I dunno I felt I should share this

Imagine your OTP alone, doing something like watching TV. (Whether they’ve had their first kiss yet is up to you, but regardless…) Person B says “I know this may not be the best time, but…” Then leans in for a kiss. Person A, a bit surprised, pulls away.
A feels bad for not accepting and keeps repeating “sorry,” while person B feels even worse for surprising them like that.

What happens after that is up to the author.

Bonus points if they do end up kissing later that day.

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Placements that could make someone emotional

- Sun / moon / Venus / Mars in a fire or water sign
- Sun / moon / Venus / Mars in a fire or water house
- Sun / Mercury / Mars in aspect to the moon / Venus / Neptune / Pluto
- Moon / Venus / Neptune / Pluto in aspect to Jupiter or Uranus
- Fire or water dominance
- Feminine dominance