occupation on wall street

Millennials: Wall St Wants to Occupy YOU

Here are some 7 tips for millennials who would like to take advantage of the stock market without being taken advantage of by Wall St:

1) Don’t invest in stocks right away.

2) Build up some savings first.

3) Max the match.

4) Pay down high-interest debt.

Read the full list here.

So that coca cola commercial had to be some kind of a sick joke. How dare a corporation like coca cola use people’s sufferings, and the discrimination they faced/are still facing to advertise their product. I’m not gonna support your billion $ corporation that has not only been openly supporting apartheid, but also is responsible of countless human rights violations of their workers. Not to mention the immense damage they have done to the environment. It’s cute that you think PoC are also human beings, thanks (but no thanks) for acknowledging our existence as if we needed your approval. Talk to me when you’re not exploiting the human beings you claim to care about so much.
—  Elif Fâtıma Görken via Facebook