2017 Gemini Advice (TOP 3)

What’s better than some good advice from the Gemini guru? 


  • Don’t let the money control you, control the money. Not knowing how to save and spend wisely is a big problem for most of us, and developing a master plan to achieving your goals financially will get rid of a lot of problems, and better yet make your year (2017) a lot healthier.


  • 2017 is the year to focus on yourself. Try not to dwell or invest too much time in relationships, or people unless you deeply feel that the person is valuable enough to be giving your time. Make yourself great; put the effort that you would usually put into building relationships into bettering yourself. With just these simple doings, you’ll be smiling in no time.

Failure and Risks

  • Don’t be afraid of taking that jump! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is needed to obtain that dream job you want, or becoming the best at your occupation. Try not to believe that failure results in you not being able to succeed. Without failure, a lot of those who you see who are successful today, would not be successful. When you fail, don’t refrain. GET UP, learn from it and fight harder.

Beach House in Shoreham

ABIR Architects used pebbles found on the beach to create the layered facade of this house in the English seaside town of Shoreham. The four-bedroom property features a form and materiality that references its picturesque setting, but is also tailored to the needs of its occupants, who enjoy stepping straight off the beach after wind surfing or swimming in the sea.

When viewed from the beach or the boardwalk that passes along in front of the house’s garden, the building appears as three distinct layers, each of which evokes an aspect of the marine environment.“After the pebbles on the beach you’ve got the glass which reflects the sea and the sky, and then there’s the driftwood right at the top,” said Adas Nicholson, the house owner.


… Donald Trump’s Twitter attack this week on a union official, followed by his choice of a labor secretary who has criticized new worker protections, has rattled leaders of the American labor movement, who fear unions may be facing their gravest crisis in decades…. The actions, coming just four weeks after Trump won the presidency in part by wooing union voters with promises of better trade deals and a manufacturing revival, fed fears among national labor leaders that Trump was now planning a broad assault on unions.

Steven Mufson of the Washington Post

If you are Union, imagine a dispute between your union and corporate management under Trump?

US labor should fear that “a Republican Congress and Trump White House would launch investigations of union finances­ while failing to enforce labor laws when employers underpay workers or violate occupational safety rules.”

The better trade deals promised by Trump will amount to nothing but worse conditions, lower pay, and right-to-work laws across the country.

DS9 karaoke headcanons

(because there would definitely have been regular karaoke nights)

  • it was originally quark and jadiza’s idea
  • sign-ups are a strip of latinum for each song
  • later they eventually move it over to vic’s
  • each week there’s a prize for the best singer (probably 5% off your next drink at quark’s)
  • jadiza is the reigning queen, she sings the most songs, and she’s one of the best singers
  • sisko isn’t there every time but he’s a regular. he usually does duets - with jadiza, with jake, with kasidy
  • julian does sappy romantic songs to try and serenade someone early in the evening, and drunken duets with o’brien
  • rom is terrible but enthusiastic
  • he, leeta, and nog do a lot of songs together
  • odo just harrumphs at the whole thing, right up until kira asks if he’s singing
  • then he signs up, and is surprisingly good despite the stage fright
  • worf sings a lot of klingon opera, and gets very teary-eyed
  • during the dominion occupation, karaoke continue, but they’re not nearly as fun
  • dukat sings every night, and insists that everyone sings along
  • none of the vorta really understand
  • garak turns up for one night, wins, and never shows up again
Fluffmas Day 9- Mistletoe Kisses

Prompt: 31 days of Fluffmas

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1,289

Warning: None

A/N:  I didn’t mean for it to be this long but I just love Philip so much. whoops.

On another note, did you guys know Lafayette named his son after George Washington? That’s so cute.

 Fluffmas Day Six || Fluffmas Day Seven || Fluffmas Day Eight

Christmas parties were always a bit tamer than regular parties. Especially when it  was held by adults. Which is why you were more than happy to attend one when your friend Theodosia invited you to her own parents’ party. When you arrived, you were instantly surrounded by a warming atmosphere. Everyone around seemed so friendly, and the fireplace alight to keep the occupants of the Burr household warm just added to the inviting feeling.

You were immediately greeted by Theo with a tight hug and an “I’m so glad you could make it!” You told her you wouldn’t have missed it as she took you to her parents. When you reached your destination, Theodosia’s parents were already occupied by two men, who you didn’t recognize.

“Hey, mom! Dad!” Theo called as she shoved you forward. You stumbled towards them and glared at Theo once you had straightened yourself up. “You remember (Y/N), right?”

“Of course! It’s so nice to see you again, dear,” Theo’s mom said brightly. Mr. Burr smiled kindly, greeting you before looking back at the two men in front of him.

“Thomas, James, this is my daughter’s friend, (Y/N). (Y/N), this is Mr. Thomas Jefferson and Mr. James Madison,” He introduced. You smiled, shaking hands with the men. Their last names sounded familiar, but you didn’t know why.

You and Theodosia stuck around for a short moment, somewhat listening to them drone on about something that fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t until the doorbell rang that everyone in your little group turned to look at the door. You could feel the tension in the air grow, as if they all knew who it was already.

“Oh, the Hamiltons are here!” Mrs.Burr said happily, brushing past her husband to answer the door.

“You invited the Hamiltons?” Mr. Jefferson muttered through gritted teeth.  That’s why the names sounded familiar. Mr. Jefferson was always butting heads with Mr. Hamilton.

Mr. Madison chuckled under his breath. “Well, this should be fun.”

“Wait, the Hamiltons?” You questioned, looking at Theo, who gave you a devious grin.

Oh no.

Your heart leaped in your chest as you turned to look at the door. Six small children shuffled in, very clearly trying to contain themselves and be on their best behavior. Mrs. Burr greeted the family happily before she and Mrs. Hamilton began talking. Mr. Hamilton stood beside his wife, almost awkwardly as he tried to contain the children. Just beside him stood Philip, his eldest son.

Time seemed to be almost still as he seemed to search the room for someone. When his eyes finally landed on you, he grinned and waved. You couldn’t help but glance behind you, then at Theo to make sure he wasn’t waving at anyone else, before you returned the gesture.

Did Philip Hamilton just wave at you?

“You,” You muttered, turning and pointing an accusatory finger at your friend. “Why do I feel like you have something to do with this?”

“Whatever do you mean?” She questioned, batting her eyelashes innocently.

“I mean, you invite me to your dad’s party last minute and it just so happens that my biggest crush ever is also attending.”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence,” Theo said unconvincingly. You rolled your eyes.

Before you could say anything back, Theo grinned and subtly gestured behind you. You turned and spotted Philip, cutting his way through the crowd to reach you. You gasped and, in a panic, rushed away from Theodosia to avoid upcoming embarrassment by seeing Philip.
You had been hiding by the fireplace nearly the rest of the evening, trying to remain undetected. You briefly spoke to Mrs. Hamilton and met her daughter Angelica, who was around your age and matched her mother in every way. Mr. Burr spotted you alone and came to question you. He laughed when you told him what was wrong and replied, “My daughter can be mischievous. Be careful.”

You soon spotted Mr. Hamilton speaking with two men. One of them you recognized as Mr. Lafayette, though the other was unfamiliar to you. He was tall and bald and seemed like he belonged in a position of authority.

Off to the side, Philip was talking with his friend George de Lafayette. You watched them for a moment, entranced by the young Hamilton’s smile and the splattered freckles across his face. The way his curls bounced when he laughed. You were so mesmerized by him you didn’t notice Theo approach you and lean close to your ear.


You let out a squeal and you turned to look at her, glaring daggers in her direction. She giggled as people directed their gazes to you, including Philip and his friend. You blushed, trying to sink back into your seat.

“Thanks, Theo…” You grumbled as she giggled at your reaction.

“Look! Philip’s looking over here!” You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, probably laughing at me.”

“Actually…” You looked up at her before turning to face Philip. He quickly averted his eyes when you looked at him and Georges laughed, seemingly teasing him. “How cute, he’s blushing!”

“Whatever, Theo.”

“Come on, let’s go see him!”

“What? No, Theo-” before you could finish your protest she grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the two boys. You tried wriggling away but her grip was like iron on your wrists.

“Hey, Philip!”

You tried hiding behind your friend as she stopped In front of Philip but, for the second time that night, Theo shoved you forward. You stumbled and bumped into him, knocking him back. Your hands were resting against his chest when you both steadied yourselves. You tried to pull away but he was holding you close by the waist.

“H-hey Philip. You stuttered, trying to keep your composure, and failing. Philip sweetly smiled at you, but his soft lips held the knowledge of something that you were unaware of. That was until you heard Theo tell you to look up. You glanced up, your heart got caught in your throat.

A dark green plant wrapped in pretty red ribbons hung from the ceiling. Mistletoe.

You were cursing Theodosia in your head. You knew she had something to do with this. Her parents wouldn’t have put it up.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to but,” He began once you noticed the decoration above your heads. He rested his hand on your cheek, smiling brightly, “I hear there’s a Christmas tradition with mistletoe and I’d love to try it out with you.”

You wanted to tell him to just shut up and kiss you. You wish you were that bold. You just nodded instead.

Philip chuckled and leaned in, and the time between your lips felt like an eternity.

When your lips finally met, you felt butterflies. You were almost surprised by the softness of the kiss, after all the things you’d heard about Philip and him being a playboy. But your kiss was sweet and gentle, with nothing but caring hidden behind it.

He pulled away way too soon, you thought once you separated.

“Wow…” You murmured, giddy with sudden excitement. “You’re my first kiss.” You admitted. Philip’s eyes widened slightly with shock.

“Really?” You thought he was about to laugh at you for not having your first kiss until senior year, but he kept the shocked look on his face. “But you’re gorgeous. No one’s ever kissed you before?”

You shook your head, cheeks coming alive with a brilliant pink blush. Philip gained a mischievous look on his face.

“Then how would you like for me to be your second kiss, too?”

Your lips were on his before your confidence could fade.


Since I’ve had a few new followers lately, I’d figured it’s time to make another “Here’s my OC’s!” posts. 

1. Kiera Hawkeye

My main. She’s a 43 year old Ala Mhigan woman, born and raised in the homeland. Her family managed to flee the city soon after the occupation. She married a midlander man, Melwin Noskander, and had a son, Jorgan, with him. Melwin was killed at Cartenaeu. Only in the past year did she start dating again, and eventually she met her current wife, Iyrnswys Glazfarrwyn.

Personality wise, she’s kind, mostly, and tends to treat people that could be her kids as kids. That is, mainly looking out for them, making sure they’re feed, making sure their safe. This might include offering them a place to stay for a night, or to teach them how to fight. She likes to drink, though she’s been cutting back. She is not afraid to tell things how they are, and is equally not afraid to start a fight if it calls for it. 

I’m looking for more rp with her, preferably older Ala Mhigans to reconnect with. Some hooks might include:

  • Your character works for or around the mining guild, where she’s currently employed. 
  • Your character lived in Little Ala Mhigo roughly 17 years ago. 
  • Your character attended one of her melon-crushing events, or heard of it
  • Your character is an older Ala Mhigan, and may have known her back in the homeland. 

And if there’s anything else you might think of, either send me a message here on tumblr or on discord as Sandra_Sandra_C#5607


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because let’s be honest the roleplay community is lacking black characters, faceclaims, and resources. There’s a masterlist below compiled of over 400 faceclaims categorised by gender with their occupation and ethnicity denoted if there was a reliable source. Of course everything listed below are just suggestions and you can pick whichever character or whichever project you desire. 

Any questions can be sent here and all tutorials have been linked below the cut for ease of access! REMEMBER to tag your resources with #TASKSWEEKLY and we will reblog them onto the main! This task can be tagged with whatever you want but if you want us to see it please be sure that our tag is the first five tags!


  • STEP 1: Decide on a FC you wish to create resources for! You can always do more than one but who are you starting with? There are links to masterlists you can use in order to find them and if you want help, just send us a message and we can pick one for you at random!
  • STEP 2: Pick what you want to create! You can obviously do more than one thing, but what do you want to start off with? Screencaps, RP icons, GIF packs, masterlists, PNG’s, fancasts, alternative FC’s - LITERALLY anything you desire!
  • STEP 3: Look back on tasks that we have created previously for tutorials on the thing you are creating , unless you have whatever it is you are doing mastered - then of course feel free to just get on and do it. :)
  • STEP 4: Upload and tag with #TASKSWEEKLY! If you didn’t use your own screencaps/images make sure to credit where you got them from as we will not reblog packs which do not credit caps or original gifs from the original maker.


Don’t whitewash.  Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. Don’t whitewash. You can find tutorials on how to not whitewash HERE.

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Seeds and Softness Scales


It’d be nice to visit Jade again, Aradia thinks to herself as she flits around her hive on the lookout for her things. She’d been scatterbrained recently and it’d devolved back into it’s usual mess, a monster of clutter that swallowed up everything. She fishes her boots out from underneath the couch and pulls them on and then finally gets onto the pad, vanishing with a flash.

She reappears with a snap and a bang, her nose crinkling at the usual stench of ozone and metal. For some reason, it was something she’d never gotten used to despite sweeps of using them. Aradia floats off of it, sweeping her white hair back from where it’d fallen forwards towards her face, the curling locks having been getting in her eyes. “Hi Jade!” she calls towards the stairs, hoping that the other occupants of the house hadn’t been sleeping.

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Your name:Shikha

A four letter word: Sand
A boy’s name: Stefen
An occupation: Singing
Something you wear: Scarf
A color: Scarlet
A food: Spaghetti
A place: Scotland
Something you shout: Stop it !
A movie title: Sex And The City
Something you drink: Sprite
An animal: Swan
A type of car: Skoda
Title of a song: Sober

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A four letter word: amor (its french)

A boy’s name: Andrew

An occupation: Accountant

Something you wear: Apron

A color: Aqua

A food: Apple

A place: Arizona

Something you shout: aHHH

A movie title: A Cinderella Story

Something you drink: Apple Juice 🍎

An animal: Alpaca lol

A type of car: Acura

Title of a song: Absolutely Smitten by Dodie Clark :D

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  • Name: Alice Yuzuriha Sakurazuka
  • Alias(es): -
  • Gender: F
  • Age: 15
  • Date of Birth: March 15th
  • Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
  • Hometown: Himi, Toyama
  • Spoken languages: Japanese, English, Spanish
  • Sexual preference: Bicurious
  • Occupation(s): High School Student, English Tutor


  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Height: 5′3″
  • Scars: none
  • Burns: none
  • Overweight: no
  • Underweight: no


  • Color: Lavender and purples in general
  • Hair color: Black 
  • Eye color: Blue or Light Brown
  • Song: Four Seasons by Vivaldi, anything by Yiruma, Disney songs
  • Movie: Disney movies, Memoirs of a Geisha, Musicals
  • TV Show: House, Elementary, anything medical/procedural
  • Food: Pancakes and breakfast foods in general
  • Drink: Fruit juices and smoothies
  • Book: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Game of Thrones, Name of the Wind


  • Passed University: not yet
  • Had sex: no
  • Had sex in public: no
  • Gotten pregnant: no
  • Kissed a boy: yes
  • Kissed a girl: no
  • Gotten tattoos: no
  • Gotten piercings: no
  • Had a broken heart: yes
  • Been in love: no
  • Stayed up for more than 24 hours: yes


  • A virgin: yes
  • A cuddler: yes
  • A kisser: yes
  • Scared easily: yes
  • Jealous easily: no
  • Trustworthy: yes
  • Dominant: no
  • Submissive: no
  • In love: no
  • Single: yes


  • Have they harmed themselves: no
  • Thought of suicide: no
  • Attempted suicide: no
  • Wanted to kill someone: no
  • Drove a car: yes
  • Have/had a job: yes
  • Have any fears: yes


  • Sibling(s): none
  • Parents: Julia Barton, Nobuyasu Sakurazuka
  • Children: Aiko and Katsuo Kindaichi
  • Pets: Cinnabun ( minilop bunny ) and Shiranui ( Japanese Spitz )

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“Greetings, my students! My name is Professor James Singh, but please! Call me Professor Singh. It is a great honor to be able to teach you all this year, and I hope to guide you all along your way.”

A lively 37 year old man, Professor Singh has been teaching at Juveswick Academy for 14 years. He is specialized in 4 different types of magic, most of those types being varieties of psychic and mind magic. As a professor he teaches telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and how to control the power of qi, also known as spiritual energy. He is wise even for someone beyond his years and is also very kind, and will do anything to protect his students when there is danger near. As a professor he couldn’t have been happier with his occupation as a mentor, and hopes to be able to guide future generations to come until he passes.

He will be Cyan’s homeroom professor!

If you are reading this, thank you.

Thank you for your support, your input, your encouragement, thank you for pushing me forward & across the world, thank you for fostering a passion into an obsession & again into an occupation.

5 years ago I was fresh from the Marine Corps, slightly lost, and severely listless in the world with a vague interest in fashion. I started Thousand Yard Style with two friends, I had no idea it would take me to Savile Row, around the world many many times, and back into design.

You, all 63,000 or so of you have given me the greatest gift of all, a life of passion.

I cannot possibly thank you enough

But I can invite you to a 5th anniversary party tomorrow, get you drunk, & potentially take your picture

So consider this your invitation. Saturday the 10th, 3pm onward with my friends at Museo on 2516 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Al-Bareilwiyyah [barelvis]

The Bareilawis are an extreme Sufi sect that appeared in the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent, in the city of Bareilly, in the Indian state of ‘Uttar Pradesh’ during the days of British colonialism.

founded by a follower of the ‘Maturidiyyah and Ash'ariyyah schools of jurisprudence. The sect is know for their Ghulū [extremism] towards the final Messenger, Muhammad [صلى الله عليه وسلم], giving him godly attributes and other deviant things.

The sect was founded by a man named ‘Ahmad Rezā Khān’ but he called himself “ ‘Abdu'l Mustafā (Slave of Mustafā)” [Mustafā is one of Prophet Muhammad’s names, suggesting that he is a slave of Muhammad rather than the slave of Allāh]

He was a famous extreme Sūfi and had said many blasphemous statements throughout his life, eg, “When you are confused, seek help from the occupants of the graves”

They believe in bid'ah hasanah “good innovation” as opposed to rasūl'Allāh’s saying ;

“EVERY innovation is misguidance, and every misguidance is in the Fire”
[Nasā'ī ~ 1578] (Sahīh)

They believe Rasūl'Allāh is Al-Samī and Al-Basīr [All Seeing and All Hearing] where as these are qualities and attributes of Allāh [جل جلاله]

All of them are celebrators of Milād-An'Nabī [prophet’s birthday] and they say, “If you do not celebrate Milād, then you hate the Messenger”

They deny that Rasūl'Allāh was made of clay, rather they say that he was made directly from the light which eminates from Allāh [سبحانه وتعالى]

They believe Rasūl'Allāh has power and control over the universe

They believe Rasūl'Allāh has knowledge of the unseen [‘Ilm ul-Ghayb] but only Allāh has knowledge of the unseen

The believe that Rasūl'Allāh is omnipresent [everywhere] and can see what is happening, especially after Jumu'ah salāh.

They pray at the shrines or graves of their ‘Awliyā [saints] with the intention of seeking intercession and barakah [blessings].

They are known to yell “Ya Rasūl'Allāh” further confirming their belief that Rasūl'Allāh is alive and omnipresent

They also have abandoned Al-Jihād, most of them adopting the murji'ite ‘Aqeedah, seperating imān from action.

Due to the overwhelming majority of them being followers of Imām Abu Hanīfah [in matters of fiqh only], they find followers of other madhā'hib “strange” and often regard them as “wahhabis”

They have distorted the Dhikr [remembrance] of Allāh, instead of praising Allāh by saying Subhān'Allāh [All praise be to Allāh] or Alhamd'lillāh [All thanks be to Allāh], they resort to merely saying ‘Allāh Hoo’ which means “Allāh is…”, it is incomplete and meaningless. also many of them have even abandoned saying Allāh altogether and merely say “Hoo Hoo”, which has no meaning, and no evidence

They use singing and musical instruments as a means of worship and gaining closer to Allāh and His rasūl, eventhough this is Harām and even considered Kuffr by major ‘Ulemā

They are careless in regards to Ahādīth, not differentiating between Authentic and weak, agreeable and fabricated, and due to this, many of their practices and beliefs are based off complete fabrications.

Also strong believers in superstition and outrageous stories, they rely on these fabricated over the top stories to boost their imān

Amulets are also propegated within the bareilwiyyah sect, and their “peer Sābs” are infamous for dishing out these “Ta'wiz” [amulets] which contain names of shayātīn, Jinn, angels, spells, and jibberish, all of which is Shirk.

Many of them have also been seen making Sujūd [prostration] to the grave of the Messenger Muhammad [صلى الله عليه وسلم]

They are also very bitter against Ahlul-Hadīth or the true Ahlus-Sunnah, whom they regard as “Khawārij” or “Wahhabīs”, this is because Ahlus-Sunnah have called them out many times on their innovations, Shirk, and Kuffr.
The extreme among them make mass takfīr on those who oppose their corrupt ideology.

Shuyūkh including Ibn ‘Uthaymīn [رحمة الله عليه] said that it is impermissable to pray behind such a person if it is known that he holds the above mentioned beliefs, this is because these beliefs consist of nothing but Shirk and Kuffr.

They are often very easily identified as they differentiate themselves by wearing a green turban, and often kiss their thumbs during the adhān when the Messenger’s name is mentioned, these acts are performed in accordance to their fabricated or extremely weak Ahādīth.

  • Name: Ethyl Fry
  • Alias(es): Cold Ethyl
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Date of Birth: 1 September, 1870
  • Place of Birth: Liverpool, England
  • Hometown: Somewhere in England idk
  • Spoken languages: Irish, English, Japanese (verse dependent)
  • Sexual preference: Demiromantic Demisexual (hetero)
  • Occupation(s): Dock worker (former); servant (former); professional racer (present?); barrel racer (verse dependent); convenience store worker (verse dependent).


  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Hair color: also Dark Brown
  • Height: 5′4″/162.5 cm
  • Scars: Several small scars on her thumb from whittling; one longer scar along the length of her left pinky from the same hobby.
  • Burns: None
  • Overweight: No
  • Underweight: No


  • Color: Purple
  • Hair color: Doesn’t care.
  • Eye color: Doesn’t care.
  • Song: Probably listens to Alice Cooper in the modern verses?
  • Movie: Pulp Fiction (modern verse)
  • TV Show: Probably a ho for game shoes (modern verse)
  • Food: Salmon and mash, sushi
  • Drink: Earl Grey Tea
  • Book:  Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


  • Passed University: No (still a student in the DiU verse; unschooled canonically)
  • Had sex: Yes
  • Had sex in public: Doubt it.
  • Gotten pregnant: Yes
  • Kissed a boy: Yes
  • Kissed a girl: No
  • Gotten tattoos: No
  • Gotten piercings: No
  • Had a broken heart: Yes (not romantically)
  • Been in love: Yes
  • Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Yes


  • A virgin: No
  • A cuddler: Yes
  • A kisser: Sometimes
  • Scared easily: No
  • Jealous easily: No
  • Trustworthy: Sometimes
  • Dominant: Sometimes
  • Submissive: Sometimes
  • In love: Yes
  • Single: No


  • Have they harmed themselves: Yes
  • Thought of suicide: Yes
  • Attempted suicide: No
  • Wanted to kill someone: Yes
  • Drove a car: Yes (modern verses only)
  • Have/had a job: Yes
  • Have any fears: Yes


  • Sibling(s): Former Lee Fry (Brother)
  • Parents:  Billie Fry (Father); Millie Fry (Mother).
  • Children: Cooper Brando (soon-to-be)
  • Pets:  Starr (Weimaraner - deceased in canon verse, alive in Modern Verse); Nail (German Shepherd).

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