occult cinema

Now on view: Tony Oursler’s Imponderable, a supernatural “5-D” cinematic environment utilizing a contemporary form of Pepper’s ghost—a 19th-century phantasmagoric device—and a range of sensory effects (scents, vibrations, etc.). 

[Tony Oursler. Still from Imponderable. 2015–16. 5-D multimedia installation (color, sound). 90 min. © 2016 Tony Oursler. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Acquired in part through the generosity of Jill and Peter Kraus]

I think of the area of magic as a metaphor for the homosexual situation. You know, magic which is banned and dangerous, difficult and mysterious. I can see that use of magic in the Cocteau films, in Kenneth Anger and very much in Eisenstein. Maybe it is an uncomfortable, banned area which is disruptive, and maybe it is a metaphor for the gay situation.

- Derek Jarman, 1985