An intelligent human would ask the question, “Why are our governments completely ignoring the Japanese Nuclear Meltdown from the #fukashima reactor? The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) admitted enormous leaks of radioactive water are pouring into the Pacific Ocean. What is the worse is the water leakage everywhere else - not just from the tanks TEPCO is storing of radioactive water. It is leaking out from the basements, it is leaking out from the cracks all over the place into the groundwater. Nobody can measure that.
They are entering the oceans at levels that then will accumulate in seafood and will cause new health concerns. This is a disaster. The Japanese are asking for immediate help. No foreign bankers seem to care. They’re too interested in starting WWIII. Obama’s got no control of the White house. And millions of people have no idea of anything going on outside of TV Land. Those who act unreasonable get the government they deserve. People gotta come together with the wisdom out there if you expect to survive with goodness for all. Point blank. The end is always on its way. Life is finite. It is our duty to uphold the Universal Law, "The Will to do Good.”

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My new tea cups! I’m an avid collector of tea related things and today I found some “ Made in Occupied Japan” teacups. I hear they are very popular right now plus they are so pretty! 

Now i can set my lil tea cups in my tea corner of my room….accompanied with inspirational quote, and chalk scones XD 


So here are all the teacups (+creamer) The only one not for sale is the one in the back on the last picture. 

1st- Unknown. Only mark is 124 on the bottom.
2nd- From Occupied Japan. Most of the gold leaf is worn off.
3rd- Wedgwood of etruria & barlaston approx. early 1950’s
4th - J R Bavaria “Cacilie” creamer
5th- Wedgewood unknown year

$20 each 
Occupied Japan cup $30
obo + shipping