I don’t like to get too sappy and dramatic. I believe that living life to the fullest limits of your happiness should be a goal every single day, but being happy is a hard thing to do. We all have days where we falter. 

Today was really hard for me. I’ve been going through some really big personal issues, and starting college is really not helping my stress levels. I know not many people will even see this post but I want to give anyone who does a genuine thank you. From the deepest pits of my heart, thank you.

Tumblr is a very large portion of my happiness currently, and a large motivator. I like drawing new things, I like becoming a larger part of the Fairy Tail fandom, and I like seeing all of the things everyone posts. I like forgetting how bad things are for a while and both Tumblr and Fairy Tail help me with that. I love getting asks, and reading what people add to my post, I love every interaction I get with everyone on this site. It makes me so happy to see someone enjoyed my humor, or a drawing or simply relates to me in anyway. I appreciate every single follower I have here and on my other blog and freed-n-friends, because you all provide small little happy-dances and smiles that make every single painful day bearable. Thank you so much for the small things that make the big things less scary. 

Sorry I got all emotional on ya.


Here’s the edit I made along with Kirstin Maldonado’s “Dear Me” video.

And I’m not crying…I’m not…crying:)

Imagine Person A suffers from really bad nightmares every night. One night, Person B appears inside their dreams - having obtained the ability to “walk” into dreams of other people through some sort of magic - to comfort them. They stay with them until morning and when they wake up, they tell them that they will continue to stay with them and face the horrors together with them.