occidental center

WIP Part 1 - done! Again, this is only part 1. The rest of it will be coming out shortly (read that as: ‘at least 2 - 3 more parts). This first set includes the following cookbooks:
2. Fine Cooking
3. Bloody  Good Baking (obviously, from the UK)
4. Sweet & Simple Gluten-Free Baking
5. Fifty Shades of Chicken (Clearly, the author has never seen a chicken coop)
6. Miette
7. Saveur
8. Cook’s
9. One Bowl Baking (this will never happen in my kitchen)
10. Egg Shop
11. Inspiralize Everything (my grandchild does this without a book)
12. Quay
13. Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Cookbook
14. Sugarbaby
15. Love & Lemons
16. French Market Cookbook (it’s written in English)
17. First Mess
18. Modern Caribbean Flavors
19. The Yellow Table
20. Make Friends With Cupcakes
21. Fannie Farmer Cookbook
22. Betty Crocker Cookbook
23. Sunset Mexican Cookbook (this is also written in English)
24. The Original Slow Cooker Cookbook
25. The Blossom Cookbook
26. The Essential New York Times Cookbook
27. Bite Me
28. The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls (yes, this is a real cookbook)
29. Pyromaniac’s Cookbook (yes, this is also a real cookbook)
30. Food Swings
31. Quick-Fix Cooking With Road Kill (not only is this real, the recipes are amazing)
32. The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies
33. The Food Lab (science nerds in the kitchen)
34. Sous Vide At Home
35. Modernist Cuisine
36. The Kitchen Matrix (physics nerds in the kitchen)
37. Around The Fire
38. Vineyard Cookbook
39. The Happy Herbivore (for vegans, vegetarians….and rabbits)
40. Eat Well: Be Well
41. Canning
42. Batch
43. The Modern Arkansas Table
44. Modernist Cuisine: Vol 2
45. Canning 101
46. Bubbe & Me
47. The Modern Mediterranean Table
48. The Modern Caveman’s Cookbook
49. Brown Betty
50. Candle 79 (I couldn’t find the first 78, but apparently they’re somewhere)
51. Sweet Spot
52. The Chinese Cookbook (also written in English)