able to appropriate the whole machine. Today, the most wrongheaded expression of this tragedy of symmetry comes out of the doddering mouths of the new left. What they say is that set against the diffuse Empire, which is structured into a network, but endowed with command centres all the same, there are the multitudes, just as diffuse, structured into a network, but endowed nonetheless with a bureaucracy capable of occupying the command centres when the day comes.

Marked by this kind of symmetry, revolt is bound to fail - not only because it presents an easy target, a recognisable face, but above all because it eventually takes on the features of its adversary.

—  To Our Friends - The Invisible Committee

Western Illinois to me smells like generic industrial cleaning products and cheap plastic thrills. I went to college 50 miles from here over ten years ago and I can still remember the smell of the dorms after a good clean and a picture I took of my desk with all the tchotchkes, snacks and boxes of hair dye from late-night Walgreens runs.

Archer’s been thriving off of attention from the college students I’m visiting, and I owe thanks to them for keeping him occupied yesterday and this morning. Without them he’d have been absolutely bored out of his mind.

We’re driving back home today, and then on Thursday morning I’ll drop him off at his favorite daycare/boarding for a weeklong vacation while we’re in Rome (for a very long overdue and much needed break).

imagine your notp in a dorm au. they’re on the same dorm floor but not roommates or suitemates. there’s one laundry room per floor and it is woefully under stocked with washing machines and driers, but thankfully most days people’s schedules naturally make it so that they are not eternally occupied. however, person a and person b have an overlap on their ideal laundry times™. person a, though, has a stupid fucking habit of forgetting their laundry when it’s time to come get it. person b is always diligently waiting in the laundry room so that they can promptly retrieve their laundry. however, person a’s sloppiness causes person b to always have to wait. what happens when person a finally arrives?

the cafe smelled of roses, one of their vibrant yellow petals at the moment finding itself between george’s fingers, the man absentmindedly playing with the fragile piece as his gaze was glued to the morning paper on the table in front of him. suddenly, a frustrated noise left his lips, his legs getting to move and carrying the body since the mind seemed to stay on the comfortable seat in rush to the nearest occupied table. “hey!! hey, sorry. couldn’t i use your laptop for a second?? or or your phone, or something?? i swear, it will be five seconds, max. i just need to check something.”

A (Confusing) List of Heterodynes

This is meant to be only of people who were the Heterodyne, although sometimes I didn’t know. They’re also meant to be in order of time period.

The H’trok Din

Knife (1042) – The H’trok Din’s son. Wooster says this is when he built the Castle.



Faustus (1298) – Wooster gives this as the date of the current Castle being built and we know Faustus built it.

Dagon – The Castle remembers him and his wife, so after Faustus.

Robur – The Castle remembers him, too.

Lazarus Heterodyne? (1575-1623) – Possibly not the Heterodyne.

The Red Heterodyne and Black Heterodyne (1596-1665) – They were brothers and the dates are given for the Black Heterodyne in footnotes to the third novel. This places them slightly confusingly in the likely time period occupied by Clemethious and Bludtharst. Oggie and Maxim say they fought with the Red Heterodyne a hundred years ago “mebbe more”, but either canon is set much earlier than I previously thought or they underestimated rather badly.

Clemethious (216 years ago) – The date of the second novel’s prologue. Clemethious and Bludtharst are both alive at the time.

Bludtharst? (216 years ago) – May or may not have ever been the Heterodyne. Was certainly very active while his father was still alive.

Dante – Made a stupid bet with the Prince of Sturmhalten, which requires coming after Sturmhalten was built.

The Guy Who Magnetised Children – This is all anyone says about Saturnus’ father.




Fixing What Is Broken - KH Oneshot

So, to keep OQ alive and participate in Outlaw Queen Day, I thought I should post something today. I have a bit too much work to do on a full chapter of any fic of mine, but I’ve had this oneshot in my to-post list that I’ve never quite gotten around to. So this is a little snippet pre-KH (about a month after OQ met and took up residence in the Castle) that’s been occupying my thoughts.

Hope that y'all enjoy, and I just want to say thank you to the OQ fandom for still having the strength to support each other and still encouraging writers and artists to keep posting.

You all rock and I love you.

When in an unfamiliar place, sleep always evaded Robin until he knew his surroundings like the back of his hand. And even though most nights he had spent wandering around the castle until he was too weary to stand properly, four weeks in a new environment such as this was still not enough for him to feel comfortable.

Tonight he took a new route, taking right turns instead of the lefts he had originally started with. Now he wasn’t entirely sure how to get back, but he could just as easily ask a random passer-by. They’d probably know.

Though the next person he saw was not a ‘random passer-by’; it was the Prince and Princess, talking between themselves in hushed tones with worried frowns etched into their brows.

“Is everything alright?” Robin asked the moment he was within earshot.

The two looked up at him, seemingly surprised at having company.

“Everything’s fine,” Charming assured, wrapping an arm around his wife’s waist before leading her past Robin.

But Snow stopped, mumbling something Robin couldn’t quite catch before she turned back to him and asked; “Have you seen Regina?”

“I’m afraid not,” Robin answered with a shake of his head, and then remembered the worry across their faces when he first saw them. “Is she alright?”

“She’s fine,” the Prince answered, once again trying to guide Snow down the corridor.

Though the Princess was stubborn, holding her ground as she continued talking to Robin. “She stormed out of a meeting early today, and nobody seems to know where she is.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for her,” Robin promised, smiling when gratitude filled the Princess’ face.

“Thank you.”

Robin nodded in acknowledgement, preparing to continue his trek around the castle when Snow called him back.

“She’s…” Snow started, licking her lips as she tried to work out the best way to phrase whatever she had to say. She settled on; “…not in a good mood.”

The implications set in, and Robin carefully asked; “You think she’s going to hurt someone?”

“No,” Snow immediately responded, before pausing and frowning. “Yes? …I don’t know. I just know that she can be rather… destructive when she’s upset.”

“I’m aware,” Robin murmured, thinking back to self-administered sleeping curses and finding something to live for in having ’someone to destroy’. “If I see her I’ll let you know.”

“It’s much appreciated,” Charming smiled, before finally succeeding in leading his wife away.

It was only when Robin could no longer see them that he realised he hadn’t asked for directions back. So… He’d just have to explore a little more than he had planned.

Though now, he doubt he could sleep without knowing Regina was alright. He was still unsure as to how the not-so-evil-anymore Evil Queen incited these feelings of worry and care inside him - irrespective of how she treated him.

It wasn’t as if she was terrible to him - sometimes she could even be classed as 'pleasant’ - but she knew enough about him to know his weak spots, his pressure points, what words to say to make him leave her with a rising wave of anger and a slammed door.

But she was hurting, grieving, and was constantly doubted about how she was coping with it all. If Robin was in her position he’d do all he could to be left alone too.

Though he still felt concern. The darkest times after his wife’s passing had been when he was alone. The anger and pain and heartbreak had taken over and someone - usually him - had always ended up becoming injured.

Robin may have been willing to give the Queen the space she desired, but he wanted to know that she would be safe first.

read the rest here

First time playing, huh?


A tall squid stands in the center of Inkopolis Plaza, looking up at the tower and lobby before him. He didn’t ever think that he would ever see this place, but luckily he had snuck out while his father was occupied. He was 19, and still had no way to bring in money to get his own place, which he really wanted. But, he’d heard that one could make good money just by doing this turf war sport. He’d never done it before, and felt it kind of odd that they were essentially spraying body fluids at each other. But decided to try it anyways, what did he have to loose?

The Colossal Inkling looked down at his weapon, which was pretty much just a starter splattershot. Pretty lousy for the kinds of weapons that were available nowadays, but the others were mostly only for higher level people. It would seem that there were ranks in turf warring. Or levels, rather, and since he was a beginner he was level one.

He went in and was paired up with a few people on one team, composed of a few normal looking squids, and perhaps one of the oddest squids he’s ever seen. She looked more like a hybrid of some sort, almost like a hybrid of an Inkling and an Octoling. When finally all gathered up and put on teams, they were sent out to one of the set stages for the day. Each team materialized in either side of the place, his team being purple and the opposing team being a bright yellowish green color. Starting, he watched everyone around him run off, painting or shooting ink everywhere they could. He pulled the tigger of his own gun, and a cascade of purple ink shot out from it. Finally he just decided to follow the others, and get what they had missed. Even getting the walls, which he didn’t know at the time, didn’t count.

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what's your opinion on Literal Decolonization discourse? i tend to be pretty sympathetic in terms of where it comes from but when i see a post that's like "it's your Duty to vacate occupied indigenous lands" my reaction is typically like "okay, with what citizenship and what money, also that's a structural issue, also we've been living here for centuries at this point which I think complicates the issue" etc. etc. so. I dunno if you have any thoughts you're comfortable sharing, there.

no i dont support forced population exchanges. 

Sometimes I feel guilty for how long I’ve been on hiatus with my other blog. But then I realize, everyone else I follow has been allowed to have lives and find other things to to occupy their attention, so why shouldn’t I be allowed that? And tbh I’m glad to get away from the pressures of that for a while: no one basically asking me to do their homework for them, no one saying they found me too intimidating to approach, no pressure to keep up an arbitrary posting schedule for research or fic or anything. And while I know that’s why a lot of ppl followed me, it’s been nice to finally weed out who likes me for my content and who likes me for me; because that’s always been something I’ve been self-conscious about. 

Hey hey!  I’m going to keep this short because I’m getting released soon…so don’t wait if you want to say what’s up.  My name is Justin. My birthday is 8-11-84.  I am recently divorced and I have 1 beautiful daughter who is 4 years old.  I’m looking for a pen pal…someone to occupy some of my time.  Ages 28-45 would be ideal but I’m not at all picky.  All I ask for is someone that’s mature.  I live in Harford County Maryland and I go home on 12/15/16…so if you want to get in touch don’t wait!  My hobbies include tattooing, hunting, fishing, and cars.  Anything fun & exciting.  I’m an outdoors kind of guy.  I don’t vibe well with immature or needy females, but I am down for just about anything else.  I really hope I hear from you before I get out so we can get to know each other.  Til then!

Justin Glassman #422823/2445560
18800 Roxbury Rd
Hagerstown, MD 21746

dog toy advice

so we’re planning on turning the porch into a sunroom/dog playroom so i need advice for dog toys that can be used unsupervised to keep them occupied while they’re in there. i would like to leave a couch in there for them so i need things to keep them happy so they don’t eat it.
anyone with destructive dogs, what’s your favorite chew toy or boredom buster to leave your dog with overnight/while you’re at work??