occipital nerve

I managed to fight off a migraine last night without any meds. It’s not completely gone, but it is significantly less blinding. More of an irritation now, really, than a real migraine (even though it’s definitely still a migraine and not just a headache). 

My migraines are on the left side of my head, from my eye to the back of my skull, from my the middle of my skull to my ear and jaw. The whole left side. Just…pain. 

But the back of my skull, right where my neck starts. That’s the worst. I actually think that I have occipital neuralgia, rather than “traditional” migraines, just because if I press on my occipital nerve, it shuts off the pain. It comes back if I relieve the pressure, but as long as I press in the right area, it’s like a switch. No pain. 

The problem is that pressing on it hurts. That spot all by itself is a bundle of holy shit, this is torture, but in the way that deep tissue massage hurts, too. Hurts so good, you know? But also, it hurts. And keeping continued, focused pressure makes it bruise, and bruises hurt. And so on. 

I have a cue ball that I use to massage the meaty part of my hand at the base of my thumbs by holding the ball in both hands so that it lines up just right, and then squeezing. The angle and size of the curve is (are?) perfect and it pushes exactly where I need it to. I don’t have to move it around or anything, just hold it there, and eventually I’ll get this feeling of coolness that spreads through both hands, and everything feels better. It takes a while, but it gets there. Suddenly, both hands will feel relaxed and way less achy.

I also use it for my occipital nerve. If I get situated on my left side, and fold my pillows just so, I can slip the cue ball under the base of my skull on the left side and press it against the spot that hurts. Even though it feels good in that “hurts so good” way, I can only withstand it for so long. But tonight I managed to just kind of breathe through it, and then when one spot stopped being so painful, I’d reposition it just a little and find another spot that hurt as much, and eventually the migraine itself receded significantly. 

I’ll take any fix I can over using my shots. I built up a stash of shots last year so that I wouldn’t have to pay for any this year. I had around 50. I’m down to single digits and it’s not even June, yet. It’s time for another ablation. 

got put on endone on friday, ended up going to the ER yesterday bc pain. the hospital doctors said it’s not the bone spurs but it might be a different nerve in my head doing it.
they put a local anasthetic injection in thr back of my head on the occipital nerve and that calmed things down a bit. not completely but enough to say it’s probably that.
am on endep at night now and that is helping with the pain when I wake up.

appointment with my doctor tomorrow to discuss what happened at the hospital, she wants to send me to a nurologist now.

will keep you updated when I know what’s happening.