Why America Is Moving Left
The liberal era ushered in by Barack Obama is only just beginning.
By Peter Beinart

Millennials are not liberal primarily because they are young. They are liberal because their formative political experiences were the Iraq War and the Great Recession, and because they make up the most secular, most racially diverse, least nationalistic generation in American history. And none of that is likely to change.

In the postexperimental interview, when subjects were asked why they had gone on, a typical reply was: “I wouldn’t have done it by myself. I was just doing what I was told.” Unable to defy the authority of the experimenter, they attribute all the responsibility to him. It is the old story of “just doing one’s duty”…
—  From Obedience to Authority by Stanley Milgram

I hear what they’re saying - I can’t say that I’m in a boat of debt or destitution either. And their determination, self-discipline, and application is remarkably admirable. I believe in hard work. However, I don’t think that this is how *things* are supposed to work.  I don’t think that anyone should be put into debt for expanding their knowledge OR that you should save and spend massive amounts of money for college.  Just because the system tells you that’s how it should be, doesn’t mean that they’re telling you the truth!  I don’t think that everyone claiming the 99% requires or desires a big brother hand-out, but I DO believe that we should freely share and hand-out to each other. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!

Liberal media bias

With the Herman Cain “sexual harassment” smear campaign, there is measurable media bias. Within 3 days of the story breaking, ABC, NBC, and CBS had a total of 50 stories in regards to the allegations. Remember, all allegations are from anonymous complainants. However, for Bill Clinton, where the complainants were known, there were a total of 7 stories…and he was the President!


Neal Boortz had a good quote today, “Herman Cain has two things going against him. One, he’s a conservative. Two, he’s an escaped slave from the democratic electoral plantation.”