occupant entertainment

Let’s talk Cole. Entertainment is seen as a pinnacle profession. Everyone wants in, and it’s preached as the most ideal lifestyle in the western world. An entertainment occupation is one of the only kind capable of bringing a family from the lowest to the highest class of society within a single generation. Promoted to bring financial success, social success, sexual success, what else could a citizen desire? Let’s not forget, like social media (you being in control of your own public image), the entertainment industry is in control of public opinion, and so reinforces itself by claiming its own elite status. This self promotion come across as unending coverage of media figures, their lifestyles, their wealth, and their sexual pursuits.
Repeated exposure of the rich and successful leads to idolization, and idolization of entertainment employees helps to create more. This helps the industry survive.
Monumental success in the entertainment industry is Incredibly rare. And the system balances itself out with low success rates and plenty of able bodied and willing participants looking to fill available positions.
But you don’t see this, you won’t see the struggle. All we’ll see are the success stories, and anyone trying to step away from the industry are vilified (my brother and I going to college). Any other profession taken is seen as a step backwards, any other lifestyle chosen is seen as a mistake. When you’re in, you’re in for life, and oftentimes the feeling of necessary and constant success and relevance is enough to drive young entertainers insane.
Dehumanization in the form of paparazzi and public critique is seen as “an expected part of the business,” and so those who speak against it are often laughed into submission.
Know how your industry operates, and you gain a tremendous amount of agency within it. Let’s be smart about this from now on Cole.
—  Cole Sprouse (2016)