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A/N - Welp, I needed to write something that wasn’t steeped in plot and thick with angst.  This is very much neither of those things.

Posting today since we’ll be otherwise occupied tomorrow.  To my fellow Captain Swan fans - here, enjoy a little PWP.

Rated M 

He wakes to find her watching him from the middle of the bed, one leg pulled tight to her chest, the other curled under her.  Her hair is tousled over her shoulders, the morning sun making it sparkle like diamonds are weaved into the strands.  She’s wearing one of his shirts, a black one from his pirating days.  It billows around her, the collar laying open nearly to her stomach.

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earlier i was playing genji on ilios against a team with not one but TWO widowmakers and i clear 2 people off the point with my ult. most everyone else is occupied so im chilling in the corner. widowmaker hops in. we’re alone on the point. she scopes in on me. i hit deflect. it’s eeriely peaceful. she takes aim at my head, and i at hers. she can DEFINITELY see me using deflect because 1. we are both standing completely still and 2. we had our mutual lock-on-to-each-other’s-head moment.

she fires

before my deflect is complete

i lose my fucking shit in the call because i just got a deflect headshot elim on a widowmaker while we were both standing still and staring at each other and im laughing in the chat and she’s like ‘apparently i can’t count to two’

god fucking bless her

Ideas for what Labbe can do to occupy her time since Jimothy clearly isn’t going to play her:
  • Practice some cool ass yoga poses
  • Draw up some new tattoo ideas (probably in another language too)
  • Skype and work things out with Buddy
  • Plan a cool road trip back to Alberta with her Canadian buddies
  • Bedazzle her pink headband
  • Actually have time to site see in DC
  • Look for other teams to play for
  • Practice making pancakes into awesome shapes (She should try to make one shaped like a maple leaf)

@astrawberryaday The Americas aren’t “colonized”. They are still being colonized. Colonization has not ended. It is being occupied. Ending colonization entails you leaving Indigenous lands and returning to your homelands.

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Please spread the word. There is a voting poll going on hosted by digitalspy for the best character in the 21st century tv. Castiel is on #2 with a difference of 4k votes(wwhhaattt) .. Can you please go vote for him to get him back on top??

The poll can be found here for whoever is interested! (Though, the #1 spot is currently occupied by the 10th Doctor so I was a little torn, lol. But Cas got my vote in the end) 

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While I totally agree that we white folks should stay off Indigenous land, I'm curious as to how you would suggest to go about it? The white people I know living on Native land claim it's the cheapest place to live in their region. (Not that that's a valid excuse, it sounds wrong in my book. It's just what the white people I know claim)

It’s not Indigenous peoples’ responsibilities to solve the problems white people themselves created, especially unpaid.

The fact settlers openly explain why they continue occupying and settling Indigenous lands, knowing the historical reasons for it being “the cheapest options” is disgusting.

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what's ur thoughts and opinions on spideypool

I honestly don’t know how to answer this.

Should I go all fangirl and gush about their love and how i want them together?

Should I make a long post detailing how their relationship evolved through time to the close friendship they seem to have now? (i made this one and i’m gonna add to this soon, with the new stuff from the series)

Should I post a pic of me surrounded by the deadpool and spider-man merch I own?

Honestly, all I want to answer to your question, Anon, is : I love it, it occupies most of my day, let it be canon, and may Peter and Wade find happiness in each other.

I was told that the emptiness in my chest was not boredom, but familiarity.
that the feeing in my gut wasn’t fear, but electricity.

I was told to plan my wedding day when I was eight,
forcing myself to lie
when I had to describe
the man next to me on the cake.

I assumed that everyone pushed down the fear
of sharp edges and low voices,
that everyone felt warm at the sight of
soft smiles and floral wrists.

I ignored the lightning when skin touched skin.
Assuming the resulting fire was friendly.

But then I woke up and saw that I was an imposter.

I tucked myself in, trying to occupy less space
so you wouldn’t throw me into space,
toss me among the stars
because the fire in my chest is a sun
and her smile is a supernova:
colors and light seeping out,
making darkness light,
making my head feel light.

so throw me into a vacuum,
shoot me into the sky.
I’ve been holding my breath all my life
and I’m sure that I’ll be fine.
—  how a little girl lies | a. b.

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Okay can't send you a message but still - I don't know if we have the same problem but I read about yours and I kinda forget to eat or I'm not hungry at all. And it's not about my weight. It's just like I'm not getting hungry. I think it's not normal

…That’s the exact same problem I have. I don’t really care about my body image that much (like…I’m not worried about whether I’m overweight, normal weight, or underweight), but I think from all the days being occupied with schoolwork and all that jazz this year I can completely forget to eat anything the entire day. And eventually after a while I grew used to it and my stomach shrunk so when I eat huge meals I’ll get sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. And as a result I got scared to eat things, and eventually lost interest in many foods and got used to not eating, so I most times I didn’t. 

And friend…it’s definitely not normal. Even if you’re not hungry, please eat. Even if it’s something small every few hours like me. Please get out of this habit before it gets worse, please. I’ve gotten worse, but I still have time to recover from it. You do too. Please get help if you’re struggling with this - tell someone that cares. Or if not, seek professional help if you really need help. Because as soon as I finally gathered the courage to tell someone (because I’m really bad when it comes to asking for help, since I usually try to handle everything on my own), those people won’t leave me outta their sight all the time and they make sure I’m starting to eat again and get my life back on track. Because it is definitely not normal.

It took me so many months to realize that what I’m doing is not good for myself, and it’s literally scared my parents now. My dad teared up (and he never cries. ever. I’ve never seen him cry in my life personally.) last night when he realized I technically had nothing to eat yesterday, after having a small discussion the other night (and right afterwards we made a plan for me to get better, and I then ate, set reminders, and I’m now required to come down where my parents are and have to eat in their sight.)

And another example, I’ll say this again - this was the exact same thing my grandma went through. It wasn’t about her body image. It was just as soon as she recovered from being on life support and out of the hospital last year her eating habits went on a downward spiral. She was already a small frail woman as it was, only weighing a mere 90 pounds originally, and by only drinking nutrition drinks/shakes and sleeping all day and not eating, anorexia got the best of her after she lost a third of her body weight. As her condition got worse, eventually she never left the house, as she felt so embarrassed about how her body appeared - which was literally just skin and bone. :( She weighed around 60 pounds when she passed, as her body could no longer function without enough nutrition in it.

So yeah…again - it’s not normal, friend. Please don’t go down the road I’ve been going down. If you’re not that far on this path, escape while you can, and keep eating. Even if you’re not hungry. Eat something healthy - like an apple, banana, or anything that you like that’s healthy. I believe in you that you can take care of yourself and live a happy, long life. Because this road only leads to death - short and simple. It only took a year for my grandma to pass away from these actions, and it could take an even shorter amount of time for you or I. Please get out of this. I love you, and please take care of yourself!! <3

New Smithsonian museum chronicling black history opens
WASHINGTON (AP) — Centuries of struggles and strife, decades of planning and pain, and years of hoping for a place that African-American history can call home will culminate as President Barack Obama officially opens the Smithsonian National Museum of African...

The new museum “symbolizes all of the contributions, the culture and the crisis of black America,” said Rev. Howard-John Wesley, pastor of Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, whose members donated $1 million to the museum. “It’s a beautiful thing, especially in this day and time when we’re fighting to remind ourselves how important black lives are.”

Construction was completed earlier this year on the 400,000-square-foot museum designed by British-Ghanaian architect David Adjaye. The museum strikes a unique shape on the Mall with its three-tiered bronze exterior panels inspired by an African wooden column. The patterned bronze colored tiles are inspired by 19th century ironwork created by slaves in the South, and allow sunlight into the museum through patterned openings.

Inside, museum officials say they have nearly 3,000 items occupying 85,000 square feet of exhibition space including exhibits like a Tuskegee Airmen training plane and the casket of Emmitt Till, a murdered African-American boy whose death helped rally the civil rights movement.

There’s a handful of people in Goodneighbour you just don’t fuck with. Hancock’s the obvious one, but if you go into the Third Rail, one of the first things Whitechapel Charlie tells you is that you don’t fuck with old Roth. If you fuck with Roth, bad things happen to you, and no one will lift a finger to stop it.

No one really knows who Roth is beyond the fact he’s one of the old pre-war ghouls. Most agree he was probably military, but all anyone knows for certain is that he walked into Goodneighbour one day and has been there ever since, he’s chummy with Hancock, and he always occupies the back corner in the Third Rail where he’s not to be disturbed unless it’s absolutely necessary. In other words, unless a bomb is dropping outside or a deathclaw found its way into town, leave him be.


dahil marunong na akong mag-drag and drop

medyo asar kasi hinard code pa namin ‘yung GUI imbis na i-drag and drop nalang namin mga bes ano na ilang meetings rin ‘yun pero kebs ang pogi naman ng prof ko dun haha so ‘yun finals project namin kasi (with our orig prof) is a system connected with a database using mysql. so java oop + sql = rip self and group mates

bale 3 lang kami haha two gurls + a boy haha buti close ko sila so eto magpre-pre occupy ng october ko so wish and pray me luck coz sobrang arte ng prof ko dito!!!! nawa’y ipasa niya ang system namin thank YOU LORD

An Illustration depicting the Goddess Bagalamukhi

The Goddess Bagalamukhi (lit. crane-faced one) is one of the ten Mahavidyas or Wisdom Goddesses in the Tantric Hindu pantheon. Together the spectrum of these ten Goddesses covers the whole range of feminine divinity, from the horrific to the beauteous and their worship enables the practitioner to break away from conventional, established ideas into an awareness of essential spiritual truths.

Goddess Bagalamukhi occupies a place of prominence as she is vested with special occult powers and her worship is believed to grant the devotee dominance over enemies. Her color is turmeric yellow and she is seated on a lion throne set amidst an ocean of nectar. In one hand she carries a cudgel with which she smashes misconceptions and delusions while in the other she holds the tongue of the demon Madan whom she vanquished.

The most important temple dedicated to Bagalamukhi is in Guma in the Mandi district of the Punjab Hills and the present illustration is also possibly from the Mandi atelier. Compare with an illustration of Mahakalika, also from the same album, offered in Sotheby’s New York, March 19, 2008, lot 219, with identical spandrels and folio borders.